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      Has anyone filing between 1/20 and 1/23 experience missing wmr bars. Funny how 2/2 filers got ddd for 2/10. It seems like if you owe penalty it’s taking longer with Obama care. Post if you owe penalty or still waiting for your money.

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          Can anyone help.. my friends taxes had a freeze code 570 her notice said her refund is being held due to suspicious criminal activity. What does that mean?

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            I didn’t file with Tt or h&r as a matter of fact I don’t know what the lady I went through used … All I know is I filed on the 1/20 and accepted on the 1/21 and as of last week my bars are gone say still processing deposit date will show when available and I have to call identity theft to get transcript processed … Can any one enlighten me to what this means ugh so frustrated ??

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              i am also a 1/20 filer I had a agent to fax my trans and in my status it said re-sequenced but I to was at one bar with tt152 and I called again and was told I was kicked out I guess and was told I wasn’t put in the system until on the 30th now when I checked this morning my bars are gone and it says I am being processed and I will get a date when available with the topic of 152 also. can’t order online keep getting locked out and can only order account through mail. I am so confused because this has never happen I need that money like yesterday single mother two little ones

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                I filed on 1/20 and had not had any movement till this morning when my 1bar disappeared. Still shows generic 152 topic etc and refund amount. I was able to call and order my account transcript last week. Could not order them online kept locking me out.

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                  Yes many. Seems like there haven’t been ANY movement for 1/20 filers. I still can’t view my transcripts and my wmr bar has been gone for a week. Hopefully we get pushed through by Tuesday. Everyone is also saying that when your bars disappear they are looking over your return. Post any updates

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