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      Please read: This is info from someone that talked to an IRS rep this morning. If your WMR is at one bar and you can see your account transcript with all zeros (and with the words ‘no return filed’ and most important, no CODES) most likely you have been caught in the system glitch and re-sequenced. This kicks you back into processing mode, like kicking you back in line. This may be why people who filed after you or at the same time are getting DDD’s and you’re not. Some people may see a ddd after the next update tomorrow, but if not I suggest calling the IRS to find out if you have been caught up in this glitch. Do not mention you’re calling about a refund. Inquire about whether you’re under review because your account transcript is showing all zeros and no return filed. I hope this info helps.

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          so iI was able to view all my transcripts. all were there except the account one (the one corrections are made) says No return filed. what does this mean???? all my other transcripts are there and correct. i filed on 2/2 wasnt accepted until 2/6. my refubd status has the tracking bar and refund amount. that diappeared and states return is still being processed a date date will be posted when it comes available. friends filed on 2/2 and got their refund the next wednesday. iI dont get it

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            Anyone got any additional info?
            I filed on 1/28..been at one bar since. First checked my transcript on Friday 2/5 with all 0000, no codes, no tax return on file…please anyone tell theirs have seen movement

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              Where did you find that info?

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                On the IRS website it’s states there’s some kind of delay with the system tonight so it looks like updates will not be happening at the time we thought. You might want to check back in the morning (those of you that first saw your transcripts blank last Thurs/Fri). Sheryl you will have to wait a week from the date you first saw your 2014 transcripts blank with 0’s. That has been the pattern or was, but it seems after tonight there may be more delays since the IRS seems to be screwing up things left and right.

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                  Irs_limbo I was first able to see my blank account transcript last thursday night/friday morning

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                    Freaking out but have to wait it out.

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                      Simebody help….i tried going online to look at my transcripts…it says error says my info doesnt match records….but i entered it correctly. I called the transcript # and it says there is no.info available.

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                        HI ALL! I finally was able to log into irs to get transcripts. My filing status is different from last years and last years info is what i needed to enter.


                        I AM A 1/26 FILER, 1/26 IRS RECEIVED, NO APPROVAL ONLY 1 BAR

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                          correction: I meant WMR not MWR. *lol*

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                            @Kay you will most likely see your transcripts update, tonight after 10pm EST and then again in the morning after 7am EST. MWR will most likely update on Monday to two bars. Again, if all is well and you have no additional codes, this is what I’m estimating.

                            , You’re welcome. Your transcripts will likely update next Wednesday evening after 10pm EST and again Thurs morning of next week.

                            since you’re not sure when your transcripts first showed up blank with 0’s I can’t really give you an estimate. I could say next Weds night like Jeff based on when you checked, but you’re not sure how long they’ve been blank. I say keep checking after 10pm EST tonight, tomorrow and so on until next Weds evening. IF you still don’t have an update, call IRS or a tax advocate next Thurs.

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                              @irs_limbo Yesterday was the first day I seen them, but I hadn’t tried before that either. .

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                                The first day I saw my account transcript with all zero pop up was yesterday morning (2/4). Thanks for your help!

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                                  Filed and accepted 01.20, still have 1 bar, all zeros on my transcript since 01.26. I do not understand what is going on. Do anybody have a direct number that I can speak to a human instead of an automated system. I need to call them seriously. I have been more than patient, but when you see other filed after you and have gotten their money, something is wrong somewhere.

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                                    @ MiMi and Jeff, yes there’s speculation that a big update is happening either tonight or overnight tonight into Friday morning. When was the first day you saw the 0’s on your transcripts? That’s the best way we can get an idea of when your transcripts will update and you’ll get a DDD.

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                                      I’m in the same boat. I filed 1/31 and accepted 1/31. WMR shows 1 bar. Account transcript has all Zeros with no code. And a date of 2/24/15. Hoping for an update soon!! Does anybody know what this date means?

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                                        I filed on 2/1. Accepted 2/1. I can view my account transcripts but its all 000’s, no return filed and I have a date on there of 2/23/15. I’ve heard there is a big update tonight (Thursday night – Friday morning). Any chance of that changing and being able to see my transcripts?

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                                          If you have the 2/16 on your blank transcript that’s a good sign. You’re probably not finished processing yet. Try to remember when you first saw your acct transcript turn up blank with that date and add a week, that’s when you’ll see an update of your transcripts with a cycle code = DDD. The next morning after that you should see a full update your acct transcript with a 846 refund issued code and the amount of your refund. If the 846 code is not showing at that time, look for other codes that may be present (which would indicate and interruption or delay in you receiving your refund). Otherwise, if 846 is there your refund is about 5 to seven days away. Note: WMR may not update to reflect that after your transcripts update, there’s been reports of people getting their money with it still being at one or two bars.

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                                            Irs_limbo i seen where you said early filers and up to 01/26 should see 02/26 instead of 02/16 on our blank account transcripts but what if mine still says 02/16 what does that mean?

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                                              as oh 11:54 only my account transcript can be viewed in still 000 no tax return filed

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                                                @duder the cycle date u got is the same as mine 20150502 and that is today. Year, week of year, and day of week. We are in the 5th week of the year by the irs charts. Today is 0 2 – Monday (day of week) the day of week goes as followed
                                                01 – Friday
                                                02 – Monday
                                                03 – Tuesday
                                                04 – Wednesday
                                                05 – Thursday
                                                The irs weeks start every Thursday.
                                                So I would say we should have a ddd for Friday the latest.

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                                                  i just checked mine in still 000 getting pissed

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                                                    cycle code is 20150502.. Any guesses on a possible DDD?

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                                                      Everyone check your transcripts!!

                                                      I finally have a return transcript with my refund amount and everything!

                                                      My account transcript is still blank but hopefully that changes soon

                                                      oh, happy day! lol

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                                                        can some one tell me if am daily or weekly 20011 2012 have the same three ending numbers 503 2013 haves 603 am clueless here

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                                                          Filed 1/24 and accepted 1/24 Account transcript 0.00 2/16 as of date
                                                          return not filed there was a glitch hopefully we are reprocessing and we update this week keep the faith !!

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                                                            Yes, we’re all in the same boat. Zeroed out until (I hope) the next couple of updates complete (Friday being the latest). If you don’t see an update of your transcripts or WMR by then AND your 21 days are up, it’s time to get on the phone with the IRS and find out what’s really going on.

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                                                              and my transcripts are still 000

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                                                                i talked to lady at irs this morning she said it could take up to 21 days i said i filed on 1/25 in people who filed on 26/27/28 are getting there ddd or money this week so whats the hold up she said it depends on what u have as filed like eic dependents etc etc

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                                                                  I spoke with the irs rep today I filed on the 21st gotta accepted on the 21st my transcript is 0.00 he could pull up my return but it was nothing there because it had not been processed yet I was caught in the glitch

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                                                                    THIS HAPPENED TO MY COUSIN, SHE FILED EARLY ABOUT JAN 10, BUT SHE GOT HER MONEY LAST WEEK. MAYBE THEYRE WORKING ON YOU RETURN?

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                                                                      It won’t change until after the updates either tomorrow or Friday, but let’s hope you get a ddd. That’s what we’re all hoping for right?

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                                                                        Mine still shows 2/16
                                                                        should i be worried??? The date hasn’t changed to 2/23. Still 0.00 and incomplete. I hope it updates tonight.

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                                                                          I Just want to add, let’s hope but this is not definitive , unfortunately, we just won’t know until tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

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                                                                            There will probably be an update tonight (Mon-Tues) for some of us and for others overnight on Thurs to Fri. We all should know better whether our returns were processed or still stuck in limbo, resequenced for the following cycle. For instance early filers and those of us that filed up to 1/26 should have at least have a DDD OR a return that has been recycled with an incomplete transcript that reads 2/23 instead of 2/16. Either way we’re stuck in the waiting game unless you receive a letter or it’s beyond your 21 day time frame. If that happens you can call the IRS and inquire about the status of your individual return. They will have to look up your account and give you a better idea of what’s going on.

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                                                                              never have i have waited till long in nothing i can see the account transcript for 2014 but all 000s in no return filed whats going on can someone give me some info

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                                                                                Ok so I filed on the 12th and accepted on the 13th, a week ago my 2014 account transcript showed up but all zeros and it has a date of February 16, 2015. I lost my bars and it says still in process. Is this happening to anyone else? I used turbo tax and according to them my refund date should be no later than the 10th of February but why would IRS give me a 2-16 date? I’m so confused and frustrated! Our return was simple with a w2 and 2 kids, no EIC or any other exemptions. I just want to know if I’m the only one this particular thing is happening to or has anyone else had access to their transcripts but all zeros?

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                                                                                  I tried asking about transcripts and that didn’t work. I guess I can ask to speak with a supervisor.

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                                                                                    No, the lady told me that it’s still being processed. That they didn’t start accepting returns till the 20th-DUH I already knew that. I didn’t get any further with her. I have spoken to 3 reps and not one has asked for my ssn to look up information. Not one. Even though I filed on the 13th, my 21 days didn’t start till teh 20th. All I want to know is if something is wrong. That is all. It’s been 2 weeks. If anyone gets an update please share!!! We all seem to be getting different information.

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                                                                                      I have all 000’s and a February 16, 2014 date, no return filed under my account transcripts. I called and demanded to speak with a supervisor. She advised me that my tax return was in the Error Resolution Department and that I may or may not receive a letter. She also informed me that after the error(s) is fixed it will go back to the process department and the 21 day timeframe will start all over. I filed with TT and it showed no errors this is crazy! EIC, HOH, Education credits same situation as last year, so I don’t understand the error situation.

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                                                                                        Were you able to get through? I’m on hold now. Need advice on how to actually get them to give me info before the 21 days

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                                                                                          Thanks Sparkle! Let us know what you find out

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                                                                                            thank you. I’m on the phone right now. I hope I can get some answers. It’s been like this for over 2 weeks. Taxact said that I was accepted on the 14th, which now, I know is not true. So I need to get some answers seriously. This being held in the dark is not cool at all. If it was them, I know they would demand answers asap.

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                                                                                              Thanks for this post! I’m going to post it in my thread where we have a large group of us in this spot.

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