1/31 any updates with dd

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    Anyone file on 1/31 no eic received ddd

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    Woke up to ddd 2/22 , I filed on 1/31 have both credits .

    My son received ddd also 2/22 ( he only have college credit)



    Got my transcripts this morning with a cycle date of 20180705 and a ddd of 2-22-18 but still at one bar also in WMR. Good luck to all 1/31 filers. Hope you get your refunds soon.



    So I called tt to ask about the thank you email they said it has nothing to do with if they got your refund from the irs.



    I checked where’s my refund but I’m still at 1 bar but all of my transcripts are available with a ddd of 2/22! Cycle date 20180705



    Still no update and I can’t get into my transcript account to see them because I can’t give them what they want for financial verification.

    My state return was deposited today



    I filed 1/31 and accepted an hour later.

    Just got updated transcripts with a cycle code 20180507 with the refund date being 02/22/2018.

    WMR is still at 1 bar however.

    Good luck to you all and see you next year!



    Nothing. Return transcripts still aren’t available :(



    Cycle date 20180705



    I got an update this morning. No path message anymore it says we received your refund and it’s being processed. Hopefully I will get a DDD tomorrow morning



    No Change here from updates over night. Hoping for something the 17th.



    Just checked no change but did get the tt Email thanking me. Filed 31st accepted 31st no eic only claimed my disabled dad. Yet my brother filed on the 6th with eic and got a ddd of 28th




    Just got the TT email as well at 12:03
    AM. Filed 1/31



    I just received an email from tt saying thanks for using tt this year. Last time I received that email I got ddd within 2 days . So I feel we will update sat. Filed 1/31 accepted 1/31



    @Scott232 – Don’t lose hope. I was stressed until today but now all my transcripts look good and I have the deposit code with 2/21 deposit date. Losing bars means nothing based on this experience.



    I have the same issue. I filed on 1/31, was accepted the same day and yet no movement on where is my refund as of today. My friend who filed on the same day after I did got his return today…



    Finallyyyyy…. filed and accepted 1/31. Lost bars and refund amount middle of last week. My return transcripts finally just became available this afternoon and account transcripts were finally also updated with a deposit date of 1/21. I was stressed: fyi, no credits but I do itemized deductions and had higher itemizations this year than normal.



    Filed and accepted 1/31. EIC and ACTC. No change here. :(



    No movement for me either.



    No change again today…




    Same here, man.



    No movement at all today – no transcripts , bars are still the same.



    Filed 01/18
    Accepted 01/18
    Approved 01/22
    Received funds 01/30
    No EIC or ACTC

    For those of you who have filed on or before 01/31 – did you have any changes to your status? Name change, filing status (HOH or single, etc.) address change, any change to health insurance status, etc.? Something as simple as an address change could create a delay…this is what I’ve been told about why…

    The system works on a cross reference system. All items are checked against last years filing (OTHER than the obvious changes such as annual income, etc.). If something has changed with any personal information, it gets pulled for a second verification (whether electronically or manually…I suppose it depends on the level of verification that needs to happen). This can delay things – I don’t think astronomically…but still…compounded with x amount of people who DID have changes, it could be snowball.



    No movement and no EIC. I did have education credit though.




    Same boat as you my friend. New York just posted my refund.



    Has anyone that filed and didn’t claim EIC still not gotten their DD. I filed fed/state on the 31st and accepted the same day but I still only have one bar on fed. CA refund was issued on the 9th but still haven’t received DD on that one either. Anyone with the same situation?



    Filed and Accepted 01/31
    Married filing joint
    NO EIC, NO Child Credit, Just Higher Education credit
    Stuck at one bar, No Transcripts, zero movement, zero communication



    Still the same for me – one bar – no movement



    Still no movements for me either. Filed 1/31 accept 30 mins later



    Any movement from The 01/31 Club? Still nothing here except the one bar.



    I think people are failing to realize u don’t have to have kids to get eic depending on how much u make a single person can get the eic credit bc I claimed my kids and have the path act my fiance didn’t claim them but he got the eic credit for himself



    Filed 1/31
    Accepted that day
    Still stuck on one bar
    Received and 152 message
    Why is it taking so long to approve me?



    Filed 1/31
    not sure when accepted because didn’t check WMR until days later
    Child Credit
    a few 1099s
    a few W2s
    Refund still being processed.(still at one bar)

    It sure dontt take them long to get their money from us ijs



    Filed 1/31 accepted 1/31 still no ddd filed head of with claiming my disabled dad




    i had no education or child credits. just a single w2 . filed w/ tubo tax

    DDD 2/14



    My son filed single no credits on 1/31 and got a DDD of 2/14




    When did you get confirmation my friend? Of DDD? And what’s your filing status, if you don’t mind me asking



    Filed and accepted 1/31

    DDD 2/14

    “Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 14, 2018”



    Hey guys,

    Same here – 1/31 accepted 1040 EZ no deductions just education credit. Still one bar, no transcripts and the tax code 152 reference.



    Dont have an update either. Accepted 1/31 and can not see transcript. I hope we get a update tomorrow as many people are starting to see updates.



    Not yet – filed 1/31 accepted that day – no eic – have not received ddd yet and I also can’t see my transcripts either.

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