1/22 accepted date

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    Filed 1/17/18
    Accepted 1/22

    One bar today.

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    Accepted 01/19

    Could view online account transcript yesterday showing refund date 02/06/2018

    WMR UPDATE this morning to DD of 02/06/2018




    Update for me this morning on transcripts only – I am a weekly.

    Was able to see refund on account transcript for DD of 2/7. Not sure why I’m a weekly (divorced, 2 kids, employment income only) but my refund appears to always be 15-20 days from the day I file. Checked last years and I filed about a week earlier than this year and my refund was on 2/1, a Wednesday.

    Also, I *think* that WMR didn’t update for me until like the day before my refund hit. I think the account transcript updated before WMR.

    Hope this helps.



    filed 1/19
    accepted 1/22
    one bar, no info on transcripts




    Filed and accepted 1/19 with Turbo. Basic return. One bar.

    Last year was exactly 20 days for me. So annoying.




    File 1/19
    Accepted 1/22
    DDD 1/31
    DD 1/31 received sometime between 2:30 a.m. – 5:00 a.m. EST
    HRB Online

    I watched the film Lincoln last night.
    Did you know he died the morning of April 15th 1865 ?
    I wish I could say that the date was chosen for something noble as Lincoln
    but it is not.

    Best to All



    Updating as promised:

    Filed 1/17/18
    Accepted 1/22
    No offset, no EITC
    DDD date 1/30/2018

    Was deposited in my bank this morning, so no delays for me this year.

    Good luck all!



    DDD 1/31 but offset Topic showing :( I called the number and it just said “may be taken” and to call the collection agency with my loan debt/student loan.



    1/22 accepted date! Checked my IRS to go app and I have switched to the PATH Act message. Progress 😅



    Congrats to all with DDD!



    Filed on 1-21-18 with freetaxusa(my favorite.)

    Accepted 1-22-18
    Approved 1-27-18
    DDD BY 1-31-18

    Not EITC or ACTC



    Filed 1/20 accepted 1/22 Taxpayer, 1 bar



    Oops I meant accepted Jan 22



    Accepted Jan 2
    saw my Approved bar when I woke up at 6:30am.
    DDD Jan 31

    No kids
    1adult dep
    No EIC
    Attended college, had a 1098-T



    FIled 1/19
    Accepted 1/22
    DDD 1/31
    H&R Block Online
    No EIC or ACTC



    Woke up to 2 bars this morning with a DDD of 1/31. No EIC or ACTC. Good luck my fellow watchers :)



    WMR just updated to second bar for me. DDD 1/31! Best wishes everyone!


    Ebony Wilson

    hey guys is there anyone here with any bars and has the eitc I claim both of my children and have a bar already Im not sure if thats pose to happen since its says no refunds due until after the 15th of Feb but of course no one from IRS can explain to me why but i read something about testing purposes not sure what that means but im guessing maybe im in the first batch or something i really dont know help with your suggestions and answers please thanks have a great weekend



    I filed on the 8th accepted on the 22nd still one bar



    Update guys:

    WMR has two bars this morning.

    Tax refund scheduled 1/30/2018.

    So, my online transcripts were correct..
    Note:I had no offset and no EITC.

    I will give one other update, and that is when my refund actually hits the bank and is available for funds.

    Good luck everyone!



    Accepted 1/22 TT
    Cycle Date 20180405
    DDD 1/31/2018
    Still 1 bar on WMR, but transcripts available this morning. I did have an offset. Best wishes everyone!



    Both my fiance and myself
    Turbo Tax
    Filed 01/21/18
    Accepted 01/22/18
    DDD 01/30/18

    no EIC or ACTC



    Filed with turbo tax on 1/19 accepted on 1/22



    @kaykay I’m not sure, it will depend upon what your transcript states. I obtained mine online and this is the information it states. You might try ordering your account transcript tomorrow or the next day, and look at your cycle date.

    I plan to update on this thread when /if I get a second bar and when I get a DDD and refund.



    @libertee i filed last night was accepted today with freetaxusa.. wonder if i will be the 30th



    Ok gang, update.

    Filed 1/17/18
    Accepted 1/22

    One bar today.

    Ordered my account transcript and per the transcript:
    cycle date 20180404 =
    DDD 01/30/18, which matches the actual date “846 Refund Issued 01-30-18”

    Hope you all get good news as well!6


    cheryl e kendrick

    oh forgot to say I could order transcript today though through mail as I dont have a cc or the other things


    cheryl e kendrick

    so I was wrong got a feeling this year is different as some without actc and eic have already got a dd I think i am weekly and hoping for a dd of 2/21/2018



    Filed 1/21/2018
    Federal accepted 1/22/2018
    IN state accepted 1/24/2018
    TurboTax with fees
    EIC/ACTC both apply

    In for the long haul. Hope everyone has a stress free tax season. Just remember it will come, maybe not as fast as we’d like, but it will come. :-)



    I am in the same exact boat. accepted 01/22. filed through Freetaxusa on 01/18. 1 bar. no transcripts yet. usually am a weekly.



    Hi everyone! I’m excited about this year! And being on the forum of course. I was also accepted 1/22. I’m assuming we are the test batch! Hopefully our refunds will be here quickly 😀


    Jay Green

    The “deposit date” on TT means NOTHING! It’s a day 21 days from when you were accepted, and even as an ESTIMATE only applies to 21 days from when they ACTUALLY START PROCESSING returns (January 27).

    THE IRS WILL GIVE YOU A DIRECT DEPOSIT DATE once your refund is approved. “Accepted” just means sent.



    I filed on 1/19 and was accepted on 1/22 and successfully requested my irs transcripts by mail. Does this mean I can anticipate a direct deposit next week?



    Filed 01/19/2018 with TurboTax.
    Accepted 01/22.
    One bar as of 1/22.
    TurboTax estimates 2/12 for DD.

    Hoping WMR updates over the weekend and I have it next week.



    I have to say the ddd 1/29… Is a surprise but could very well have something to do with govt shutdown, maybe they are trying to push them out before deadline of the 8th.



    filed 1/19 turbotax
    accepted 1/22
    one bar on WMR 1/25
    cannot order account transcripts
    2017 wage transcript is blank



    Filed 1/19 with TurboTax.
    Accepted 1/22
    1 bar on WMR

    Hopefully i get the Feb 9th deposit date.
    My CA state refund was also accepted same day and says will post within 10 days.



    I got my refund on 2/22/17 last year am I weekly? What does that even mean ???


    cheryl e kendrick

    test batch gets accepted to help test programs and soft ware they are using, no one gets approved though prior to the open date on the 29th



    i got accepted today but im filing head of house hold and 2 kids anyone think ill get a approved on the 29th?



    I would say we are in a test batch. I was not expecting to be accepted until 1/29



    Accepted today 1/22/18
    Used turbo tax
    1 bar
    Why were we accepted a week early?



    Filed 01/19/2018
    Accepted 01/22
    One bar today



    I field 1/19 accepted1/22 one bar
    H&r block at home

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