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      Ok so lookkng and researching it seems that any one with an 05 or have had any offsets or issues in the last 5 years you will wait a week no matter what. File on Monday 1/19 wait until the second week to be processed. File on Friday wait until second week to be processed. It makes perfect sense. It explains how some years you file on Friday the wait from accepted to DDD is shorter than those filing on Monday. The first week is a dead week just because of the weekly filing. Makes perfect sense to me. Let me know if any have input. It sure does create a peace of mind if so.

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          I’ve been an 05 the past 3 years. 2011 and 2012, I filed on Thursday of one week and had my dd the following Friday. Last year, I did wait 2 weeks but there were a lot of people who filed early that we caught in the mix up.

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