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04/06/2022 DDD

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    Filed 03/07/2022
    Wrong amounts for rebate (right numbers from letters..)
    Married filing joint
    Ctc act etc
    Code 971 & 570 since 03/12
    Updated this morning to 846 of 04/06/2022
    Fees being taken out will update when it hits sbtpg and when I receive deposit.

    Anyone else aboard the 04/06/2022 watch?

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    Hey all, I got DDD for 4/6 and my fees are showing funded on the TPG website…still no deposit yet in my bank. I bank with chime and thought for sure I’d have it by now. Anyone else?

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    Have a DDD of 04/06 on WMR. Filed w/ TurboTax. Payed fees out of redund. My refund hit my PayPal account at 3:35 PM CST. Hopefully everyone else w/ DDD for tomorrow has received theirs. If bot hang in there it’s coming.

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    Nyahh it’s the same for me, WMR is down right now so don’t worry. A lot of people are saying the same thing and I confirmed it with an IRS agent on the phone. Should be back to normal by tonight, tomorrow at the latest.

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    Filed on 3/30 via TurboTax. Accepted 3/30, like 20 min after filing. WMR showed approved as of yesterday with a direct deposit date of 4/6.

    As of today, WMR says it can’t find my info (or that the information doesn’t match). This is a bit concerning. Any thoughts?

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    And for anyone that doesn’t know,

    If you updated transcripts Friday and wmr Saturday should see deposit Wednesday!

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    4/6 DDD for me.hoping it will come 2 days early like my paychecks do. Let me know if any of you tax paying citizens get it early ✌️❤️✌️❤️

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    @Charlie4Marley I filed on 03-16 and my deposit was just approved overnight on WMR. It is at the second bar. It won’t show the third bar until you actually receive your refund. My refund is scheduled for the well. We should see our refunds hit anywhere between tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

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    WMR updated overnight to show deposit date of 4/6 that matches transcripts. It does not show that it has been sent yet, but WMR is usually behind because I am a weekly.

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    At Last wmr showing DDD for April 6. For 2.5 weeks in WMR it kept showing “still being processed” without the bars showing and refund amount gone. They had to make adjustments error 9021. Im hoping it hits my bank account that day. The refund bar shows refund approved but shouldn’t it be on the last bar refund sent since i got a DDD? Will update thread if I receive it on April 6th.

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    I just realized I commented twice lol!! Sorry about that.

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    Same I updated yesterday still no funds or update with sbtpg.

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    I was NA until last night’s update. Filed 1/30 and accepted same day. Now showing 846 with deposit date of 4/6. Going to SBTPG and then Chime. Hoping it hits over the weekend or Monday.

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    Got a DDD of 4/5/22. Thank god

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    Same boat! I filed on 3/3 and had a 971 code last week and have a 846 code today that says 4/6/22. TPG doesn’t say funded yet though. The amount changed so Im not sure if that will affect anything. Also depositing to chime so hopefully it comes earlier. This is my first time having fees taken out.

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    846 of 04/04/2022 on transcripts wmr has not updated

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