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      Let’s keep each other updated on deposits, and SBTPG. I updated this morning on transcripts 846 for 03/09. Fees taken out of TT and deposit on my chime card. I wonder how long it will take SBT to get funded 🤔

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          Mine is for 3/30 so who knows when netspend will get it. Sbgtb posted it today and sent it to netspend

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          Highly Irritated

            I gave my refund!!! I bank with a credit union. Good luck everyone!!!

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              IRS says refund approved with an offset. I already know I have a child support offset. It says refund should be deposited by 3/14. With the offset will it take longer or should I get the remaining balance on or before the 14th?

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                Received my refund at 3pa cst with Varo. Accepted 2/19/22. DDD 3/9/22 with fees taken from refund. Good luck y’all and don’t blow the money on crap like you did last. And the year before

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                  I just checked my TT and it’s saying payment pending so maybe they haven’t taken their money yet. My ddd is for tomorrow so I’m hoping I’ll just wake up and it’ll be in my account

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                  Highly Irritated

                    I have a 3/9 DDD but TPG is saying unfunded and my Credit Union doesn’t show any pending deposits. Anyone else still showing unfunded with a 3/9 DDD?

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                      Mine deposited today 3/8/2022 at 5:38pm. SBTPG revived funding earlier today at some time in the am as well. I use Netspend. My DD was 03/09/2022. So 1 day early, not too bad. Was worried I wouldn’t get it for a while cus if the SBTPG horror stories I’ve been hearing on here for this year.

                      Good luck everyone else. Hang in there, it’s coming! See y’all next year.

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                        TOMO WE EAT!!

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                          Ugh I still didn’t get mine yet. Congrats to those of you who did!

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                            Just got my deposit although its $500 less than its supposed to be. Any ody else?

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                              Deposited in my CRedit Karma at 5:11 pm. Check accounts

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                                Sbtpg showed funded at 6 am and at 4:15 it was deposited onto my credit karma card for war deposit 3/9

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                                  @Daddy-o another quick question. when you WMR updated this past weekend, did you get tax code 203 for the offset?

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                                    Yes I had them taken out. And yesterday morning they were labeled “payment complete”. SB updated this morning and showed all fees paid and supposedly a full payout to my CK card but nothing has hit yet. Hopefully tonight-tomorrow morning!

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                                      did you have your turbo tax fees taken out of your return?

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                                        how do I see “payment pending below” on TT?

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                                        Someone ;)

                                          I can’t seem to login to SBTPG but turbo tax says payment pending below thank you for your payment . I am assuming it says thank you for your payment automatically after we choose to pay later and when SBTPG funds they say paid on the bottom….

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                                            Filed 1/22 accepted 1/24 had to id verify 2/2 have a ddd of 3/9 with chime. Nothing yet

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                                            GeekGod Media

                                              Mine says still being processed but instead of the date like yesterday it shows full amount

                                              That’s a good thing?

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                                                Oh and also I’m a weekly that’s ends in 05 so I had a strong feeling that I would happen this Saturday and it DID!!!

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                                                  Holy sh*t guys!!! Prayed that my 846 code of 3/09/2022 would reflect in WMR overnight and it DID!!!!! Now it says Accepted on WMR tool and also shows the same date!!! Who’s come on guys keep this faith going !!!

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                                                    My 846 code on my transcript says 3/9 but my WMR says 3/14

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                                                      When do y’all think TPG will get their funds? For those of us with fees taken out

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                                                      Ms tax

                                                        Same here. I I have credit karma filed through tt

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                                                          Filed 2/10 got accepted the same day. Transcripts updated 3/4 still don’t have a 846 code but my wrm tracker gave a ddd of 3/9

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                                                            Accepted 1/21 ID verified 2/16 WMR updated from “a date will be provided when available” to “your return is being processed” 3/3 transcripts became available 3/4 with a ddd of 3/9. Sbtg says unfunded. Getting refund with credit karma money account filed with tt

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