02/02/13 accepted with questions!

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    Ok so the details are as follows…

    Efiled HRB on 02/02/13 accepted a few hours later. WMR shows generic 21 day messege and topic 152. Called on 02/13 and rep said the address was incorrect (they had an address from 2010 returns) once that address was provided to her all she said was in error dept and would be getting a letter. There was never a message on WMR to call or code given. Still has one orange bar and processing. Haven’t been able to order transcript with old or new mailing address until a few minutes ago. It allowed me to with current address. So I have to assume something was processed in the last few days. Filed HH, EIC and Child Tax Credit with simple 1040. I assume the “error” was corrected and should be seeing a DDD soon? Never got a letter or anything else stating the was an issue. Anyone have insight? Also, I ordered Return transcript but I assumed you could see it? Is that not the case, they just mail it to you? Thank you in advance!

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