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01/27 filers

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    Filed evening of 01/27. rejected right after (entered social wrong) then accepted 10 minutes later for state & federal. one bar on wmr and no transcript yet. same boat anyone?

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    I think I may have some of the “pending” figured out. I have deposited checks in the past that showed on my balance and I could use my debit card but couldn’t go to the bank and get large amounts of cash. My debit transactions were limited also. They explained that the check needed to clear the bank it was drawn off of before more than $1000 was available but that amount was based on average balance. So some banks must make it available when it hits with limits such as mine, some see where it is from and release the full amount, while others wait for the checks to clear the clearinghouse which is normally 48 hours according to my bank.

    Just another theory which is what most info here is it seems. IRS agents don’t even give the same info. It’s confusing but nevertheless the 4th is a day away. I hadn’t even filed a week ago so I am good although I sympathize with those stuck in the system.


    Went to bank this morning, guy says it will be deposited the 4th. Guess it’s pending now.


    Filed through a tax preparer on the 27th.Checked WMR and no update as of yet..smh.anyone else with this issue? ?

    Another filer

    Still waiting here also.




    Filed 1-20
    Accepted 1-20
    Was able to view transcripts 1-30
    WmR updated on 1-30 two bars accepted with ddd of 2-4
    Waiting on update tonight to see if I have three bars… Good luck guys


    Filed 1/27, accepted 1/28. Transcripts available 1/30, DDD 2/4. All good in my hood!


    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/28 at night
    DDD 2/3 on 1/30


    Filed on 1-27-15
    Recieved on 1-27-15
    Transcripts came in yesterday at 3:30 with cycle code 20150405, 846 code.

    Approved this morning at 5:00am CST

    DDD of 2-4-15

    Cycle codes mean nothing at all. People trying to decipher them… Just stop. No one but the IRS can predict when you will get it.

    You may be lucky on some of your “guesses” but The IRS told me that no one can predict when you will get it this year.


    I filed on 1\27\2015. I was exceptedbwithin an hour, wmr just had one bar. Yesterday af work i got a text from my paypal card saying the amount of funds deposited.. My refund amount. Nothing changed on wmr.. No email or text from TT. so i have my money but i dont understand how or why…


    Filed 1/27 evening and have a DDD of 2/4. Married filing jointly, education credit, EIC.


    WMR update! Ddd of 2/4/15 thank goodness! Hopefully will be in my acct before Wednesday. I bank with PNC.


    I filed on 1/27 and was accepted almost right away. Now I’m super sad because all these people who filed at the same time have refund dates of 2/4 :(. I have checked my refund transcripts but all 2014 sections show N/A except for the one under Wage & Income Transcript, does anyone know if this means anything? Which one should i be looking for?

    Below are the transcripts and years available.

    Return Transcript
    2013 Return Transcript
    2012 Return Transcript
    2011 Return Transcript
    Record of Account Transcript
    2013 Record of Account Transcript
    2012 Record of Account Transcript
    2011 Record of Account Transcript

    Account Transcript
    2013 Account Transcript
    2012 Account Transcript
    2011 Account Transcript

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    Wage & Income Transcript
    2014 Wage & Income Transcript
    2013 Wage & Income Transcript
    2012 Wage & Income Transcript
    2011 Wage & Income Transcript

    Show All Show all


    Finally got a WMR update! DDD 2/4!


    Filed midday 1/27… accepted about an hour later…
    Just accessed my Return transcripts online with a cycle date of 20140405… I’m hoping this means I’ll get my money soon? Anyone else with the same cycle date?


    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    1 bar….education credits…tax topic 152.


    Got transcripts online

    I am here on the West Coast…I cant stop laughing wasnt expecting money until next week and not have the money beat the card to me


    @syraz did you order transcripts online or through mail? what coast are you?


    @syraz sorry i didnt see that part. I was too excited that you got your money :) Hope you get your card soon!


    @Alize I said I Filed on 1/27, was accepted hour after that. today was able to order transcripts then I get email from netspend saying money was deposited…to bad the card hasnt shown up yet


    Syraz –when did you file? can you see your transcripts?


    Filed and Accepted on 1/27
    decided to get a netspend card
    got an email today from netspend saying it was deposited.. yet card hasnt shown up yet


    I filed and was accepted on the same day 01/27 just checked today 01/30 and I can see my transcripts. I have a cycle date of 20150405. So I’m hoping from what I have been reading that means I get it Feb 2nd. But then February 16th is showing on my transcripts too. So I’m a little lost on if it’s the cycle date that shows when I’m going to get my refund or the other date that’s on there. If anyone knows that will be great.


    Filed 01/27 and accepted 15 minutes after filing. Just able to access transcripts. We moved this year and when I tried to order by mail around 5:30 this morning, I had to use old address and account transcript was N/A. As of ten minutes ago, account transcript is available, but contains all zeros. From what I understand, that means they are processing my return. There is mixed information about whether transcripts update only at night or in real-time throughout the day. Hoping to get some type of update and receive DDD soon!

    waxytaxi DDD :)

    Filed 1/27 accepted 1/27 BOA DDD FEB 3RD.


    Filed 1/27 accepted 1/27. Cant see transcripts due to I’d theft indicator. Supposedly I’m a weekly but idk. Anyone with any updates?


    @ waxytaxi…. If you go to some of the other forums like 1/26 filers it will say what the different numbers mean for the cycle code, from what I read it shows I should receive my refund by Wednesday. Still no DDD on WMR website

    Another filer

    Filed and accepted 1/27. 1 bar on WMR, transcripts say NA


    Filed and accepted 1/27 in afternoon. Transcript says no record of return. One bar on WMR. I’m guessing we will see DDD of 2/4 or 2/5.


    I filed late afternoon on the 27th, was accepted within minutes. No changes, no transcripts. Hopefully we’ll see some movement tonight and over the weekend.


    What does 20150404 mean?


    I was accepted on the 27th. I was just able to see my transcripts within the last 30 minutes. My cycle date is 20150404….I filed through Turbo Tax


    Filed 01/26/15 at 11:25pm accepted 11:40pm. One bar , no transcripts
    Netspend card


    Hello.. does anyone know when Wheres My Refund updates each day?


    Me too @eatveggies7


    Filed federal and state on 1/27 both accepted within 5 minutes. Waiting for an update


    I filed right around midnight on the 26th, so let’s just say its the 27th.. I woke up to one bar on WMR and still no transcripts. I hope we see something tonight!

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