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      Is anyone else annoyed with the fact that they got accepted on a date and have no refund date yet those who filed after you, same situation as you, nothing complicated, have a refund date?

      Mine was accepted on the 24th and it is just showing accepted. Blah.

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      Accepted 1/25, still processing here too. Just a W-2, claimed children, (one dependent is new, born March ’12) but that’s the biggest change. Same ole EIC, child tax credits. 4th year in a row we’ve been held up for no darn good reason. I’m really getting pissed off reading people accepted on 1/30 getting their DD dates already- I mean, I’m glad for them, but pissed off because ours has been in their system for 5 additional days with no apparent movement!?

      We have 5 kids, we could really use this right about now. It’s bad enough waiting almost 2 years now for the VA to approve my husband’s disability claim.

      Thanks, US government.

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