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      Just curious if any self employed filers got refunds yet? I have a daycare, and have for 12 years. I have 2 children, filed head of house hold, accepted on the 30th. I have always gotten my refunds quickly, but was worried that this year would be different. Nothing has ever changed on my returns in the last 12 years, except the births of my children.

      Wmr says processing….and has since the morning of the 31st, and I filed through HRB.

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      I do my moms taxes, and I did hers around the 25th. She has to file self employment as a hair dresser because her salon doesn’t do taxes or anything and she has to pay them in herself all year and handle it all herself. Anyway, she already got her money. She had a DD of 2/4 and hers posted on Friday. Not sure whats up. She has custody of two of her grandchildren, she officially adopted them, so she was able to claim them. She also had a lot of work related deductions like her hair supplies, booth rental, ect.. I did my own on the 19th with a regular W2 and nada.

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