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      Filed with JH on 21st Received Acknowledged email on the 28th , no info still on WMR site. IRS hotline says received and processing. SBBT site says no refund received still. Please post your status update my fellow 28th ACCEPTANCE fans.

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      Got a DD date for 2/5 – accepted 1/28
      Here is my timeline:
      Received by TurboTax | 01/28/13 12:08:23 AM
      Sent to Tax Authority | 01/28/13 10:07:10 AM
      Accepted | 01/28/13 11:45:58 AM
      No 8863 form. EIC.
      Turbotax & fees will be deducted from funds
      1/30th – Had no info on me the whole day until around 9pm it showed Received and processing on WMR, same result on the hotline. I was able to order both transcripts online.
      1/31st – same thing as the 30th (I don’t know why it only showed at night time :/)
      2/1st – WMR is still showing that it is still processing, called hotline and gave me a DD of 2/5

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