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      I did not see a topic for those accepted on 2/1 yet so here it is! I filed at 5:00 pm on 2/1 and was accepted at 6:15 pm, just an hour and 15 min later! As of now (not even 24 hrs yet), I’m not able to order transcripts and WMR says processing and shows one bar, all as expected. I will update as I see changes.

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      I also was accepted on 2/1:) not able to order transcripts yet..but I was reading comments in the other forum and my tgthoughts are after the IRS accepts your info it can take up to 72 hrs before you can order your transcripts that is as long as you dont have any issues. Once you are able to request your transcripts I think your in the final stages and DD would be next. I dont trust WMR or IRS 2 go would be more reliable.

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