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      I did not see a topic for those accepted on 2/1 yet so here it is! I filed at 5:00 pm on 2/1 and was accepted at 6:15 pm, just an hour and 15 min later! As of now (not even 24 hrs yet), I’m not able to order transcripts and WMR says processing and shows one bar, all as expected. I will update as I see changes.

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      I filed on 2/1 using TurboTax – got an e-mail about 30 min. later saying my Federal was accepted – WMR has shown the progress as “Processing” and gave me the customary ’21 day wait’ speel (still does as of an hour ago), 1-800 IRS number says the same thing.. I was able to order my 2012 transcripts though. Having my money DD onto a Walmart card… hoping for a DD tomorrow? :) – Oh – filed a 1040Ez, EIC – no other credits – I do attend school but plan on doing an amended return when the correct forms come out. ;)

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