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      Filed with tt, accepted same day. Irs site says received and processing.

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      i filed with TT on 1/28 and got accepted on 1/29.
      i also have checked the WMR site and got all the same problems everyone else seems to be getting with the status saying “processing” and “you may have entered your information incorrectly”
      after searching the web on this problem i found this Forum, and got some hope when i found this topic because everyone else was having the same problems as me.
      i checked the WMR site this morning around 2 a.m. and it said “processing” then i checked this morning about 6 a.m. thinking the site has not updated yet and of course it still said “you may have entered your information incorrectly” so i decided to call the 1800 number and checked the status on there.
      It gave me a DD date of 2/6! finally got an answer :D so i’m happy i was worried i entered something wrong and thats why i got the Processing updates…

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