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      Filed with tt, accepted same day. Irs site says received and processing.

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      I swore I wouldn’t buy into the transcript theory but finally bit and tried it. I got a message saying it would arrive in 5-10 days (or something like that). Hopefully this means something. I am one who doesn’t desperately need my refund which is about half of what I normally get but I have been on comp since August therefore my earned income sucks. I just need retail therapy and doubt my doctor can prescribe it.

      WIll post if I get a date, I checked WMR earlier, I got what everyone else seems to be getting. A lovely message asking if I had entered everything right. It isn’t because I’ve checked to many times, that was the second time in three day. It would seem I’d be simple, I have the same job, same kid, same bank, same address. Hell..I have the same boyfriend, dog and car which is probably about as relevant as what we think is pertinent.

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