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      The IRS accepted my tax return on 1/24/2013 at 12:35 PM – Any idea or hope for a DD date?

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      I called the IRS just to make sure I wasn’t flagged since this year I got to add my adult daughter and 2 grandkids to my return (I got the pleasure of supporting them ALL year). The IRS guy would NOT check my status and told me to call back in 21 days from the date I got the acceptance acknowledgement. He then transferred me to the law help (thank goodness I was allowed to claim them), but he didn’t offer to check either. I went back to WMR and it is back to processing. :) Wheeeeeew. HOPEFULLY, something positive happens with either the status or my bank account tonight.

      BTW, my return was me and 3 dependents. I don’t get EIC (which I heard can delay some tax since they have to verify more). I filed Head of Household, which I have for years. I still paid WAY more Federal taxes than what I am getting back, but still happy that I don’t have to pay more.

      I’ve read some post where people were bragging they got their refunds today. I find it hard to believe that the first thing they did after getting a refund was to jump on the computer and search for a where’s my refund site, just so they can blog that they got one. For the life of me I can’t figure out why someone gets pleasure out of lying about it… when they do “really” get their refund they should consider spending it on therapy.

      Well, good luck to all and may we all wake up blessed with some money in the bank or at least our refund status updated to show a DD date.

      If you are once accepted, then it says it cannot find – deep breath – it will come back.. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW.

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