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      The IRS accepted my tax return on 1/24/2013 at 12:35 PM – Any idea or hope for a DD date?

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      Finally have some answers today. I was able to get up and order transcripts of both return and account. I could only do it over the phone, not on the web. I also could only get them to go through with my husband’s information and not mine. I think because he’s the primary. Called the IRS and told them I couldn’t pull anything up with WMR. She gave me the whole 21 days yadda yadda. She then said she was curious to see what she could pull up so she asked all my information and put me on hold. She came back and restated the 21 days thing and then told me she had my account pulled up. She told me that I have an offset, which I already knew, so depending on that amount (she couldn’t see the amount), I might not even get a refund. I told her the amount of the offset is drastically less than my refund amount, so she said well, we have the amount at $xxxx and a direct deposit date of 2/6. I will get a deposit on that date of the balance.

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