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      After our final W arrived finally today we filed this morning at 11.50am CT, TT email stated at 11.56am that the federal return was accepted.
      That was fast so I hope that the rest will be done fast too…though it was really the longest we ever had to wait for the W2s.

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      So glad to hear that some of y’all who called the IRS today got NICE reps. I however, did NOT! The man I spoke with gave me no info whatsoever. I didn’t give him any kind of excuse… I just told him that I have been a ghost the whole time on WMR and that I was concerned because of previous years ID theft. He was so RUDE! Not just that he wasn’t helpful… he was a real pain in the a**! Anyway, he told ME that I had to wait 3 weeks to show up on WMR… I knew he obviously was new this year and thanked him for his ‘help’ and hung up.

      I am only going to check once a day until Friday. If I haven’t had any kind of update as of Friday I am going to call again and hopefully get a nice rep :)

      Hoping for DD’s for all of us 31’ers!

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