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      Anyone else filed early March and got the delay message? My as of date is 4/3 which I calculated is 21 business days but I’ve always gotten it within normal time frame with all days running concurrent.. looking to possibly update Friday- I’ve always been an 05. Anybody who had delayed message then received movement and or return? This tax Year really sucks -I’ve never had any issues all the years I’ve filed smh. Called and said I’m in the error department but she didn’t See any errors 🙄 and gave me the 10 weeks speech 🤦🏽‍♀️

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      Same here. I called back today to confirm the agent (actually) completed my verification, rep says there’s no other issues.

      Filed/Accepted – 3/07
      Verified 4883c – 3/28

      WMR – your return is still processing” with refund amount showing, no codes or status change

      1040, Single, Standard deduction, Business deductions

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