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      I just filed and was accepted last week (Thursday I think). So still just one bar, but the bottom 2 transcripts – (Account and Wage & Income ) now have 2022 listed. When I click on them, there isn’t any information listed yet – but my question is, is that normal? This is the first year I’ve checked my transcripts…what does it mean if the bottom 2 have 2022 listed and the top 2 transcripts (Return and Record of Account) still have N/A? Is this normal, sign of progression? Like I said I just got accepted last Thursday

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      I filed on 3/4. On 3/10 my bottom transcripts appeared for 2022 but had no relevant information. Basically blank.

      This morning, they and my top transcripts populated with wages, details, and an 846 DDD code for 3/22.

      So, while not “normal”, it seems to be fairly common this year. Don’t lose hope.

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