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      The site doesn’t have a WA category since we typically don’t have income tax here, but this year there is a working family tax credit to track.

      I created this post to centralize the conversation on this for us in WA!

      We qualified for the credit and the website WA DOR has up to check it doesn’t have any info for me yet, but we filed with FreeTaxUSA on 2-3-23 and got an “Accepted” message on that side.

      Anyone else file for this credit yet? Any progress?

      Happy tax season, everyone!

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      Today was my 30 day mark and I woke up to an updated status of “decision issued” (please wait up to ten days for an approval or denial letter in the mail) which I find confusing because I don’t feel like it’s that hard to say rejected or approved on there and I submitted my app with direct deposit info. So now I’m curious to see if I will see a DD before I see a letter in the mail.

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