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    Filled joint in 2019 for 2018 taxes
    They kept our refund said we owed (my husband did)
    We set up a 2 year payment plan and paid it off the balanced of 8k by end of 2020
    I have Proof of it all since we did it
    In 2021 filled 2020 taxed all paid off they kept 6k from us never got it back they said we had pending owe money to them when we are paid off completely
    Never saw that 6k
    Filled 2021 in 2022 refund was 2k
    Just saw they kept that too saying topic 201
    We don’t owe anything
    Now that’s 8k they have kept
    I call And call and call
    Nothing happens either hangs up or call back later or on hold for hrs then hangs up on me
    I tried every number and ext and advice to loop around to a live agent and nothing

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    And may I add in 2021 they sent me a receipt that we don’t owe anything that we are paid in full

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