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    Ive been a weekly for 3 years now. But never had an 0805 . Do you think that can tell you if your an 05 daily(they do exist) or a flat out weekly. I’ve seen some with an 0605 or 0705 that update daily but also weekly. Just trying to create a different conversation lol

    Filed 1/12
    Accepted 1/28
    Claimed EITC and received CTC advance payments
    Had a baby in 2021
    Also under reported CTC advance payment because they sent 2 notices instead of one (file joint)
    Have STILL processing message since 2/17
    Transcripts N/A up until 2/25 now they have codes 971 and 570
    Corrected on 2/25 after speaking to IRS rep
    Letter dated 3/14/2022 and as of date is 3/14/2022

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Church’s Money

    My as of date changed to 4-25-22 then went back to 3-21-22. Still no refund date or any kind of changes to my refund, my return is basically in purgatory.

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