Exemption Certificate Number (ECN)

What is an Exemption Certificate Number (ECN)?

An ECN is an Exemption Certificate Number. This is a new 2015 tax return term and requirement for some tax returns. It will likely become common lingo for tax season because the healthcare rules and IRS penalties are new this year.

Do I need an ECN?

An Exemption Certificate Number is needed when you file a return if you want to claim an exemption from the health insurance penalty.

Where do I get an ECN?

In this example, it was generated from going to the Federal Marketplace for a quote, entering info; and, it was determined he was exempt specifically because of Florida not expanding certain coverages.

What exemptions are available from healthcare penalty?

Many other exemptions could apply to your individual situation, visit Federal Marketplace exemption page to see if you are exempt from the tax penalty and get your ECN.

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