What days of the week does IRS process deposits?

What we have found so far: There has been mention that this year IRS will process direct deposits daily, excluding SUNDAYS. So depending on your financial institutions posting policies, taxpayers may see deposits on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday.

IRS Refund Cycle Update: You can usually estimate when you’ll get your IRS refund and in prior years the IRS actually publishes a detailed schedule on their website. A 2013 Refund Schedule hasn’t been published and the IRS seems to be sticking to a 21 day goal. Commitment issues? I think they just want to avoid the fiasco from last year with irate people placing bets on the refund cycle chart. Our prediction is that refunds will deposited quickly this year and that most refunds should be posted in bank accounts within 21 days.Let’s hope they under promise/over deliver with this year’s expectations!

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  1. DDD

    I filed on Feb 1 2016, got accepted Feb 1 2016, checked wheres my refund website on Feb 6 2016 and theres 2 bars with a DDD of Feb 10 2016, but my ohio state taxes are being held up waiting on a paper in the mail so I can prove my identity by taking a quiz online before my state will finish processing, but at least my federal is coming

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  2. Anonymous

    @question: have you received a DD yet on emerald card? Mine says by the 10th too but I called my card yesterday with no pending transactions. Maybe by tomorrow for emerald card people?

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