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  1. Mary

    @LISA A lot depends on when they get it back into processing, which is a toss up, but when it does start processing its the normal up to 21 days.

  2. ebony

    My taxes were in review for the earn income credit the examiner ruled in my favor and I also have a tax advocy and she fax me the paper too sign and I fax right back too the tax advocate how long before I get my return 08/18/2014-08/20/2014

  3. Mary

    @ms fields: Its all going to depend on when your return goes back into processing, maybe 4-6weeks just a guess.

  4. ms fields

    I have a tax advocate and I’m having hardship how long will it take for me to get my refund the examiner rulded in my favor

  5. Mary

    @MRS FIELDS It depends if you have to wait for a letter to sign and return, there are still ppl waiting after being reviewed

  6. mrs fields

    My return was being review and now its been determine that I qualify for the earn income credit how long will it be before I get my refund

  7. toys

    I received a cp75 mailed it back February 25 they received it march 4 2014 said it could take up to 6months to get a
    answer anyone else gotten there return after a c75 letter

  8. Connie

    @Neilk: I got a letter today , actually 2 both the same exact letters dated march 10,2014 stating basically the same thing you said…. that they received our 2013 return and they need more information and if I dont respond withint 10 days they will withhold any refund and increase what we owe if we owe. WE HAVE NOT EVEN FILED OUR 2013 taxes yet!! There is a box that says check here if you did not file this tax return! I called my tax accountant immediately and he said to call the irs. I have been on hold for over an hour. yuk,its identity theft i am told by an agent with the irs.

  9. jimmy

    So my ex girlfriend spent the whole last year in jail, and I took care of both her kids for the entire year. They are not my biological kids nor technically my stepchildren, so should I claim as qualifying children or relative

  10. Neilk

    Yesterday I received a letter from the IRS stating that they received my 2013 return and it is now under review. My problem is that I hadn’t filed my 2013 return yet. Today I went to HR my accountant and tried to E-File but it was rejected. Anyone have any thoughts about what’s going on?

  11. happyinla

    i have been coming to this site for weeks now trying to get some answers. I am an early filer accepted 2/4 570 placed on me 3 weeks ago with a 3/3 date. Received a 4464c letter on Friday and on Monday could not stand it anymore and got a TA. IT WAS A REAL RANDOM REVIEW! After faxing in wage verification I was contacted today and my refund has been released!!! I am not saying that this is true for EVERYONE but I am saying that I do not believe that all the 4464c letters sent out were strictly due to the “glitch” in the system. I also recommend getting a TA if you can.

  12. Kelli H 2014

    I filed/accepted 2/18/2014. I have codes:
    971 03/17/2014
    570 03/17/2014

    I pulled my trans and see that I claimed the Addtnl Child Tax Credit in error (I only have one child). The IRS already took the 630 off of my expected refund amount and it is updated in the AT’s. Under where it shows ‘Tax Return Filed’ on the AT, I have a Cycle Code of 20140905. I got curious about this and called the IRS yesterday. I got a very young sounding girl who did not seem to know much more than I did from the AT’s. She put me on hold and came back to say that ‘bc I filed MFS they are reviewing my Child and Dependent Care Expenses which could take 60days’. She also said there was a letter sent to me last week but that she didn’t know what the letter said or what it meant. I explained about the ACTC and she confirmed what I was seeing. I asked if that was in fact the issue that she was referring to and she said it could be. That led me to ask her if she could see the letter and she said no… I asked if she could see anything besides my transcript and she said basically, no. Then, I asked if it was possible that the ACTC was the issue and, since the IRS alrdy dealt with it, it was possible my refund could already be in process of release/DD and that the system/AT was just not updated yet… and she said that was possible. It seems to me the IRS reps just do not know what is going on outside of the recent AT’s which, to my understanding, are not updated more than once a week.

    Has anyone else had this type of issue? I am trying to be patient and wait and I know the letter is on its way but I just cannot stand the mismanaged way this is handled every year.

    Any thoughts and shared experiences are greatly appreciated :-)

  13. EveryBodyHasAnOnionRing

    wow Erica….I didnt realise you are modding several rooms…wow I had no idea…

  14. green.erica

    @ChristinaLogan: of course you will get your refund. You just didn’t get it as early as some!

  15. tamara mallery

    @ChristineLogan aww hun yes I believe you will get your return. It has just been a bad year for the one’s that got caught in a bad system. It surely stinks when you follow the rules and file and still wait for something that isn’t your fault. You will get it

  16. ChristinaLogan

    Do you all think it’s even possible to get a refund now that it’s past the 21 days? It seems like they don’t care about our group of early filers, especially the ones with the 570 hold.

  17. black pearl

    I never usually do this but I know how I be depending for you guys to let me know the status of my refund. Rec return 2/7 Apprv 2/16th and got my refund on the 2/21st.

  18. boredinindiana

    @Kristi: Well I pulled transcripts from last years tax return we were under criminal investigation by the irs aka under review the only difference is I got a code and I googled it and that’s what came up on the irs website. I would try and request a new advocate I know once u have one u cant speak with the irs directly and even if u do they wont tell u anything. call and request a supervisor at best. I know its rough but we had no problems this year we had our return back with in 6 days so hopefully it works out taxes shouldn’t be this stressful

  19. Qban219

    I filed a 2012 amended return 2/3/12, I dealt with an advocate NO HELP at all. I’ve spoke to every Tom, Joe, Fred, and Sally at the IRS and all said everything was ok just running a little behind. In May I receive a letter telling me send in all this stuff for the EIC. I did and its just been letters since. “sorry for the inconvenience, we will have an answer by ___.” I get this letter like every 45-50 days. The next date I was told I would know something is 2/27. Waiting game from here on out I guess. :(

  20. Stephanie657301

    I never got my refund from last year it went under idenity theft protection i called verified my idenity and everything they said and still to this day nothing! And there’s not a * next to my 2012 transcript so that means they close the case without sending a letter of explanation or a refund :(

  21. Kristi

    @DespMom: Did you get your refund on the 6th? I filed this years and made 100% sure (after still not receiving last years return yet) that all my i’s were dotted and t’s crossed. I used the same tax prep service. Only difference is I had another baby last year that I added to EIC. So now I have 2 on there. Please, let us know!

  22. Kristi

    @cbus91: Guys I filed Feb 2 2013 for 2012’s taxes. I have been dealing with a tax advocate since last September and still have NO information about this money. Now it is time for the next tax year to be filed and I have no way to check the status of last years without talking to a real person. But I got the same run around. Letter, more info, 45 days. Review,45days, more info, 30 days etc

    I am really starting to wonder if the IRS is actually broke and HAS to put off all these refunds until they can catch up. It has been a year and 9 days since I filed last years return and I am no better off now than I was a year ago. Still no answers.

  23. cbus91

    @Tina: we went thru it last year ur return probably had been red flagged doesn’t mean anything is wrong they just have to verify the information it took us 6 wks to get our refund we filed 2/1 and didn’t get it til 3/20 so hang in there u aren’t alone that’s just how it happens they reviewed a lot of ppl last year just part of it prayers ur way that u get ur refund im still waiting to be approved to ur not alone

  24. Tina

    I’m extremely confused and stressed. I claimed my half sister on my return after reading every possible tax publication on the topic to be absolutely sure. Our mother did not work the entire year last year and so I took over the household bills and everything else. After filing, I received a ct eitc information request notice asking for her bc, school records and my completed
    Return. I don’t understand the problem here. Is it because our last names differ or because I never claimed anyone before? Will I get the credit? If this is going on with anyone else, please let me know. Ty

  25. alina

    Checked my account and finally I got my money thank you jesus!! Stay patient guys your money will come

  26. alina

    I finally spoke with an examiner and was told my case was FINALLY closed and that I should expect my refund in 4 weeks or less, thank you jesus! I hope everyone else gets good news! Fingers crossed for you guys :)

  27. Tired

    filed taxes in feb 2013 for 2012 got a letter in march stating needing additional information requested so we faxed in all necessary paperwork on 3/25 an on 4/15 then send notice of a bill amount due, called the irs an was told that is normal our paperwork still is under review. letter 3500 our response 3/25 here by irs by 6/8 the 3500 letter was sent april 22 then june 17th the irs sent letter 3501 our response dated 3/25 will here from from irs by 7/18 then sent additional paperwork in on 7/29 and suppose to hear from irs by 10/12 then again comes a letter 3501 suppose to here by 11/21. I am sorry but this a little bit much. We as American Tax payers should not have to get the run around in order to get our refunds that are due to us. I hope we have a deposit date this week which will be 11/21 on Thursday, if not I am going to email the local congressman and see what happens then. Under review for another 10 months. How long does this process really take?

  28. DeDe

    @Hunny…i called last Friday and the rep informed me that my case was closed in my favor on Nov 12 however i called the first week in Nov and the rep told me it was closed in my favor on Oct 28….but they both said that it will take at least 2 weeks for a update….I will call this Friday just to make sure we are still on the same page…you can never be so sure when dealing with an audit or IRS….I will keep you and everyone informed after I call this Friday…good luck to you and everyone else like myself who are still waiting on a refund….God will see us through this….Be Bless!!!!

  29. Hunny

    @dede good luck to you… I was told yesterday that I should have a release date before thanksgiving and that my case was closed on the first in my favor but processed on the 12th fingers crossed!

  30. DeDe

    @ Hunny…i will be calling this Friday to see what they will tell me if they dont give me a dd by then..i called last Friday and the rep is still saying that my case is close in my favor….i hope the story dont change…i will keep you all posted..keep praying…

  31. Hunny

    @dede I called just to check the status of my refund they are telling me now that it has not been closed…. it’s still in review! Smh I spoke to 5 different reps that told me it was closed since the 1st I’m so confused! Today I spoke to 2 reps and a supervisor this is just crazy

  32. alina

    @dede that’s awesome hopefully you get your money soon! lord knows we have all been patient hopefully I am next because the anxiety is driving me nuts. #fingers crossed

  33. DeDe

    @ ALINA…thats true…irs is working on the end of April documents that they recieved…i submitted mines and April 24 is when it went into the system…i called and they close the case in my favor…fingers cross for us all

  34. alina

    Spoke with irs today and was told their working on mid Aprils returns that are in review,hopefully I’m next since they received my documents at the end of April. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us stay patient guys :)

  35. DeDe

    @Hunny…i am in the same boat…i called last Wed..the rep told me to check my bank account that Fri..however I have not got my money yet…since reading your post ..i hope to have my refund in two weeks..i will keep you posted…i am calling this Friday if i dont hear anything by then…good luck to us all..God Bless

  36. Hunny

    I been waiting for my eic for months since March I called to check the status of my audit and was told that the examination was closed in my favor and I should call back in 2 weeks to check the status of my payment

  37. Mary

    Its my understanding the irs only has essential employees working, don’t really know what that entails but I know they are not issuing any refunds until this shutdown is over.

  38. qban1

    Have any of you heard anything since this shut down is going on? I’ve been waiting on my amended return since February. I just got a letter end of August stating I’m under review. I mailed in everything but now nothing cause of the shut down. This is crazy!!

  39. DeDe

    I got a letter in mail saying I would hear something in 2 weeks….I am not getting happy because most of my letters range from 60 to 45 days of hearing something

  40. alina

    I’ve been waiting since February and I still haven’t heard anything!!
    Every time I call they tell me my case has not been reviewed wtf!!
    I’ve sent everything already not sure what’s the hold up,I need my money :/


    I been under reviewed for 2 months because i had not worked between the years of 2003 and 2008 because i was under age and in school and now im working it triggered the computer..yea beats me…I finally received my refund and now im wondering will this happened again next year(being under reviewed)? I efiled my own taxes through hrblock at home.

  42. DeDe

    I am suppose to hear something by August 17 and I haven’t …I am thinking another letter will be sent out

  43. Anonymous

    Guess I’m on the same boat as everyone mines been getting pushed back since June.
    My new date was supposed to be August 4th 2013 but since I have yet to receive an update.
    And today is the 4th I can only expect another apology letter.
    IRS quick to take money but when they owe you. It’s all games

  44. Liza40

    Got a letter dated 7/22/2013
    Please accept our apology for not being able to review your response dated 4/30/2013.we are still reviewing your response and will reply by 8/23/2013 .I called and the lady said that does not mean you will get a refund. It means we tell you yes or no if you will get a refund. WTF!!””@$#&#&%$#@%@%%@$$@%@#$&&*&%@%@ !!!!!!!!!!?????????”!!!!!!!!!

  45. Kris

    I have submitted all documents needed FEBRUARY 11TH 2013 when they requested additional information, and continue receiving letters every month apologizing for not reviewing my response and that they will respond by such and such date. It has now been 5 months and I got another letter saying the same thing but the date is August 04 2013 they say they will respond by that date as every letter I received previously. What is taking so long I sent all documents MONTHS AGO. I don’t understand.

  46. Erika

    I’m still waiting for my check
    I mailed the form back months ago. Tried to call so many numbers but I just want to talk to a person! Help

  47. DeDe

    Got a letter today apologizing from IRS about not being able to look over my documents as the date promised… They have extended it to August 17 from July 8 …

  48. DeDe

    DeDeJuly 9, 2013 at 3:01 am
    I called today ….the rep informed me that they are a month behind …so I was suppose to hear something today….but he said it will be another month…..

  49. jok123

    hi there…

    i got my refund date today for deposit tomorrow 6*26*13

    ive been stuck for almost 5 months… i filed on feb.2 called in on march they said my refund is in error depart ment.. no letter no phone call… then on april i called irs.. to see if they resolve the problem on my refund… they said no.. they put referal note on my refund and told me to call back in 30 days. on may.. after 30 days i called back.. and ask if they resolve the problem. and they said again no. then they give me my tax advocate.. my tax advocate called me on june 3 they ask for my copy of my return to fax to them.. nextday i fax it.. waited 1 week and called my tax advocate.. no answer think they are off due to budget… i keep calling still no answer… then today i tried to call my tax advocate still no answer.. i said to my self check the WHERE IS MY REFUND .. then i got suprise what i see.. a deposite date!! so finaly im done on this!!

    hope to all they got your refund soon

  50. DeDe

    DeDeJune 20, 2013 at 12:42 am
    I called today …the rep was really nice…she said that they are behind…they are working on infomation that was received in March and then April would be next ….so I am waiting another three weeks before I call back……


  51. tank

    Once again the reps are lying! I was told a letter went out on the 8th but this rep said no letter went out. Now its 45 more from the 8th I hv to wait for a reply. Crazy! !!!

  52. DeDe

    I really feel you….when my second letter was sent out it took like 2 or three weeks..however I called in and rep told me what I needed and I faxed my info right then and got my second letter days later…try calling again to see if different story with rep..maybe they will tell you so you can go ahead and mail or fax your additional info….

  53. Anonymous

    dede I know right well I call on Monday also because 6/11 I was to hear something by that date and the rep say that she didn’t see a chang and that a nother letter was mail on the 8th that was sat and to day is the 13th I have not got the letter yet see say she really don’t know what the letter is about and that maybe they need more time I think am done with this shit!!!!!!!!!!

  54. DeDe

    @ anonymous ….I called irs on Monday….the rep said that instead of 60 days reviewing your infomation they now have 90 days…I really believe it because some have went past there due dates and still haven’t heard anything…..all we can do is pray…I am ready to close this chapter and go on to the next….irs needs to speed up the process …

  55. Anonymous

    tank they also told me that a letter was sent on the 8th but have nit got it yet if they did I sould get it today I will let you know if it do

  56. tank

    Whatsupthough did you get your letter? I think they have told everyone a letter went out on the 8th.

  57. tank

    Update: IRS said a letter was mailed out on the 8th! Really this must be the typical line there saying to everyone. I hv provided them with all doc months ago. I believe they are lying.

  58. WhatsUpThough?

    Update: Just called, got through pretty fast. Guy seemed alright, he checked up on it, and yes they are requesting additional information. They are sending me a letter and I should recieve it soon. This blows..

  59. WhatsUpThough?

    Yeah I got my 3500 letter on 4/22 stating I would hear back by 6/8. It’s now 6/11 and still nothing. I will probably call them in a few moments and see what’s up. I have been procrastinating calling them, I really am just not ready for the let down of them telling me they need additional time.