IRS Letter 12c

According to the IRS, Letter 12c is a Submission Processing Notice.

  • Pre-printed notice indicating your return has been received
  • The letter has check boxes to indicate information needed to process the return.
  • The letter will explain what documents/forms are to needed.
  • Return has not been processed and the Integrated Data Retrieval System (IDRS) indicates a 12c has been sent to the taxpayer.
  • Reps will encourage you to return the requested information.
  • After you return the notice with requested information, your return will then be treated as filed on the original date received.
  • Send the requested information to the mailing address in the top left corner of the letter.
  • Taxpayer has 20 days from date of letter to respond.
  • If you need more time, contact the IRS.

Sections of the Letter 12c.

  • Header:  Notice Date, Notice Number and your Social Security Number
  • Response Section:  indicates the year of tax return being reviewed, what items need addressed.
  • Additional Response Details:  you may have the option to respond via fax.
  • Explanation:  indicates the information you need to provide and why.
  • Contact Information:  use the appropriate number provided to call with questions.
  • Contact Information:  use the appropriate number(s) provided to call with questions.

Understanding Your IRS Notice

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