IRS Form 8863 Education Credits

On Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013, the IRS plans to start processing Tax Year 2012 returns that contain IRS Form 8863 Education Credits. That is, according to Katrina, one our of IGMR users spinning in circle to figure out when she will get her tax refund. It’s usually a great thing if you qualify for education tax credits or deductions, and many students get to bump their refunds or reduce their tax debt a smidgen with this tax benefit. The early filers who flock to and our Facebook page are starting to question whether this tax benefit was worth the hassle and say the hold up by the IRS this year for those who used the 8863 to file has put them through processing hell.

The official tax filing season began on January 30th this year and as many early bird filers  lined up to file their return in hopes of a quick refund, they learned that the higher education tax benefits will throw them into a line to have to wait longer for a refund.  The IRS announced a delay to taxpayers; however, this came unfortunately after many had already “pre-filed” with popular tax preparers such as TurboTax and H&R Block who “queued” the early filers returns until the IRS starts officially accepting e-files.  As part of the IRS system reviews and test in advance of the opening filing date they discovered taxpayers intending to file Form 8863 can’t do so until at least the middle of February.  Rut ro.  What about all those returns in queue.  In a perfect world, the IRS would have ran tests, oh maybe a few months ago with dummy returns.  Or, TurboTax could hold those taxpayers in queue until the IRS had time to make system modifications. Rut ro again.  To test, the IRS and some tax prepareers cooperated to test batches of our early filed returns.  These people seem to be in a holding pattern, which our users are calling “8863 Purgatory”.  As of today, the IRS seems to be still tinkering with their new system.  Who to blame?  Early taxpayers for jumping the gun?  IRS?  TurboTax?  H&R Block?  How about we look at the root:  the proverbial “fiscal cliff” negotiations drove changes to tax legislations, and it our leaders in the Congress dragging their feet.  Nonetheless, we are seeing thousands of taxpayers in a tizzy about the status of their refund.  According to the IRS, it estimates that more than 3 million taxpayers are affected by the delay if they filed using Form 8863.

The IRS is saying this officially on their site:

IRS To Accept Returns Claiming Education Credits by Mid-February

But taxpayers reporting back to the grapevine that they are getting the run around and many different answers when they call and speak with representatives answering the phone at the IRS.  When they check with TurboTax or whomever they filed with, they are getting different answers their to.  We are trying to discern which way is up and when this group of taxpayers in ‘8863 Purgatory” will get their refunds.  Stop by and share your story with us or read what others are saying by staying tuned here at the OrigInal Internet Refund Grapevine Community.

Here is what some of our users are saying:


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What Others Are Saying

  1. SandraW

    Mother-n-law filed in Feb 2013, claiming deduction for improvement on rental property, which led to a substantial refund claim. She was 79 years old, worked all of her life, and ended up scraping by on a small retirement all by herself. In June she died, just after receiving a notice that her return was “being reviewed.” It is now a few days from September, and not a word. I am angry. Not because I want the money, but because these people at the IRS act like it’s their money, not the hard earned retirement of a lifetime worker. The lag time between filing a return and resolving any issues is TOTALLY unacceptable AND NO other entity would get away with such callousness. All I can say is, government health care is going to be a real joy! (Not tone of sarcasm.)

  2. Anonymous

    Mother-n-law filed in Feb 2013, claiming deduction for improvement on rental property, which led to a substantial refund claim. She was 79 years old, worked all of her life, and ended up scraping by on a small retirement all by herself. In June she died, just after receiving a notice that her return was “being reviewed.” It is now a few days from September, and not a word. I am angry. Not because I want the money, but because these people at the IRS act like it’s their money, not the hard earned retirement of a lifetime worker. The lag time between filing a return and resolving any issues is TOTALLY unacceptable AND NO other entity would get away with such callousness. All I can say is, government health care is going to be a real joy! (Not tone of sarcasm.)

  3. tammy

    i filed early april had it set up for direct deposit then got a letter stating was unable to deposit it into your bank. they said i had to then refile and mail them in which i did so. got a letter stating youll have your refund by may still nothing. god forbid you call i get due to the high volume of calls were unable to answer your call. ive been trying to call everyday from work on my lunch hour and always get that same message. the website says processing well its said that now for almost 3 months. well guess what how about i dont ever file or pay taxes again and ill have my voicemail say sorry due to the high volume of calls ill never answer this phone! !!!!!

  4. FED UP

    Filed 2/2/13..accepted 2/4…said checked mailed 2/14…never recieved. called irs- said wait 21 more days. called back-said file replacement check. did and they said wait 6wks for check. Six weeks later still no check. called irs – said check mailed 10 days ago, give it 14 days., NO CHECK..called again, said return was sitting in limbo and would be put through…wait 6 weeks for check. SIX weeks later, no check called and again told check was mailed 4 days ago…wait 14 days. WELL today is day 16 and NO CHECK…calling irs again…now on hold. Calling tax advocate after this also. NO RECOURSE????? This is unacceptable to be told so many different excuses! IRS should be held accountable for timely returns with no excuses. FYI, was told by one agent that IRS does not do the mass mailings and that the company they deal with is sometimes delaying the maililngs or mis-mailing them! What is that about?

  5. Kreggswife

    Here it is June 19, 2013 and still no refund. Tax return still being processed is all it ever says. Calling the IRS does no good. Received two letters telling me different dates. Those days have come and gone without any results. What are we suppose to do?

  6. Frustrated

    Filed January 31 ( a day before I heard on the radio about the delay), then I received a cp05 letter on March 3 dated march 13 saying that by may 02 I will either receive my refund or more information, I went to the office in person and was told supposedly in 30 days. Unfortunately, I know several people who have gone to the office still to be rebuffed. I am beginning to believe in the conspiracy theories at this point out of sheer frustration.

  7. AL

    Filed march 16th and received a paper that it would take from 4 weeks to 6 week under review and still noting till now . i have no idea who to call or who to talk to . if anyone has IRS phone number please let me know . I’m getting ready to get married in less then a couple of months and if i did not get a refund . pretty much wedding is screwed

  8. Ass Backwards

    Tax return has been received and is being processed but still no Direct Deposit Date.

    Hopefully I don’t get shafted, but good luck to everyone else. Head up and keep strong.

  9. Scott

    Just received a letter today from the IRS stating my tax refund is being reduced by over $2,000 because Form 8863 was never submitted. I have 60 days to appeal or I get $2k stolen from me. H&R Block stated they resubmitted correctly. Then called the IRS and was told they never received anything. IRS then told me that the only I could do is file an appeal by “mail” with supporting documentation and I should receive an answer within 4-6 weeks. So now I’m wanting until early July before I “may” receive my refund. Anybody up for a class action suite?….

  10. LIZ

    My return has been processing since 1/27/13. Last week 5/16/13 a nice men offer me to fill out a referral and allow 30 day . HOW IS POSSIBLE 15 WEEK ALREADY AND NOTHING HAPPENED . NO BODY HAVE ANSWER FOR MY QUESTION THIS IS RIDICULOUS .

  11. Missie

    Return has been in processing since 2/5. Was told deadline was 5/20. Still nothing. No direct deposit no one to help. I have called 3 times last time i got yelled at and hung up on. Thinking its time to seek legal help and get the media involved.

  12. Matt

    May 13th and no direct deposit. The IRS refund tracker says mail out by May 13th, should be received no later than June 10th, and not to call before June 10th. Does this mean they changed it from a direct deposit to a check by mail? Does mail out mean direct deposit also??? Maybe when they adjusted it they changed it to a check by mail, I don’t know what to think. My bank is a local credit union so maybe there is a delay in processing, if I don’t get my return within this week I’m gonna have to start calling the IRS again…

  13. Jake

    I used Turbo Tax and filed my return on the first day, I didn’t file the form 8863 however when I first spoke with IRS they advised me that my returns were being reviewed they told me to call back in 8 weeks. After 8 weeks had past I called back and told me to call back in 8 more weeks. I suspect when I call a 3rd time it will be the same call back in 8 weeks. I will never use turbotax again

  14. Dawn c

    I filed feb 19 th and was suppose to get money back by March 13 th. yeah right. IRS is still holding my money. I am losing interest I would have made on MY MONEY.
    Tink about it. IRS is getting interest on our money. Why?
    Because the interest they are accruing is going toward debits that the IRS or some higher up government official has made. Now we as the taxpayers have to bail them out of. Once again!!!
    Do you think the government will tell you that? Of course not !!!!! The IRS uses the excuse it is a program “Glitch” as I have been told when I have called them.
    My question is why the IRS doesn’t have to show or prove where all the interest from our money is going.
    So IRS where is all this interest you have made off my money?????
    Dawn C
    Cranston RI

  15. Anonymous

    My taxes were processed on Feb 13th and I also have a date now of May 8th on the IRS website. Hopefully, this is a sign of hope for everyone else.

  16. Matt

    Finally thank God…I’m out of the errors area, processed and approved, given a date of May 13th. The “Where’s My Refund” IRS tracker is finally showing this information, I’m in. It;s been a long wait, hopefully everyone else waiting is right behind me….

  17. Filed1/30andstillwaiting

    I finally contacted the Congressman within my District. He said he is willing to help me out. There is page on Facebook called “Club 8863.” Someone from CNN is monitoring the page. It is alot of people that have not gotten their as of date.

  18. joe

    Update just like paul I spoke to a lady today as well and got the same run around she said everyone needs to give it another 4weeks thats what she told me two months ago

  19. paul

    Just got off the phone with irs person she said everyone should have there money by august what the hell I told her thats bull she said thats all I can tell you at this time I filed back in February 1st

  20. givememymoney

    filed 1/30 with edu credits
    accepted 2/15
    TA requested 4/12 and able to order transcripts today so hopefully i am close to getting my money. Thats all I ask

  21. AlmostHomeless

    Taxes filed electronically on Feb 6th with H&R Block… as of May 2nd, there is still no refund date. Is “Where’s My Refund” even working? Geez. This is beyond words.

  22. melissa

    they mailed mines april 30 they told me if i don’t get it by may 4 to give them a call back

  23. Chuck

    Update April 25, 2013

    The IRS worked quickly to process tax returns affected by a problem with a limited number of software company products involving some taxpayers filing Form 8863, Education Credits. As a result, the IRS was able to issue refunds to virtually all affected taxpayers by mid-April , with many receiving their refunds even sooner. There may be a small group of these returns that may have other issues that continue to be worked.

    Taxpayers can check “Where’s My Refund?” on to determine the status of their refund. “Where’s My Refund?” is usually updated overnight, so taxpayers only need to check the tool once a day.

  24. Pissed

    This is ridiculous. I am unable to complete my FAFSA and am in danger of not being able to attend summer classes. Anyone heard anything worth hearing?

  25. joe

    Update I spoke with a irs agent this morning she said the irs is so over welmed they were not expecting all these errors this year she said sorry to tell you but I could be months before anyone gets a refund I told her can they leagally do this she said yup as long as they pay you by next January there in there rights and she said there about to go on a madatory furlow days off with out pay she said hang in there is all I can say she said between me and you if everyine will just keep calling and telling them everyday maybe it will speed things up

  26. Upset34

    This issue with the refunds have put me and my husband so far behind with our bills. We are having to ask people for money and this is sad. When will we get our money?

  27. Ass Backwards

    So what’s the legality behind the government withholding out money? Can they technically do that?

  28. Chuck

    I am starting to doubt whether I will get my refund at all, maybe the IRS is just broke and keeping the money so they can pay interest on national debt? Now all our returns are lumped with those who filed on April 15th I bet and we won’t see anything before September.

  29. joe

    Ok so I called the irs again yesterday and she said since the last time you called on Wednesday april 24 the lady put in a refrel for you to see whats going on it looks like they got right on it because of that and corrected everything its now back in proccecing and you should have a ddd any time now but we have to tell you that you now need to wait an additional 4 WEEKS AND CHECK again this is getting very fustrating I guess werr gonna just act like we were never getting any money and just move and hope one day its there cause now its getting annoying dealing with the same old excuces

  30. Anxiously awaiting

    I filed my income taxes on Jan. 31 and was accepted Feb. 15, I have also been given the run around regarding my refund. Like many of you I have called the IRS several times and I always get a different answer about the hold up. I can understand a system error, but like with any mistake admit it and fix it, right? Anyway, I will take the advice of very disappointed and contact my commissioners office on Mon. April 29 and vent my concerns. I will post an update as soon as I get one.

  31. joe

    I have bin in errors now for two months it still says procceing on the wmr website I called I called april 24 and spoke to a really nice agent she said this is bull im gonna put in a reffrel for u I went to my local irs office yesterday and had a lady look it up to see if there was any progress she sasaid well it has bin assigned to someone and should be getting workec I checked the web site and it still says processing but iv talked to a few peopeople and they said all ddd show up on saturdays so everyone check tommorow hopefully its all almost over very fustrating I just herd all irs agents are about to go on a mandatory furlow days off and this will really slow things down if its not correctec by then ugh!!!

  32. Angela

    I too am caught in this crappy situation of not getting my return yet. and all I keep getting is wait another week oh it should be anytime now, well I filed on Jan 30th and havent seen anything. Now I go on the IRS site tonight and it has a revision to the education problem that they posted on April 25th saying the problem was fixed and almost all returns have been issued. Well clearly this is not the case since i am not the only one who hasnt recieved my return…… at this point I am beyond frustrated.

  33. Cassie

    I filed feb 15th And when I checked on the website after 21 days it says “still processing”! On April 5th I called and the agent his going to put a referral and it will be 3 weeks I called once a week until the 3 weeks was up. Each time it was a different a different answer. One day it was 11 days the next it was 30 days. When I called on the 22 nd an agent told me that the referral was close the same day and he don’t know why they didn’t tell me. He told me that they were instructed not to do any referrals until after the 22 because I should have my refund that day. He said if I don’t receive it by the end of the day (which he knew I wouldn’t) to call back the next day and get a referral put in. So I did just that when I called them on the 23th this agent told me it won’t be necessary because everyone should receive their return by the end of April. I said to him you know that’s next week right? He said yes. He then were working on pushing everyone with the 8863 form out of error mode. So we can start processing again. Today is now April 26th. Starting tomorrow I will make it my business to call then everyday until I get an accurate answer on when the hell I’m going to get my money. Good luck to you all!

  34. Matt

    Dang TG my lady at the IRS called it the “vortex”…said she could put a referral in but said I should wait a week and cal l back because it wouldn’t have done any good at the time? Now I am wondering why she said that, this crap is all crazy. I’ll call again tomorrow and see what’s up and get back to everyone with the info. I’ll tell ya though, thank God I am in a position I am surviving, and finally let go of the bubbling rage over this situation that was affecting my schooling, I will finish out this brutal semester with passing marks so help me God. I’m praying folks can make it, and somehow drop the stress of blind unknowing. May we all learn well from this and deprive the IRS of interest free loans, let us all be judicious in our finances and make arrangements to break close enough to even.

  35. TG

    I filled on 2/6/13 and was accepted on 2/7. Well 21 days came and went. I called the IRS and was told there was a error and they did not get started on until 2/19/13. I was told they have up to 6 weeks to get my refund to me. Well again 6 weeks came and went. That was suppose to be the 1st week in April. Well nothing . I called again and got a nice lady that said they were corrected and that it was my first time home buyer tax credit that held it up. Well shoot I forgot to claim that because I never got a reminder from the IRS. They call it a form cp06 I think. Any woo She said wait 2 weeks and I should have my refund. Well just called a couple hours ago and was told by a nice gentlemen that my refund was kind of in “limbo”. He filed a referral for me which he told me it is like a internal email send to the desk of the person who is handling my return. That person by law has 30 days to get back to me as to why or what I need to get the ball rolling on getting my refund to me. Fingers crossed this lights a fire under his or her ass and gets me my money.

  36. Mike

    Well filed my taxes Feb 13th this year. Never heard anything from the IRS, never received any letters or notices. I contacted them after 21 days to find out that our first time home buyers loan wasn’t added in this year and it got delayed. So point being I was explained that it was auto corrected with the IRS and I will receive my refund by April 25th which was 6 weeks after they corrected it and received it. Well guess what, its April 25th and NOTHING!!! I spoke with them on the phone after being placed on hold for 45 mins to find out that I needed to check “Where’s my refund” on or after May 5th to see the estimated date… Gotta love the IRS.. Makes me want to fix my forms at work so I won’t have to worry with this next year!!! Thank you IRS, you’ve been a true blessing this year….

  37. IHopeThisWillHelp

    I received my refund today after three months of waiting and endless calls! I wish everyone the best. We have already changed our tax info so that we won’t have to depend on a refund next year. My husband and I rather keep our money than the IRS holding onto it. The $600 education credit was not worth the 10k they owed us months ago! Good luck guys!

  38. KLR

    I am so frustrated with this tax year! We filed and it was accepted the same day, 2/3. We have not received it yet. I called after the 21 day mark and was told there was an error with regard to the Child Tax Credit and it would have to go to the Review Dept. I was told to wait a couple of weeks and call back. I did and when I called back I was told that it still hadn’t been processed and to call back in a couple weeks which I did again. When I called back I was told that I did not fill out the form for the FTHB credit repayment and the correction was made, that I should receive a letter from the IRS indicating the correction and that I should receive my refund via DD by 4/23. This did not happen. I still have not received a letter from the IRS. WMR doesn’t even indicate any error/code, just “still processing”. I called IRS this morning and was told that I should have received it and since I didn’t she would put through a ‘referral’ which will take an “estimated 30 days” to receive a call back. Ugh. I’m just going to guess now and say I’ll be calling them May 23 only to get ANOTHER excuse!

  39. Sam

    I filed both on feb 6th. I got my federal but I’m still waiting for state and today is 04/24/13!

  40. Al

    As i can see everyone is having problem with getting a refund this year . am still waiting and nothing yet t

  41. Brenda

    I’ve been waiting like everyone else and getting the same answers. Last week I called again to IRS was told it would be the 22nd. Yesterday I called again and said the education form went through but because of HR Block mistake 2 boxes weren’t checked it would go to errors and sit there for % days. I said “errors” and he said yes it just sits there nothing going on with it but it has to sit for 5 days. I will wait the 5 days and keep wondering what excuse they will have after that. Hr Block gets their money, I wonder who is collecting interest on my refund!! I think we should get interest for 4 months they have held our taxes and I believe HR Block should refund some or most of our fees. Next year I will search for another company. Did anyone else get this message.

  42. Tiffani

    I filed early January 19 was accepted before the 8863 delay came out made it to my 21 days after the Feb 14 to find out my return has been in errors department and nothing was wrong with it now at the 39 day mark of waiting on Release from errors its still saying processing I will be on the phone tomorrow to see what excuse is given now. So over this waiting my family really needs this money ..

  43. joe

    I filed febuary 22 I had bars on the wmr web site saying proccesing then they went away all it would say then is being procced a date will be provided when availible so I called and the rude guy said it was in errors dept but could not tell me why so on march 31 I recieved a letter stating I nneeded to send in a form for earned income credit I faxed it march 1 I have checked every day and called it says the same thing finally on april 19 I called a tax adovocate for the first time she has bin the only nice one and said its out of errors but now its gotta cycle around and take its course and since this is the end of tax season the busiest time it could bd a long time so im just gonna move on with life and continue pay check to paycheck and hope one day in thr future ill be $8, 000 dollars richer ; ( so good luck everyone

  44. Al

    I have filed taxes march the 17th . and i have received a letter that taxes still in review after it got accepted . what is going on with taxes this year? why is it taking so long ? is there a number you can call and see whats going on ? i checked on IRS site where is my refund and still no refund day .

  45. IHopeThisWillHelp

    I filed January 29 accepted the 14th of February. The IRS had the same “still processing” status for more than six weeks. After many calls to the IRS I spoke to a represenative assuring me that anyone that filed a form 8863 would have there money by the 29th of April. Who knows if this is true. I checked today and finally received a ddd of April 24th. I hope this helps, I have been in the same frustrating situation all these months. Hang in there everyone, I think this is almost over!

  46. Ass Backwards

    My situation is as follows: filed February 3rd, received my IL State Tax Refund March 7th, roughly, and then received a letter from the IRS stating that my 8863 Form WAS NOT completed properly and I must resubmit a new copy within 20 days of this notice, and on it went.

    I complied, mailed the necessary forms and even went to my nearest IRS Office to make sure I had everything right. Well, I called last week Monday, asked about my return, and apologized for my tax preparer’s incompetence since the delay was caused in part by her ineptitude to fill out a form. This disgruntled women told me over the phone in the most incomprehensible jargon that my file are somewhere doing something and I would be filed in the order I was received. That was it. She told me I shouldn’t worry, though, that I will see my money. Just…not…now…I guess (?)

    Hope this helped, maybe not, but good luck, everyone. Remember, it’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.

    A concerned tax payer

  47. 8863delayedwithoutHnR

    Has anyone else filed with a normal CPA and not HnR w/ 8863 and have had it delayed still? Mine was accepted on March 18th, still nothing.. haven’t called yet though.

  48. Yme

    I filed February 4th. Livingpaycheckbypaycheck when did you file?!?!?!! This is driving me crazy!!! I feel like the government knows that I’m just gonna pay my bills and get rid of my debt and that’s why they won’t give me my money!!!! What IRS number can I call so I can actually talk to a real person instead of a automated machine? Let me know the info thanks everybody

  49. livingpaycheckbypaycheck


  50. COREY


  51. Matt

    I called IRS again and the lady was nice and seemed honest…said I was stuck in the vortex. I said I must be stuck at the bottom of the pile, she laughed said no they are being done by hand and there are many thousands of them. I told her my tax preparer said part of the hold up was worry over fraud, not an electronic mix-up, she was honest and said it was a little of both. She told me to call back next week and ask for a referral, I asked what that would do. She explained it would put my name, number, and situation on somone’s desk, haha. I guess that will help resolve the situation possibly more quickly? I don’t know, at this point I’m not expecting it anytime soon, and I’m pretty sure I recall her mentioning I may be waiting another 3 weeks, I’m not sure if she said that but I’m forgetting all about it and considering it found money if it ever comes…I can’t keep living this way allowing my life to be affected by this blind anxiety filled waiting and hoping…. And I will do as Colin says and adjust my taxes so they balance and I break even…no more interest free loans….

  52. Jeff

    I filed my tax return on Jan. 30th. The IRS accepted it almost immediately. They told me i would recieve my refund in 21 days. The IRS then informed me there was a delay because of form 8863 so it would be 4 – 6 weeks. After 4 weeks they changed that to 6 – 8 weeks. two weeks ago they changed it to 1 – 3 weeks yet i still haven’t recieved anything. This is frustrating.

  53. Frustrated

    I was just told today by the IRS that my refund was just released from errors dept. It will be 2-4 wks before I receive it. So much for having it by April 22nd. Has anyone else been told this? I filed on Feb. 15 and my refund was accepted the Feb. 18. This is ridiculous!!!! When I called prior to this , the IRS kept saying don’t worry everyone’s taxes delayed due to form 8863 will have their refunds by April 22nd.

  54. Colin

    I just changed my deductions at work so next year I will receive a $0 refund. This will continue for the next 30 years until I retire. Screw giving out interest free loans every year. Also, I will never use H&R Block again. That’s for damn sure. I was just assigned a tax advocate and told them I need my refund ASAP because I was being evicted and my electricity got turned off for nonpayment. Truth is everything is paid up to date, but if I don’t start lying my ass off to these people nothing is going to get done.

  55. Matt

    Same story as most. Filed early February, at a professional tax preparer company (Not HR or other huge company). Return got accepted mid February, had the three orange bars on where’s my refund for a few days. Ever since then just a generic message saying it’s being processed. I’m sick of hearing “you just have to be patient”. When the IRS says mid April we should all have a refund or at least DDD, and it’s April 16th and nothing, I just can’t help being livid. I must really be at the bottom of some pile somewhere, and I feel like going down there to the IRS and helping them process my form. This really is beyond ridiculous, I will never rely on a tax refund ever again. And people should be compensated for this hardship, at least give us the interest you are earning from holding our money longer.

  56. broke as a joke

    My husband and I filed on feb. 1st, finally got accepted same date as everyone feb. 15th. Got an email on march 13th that said there’s no further action I need to take and our refund will come when the irs gets their shit straight, about 4-6 weeks. So we waited..and waited.. and then I saw on the irs website that they were processing refunds quicker than they thought and the expected refund date would be 2-4 weeks instead, about mid-April. Well it is exactly mid-April and we still have no money. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, BUT I am a full time student and so is my husband. We cannot work right now because I am 9 months pregnant and on bedrest, so I need my husband to care for me 24/7, there is nobody else. AND we have a 10 month old as well who needs constant care, we do not have family to babysit her or anything its all up to us. We literally are living off of student loan money and the 7K we’re supposed to get back on taxes. We are hard workers and always have been, this bullshit had to happen when we were at a very unlucky spot in life. We have a newborn coming and a baby and NO MONEY. We scrape by, and we can’t even go to work and make money. My husbands father, who is all the way in LA, has been paying our bills for the past two months ALL BECAUSE OF THIS. They say you’re not supposed to stress out during pregnancy, but how can I not?!

  57. COREY


  58. vicki arnold

    A representative from H&R Block messed up and called me this morning to ask how satisfied I was with H&R Block …HA …..guess what she got ? Yep I went off ….BUT bless her heart she is one of us 8863 students too who has not gotten their money but she says unfortunately the irs has no set date as to when they send our our refund, could be christmas if they want it to be , they can send it in payments and they do not have to pay us interest……..This is one of the biggest nightmares I have ever been through with the irs and I have been filing since I was 16 years old….

  59. Angeline

    Welp, filed back in January, no refund or any information yet
    Car was repo’d yesterday morning and I’m having to move somewhere else

    It’s cool, people don’t need their money. So ridiculous =/

  60. Kelsey

    Filed 1/24 and still waiting on changes. Now it’s getting to the point where we have survived this long without our refund, so there is really no point in getting upset. Plus, I know that most people need their refund worse than I do. I am so glad that most people have received theirs, or DDD’s!

  61. ds1..

    Filed my taxes 14 Feb… accepted 15 Feb and I STILL cannot receive a proper response (after calling numerous of times) as to when I will receive my refund…. AbSOLutELy riDiCuLOUs!!

  62. Karrie

    I contacted my congressman last week. He sent me documents to fill out to allow him to discuss IRS documents. Hopefully I will hear something soon.

  63. Denise

    I filed my taxes on 2/7 wuz informed that I should b receiving my refund by the 21st of Feb. It is now. Apr 9& still no refund ..This is a got dam shame.. If I owed them it would. B different, .

  64. verydisappointed2

    UPDATE, I contacted by Congressman on 3/28/13. He got right on it, got me a Tax Advocate assigned and my refund date is 4/10/13. You guys need to contact your congressman, maybe he/she can help. It sure helped me. Thank God.

  65. Patienceisavirtue

    Filed 2/14, accepted 2/15, received 12C mid-March. Called immediately and was told to ignore the notice that my refund would still be processed. I just called the IRS to get an update, and was told that my return will sit in the errors department for 21 more days, then be sent to processing where it will take an additional 4 weeks. I was given a date of 5/28. Nearly 3.5 months since I filed!! This is robbery. I asked if it would definitely stay the entire 21 days and she said it would. Asked if there was anything I needed to do and she said no. She was courteous and helpful, but this is beyond ridiculous.

  66. melissa

    So everyone.. filed my taxes on January 22 and today FINALLY after 1000 phone calls and checking wheres my refund we have a date of april 10. I was a firm believer that this was never going to end and we finally have a date so everyone hang in there

  67. MsWhite

    I knew nothing about the delay on the 8863 forms. I filed on March 28, I found out my taxes were received on April 3 and approved on April 6. I now have a ddd as of April 10. I felt nervous because after I filed I started to read about how many ppl were troubled by the wait with form 8863. I think everyone should have their refunds really soon if I filed so late and should be getting my refund soon. Good luck Everyone!