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This is either a tax question or an HTML question. After an unusually long one-month wait for a refund, I get a letter from the IRS asking I go to a site of theirs:
The site asked a few multiple-choice questions to verify my identity, and I believe I answered all correctly. (One, “which cities of this list have you lived in” had “None of the above” as an optional answer, and “Phoenix” as another optional answer. I had only lived in Phoenix briefly and did not file taxes from there, but I did reside there, so I answered correctly. But I’m not sure that is consistent with IRS’s information. ) Anyway, the site appeared to verify me and served a page stating “You have successfully completed the Identity verification process. The IRS will Process your return.”
Fine. However, I pressed the browser’s back button and got a page stating the opposite conclusion: We were unable to verify you online.”
Now, I believe the original screen is the meaningful one, but I’m a bit concerned. Opinions please?

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  1. Ryszard Liszewski & Stefania

    &Stefania Liszewska NOT SMART.Wi taxpayer pliz processing tax return.Ryszard Liszewski NOT SMART Never post ss numbers on here for your own safety

  2. april welton

    I need to know how n where to put in my information to verify my identity.

  3. Mildred m. Rosnato

    I keep calling 800-829-1040, only to get a recording stating ” your refund is being processed” I have been getting this message for five weeks now. Where is my refund and when can I expect it ? Why can’t I speak with a human about this ? I need an answer as I really need my refund.

    Thank you for your help with this matter.

  4. arnulfo Gerardo martinez

    I have been waiting for my income tax for over3months and haven received it, I have send all information and still no respond.

  5. w. simione

    There are 3 glaring errors on the irs letter i have just received. My husbands social has the wrong last 4 digits,
    my name is mispelled and our street address is incorrect. I filed our 1040 on a paper return and have photocopies of what was submitted. So short of the data entrant being dislexic I cannot phathom them keeping their job. Might never get our refund.

  6. LINDA

    It has been 14 weeks since I filed, and 12 weeks since I answered questions. Could you please, please, send my refund.

  7. Joshua

    Just like Christina, I spoke with an IRS staff on phone for verification a second time, And I was told to call back today (05/20/14) to confirm the date my refund will get to me. But till this moment, the information still remain the same “your tax return is still in process” since february? Please, can someone tell me what is happening to IRS? Is this another delay? Thanks

  8. Christina

    I filed my taxes on February 14th got a idverify letter on or around march 7th done everything that was ask of me the released the block from my taxes on march 17th and I was told It would take up to 9 weeks to get my refund tomorrow may 19th will b 9 weeks and I still don’t have a date I have called the IRS several times and all they can tell me is to wait the 9 weeks and if I don’t get a date by the 19th call them back don’t see me getting a date tomorrow can anyone give me ant feedback on this please

  9. John

    I spoke to a it’s person and gave her all the right answers and she said I successfully answered the questions right. But she didn’t tell me how long it was going to take to get my refund? Does anybody no how long please? Let me know OK thanks and God bless.

  10. Manvendra Singh

    I received idveify letter from IRS 2 weeks after filing my tax return. I went to the website and updates my details. and got the confirmation page.

    Now after 2 month I still haven’t received my federal tax refund, I’ve received my NJ tax refund.
    Now one strange thing is, if I go to and try to put the same details which i put 2 month back. I get a message we are unable to verify you.

  11. Jamar Harris

    Im on this website to vertify my Identity .but is unable to to find the exact place to do so. can you help me?

  12. Anonymous

    @nafisshar Wright: I did as well and still nothing. I have Idverified and everything. Trying to find answers.

  13. green.erica

    @Ramon Arias: I believe you press “1” for English….now, if English and Spanish aren’t your primary languages I can’t help you. Sorry.



  15. Lynda A Cole

    I want to know why I can’t even get a status. What’s the purpose of a pin?

  16. Prior year taxes

    Still waiting i verified 4 weeks ago no refund and no further correspondence from the irs

  17. DespMom

    Heads up guys below this is not the IRS page this is only a support page run by other taxpayers. Only the IRS can handle those exact questions and problems.

  18. Curtis Crosier

    I contacted you on 10/23/13. You said I would receive my refund within 6 weeks. its been over 14 weeks…. where is my refund

  19. Mary

    if there is no bank account number then they will more than likely issue a paper check and mail it to the address on your tax return.

  20. nancy elliott

    hi! since my refund is coming direct deposit, i dont believe i gave you my bank acc. number so where would it be going to/