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This is either a tax question or an HTML question. After an unusually long one-month wait for a refund, I get a letter from the IRS asking I go to a site of theirs:
The site asked a few multiple-choice questions to verify my identity, and I believe I answered all correctly. (One, “which cities of this list have you lived in” had “None of the above” as an optional answer, and “Phoenix” as another optional answer. I had only lived in Phoenix briefly and did not file taxes from there, but I did reside there, so I answered correctly. But I’m not sure that is consistent with IRS’s information. ) Anyway, the site appeared to verify me and served a page stating “You have successfully completed the Identity verification process. The IRS will Process your return.”
Fine. However, I pressed the browser’s back button and got a page stating the opposite conclusion: We were unable to verify you online.”
Now, I believe the original screen is the meaningful one, but I’m a bit concerned. Opinions please?

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  1. Luv my 4 girls

    Ok soe heres my story…
    I filed and accepted on March 3 (although the IRS said the 5th). I started reading social media sites and this site along with talking to friends about what has been going on this year and started wondering if I will now have to be a part of this insanity! The fraud, verify identity, long wait, error code…ect debacle!!

    Sooo…after watching WMR for these 9 days and not seeing it budge off the first bar and seeing everyone still waiting since January I decided to call the IRS and decided to tell them that I filed in the beginning of Feb and still can’t see anything on my account if they can help. I guess I threw the guy off a bit since he obviously seen on the computer in front of him a date in the beginning of March and put me on hold and said Oh yes I see that there was a hold up on your account and I am going to give you a phone number or website to go to. I said Oh really is that the identity thing that everyone is talking about? He said um I don’t know, I would assume so since the website says Id verify..LOL oh boy!
    He was playing that he didn’t know what he was directing me to.

    Anyway the point of the matter is…form the very beginning I was wondering of I should just go and verify my info rather than waiting the 30++ days that it seems everyone else has had to wait just to find out they than have to verify and than wait some more! I was just nervous that I would trigger something If I in fact did not have to verify. Anyway, I did it successfully this evening and I am hoping that me getting a head start on things that I wont have to wait several months for things to finalize with my return.
    He also did not mention any codes and said he had no idea how long it would take after I verify, but I see so many people saying different things on here. I guess there is no rhyme or reason to the time frame :(
    I truly wish everyone luck and I hope that we all can have this craziness behind us soon :)
    Last year was a complete Disaster for me! Never even got my state. SO I guess this is why I am a bit more “on the ball” and Paranoid this year lol


    I verified my id they took the hold off my money i wonder does the tool bar change will i get a date does it really take 6 weeks i need my money my kids need things in bills have to b paid i see somm ppl who went through. the same thing i did have a date which gave me hope

  3. Jernilia

    Estoy llamando referente alo del reembolso federal ya q no me enviaron ningún tipo de notificación y yo llame para saber el estatus

  4. chrysanthia

    @Airreol: Hey I completed my verify on the Feb 18 when will I get mines or should I say when u check your online how long it took to go to the next step

  5. Josie

    @Shantrel Dixon:@Shantrel Dixon: I also called and it said the same thing, a 30-60 minute wait, over 2 hours and they hung up!!

  6. Gail Hsrris

    I got a today from thr irs about my form 1040A to verify your indentity can you help me please.

  7. Shantrel Dixon

    @Kaileigh: I’ve been calling the number and it say hold for 30 to 60 mins. I’ve been holding for two hours the first time 2 hours the second time and still have talk too anyone

  8. Kaileigh

    I’ve tried going to the website, but it says it’s unable to verify me. So I’ve been calling the number they gave in the letter, but the reps. keep saying the system is down and can’t verify me either. Anyone else having a problem with this??

  9. lovell liles

    I have recieved a identiry verification letter and have went to the irs office andbhad it taken care of but nothing has changed its been over a month and its still processing

  10. Airreol

    After callng the IRS verification line on the 13th of FeB. They told me 4 to 6 wks before either recieving a letter or my refund, I have a date of the 25th. Dont get frustrated or discouraged its a benefit to you taking proper precaution to eliminate identity theft. Be Patient!

  11. Mayra

    1 800-830-5084
    This is the number i used.. i waited almost 30 min to talk to someone and then 15 more talking to them verifying social, mothers maiden name, my filing status last year, my dependants bday, and refund amt. Wasn’t anything hard just long wait

  12. MichaelP

    @kenniff Williams: Have you tried calling the idverify number yet? I just got through and spoke with someone who verified my ID and told me to allow 6 weeks to process.

  13. Mary

    Try this number don’t know if it still works but it was
    Call 800-829-1040 then hit 1-2-2-4-1 then wait but you will talk to a human

  14. Renae ziegler

    I also received a letter. 5071 c. After waiting since filing jan 24,2015. Web site says they can’t verify me on line and of coerce can’ t get through by phone. Just another way to keep our money longer!!!!!!! How are you suppose to contact them ?

  15. kimberly vinee bailey

    I have had my taxes did and files them and have been waiting since the 27th of January…what is the problem?

  16. kenniff Williams

    The same thing happened to me. Can somebody please tell me what to click on. Cause they’re not answering me by phone I need my money I have bills can somebody help

  17. kenniff Williams

    I don’t understand where is my refund I tried to give my info on line it didn’t work. Then I tried to call but couldn’t get through. I don’t understand what’s going on. Its been almost a month & the IRS is with holding my money..

  18. Gregory L Richardson

    i would like to know why I did not receive my refund what is the problem let me know as soon as possible.

  19. Michael A. Gray Sr.

    My number is 4095269971. I called and I was told to come to this website. Please call me cause I don’t what is needed from me.

  20. Sharon McClellan

    On Feb 3 the IRS notified me that my refund had been approved and on Feb 4 notified me that the refund had been sent via direct deposit. Feb 8 refund still not showing in my account although I had made commitments on this money due to their statement that refund was issued. On Feb 9 was notified that they lied, they were holding my refund and that I should call them at 800-829-0582, Ext. 362. They informed (after being on hold 30 min.) that I had to call 800-829-5084. I called, and after a 62 minutes wait talked with an agent who verified ID info, then verified the figures on my return. Then told me I had to go physically to the nearest IRS office and verify my identity and then the would release my refund. I went early next day and verified my identity and the agent their just looked at me and said he had no idea why they would send me there. He kept reading to me from a script saying the IRS had the right to hold my refund for up to 60 days without a reason. He did say he would send the verification of my identity in but said he didn’t think it would do any good. He gave me the number of the Taxpayer Advocacy Service, 877-777-4778 to call. I called that number today and I now have been on hold for minutes, after they said it was a 20 min wait. I am now hanging up without ever talking to anyone. In the meantime my people want to know where there money is and I am between a rock and hard place due to the IRS misinforming me.

  21. Alba martinez

    Hi my name is alba Martinez and I call the its and they said I have have to verify some information