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This is either a tax question or an HTML question. After an unusually long one-month wait for a refund, I get a letter from the IRS asking I go to a site of theirs:
The site asked a few multiple-choice questions to verify my identity, and I believe I answered all correctly. (One, “which cities of this list have you lived in” had “None of the above” as an optional answer, and “Phoenix” as another optional answer. I had only lived in Phoenix briefly and did not file taxes from there, but I did reside there, so I answered correctly. But I’m not sure that is consistent with IRS’s information. ) Anyway, the site appeared to verify me and served a page stating “You have successfully completed the Identity verification process. The IRS will Process your return.”
Fine. However, I pressed the browser’s back button and got a page stating the opposite conclusion: We were unable to verify you online.”
Now, I believe the original screen is the meaningful one, but I’m a bit concerned. Opinions please?

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  1. Anonymous

    Nestor Mendoza…
    I recieved a letter from IRS telling me they need to verify my identity before i got my refund. I already went to San BernardinoIRS office last June 28 2016 and gave all my identification’s to them.they tell me that I will recieved my refund after 6 weeks but until now September 1, 2016 I haven’t recieved it yet…I am informing your good office about this matter…Thank you very much…

  2. Anonymous

    Nestor Mendoza
    I want to know the status of my refund,the IRS need to verify my identity.Ialready submitted all my identification and proof at San Bernardino IRS office last June 28. 2016 and until now i haven’t recieve my refund…

  3. Anonymous

    @Anonymous: wow!.. I just got this letter to verify my info and I can’t seem to get on the page or figure it out. So has anyone had to do this verification… After already nearly 2&half months of waiting… Has anyone gotten their refund and how long did it take after this verification stuff??? Thanks;)

  4. Mary

    @Frank We are not the IRS, so we wouldn’t have that information, you should call the irs at (800) 829-0582 ext. 652. We are a support forum for people waiting for their refunds and have no ability to access personal tax information, I moderated your comment because we do not allow personal information on our feed for your protection.

  5. frank

    Where is my Tax Refund I need to know did you get back the letter that you sent me phone no#

    It has been over a month since I did my Taxes, 3 weeks since I sent the letter that was sent to me from you to identify my self I need to know where is my refund Thank You .

  6. hi

    Hi i have a question my dad filed on February 24 don’t know when it was accepted though but supposedly he has to id verify but he never got a letter saying he had to do any of that can someone help me out on what to do please thank u…

  7. Anonymous

    It took three weeks for me to get the bar back after I went on the website to verify my identity and now Im scheduled to receive my return on the 9th of March