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    Share your experience with filing your Wisconsin Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    @ mandyhasaband : I think they update overnight, but I am not for sure. I feel like a few years ago I checked in the morning once and my state was not approved, but then I checked again in the afternoon and it was.

    It looks like you and I are in the same situation. accepted on the 25th.

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    Same message for me, too. Anyone know how often they update their site?

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    I still have the same 8-12 weeks message this morning…

    @ Jerry – there is a federal offset phone number that you can call and see if there will be any offsets taken. (800) 304-3107

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    @brewcrew87 … Same situation, filed 1/27 with Credit Karma, no WI acceptance, and no updates from Credit Karma.

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    @ Jerry. I don’t think so, but I could be wrong. I had a state offset a few years back and they actually took it out over 2 years but they never touched my federal.

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    My entire state return was taken to pay an unpaid City of Madison Ambulance bill. It didn’t cover the whole bill.

    Can Wisconsin take the rest of the bill from my Federal return?

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    filed and accepted 1/25. Got my federal yesterday, still getting the 8-12 week message with state. no changes from last year. Usually I get my state before federal.

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    Question – anyone here file with Credit Karma? I took the leap of faith this year, and I filed my WI taxes on the 28th. They have STILL not been accepted. Reached out to Credit Karma to see what the deal is and haven’t heard back.

    Already have a DD date for my federal returns… Wondering if anyone has had their WI returns accepted AFTER January 28th.

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    Accepted on 1/17. Still showing Processing and 8-12 weeks. Nothing special about my return. Already received federal back. weird…

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    I have a DDD of by 2/5(Sunday) any estimate when I might actually get it? I am using NetSpend if that would make a difference.

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    Still have the same lame message this morning… :) Accepted 1/25, allow up to 12 weeks… Hopefully by the weekend there will be some movement. Nothing is different on my return this year. So I do not know what problem could exist, if any.

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    accepted 1/24..dd 2/4 …just was deposited 2/2

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    Got a ddd of 2/9 this morning.

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    Just checked….accepted 24th…approved 2nd…..ddd by the 9

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    I still have the processing 8-12 weeks message… Maybe by the weekend it will change.

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    Filed 1/23, accepted 1/24, still no dd. Still have the 8-12 weeks message. Could really use my money this week… Vehicle broke down this a.m. And because of EIC, have to wait at least 2 more weeks for Federal. This is so stupid. Grrr

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    Filed 27th, accepted 28th. This morning I have a DDD of 2/8

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    Mr S

    Got ID verification letter yesterday. After completing the process, now says to check back in 6 business days for status.

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    Filed 1/24 accepted 1/25 and still on the please wait 12 weeks to receive your return message for state.

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    accepted 1/24 dd 2/4 …h&r …but get to wait till 2/15 for federal

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    Anyone who got accepted on 1/25 have an update from Wisconsin? I know last year, my return was accepted and approved on the day of opening. Just curious if anyone accepted on the 25th have been approved yet

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    Anyone who got accepted on 1/25 have an update from Wisconsin? I know last year, my return was accepted and approved on the day of opening. Just curious if anyone accepted on the 25th have been approved yet.

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    Again sorry…accepted 1/24

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    Sorry 12 weeks

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    So before approved in wis what did the website message say…mine was accepted on1/20/17 and says please allow up to 1w weeks to review

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    WI refund was deposited in my account this morning. That’s a week turn around for state. The IRS should follow this example.

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    Filed on Monday, 1/23, accepted same day (1/23). Today (1/25) it says my return has been completed and will receive DD by 2/1.

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    Filed my WI on 1/18/17. Can’t remember for sure when accepted, but was within a day or so. Have a DDD of by 1/28/17. So probably tomorrow as Thursdays seems to be when WI usually does DD.

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    Mr S

    Accepted late last night, standard 8-12 week message shown

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    Anyone see updates? Im still stuck on the 8-12 week message, with no updates, no letters. I remember I had this screen for a few days and then got my refund and message changed so far not this year. Its crazy normally my federal takes almost 1 1/2 months and my state less then a week, this year I received my federal exactly one week from my file date, amd state still with the 8-12 week message..:…

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    Annie In Wisconsin

    @Reid It means that I am anyway. Received notice in the form of a letter last week. Oy.

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    @annie does this mean we are being reviewed? Ive never had it take this long. Sucks!

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    Annie In Wisconsin

    @Reid -Yes, I’m still getting the same message. *sigh* Filed/accepted the 28th, no movement. No letters.

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    Filed 1/26 accepted 1/27 simple return with 4500 in homestead credit. 8-12 week message still today and no movement.called wi irs they said same thing website said and said no more info was required. Anyone else have this issue?! Used turbotax

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    Annie In Wi

    Has anyone who had the 8-12 week message and YouTube video for longer than a week, heard anything? Day 12 for me. Hoping I hear something soon!

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    Filed and accepted 1/21. Still havent heard anything about my state taxes.

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    @csbrooks – Yes, I filed and was accepted the 28th, still have the message. :(

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    HI is anyone having the 8-12 week message longer than a week? I filed mine 1-29 and it’s still saying 8-12 weeks as of today. I filed my daughters 1-31 and she now has a deposit date of 2-11. I called I was told u have no letter being mailed and it’s still processing. I didnt have anything different on my tax return this year. Still nothing on federal still sitting as processing.

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    Hey there. Sorry i filed on 1/27. my state has cleared in my account as of yesterday. Any luck for you?

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    Annie in Wisconsin

    Thank you CeCe! When did you file/get accepted?

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    I also had that 8-12 week notice. Hoping to see that DD soon. Ill update when it comes. Good luck Annie!

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    Annie in Wisconsin

    Thank you Jesse for updating! I filed and was accepted the day after you so hopefully something tomorrow.

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    Update for those with the 8=12 weeks notice. I was give a DD date today of BY 2/10. Pretty sure last year was a similar deal and my deposit actually came earlier than expected. So if you got this warning, there is a chance you won’t be waiting nearly as long as it says. Same as last year.

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    I got Confirmation of a 2/7 DD for WI this ,morning. still no progress on my feds though.

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    State was accepted 1/27 Also got the 8-12 weeks message. They did the same thing to me last year and I ended up getting it really fast with barely any warning that it was coming.

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    Annie in Wisconsin

    Filed and accepted 28th for both federal and Wisconsin. Wisconsin now showing under review, 8-12 weeks. Is this the standard again this year? I know my Wisconsin showed the same thing last year for a few days before updating with a DDD.

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    I still cant even access the state website

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    Here’s a perplexing one. Yesterday I checked the WI site and I have a message that my refund will be dd by 1/31/16. It’s nice to have a general idea, but it’s a little vague. Nothing today, so i’m assuming tomorrow or Friday. Too bad the IRS isn’t as efficient as the state of WI.

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    Taxatic do you know why the state website is down?

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