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    Just got off a call with the IRS…Rep said I have been selected for a “random” review. My return was accepted on 1/25…I called because last week my bars disappeared and WMR said “your tax return is still being processed” “A refund date will be provided when available”

    The rep said it will delay things about 2 cycles whatever that means. Told me I could call back on 3/7/2018.

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    @MKR: Amen! Chester Cheeto has screwed EVERYTHING up for us.

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    I think a certain administration’s mandate has thrown everything out of whack.

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    @MKR I don’t understand whats so different this year than years past? This isn’t the first year of the PATH act is it? In my 20+ years of filing I have never experienced anything like this.

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    It seems there is no concrete protocol for processing refunds this year. Like I posted before, their heads are spinning at the IRS due to lack of Human Resources and seemingly clear direction.

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    @MKR agree I think pretty much everyone that works for the IRS is useless. The TA’s I have spoken to have been ZERO help and one guy was so rude and was advising me to call the IRS call center and request that they please put my return in an expedited review process because “I had a have a case”. I was like “they aren’t going to listen to me, I can’t even get a straight answer out of them about anything” AND “Isn’t that what the tax ADVOCATE is supposed to do?” GAWD

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    @MKR: Thank you! Glad to see that I’m not alone in my thinking.

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    I have the same feelings toward the tax advocates (TA). After some of the tax horror stories I have read on here regarding dealings with TAs, I think it is merely coincidental that refunds are released. It seems that the front end of the IRS (call center) is comprised of warm bodies whose only purpose is to fend off irate taxpayers anxiously awaiting their refunds and make us feel good that someone is actually answering the phone, but all they have really done is make us realize that the IRS is way behind on processing. The TAs seem to be an extension of this call center that are authorized to access our files and relay any pertinent information. As far as being able to expedite releases of funds, I have yet to see any concrete evidence.

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    I don’t understand how some of you who under review are raving about how great tax advocates are, when I just wasted 20 minutes of my time with one. They are no better than the IRS themselves! Dumber than a box of rocks.

    This chick basically just told me that even though my review was started 2/1, a tax advocate CANNOT do anything other than “take a peek” at my return, which would FURTHER delay my review by another 30-45 days. And even at the end of that time, if I still hadn’t received my return, the TA could “recommend” the hold be lifted. That wouldn’t necessarily guarantee it would. They can’t actually do it themselves or force the IRS to do it, either.

    I told her I was in a current hardship, explained how I’m a single parent and have bills behind and have been taking care of my mother’s needs as she’s been in and out of the hospital with surgery and has no source of income herself. This lady acted like it was NO big deal at all. She actually suggested that I finish waiting the rest of my review out, and that instead of worrying, I should “take it as a good sign” that I haven’t received any additional letters from the IRS in the meantime.


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    Oh believe me, don’t speak it into existence for yourself. I was notified of a 45 day review which has now turned into an additional 60 days via my letter I received yesterday.

    Yes, maddening indeed!

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    @tracy thank you so much for that advise. I’m concerned about what happens after ID Verify as it seems it’s hit or miss. I’m seeing people getting deposits about a week and a half after and people who have no movement at all.

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    My refund was rejected so now i’m under review, the only codes that I have are 841 refund cancelled, and 971 notice sent. If I was under review wouldn’t I have a different code?

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    Amy Durnez

    To be honest the irs should be abolished and everything done on a sales tax base that way there would be no witholding taxes from paychecks no filling taxes no tax return bull less hasel for everyone in the country including the goverment. Like social security it is a goverment agency that along the way lost its goal work your life pay into it and have to fight tooth and nail to get the service you payed for taxes are basically paying for overpayed politicans who are so disconected from the people they are supposese to be working for.

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    So who is to say at the end of their “review” they aren’t just going to say it needs further review and then we have to wait even longer? No one is holding them accountable for anything they are doing. Its maddening.

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    I called the IRS today for the second time I filled on January 29, 2018 and on February 15th (which was my first time calling) they said I’ve been under a 45 day review they are now saying as of today my review just started yesterday March 12th and it will take 45 days from that date and I should receive my refund no later than April 26,2018. I feel like they tell you anything to get you off the phone. Each time I call they keep saying the review just started smh. I’m not calling them anymore.

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    From what I have read in here, advocates are hit or miss and may have an adverse effect on the timeliness of your refund.

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    I have been following this forum for weeks now.
    Filed and accepted on 2/2/2018
    Bars went missing around mid February, once I was able to get someone to talk to me from the IRS (21 days from 2/2) they said I had to ID verify and to wait on my letter. I received my letter on 3/2/2018 and did my ID verify that same day. As of Monday 3/12/2018 still no info, no updates so I called back and was told I was under the so called “random review”. After what I had read here I decided to call my local tax advocates office. Couldn’t speak to anyone but was able to leave my information. Well, I just got off the phone with her and she was very helpful. According to her, there was really no reason she could see for any kind of hold on my return. She was going to push something through and said I should hopefully have my money by the 26th-28th and that she would call me back on the 30th to follow up. I so recommend calling and getting an advocate which I would have not known to do without this forum. She said my return was just held up in the system for no real reason and she was glad I had called or else it would’ve sat there and cycled through till who knows when. Thanks for all the helpful advice from all you guys!!

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    Thanks for posting Joe … I filed when u did and I haven’t been told anything but to wait .. now I have some home

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    Was under review
    Filed 01/29/2018
    Bar disappeared on 02/17/2018
    Called IRS on 03/02/2018, learnt that l was under review
    Called tax advocate on 03/05/2018, told l was picked under random review should wait for later to arrive by 03/12/2018.
    No letter received
    03/13/2018: code 846 fund released

    I had the following codes
    570 . 03/05/2018
    971, 03/12/2018

    Claimed child credit and american opportunity

    I hope you guys you will get some news
    I have filed tax for 9 years now. Never was selected for random review
    I was scared to death

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    I filed 1/23. I went from processing, to losing bars, to PATH message, to still processing. I talked to the IRS twice who told me that I was under review, letter CP05 was sent out and the only thing I could do was wait 45 days to see if my refund would be released. I ended up talking to a tax advocate last week who looked up my return and let me know that my refund was processed on 3/2 and to keep checking WMR for a DDD by 3/22. On 3/9 after talking to the TA, I received letter 4464C dated 3/6 that said my refund was being reviewed and to wait 60 days. I woke up to a DDD of 3/15 this morning. So it seems like the IRS really are doing extra reviews but usually will release your refund in less than 45 days as long as there aren’t any major discrepancies.

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    I filed the last day of January and was accepted the same day. Turbo Tax gave me an estimated date of the 19th and then all the hullabaloo about the earned income credit, I realized I wouldn’t get mine until well after the 19th.

    I received a letter stating our refund got held for additional review and that I had to wait 60 days from the date of the letter to do anything about it. Surely they jest, I thought. I was on the phone with them the next morning like STAT. I was a student all of last year so I didn’t make a ton of money and by law, if your income doesn’t amount to the federal standard deduction for your filing status, you don’t have to file at all. Downside is you won’t get a refund. I told them, my husband’s refund was supposed to be somewhere north of $4500 but when I started adding my income and student loans and lifetime learning credits, it slowly dwindled down to $2300. I went on to explain that if they had such a problem with our refund, take my income out and pay my husband the $4500 they legally owe him. By federal law and what is written right on their website, I legally don’t have to file. The agent had no response. Interestingly though, today I checked it and it was released for direct deposit on the 14th.

    So, I don’t know what caused that situation but by no means do I believe it was a “random” review. Next tax season, I’ve already decided we will file married but filing separately just to stick it to them the way they love to stick it to us.

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    Good morning all if I filed 1/25 went under 45 days review 2/15 was told 3/7 I was done processing with a cycle 0705 does that mean I will get a deposit as y’all ? I can’t see transcripts online I had them mailed a day or two ago. I could call to see if I could have them fax to me.

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    Hey guys just to give you hope. I filed 1/25 accepted 1/25. Was under review as of 2/12 got an advocate they just released my funds for 3/14. Get an advocate!!!

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    Rio b

    Check this article out ppl:

    This is what’s going on and I think their stealing our money …get an Advocate. Please!!!! I got one.I’m waiting!! Please get a advocate.


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    My advocate has been AWESOME. He has updated me every step of the way, explained everything, and even went ahead and worked on my case and sent the request for it to be released today, even though he was on Duty Worker assignment today and didn’t have to work on cases.

    He also had some GREAT information that I thought I would pass along.

    1. Call your LOCAL Tax Advocate, not the 800 number. The 800 number is a call center and you’re much more likely to get through and get help on the local line.

    2. It’s true that if you’ve been assigned a case number with a tax advocate, the IRS will no longer touch your return. In fact. they aren’t allowed to at that point. Only the advocate and open it and read it from that point on so calling the IRS directly will not help you.

    3. The reason that we all keep getting 18 different stories as to what the issue is when we call is because they aren’t supposed to tell you anything. Basically, all these flagged for review are getting shoved to the bottom of the pile while they sort out the rest of the returns, THEN they will figure ours out. The reason for this is because some of them are going to be because of having to verify identities (to make sure it’s not ID theft) so they don’t want to give info out to people that might not be the actual taxpayer.

    4. Once you have an advocate assigned to your case, the WMR won’t be updated for you again. So it’s useless, don’t bother checking it anymore. Same with your transcript. He said that once the IRS agrees to lift the hold they will inform him and let him know the DD date, and then he will call me and let me know.

    5. If you’ve been calling and the IRS is giving you the run around, GET AN ADVOCATE. He said if you wait, you’ll be waiting for months.

    6. If you’re using hardship as your reason, always have proof of SOMETHING showing why. The reason for this is if the IRS tries to come back asking why you need it so bad (so they can continue to delay), the advocate can shove your paperwork back in their faces to make them expedite. Also, if your advocate requests things from you, get it to them right away!! If it doesn’t seem like you’re making an effort, they won’t make the extra effort since others will clearly need it faster than you.

    7. Your advocate HAS to give you a “realistic” expectation for resolution which is normally like 6 weeks, BUT he said in his experience this year, most of his clients so far have gotten their money within 2 weeks. Basically it has taken the IRS a couple of days to release the hold, then it’s just going through the one cycle after the hold lifts.He said that while that’s been his experience so far, I just can’t hold him to it.

    Seriously, this guy has gone above and beyond. I don’t know what I would have done without him.

    So, here’s hoping for a quick resolution on this for me (hopefully next week). FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED!!

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    I’ve seen many people on here with PATH credits that are still waiting.

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    @givememydamnmoney and @Rachel the majority of folks with PATH credits have received their refunds. I don’t have Path credits and was an early filer also.

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    @Bnacworth I don’t think that is true. I claimed EIC and most of the people on the forums and threads I have seen are EIC and CTC. Because we are the ones who usually are the early filers because we need the money quickly and think we will get it faster if we file early. The early filers are the ones stuck in review.

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    @b_nacworth I filed 2/1 and was accepted 2/1 and I have EITC and still didn’t get my refund. My advocate kept trying to insist that my EITC amount is wrong but that’s because she had NO CLUE about pages 14-15 of Publication 976 regarding people from areas impacted by natural disasters. I faxed her the pages with relevant sections highlighted. So, if you get a tax advocate or anyone tries to tell you that your EITC amount is wrong and you live in an area impacted by a hurricane or the California fires and your income went down from the year before tell them to look at pages 14-15 of Publication 976. You can use last year’s income to determine your EITC if it gives you more of a credit.

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    I filed on 2/1 accepted 2/1

    There is hope! Keep your chin up! I’m sharing to give hope.

    I have eic and ectc. Mine was placed under additional review. Spoke to irs on the 23rd and found this out. Was told wait 45 days. Recieved letter from irs to wait 60 days from 2/12. No further action needed. Tried and tried to get an advocate with the 877 number. Hours of being on hold just to be disconnected every time! I am unable to view my transcripts and dont want to wait on snail mail.

    I called my local state advocate in Wichita. She was awesome and informative and i did not hold at all! She told me my return was held because I turned in a w2 that had not been recieved from my employer by the irs.

    She further explained that the irs uses an archaic system and once the funds were released on 3/2 it would take one or two cycles to be deposited. She said I would have it by the 16th. Pretty sure Im weekly. I bet I get it 3/13.

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    It appears that most of the holds are on people with no EITC, CTC and ACTC. I know EVERYONE that I know who filed with those credits has received their refund. If you filed itemized or are middle class with schedule A you are “in review” or have “delayed processing”.

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    Mine was stuck in error processing. After a three hour on hold time, I finally talked to a tax advocate and was told it was a technical glitch that had my return stuck in error processing. I guess it’s out now and into regular processing. I hope that doesn’t mean I have to wait another 21 days. Grrrr

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    @Rio: I REALLY believe you, because I keep hearing more and more horror stories about people getting pulled for this “random review” BS. My mom has several neighbors, of all age ranges/household circumstances, who got letters saying the SAME crap. There’s too much of a coincidence.

    Even though I filed 1/23 and was accepted same day {I still have the emails from TT and text message alerts to prove it in case the IRS wants to play stupid}, TT now says that my return wasn’t actually transmitted until 1/29. My review was officially started on 2/1. I got a letter stating that a few days later, with the 45-60 day ‘you don’t have to do anything’ BS. Still, no change.

    This is BEYOND disgusting and disgraceful.

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    @Joanna It means you will receive your refund on 3/12 in the amount shown next to it.

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    I filed 1/31 relieved letter 4644c needed nothing from me. Been sitting with code 570 until today transcripts have
    150 Tax return filed 20180801 03-12-2018 $0.00
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2018 -$7x.00
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2018 -$8xx.00
    570 Additional account action pending 03-12-2018 $0.00
    290 Additional tax assessed 20181004 03-26-2018 $0.00
    846 Refund issued 03-13-2018 $9xx.00
    Anyone know what this means?

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    Rio b

    All this unimportant. You can miscalculate with IRS a few bucks ..hell few hundred, that dont gets you reviewed or pulled. They make it up as they see your real W2 and what’s entered. I hate to say it but there is a glitch in the system which caused IRS to put a halt to refunds claiming credits, they are fixing it and saying 45 day review. Thats bs, if that’s the case then everyone should get one set amount across america and no fuss about how big or small your refund is. Truth is ..something is going on and their not telling us. I really think the database kicked out a lot of returns as in, its stuck and not functioning like it normally do. Faulty ass computer system. which is why we have still processing message …why a lot of people dont have Take Action like IRS normally get our ass… Something not right. Everyone not in review ..its a glitch.. Just taking time for them to get to ours to manually push it thru.

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    I filled my taxes on 01/29/2018 and was accepted the same day. But on 02/15 the bars vanished. So i called and they told me i was under review and to wait 45days which is April 1st. But i needed more answers so i call today and the rep told me that a letter was sent out 03/02 and when i get it read carefully and send all documents they ask for. How long will it take for the letter to come in the mail

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    Welp, talked to my tax advocate and found out what the issue is. Turns out either I, or Turbo Tax, miscalculated and over-reported that I made…

    wait for it…

    $73 more on my income than I did. I didn’t under report, I OVER reported…so because of that I am actually getting less than I am supposed to by a few bucks. You would think that would have thrilled them. But nooooooo. Instead they decide to hold me up til god knows when.


    He also said that he was glad I asked for an advocate because if I hadn’t, it could have been months before I got a resolution on my own.

    So, I have to fax him my W2’s so he has them handy, and he’s going to request that the IRS just let it go and release my refund since it should fall within threshold of allowable difference. If for some reason they say no, then I’ll have to amend, but he will help me with that, get it filed, and have it expedited.

    He was actually a super nice guy, and really very helpful.

    So, best case they say ok to take the hold off and I hopefully get my refund next week. (fingers fucking CROSSED)

    Worst case I have to amend and I’ll have it by the end if April at the latest (which still screws me).

    At least I FINALLY have some answers. UGH

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    @lisa it is normal for the bars to disappear as long as you don’t receive any letters you should be good I think they are being alil extra this year

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    I filed on February 16th using Turbo Tax. Had both w2s and 1099s, self employed part of the year, no children to claim. Not 24 hours after filing, I looked at Where’s My Refund and it was showing received and the bars were there. A day or two later, I looked and it said the same thing. Then, the next morning I check and no bars and tax topic 152. It said that my refund was still processing. The refund amount on the left was gone. It stayed like that until Thursday of last week. The bars returned and I’m supposed to get the refund deposited tomorrow. I never received any letters or other codes on the Where’s My Refund app. I have no clue why the bars disappeared.

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    Filed 2/2 both eic and ACTC lost bars the 17, I have called 3 different times and each time was told something different first 60 day review letter sent out last week, then 45 days, yesterday I called and was told he didn’t see any letters going out which was a good he he said it could be released at any moment 🤔I can’t order transcripts I’ve answered every security question correctly but still says the answers are wrong but why do they keep telling us Anything I have no clue. Pretty sure I’m weekly so hopefully tomorrow or Saturday 🤞 All of us see that DD

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    Backstory – filed 1/25/18, EIC, ACTC. Was told under review for 60 days from 2/15/18 – do not call back until after 4/16/18 and i will get a letter, but there is nothing i need to do. 846 on transcript today – woohoo

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    570 & 971 code on transcript with date 3-5-18. Checked WMR website & app this morning, no update. Checked transcript – 846 code with 3-9-18 date. Thank goodness! hopefully WMR will update tomorrow morning.

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    Ursula R Boochee

    I filed january 29th and my taxes where accepted same day have been checking wmr and it says still processing 152 tax topic pulled up my transcript account online had a 570 tax code which means I had a hold on my taxes. Today I received a letter saying my taxes are under review 60 days so I called the number on the letter for a tax advocate a lady answered, I told her I received a letter saying my account was under review and that I needed to speak to a advocate because I am behind on my mortgage and bills she asked me how much did I make on my w2 and how much was taken out for federal and then told me to hold for five minutes she came back and told me that they were released and to start checking wmr in 10 days for my ddd it could take up to three weeks I started crying so hard I could no longer talk I said thank you and she was still talking when I hung up A weight was lifted off my heart! My processing date on my transcript was 3-5-18 and my cycle is 20180705

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    I told 01-31 an was accepted the same day. I called last week an was told it was under review, would be reviewed March 12th. Could take 45 days to receive refund. Still says processing on website with the topic 152 code. I also have not received my state. What’s going on!!??

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    Verified Identity last week and representative stated that she was taking to hold off my taxes to be released. No change in information on IRS website, so I called and spoke to representative at IRS today and she stated that they need to verify more information and that it’s nothing I did wrong on my end, just to make sure they did not make any mistakes on their side. Then she goes to say, well the bad part is that they will not start the verification process until March 19th 2018. I am highly PISSED!! They fool with my taxes every damn year. It’s my money and I need it now! lol

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    Just talked to an IRS agent and STILL no update, so they cannot even confirm that they received the forms that they requested. I faxed them on 2/14. She said two different departments are reviewing my wage information and that I should give them 60 DAYS from the date on my letter to update my records. It’s beyond ridiculous how inefficient the IRS is! If I performed like this at my job, I would be fired.

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    I was told by an agent on my last phone call that the review is 45 days from March 5th. Does that mean theyre looking at mine starting today? Or could it mean i will be getting a refund this week? My rent is past due and Im now paying $10 per day in late fees. Ridiculous. Youd think they would worry about people who filed in January instead of getting people in February their refunds within 4 days.

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    Since I started this topic I wanted to let everyone know that my status updated overnight on Friday and it states that my refund has been mailed.

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    Still processing! Hoping for an update soon! BROKE!

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    Filed 2/2 accepted same day…. Had bars on WMR until 2/15 then everything disappeared. Still shows my information on the left tho with a 152 tax topic. Been doing my taxes with TT for years and this is the first time this has ever happened. I’m getting pretty irritated like most of you guys. Waiting to call IRS in the morning to figure something out. Been hearing about the 45 day extended hold and thinking that’s more then likely my situation as well. Hoping for the best outcome for us all! Thanks to everyone on this thread that’s been trying to be helpful. I can’t speak for everyone else but I do appreciate it! Good luck to us all!

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