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    Anyone having luck ordering tax transcripts? Post here when you are able to order them. No luck here yet!

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    I was able to order both my transcripts this morning for me and my sister. But i couldnt order my father. Could this mean we are getting our refund soon



    Nope, no transcripts for me! Still won’t recognize any address! Filled 1/19, accepted same day



    Filed with TT on 1/29, before 11:00 CST, still at 1 bar, can order both account and return transcripts as of today 2/5.



    so last week or so, I was able to order my account transcripts, today– when I try to go in and see if I can order the return transcript, they don’t recognize my address (old or new) why would that be happening?



    Filed via TaxSlayer on 01/20; accepted by IRS on 01/20.

    Still 1 bar
    Tax topic 152 re: refunds

    Was able to order return transcript today!



    Filed. 1-14
    Accepted. 1-15
    Bars disappeared. A week ago
    Couldnt order return transcript. But order account. 2-3



    Just was able to order my return transcript an I’m still at I bar an tax topic 152 what does this mea??????? Help me Help me Help me Please (



    I filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/26
    Was able to order return transcripts this morning. Does this mean I should see my ddd soon?


    Ed Larom

    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/26
    WMR 1 bar
    Finally was able to order my return transcript ordered this morning around 5am.



    Does anyone know what format to write my address in for return transcript if I have an apartment number? I’ve tried everything and nothing. Yesterday I tried my old address, and it went. Day before neither address it would take. So frustrating.



    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/26
    WMR 1 bar
    Return transcript ordered this morning.

    Get Transcript

    We have accepted your request for a 2015 Return Transcript . Please allow 5-10 days to receive it. The transcript will be sent to the address we have on file.

    For those asking if your 2015 transcript is available to order most likely means they processed your return already.



    @Hiloshark Yes you did it correctly.



    I was able to order my return tran this morning. Here is my question, do that means I am approved or is there still a chance I can get a code message when wmr udates?



    When ordering transcript, what year do i put in? 15 or 16? Iwas able to order return transcript with new address putting in year 2015. Did i do it right



    Final-freaking-ly ……

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    Return transcript 2/5 4:15 am

    I was stressing about a week and a day with no action… I can only imagine how all you early filers felt..

    Miracle deposit tomorrow? Ha, we can always dream



    i hear everyone excited about there tax transcript what are tax transcript and would i need them to speed up the process?



    Filed: 1/19/2016
    Accepted: 1/19/2016
    Results: 1 Bar with 152 Topic -current
    Actions: Online transcript ordering did not accept my information ( I know it is correct)
    1/25/16: Ordered Transcript via phone (Account Available |Return Transcript unavailable)
    1/28/16: 2nd Attempt to order Return / not available
    1/29/16: Called IRS Hotline / Automated service says still Processing
    1/31/16: 3rd Attempt to order Return / not available
    2/2/16: 4th Attempt to order Return/ not available
    2/3/16: WMR No updates / No changes / No return
    2/4/16: Receive THANK YOU letter via email from Turbo Tax
    2/5/16: 5th Attempt to order Return / 4:15am – AVAILABLE



    Was finally able to order my return transcript with my new address today around 4am. Filed 1/23 hopefully will get a dd with the next big wmr update. Finally coming along for all of us that have been waiting since the beginning



    Finally was able to order my return transcript just now at 0355 central Time. Filed 1/22 accepted 1/22. Was able to order account transcript 2/1 and now 2/5 return. Hopefully this is good news for me and I’ll get my money in a few days



    @Amanda yeah, mine says the same thing. I’ve been waiting since 1/14 technically and evidently 1/19 officially. There’s no rhyme or reason to what the IRS is doing. But it seems to be a good rule of thumb that if you can order your return transcripts, your return has been processed.



    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/24 h$r block
    No DDD
    Was able to order account transcripts not return transcripts until 5 minutes ago. I was able to order return transcripts at 3:30am CT.

    My bf filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/25
    DDD 2/3
    He order his return transcripts 1/29 and woke up 1/30 Approved.
    I’m hoping to be on the second bar Approved in a couple of hours or Saturday.



    When was the last time someone successfully ordered a return transcript? It seems that quite a few could the day before the DDD 2/5 update. Anyone new since then?



    For everyone who can’t order return transcripts what does it say? Mine says 2015 transcript unavailable please fill out form 4506T or call the IRS. Is that what everyone’s says? I looked up that form and it’s just a transcript form



    I was able to order my account transcript last Thursday just tried to order my return one and it just says unavailable

    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23

    1 bar



    Don’t count on the account transcript for anything. I got mine in the mail today and it was completely blank. No info. In fact, it said that no transcript was filed.

    Call the number on the form, spoke with a very nice lady who said that until your return is finished processing, that is what the account transcript will say…. blank and that no return was filed.

    Just FYI, ya’ll.



    Anyone seeing error code 113 when trying to order transcripts- this code means that you have been resequenced



    I was able to order my account transcript last friday morning and still unable to order my return as of today. Filed with turbotax on 1/21 accepted the same day. I keep checking also because i want to know anything i can about when i might get my return approved too. Please keep me updated on return transcripts and approvals.



    Tried ordering my transcripts. Getting Reference number 113

    Whats this mean?



    Yes me too!!! I just tried it say’s the same thing



    I tried to order transcripts just now but after I put my ssn, it tells me currently having technical difficulties try call again later, anybody else having this issue?



    I can order an account transcript not a return transcript. What does this mean?



    My return transcript may have been available last night. I did not check it. I was ready to give up and just wait but decided to go ahead and try again (the transcript thing is new to me).



    @charli and whoever else that can order return transcripts today; You will probably wake up with a DDD tomorrow for either Monday or Tuesday. The years that I was able to get my transcripts on Wednesday, I got my DDD on Thursday morning for Monday and had it in my account on Saturday.



    I wanted to know is it possible if the irs process account and return transcript both in the two days for 05ers since they only get process once a week or do they do account transcript this week and wait to next week to do the return transcript. I’m asking about the weekly cycle transcript.



    A glimmer of hope! WMR is still showing one bar but I was able to order return transcript as of 5:59am!
    Filed: 1/24
    Accepted: 1/24



    I filed and was accepted on 1/29/16 Unable to order either transcript and WMR is 1 bar with topic 152. I know it is early still, but I thought I would have at least been able to order account transcript.



    droman004. ur approved. If ur able to get that return transcript and ur tax topic hasn’t changed then ur going to get a DDD within the next 2 days or maybe even later. But since the IRS says they only update once a day – and today’s update has already transpired, then u might see an update on tomorrow’s date. U may get ur refund for Feb 9th



    If it helps u guys, I checked wmr at 1am and I was still on one bar. I checked again around 3:15 am and it said wmr was not avail. I checked again around 4:20 am and I saw my second bar! It seems they do updates around 3am est each night



    OMG! I’m approved as of Wednesday morning’s update!!! DDD by Feb 5th! I filed on the 16th, accepted on the 19th, order return transcript 2 days ago!! Screenshot below



    I was just able to order return transcript but no update on WMR. Still at 1 bar. Anyone who has ordered their return transcript has had their WMR update to 2 bars?



    filed 1/17 accepted 1/19 only account transcripts as of 1/29… got my transcript in mail today and I’m 05 cycle same as last year,always takes forever. .hope we get update tonight



    Filed 1/29 accepted same day I used Turbo tax. Was able to order account and refund transcripts Monday but wmr still shows one bar. Anyone else have the same thing?



    i still cant order refund transcripts… i am so annoyed right about now



    Just now able to order mine. However, I’m still on one bar and Topic 152. I’m on the phone waiting to talk to a tax advocate….877-777-4778 if anyone wants the number.



    I’m not sure if I was able to order my return transcript or not. I was able to order my account transcript last week, actually already received it, and it was obviously blank. I saw on here around 10pm last night that some people were able to order their returns finally so I tried, it said the address was wrong. I called and tried through the automated system and it asked for a “box number” instead of a “street number” so even though I’ve never used my PO box on a return I took a chance and entered it…it worked and let me order the return transcript. I just don’t even understand at this point. Filed 1/20, accepted 1/20, one bar on WMR, small offset, healthcare for entire year/family.



    The transcripts site will still not recognize either my old address or my new address. I’m beginning to become a little frustrated. I filed on the 19th and was accepted a few minutes later have been stuck on one bar since then. I was able to order my account transcript on 1/29 with my old address but then minutes later when I tried to go back for my return transcript it would not recognize either my new or old address. it’s been that way ever since. I know that no one here is psychic but if anyone has any insight or experience with this issue would you please comment to help calm my nerves?


    GA Peach

    Filed and Accepted 01/22. Still only one bar. Topic 152. Unable to view/order/request any transcripts at all. When I enter my info it says it is incorrect and provides a number to call. Is this normal? Is it just doing that because my transcripts aren’t ready yet?



    Filed 1/18
    accepted 1/19
    tax topic 152
    never lost bars, tt never changed
    ordered account trans last week but still unable to order return trans.
    is it possible to get a ddd without the ability to order return trans?



    Can anyone explain what the significance of being able to order return transcripts. Does this mean the refund should be expected soon. i was able to order mine on 01/29 however i am a little discouraged because WMR has now updated to needed additional information with tax topic 151



    @HappyFeet- Its showing tax topic 151. I called the IRS and they stated that nothing looked a unusual on there in and it was normal to sometimes get a status requesting additional information. However they were not able to provide any additional information. So now its just a waiting game i guess

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