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    Anyone having luck ordering tax transcripts? Post here when you are able to order them. No luck here yet!

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    Still Waiting

    File 18th, accepted 19th, and still unable to order either transcript. WMR still at 1 bar. Could somebody give me an insight on what’s going on?



    i believe the account one is the one that matters most

    Tax Return Transcripts show most line items from your tax return (Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) as it was originally filed, including any accompanying forms and schedules. This transcript does not reflect any changes you, your representative or the IRS made after you filed your return.

    Tax Account Transcripts provide any adjustments either you or the IRS made after you filed your return. This transcript shows basic data, including marital status, type of return filed, adjusted gross income and taxable income



    @david – Nope! That’s exactly what I was referring to. I was just letting everyone know that if you have your account transcripts, that’s the important part regarding funding. access to your other transcripts means your process is complete (meaning the entire summary is available)



    Posted in the wrong topic… whoops

    @DJ , so I was finally able to login online. Still can’t get tax return, but if you click on the question mark, a popup appears with the following:

    “Tax Account Transcript
    A tax account transcript shows any payments and any later adjustments either you or the IRS made after the tax return was filed. This transcript shows basic data, including marital status, type of return filed, adjusted gross income and taxable income.”

    “Tax Return Transcript
    A tax return transcript shows most line items from your tax return (Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ) as it was originally filed, including any accompanying forms and schedules. It does not reflect any changes you, your representative, or the IRS made after the return was filed. In many cases, a return transcript will meet the requirements of lending institutions such as those offering mortgages and for applying for student loans.”

    This, as far as I can tell shows that the account transcript is the important one in regards to the refund? It says that is shows any payments and any later adjustments either you OR the IRS made after the tax return was filed.

    Am I missing something? This isn’t meant to be putting anyones ideas down, I am really asking if I am missing something.



    @worried2015 when u try to order transcript u must enter ur address using capital letters that should get u going



    I was able to order my account and return transcripts this morning. I’ve gotten my refund back on a wed since 2012 so I’m fairly confident I’ll be seeing two bars tomorrow morning.

    Filed on the 9th and accepted on the 11th. This is a big relief!

    I’ve been doing my basic white girl happy dance lol


    Patiently waiting atl

    @david i agree my bff has been working with irs for 8 yrs and even though she cant tell me a lot she did say the account transripts are the one that they release when they have made their corrects and all icwish she could tell me more but i understand she can’t



    @DJ question- I am able to order account transcripts but only with my old address- what does this mean? You would think they would have updated my new address if they were processing?



    Filed 1/7 with TT. Accepted 1/11. I had an offset a few years ago, so I suppose I have been weekly since then.
    Finally able to order Account transcript around 7:30am EST. Just able to order Return transcript at about 2pm EST.
    Confident for a WMR update tomorrow morning with a DDD of 2/3. I have always gotten my refund on a Wednesday.
    Yay for progress finally!



    @david – That’s exactly what I told everyone 100 posts ago lbvs… Great minds think alike… And it just, makes, sense… Cheers, you are on your way!



    I was just able to order an account transcript but not Return as of now. I filed 1/19. I have one bar still and Topic 152.

    On the call, they say the account transcript includes all of the payments adjustments and other actions that have occurred on your account .

    I would tend to lean towards that being the important one to have available, or am I internalizing that incorrectly? Thanks guys.



    I can only get an account transcript – no return and the only way I can get the account transcript is with my old address- what does this mean?



    able to order account but not return… hopefully it will update
    Monday morning.



    An account transcript is every year thus far that you have filed and is complete. If this year is not yet available it will not be included in your account transcript.

    I filled 1.20. And still at one bar with return transcript available this morning as well



    Was able to order both thi s morning but still showing one bar


    Mrs Johnson

    Hey I was able to order mine this morning, however, I am still on one bar, with no DDD. What does this mean for me? Does it mean my taxes were approved? Thanks in advance.



    I filed on January 20th and was accepted that same day, I was able to order both account and tax transcript today just a few moments ago



    So what does it mean if you can order your account transcript but not your return ?



    Totally confused yesterday morning I checked my husband and mines (we filed jointly) it would only show acess to last years. Said neither for this year was available. Then later in the evening my account on became available and now i can’t even look in his because it says the information is wrong.. what is going on



    Don,t worry, same Exact thing with me yesterday. But today It accepted my same information that it would not accept yesterday. It will be tomorrow when you can enter that info again. Nothing to worry about. Trust me. Happened to me yesterday, but this morning it took my info.



    yesterday i was able to put in my information and order my transcript for both account and return, however they were not ready to be mailed to me. This morning I tried to order my transcripts and it says my information does not match their records. I am putting in the same information as yesterday. Would anyone have any idea why this would happen, or what it could mean?



    yesterday i was able to put in my information and order my transcript for both account and return, however they were not ready to be mailed to me. This morning I tried to order my transcripts and it says my information does not match their records. I am putting in the same information as yesterday. Would anyone have any idea why this would happen, or what it could mean? Thanks in advance.



    I filed with taxslayer. Accepted 1/14 still one bar and not able to order transcripts, thoughts?



    I filed and was accepted 30 min later on 1/25. I have one bar on WMR, but I could order both my account and return transcripts just now. I hadn’t tried before today.



    At first I was able to order at least my 2014 transcripts, and now I can’t even do that. It says that my information doesn’t match what’s on file. Does any body have any idea what could be going on?



    IRS transcript phone line down? I just tried to order over the phone and it says they are having technical difficulties….
    I filed with TT on Jan. 20 accepted Jan. 20
    Still one bar on WMR



    WMR just updated for me. DDD 1/29!!!!!



    can’t order 2015 transcripts so hopefully if the system does update tonight i can then….bc i remember last year if i could order then that meant taxes are approved without seeing that 2nd bar.and the deposit came after the next cycle update.



    I was just now able to order my transcripts.
    H&R Block
    Filed 1/19 accepted 1/21



    Filed 1/19 2:30 pm. TT
    Accepted 1/19 3pm

    1 bar on war

    Ordered transcripts over the phone for 2015 around 10 am today. I have a simple return, single deposit at my bank. Hoping for an update tomorrow morning.



    I tried getting my transcripts it told me incorrect info, i was able to get in with my wifes info, but it was for 2014 today i cant get it using my or her info, i tried old and new addresses does this mean they are working on mine now?



    Thank you
    I think tomorrow I’ll just check in here to see when I should expect my return lol



    If you can’t order your transcripts does that mean you wouldn’t have a dd tomorrow? I filed 18th accepted 19th still at 1 bar



    I was able to order both account and return transcripts, it says allow 5 to 10 days for receipt. I hope this means good news. I filed 1/22 and was accepted the same day.



    Still no transcripts for me. Filed and accepted 01/22



    As of this morning I could order my 2015 account transcripts. I could not order the return transcript for my 2015 return. I was accepted on 1/19/2015.



    Well good news, I figured out why I couldn’t get into the transcripts. I was putting in my information. Had to be the husbands info.

    Bad news, our transcripts aren’t avbl :(





    I attempted to order my transcript yesterday via phone from an IRS agent, the agent told me that a transcript for 2015 taxes cannot be ordered until the return is processed. well low and behold of an hour ago I can now order my 2015 tax transcript online. I would have to believe this is related to gears turning behind the scenes. I am guessing we will see an update to WMR late tonight for DDD

    This from someone on another post.



    @tammyvamp If you were able to order your 2015 transcripts it does mean that your return is complete also note that on an occasion that there might be some issues which would cause your return to freeze but I would think in that case you would get a letter instead. Congrats your money is coming soon next day or two is when you’re bank should have your deposit.



    @MCRT88 That makes sense as well. I have been reading what you just posted, and I confirm the validity of that. I think its a smart move (even though I don’t like it personally lbvs). I’m pretty new to this process, but from what I read the transcript theory can go either way. There are some folks that have gotten DD’s before they were able to order transcripts, and vise versa.

    From what I gather based on that, if you can get a transcript, it seems legit that your money is on its way! So cheers to those who have it! :)



    MCRT88 they got rid of the online transcripts because last year, with all the security breaches, hackers got enough information on people that they was able to log in and gain access to transcripts of many people. The IRS is working on bringing transcripts back online once they can be sure to have a better security protecting them.




    I don’t know if this is 100% accurate or true for everybody, but I know that the IRS is trying to prevent people from acquiring their Transcripts before they have their Refund in hand. They actually changed it on their website, too. As it now states that:
    “If you filed electronically AND you have no balance or are owed a refund then please allow 2-3 weeks after your return submission to request a transcript.”
    They did this because of the last few years, transcripts became immediately (or close to it) available, and everybody and their mother were attempting to get on and order them to figure out their refund date, offsets, codes, etc. Which would in turn over load their servers causing them to have technical errors and spend more on IT support. Which is why they also got rid of the online downloading of transcripts.
    SO, while some people may be claiming that they are able to order their transcripts (and I am not saying they are lying), I doubt that EVERYBODY will be able to order their transcripts immediately. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong, just that the IRS hates us for being impatient. Lol.



    So I ordered my tax transcripts for 2015 and it went through fine. Said I would receive them by mail. Does that mean my return was processed? Thoughts?



    File : 1/19/16 at 11:47 pm accepted 1/20/16 12 am as a matter of fact it was still before 12 am when I was excepted and it all took maybe 3 minutes before my federal was accepted wmr also was available for me same night I was accepted 1 bar as of today no movement on wmr and no available transcripts for this tax season I filed with tax act have used them for past 5 years with exception of turbo tax one of the years last year I do remember if you were able to get transcripts you get ddd next day and refund within the following day or two so transcripts are a sign you are complete unless you have a freeze code which this year we cannot see. also transcripts can complete anytime during the day.



    That’s what I thought. It’s saying my address doesn’t match tho. We did just pcs back to the states from Germany. Maybe they still have our APO address on file.

    I’ll try that.

    If that doesn’t work….well, I’ll just pray we see a DDD tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!



    I could not order transcripts this am, I just tried again and was able to. Fingers crossed!!! :)



    @Harley Also I forgot to add, it is how you put it on your taxes when you filed so if you put 1234 Apple St or 1234 Apple Street that is how it would be



    I just called because I couldn’t get past the verification part online. I wasn’t able to order my return transcripts…Looks like no DDD for me! Maybe tomorrow I will be able to order them and I’ll have my money next week?? Hope so.

    On another note…I keep telling you the IRS doesn’t do returns on first come first served. It would be great if they did but they don’t. Every year I see people get them after people who filed before them even without offsets or review.



    @Harley It is your street so it would be 1234 Apple Street

    If I lived on 1234 Apple Street, not the city or state



    I was accepted for my Federal on 1/12/16 through TT, and minutes ago went to order my transcripts. I was not able to order them at this time.

    Here is the message I received when trying:

    “A transcript is not available for the year you have requested. Please complete Form 4506-T or contact us at”

    Not sure how anyone around that same time frame is able to order them… Weird.

    On TT both returns show accepted, DDD of 1/19/16-2/8/16, 1st bar on the IRS site, and SBTPG shows I have an anticipated DDD date of 2/2/16.



    When filling out the address for transcripts it just asks for street address. Do I include the city and state as well?



    I was accepted for my Federal on 1/11/16 and was finally able to order my transcripts today. I tried yesterday and I could not. WMR still has one bar as being accepted only.



    I filed with Taxslayer 1/16. Return accepted on 1/19 around 11 a.m. Tried to order transcripts for this year to no avail. Was able to order transcript for last year with my old address ( I moved end of last year). Maybe they are just starting to process today due to these new security measure they are taking and it does appear that people able to order their 2015 transcripts filed after 1/19 which is kind of weird but it’s the IRS LOL.



    I was able to order my transcripts this morning.

    Filed with TT on 1/19
    Accepted on 1/19
    WMR shows one bar still



    Filed through TT, fees taken out.

    January 14, 2016, 12:02 PM PST

    Tue 1/19/2016 1:29 PM

    Can’t order transcripts as of this morning at 11:45am EST.



    Well I can’t order mine and I was accepted on 1/15. I’m seeing those that can order them didn’t submit and get accepted until after 1/19. I really hope all of us that filed before 1/19 are up the creek and stuck in limbo like 2 years ago.



    That link should allow you to order transcript or go to



    Filed 1/7 through TT. Accepted 1/11. Still not able to order transcripts. Says not available for the tax year selected. Blah, blah, blah.
    Kinda wishing I hadn’t filed so early, maybe I wouldn’t be so anxious. Haha!




    Can someone so kindly tell me how I can order transcripts?



    @nara make sure you’re entering your address just as it appears on your tax return from last year…if you moved and used a different address this year, they may be updating it in the system.



    Filed 1/11 Tax Act, accepted 1/13 and cannot order transcripts. I’m a bit worried now.



    IRS says my address doesn’t match what they have on file. I just checked the address and it’s right!

    What did I do wrong?

    Thank you! :)


    Mr. Kevin

    Um I filed 1/4 accepted 1/11 and still can’t view my transcript even though all of you can. Grr! Government!



    I believe it means they haven’t finished processing your return just my opinion. Try later. I believe the ones able to order there transcripts by the end of today will see an update Tomorrow morning on WMR.



    I have a good feeling tomorrow we will see DDDs! Filed 1/23 accepted 1/23 Kansas Accepted 1/23 Missouri Accepted 1/23



    Mine claims that my information doesn’t match for whats on file. I’ve double checked it and it does. What exactly does that meant?



    I filed with TT on the 22nd and was just now able to order return transcript for 2015, does that mean my refund has been approved



    I was just able to order my 2015 return transcript, does that new it’s already approved?



    Same here, Tasha. Seems like transcripts are starting to become available now. Check it out for yourselves frens :]



    I filed with a new address this year and the system recognized it today and let me order my transcripts. Still 1 bar on WMR. Maybe Friday!



    I tried to order my transcripts this morning, and was told I didn’t have any for this tax year, so I guess my return has not been processed yet. I’m done with checking everyday. I’ll check again Monday. I don’t expect my refund til the 2/5 anyway. I have always been one to get their refund exactly at 14 days (not counting weekends). I was hoping for a miracle this year, lol.



    I was able to order 2015 Return Transcript, filed 1/20 accepted 1/21



    I recall there being an option to download last year too, but only saw the by mail option for this year. Just for giggles I tried to get the transcript ordered by mail and it said it was not available for this tax year.

    Maybe that would be a way for us to judge..well.. guess at things?



    @cevyn They did away with online due to security issues



    I tried to look at mine, but the only option it gives me is to order by mail. But last year there was an online download option. Am I the only one or am I going to the wrong place?



    I just tried to order mine but it says my address doesn’t match their records. Need to see how my husband input it.

    I did see that a lady on the I got my refund Facebook page was able to finally order her return transcript.

    I don’t know if the site has already updated or not. If it has, I’m still sitting at one bar.



    I’m able to order my 2015 account transcript but not return.



    I really doubt we will be able to order them this year, not until well past the deposit date. They stopped us from obtaining refund status info on our own lol



    No luck here either.

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