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    Hi all,

    I filed 1/25 accepted a few hours later. Requested transcripts 2/4. Received letter 4464C (review letter) today 2/12. Not only did I receive 4464C letter dated 2/7 but I also received blank transcripts date 2/5 saying return not received. With the dates of the letters only a few days apart, how could my return be under review if just 2/5 transcripts said no return received. Anywho I call the tax advocate as waiting 60 days for my refund would put me in a bit of a financial hardship as I am a single mother of 2 (yes claiming both credits) per the advocate he explained from what he could see everything matched up on my return and went through the entire spill about the new tax law holding up certain refunds with certain credits. He placed me on hold 2x to look over my return and explained again he didn’t see why they would hold mine for 60 days and at this point because the advocate did not see any issue or reason for the review there was really nothing they could work with. He explained I could either get my return at the end of feb, beginning of March and if by the 2nd week if nothing to call back to discuss my hardship further. Has anyone else been through this? If so please share

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    I was told I was under review when I called the Irs to order my transcripts. The person I spoke with said it could take anywhere to 45 days which would put me st April 1. He said if I received a letter it would be CP something. This has never happened to me. Will it take that long and what can I expect ? Will I see a update tonight or will they hold it until they’re finished reviewing me ?

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    What are your cycle codes?

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    I think its pretty normal. My guess is we will see our refunds sooner than later if they don’t see an issue.

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    So is it normal for a advocate not to open a case for you? due to them not seeing any issues?

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    I also had the 4464C and called this morning. My representative told me the same thing, everything lines up and they have all the information they need. I will be calling again if I don’t have my refund by the middle of March.

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    I received that letter last year and got my money 3 days later, so I guess it could go both ways. I think they sent it to me to stall (it was after 21 days due to the PATH) so I think sometimes they have to send letters just so they won’t be held accountable for the 21 day deadline, but you never know. Hopefully, it won’t delay anything for you.

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    @lisa. Last year I received that letter and was under review. Your transcripts will be available but the refund will not get released. They had me send in receipts for proof of my income and I didn’t get my refund until the middle of April. I even gotta tax advocate to help and that’s the earliest that I got it. I’m in the same boat again this year but I haven’t received a letter yet but the irs had told me that my return has been pulled again for further review so I’m guessing I’m going to do the same thing as last year. Good luck

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