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    I noticed a lot of people’s bars went missing with a topic 152 . I was wondering how many people had their refund amount disappear to?

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    I filed on the 8th of Jan and was accepted on the12th of Jan but the only thing I have gotten so far is a change from having a bar that says your tax return is accepted to your tax return is being processed a direct deposit date will be provided when available. I even got the e-mail stating it was accepted. The other difference I noticed was on turbo tax my date change to a later date. Very weird.


    My Money Funny

    My bars are missing and it states we have your refund please allow 21 days…..I thought it was to early for this. Anyone else?



    Starting to worry. Little strange that a lot of us have the bars gone and no amount shown. We all can’t be under review. I hope we all hear something soon



    i haven’t had bards since sun. A lot of people are missing bars. I’ve on irs site and it says that’s these can disappear. It doesn’t mean anything.



    Does anyone know what it means? Its only been 3 days so why are the bars already gone? My bars went missing today and amount is gone. Anyone knows what that means? Should I call?



    I don’t buy it. There are way to many people who filed early with this issue. If this theory was true… imagine how long it would take the critically understaffed IRS to process all of the returns…



    For thsoe with missing bars which I got this morning and the message your tax refund is being processed will have a ddd when available if this video is correct people watch it on YouTube

    Per the video we have to be reviewed by a person and were flagged for some reason. If after the review and their are no issues you will get an update on WMR with a ddd but watch the video hope this helps I know this sucks we are all needing that money but at the moment if your bars are missing a tax person has to manually review your return.



    Interesting info @danielle, I filed 1/12, accepted 1/13, Had bars on 1/14 and they disappeared on 1/15…SO if that is my new acceptance date so be it. I wonder why so many people got re-sequenced though?? I guess that is something we will never know …



    I called the IRS on Tuesday about my missing bar and I was told by 2 different people they went missing because we were resequenced and got a new acceptance date. The day your bars went missing is basically the new accepted date for you. For example I was “accepted” on the 13th through Taxact and on the 16th my bars went missing, whenever I call the IRS they tell me that my accepted date is 1/16. Hope this makes sense.



    @kristen, I know last year, IRS did the big updates on Friday nights. So hopefully we will know by this weekend.



    i was accepted on the 13th. Wmr had me at first bar. Then on the 18 it went missing. In the last couple of days the amount disappeared as well.



    Still the same. No bars, Tax Topic 152 and my amount is missing as well. Thought there would be a huge update last night. Nope. Will wait for tonight!!! Wishing everyone the best!



    I filed last night at 8, was accepted at 10 and at that time WMR had a bar and my refund amount. Checked this morning, still one bar and refund amount, but now I have tt 152.


    thizness man

    filed 1/9, accepted 1/12, bars disappeared 1/13, not sure when amount went missing, still missing today with topic 152.



    If I remember from prior years that means they are processing your return when the bar and refund amount disappears. I think the it will update with a DDD in the next 48 hours if I remember correctly.



    I was wondering if any ones bars have shown back up. Last year this happened to my husband then a couple of days later he had 2 bars and a ddd. I was just wondering.



    If you go to the WMR FAQ you’ll see this:
    Does Where’s My Refund always display my refund status with the tracker showing three steps?
    No. In some cases the tracker graphic will not be shown if your return is being reviewed prior to step two: “Refund Approved,” and instead an explanation or instructions will be provided depending on the situation. This can happen even if you previously checked Where’s My Refund and it showed the status as “Return Received” along with the tracker. In these cases be assured that we have your tax return and we are processing it. Please follow the directions provided by Where’s My Refund?. Otherwise if we need more information we will contact you – usually by mail. If we send you a letter about your return, please follow the instructions in the letter as soon as possible.



    Went TT. Accepted on 12th with one bar. Lost bar and refund amount 3 days later. Not a clue what’s up but I’m patient as hell



    Was accepted in the early test batch last week. Had one bar but today the bars are gone and its says it’s being processed. No bars or amount and topic 152. Praying for a change when it updates tonight but not holding my breathe.



    Wishing all of us the best of luck. This I the first time I’ve had this happen so I was freaking out. When I called it says the same thing. Trying think only positive thoughts!!!



    Does anyone know what time wmr site updates



    My bar and refund amount went missing on 1/15/15. My return was accepted on 1/13/14 with TaxAct. I had this exact same thing happen last year and it came back up a few days later with a DDD and my approved bar showing refund amount. I’m hoping we all have that same outcome with no issues.



    mine has been barless with no amount since the day after I filed. Also have the 152. Hopefully tomorrow something will change.



    Me too Kristen. Wish we had some type of clue what it means. Praying its good!!!



    I have no idea but mine has been like that for days without change and its truly driving me insane. I hope it changes soon



    Does anyone have an insight as to what is going on with us missing our bars and amounts but says still processing and code 152???



    My bars are gone since 1/14 accepted 1/12 refund amount gone



    So glad this topic is here so I know that I’m not the only one. My one acceptance bar disappeared. Just says “Your tax return is still being processed”. Hopefully they are just in a crunch right before true acceptance day tomorrow.



    Same here. Amount and bars missing with tax topic 152. Filed 1\13 accepted 1\14.



    Mine is still sitting on being processed as well. My amount is still there and so are my bars with topic 152. Filed and accepted on 1/14 with TaxAct.



    I was accepted 1/12. Bars disappeared on 1/14 but my amount is still there with a code 152



    Anyone get a DDD yet



    I was accepted 1/12 and my bar a refund amount have been missing since Friday



    Mine is the same, filed 1/7 using Taxact, accepted 1/13 and 3 days later on 1/16 I lost my bars and had tax topic 152 the entire time, still do. My amount is gone too.



    Mine says it is still being processed topic 152 no refund amount on side. No tracking bars either.

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