Post here if wmr says Your tax return is still being processed

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    Mine is still saying this..but it updated today with the refund amount on the side> This happen to anyone else?

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    Filed 1/19 Accepted 1/23 had the still processing message with refund amount no tax topic since end of January just got ID verify letter today

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    What did your letter say

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    Still processing tc152
    Filed 1/30
    Acceted 1/ 30
    Spoke to irs additional review wait 45 days from 2/14
    Transcript came today with cycle 20180705 3/5/2018
    150 tax return filed
    806 w-2 or 1099 withholding
    766 credit to your acct
    768 earned income credit
    570 additiinal acct action needed
    TODAY-spoke to irs again and was told there are no letters, no one reviewing my return, and to allow 45 Days from 2/21….. get home and I have LTR 4464C in the mail dated 2/23 stating my return was selected for review.

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    Ok, I got some clarity in my conversation with the IRS and HRBlock today…so if you filed with HRB early… here’s a snipped of the note I got:

    “Your return includes Schedule A: Itemized Deductions and included medical expenses.”


    “Your return is in “pending” status and hasn’t been rejected by the IRS. Congress recently lowered the threshold for the medical expense deduction from 10% of your AGI to 7.5%, which means you might be able to get a bigger refund (or owe less tax) this year. So, we’re holding your return until the IRS updates its system.

    Once the IRS updates its system to reflect the lower threshold, we’ll email you again with instructions on how to file again to take advantage of these changes. Please wait until you hear from us — you won’t be able to e-file again until IRS system changes have been made. ”

    So per the IRS rep I got today, my return was manually entered despite filing on 1/25 and being accepted on 1/25, my filing date with HRB is 2/19/2018.

    I was told to allow 6 weeks from the 1/25 date which would be 3/12 and I should have my refund by then.

    I believe as the email states some early filers whose forms didn’t update to the new calculations are having to be manually processed. Hence, filers that filed and were accepted after us early filers have already gotten their refunds.

    So in a week I should know something, hopefully. Probably most of us will…

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    @Rosebud the second time you called …when told that you’re getting your refund …did he mention If you’re being reviewed by them ?

    Seems like me and you getting the run around

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    So same “still being processed a date will be given bla bla

    Called today was told 45 days from the 15th

    Had to basically press her about why she said don’t worry it’s random and was flagged because …it was random lol

    I find this so funny

    Then she sounded so sure that it was a letter sent out but then when I asked a letter about what …the reason ..she goes oh I don’t know but if you do get the letter .

    These are all tactics to stall

    She then goes not 45 days but could be sooner doesn’t mean nothing is wrong .

    And If it does take 45 days April 1 …April 2nd is when my refund is given..or if not call

    Lmaooooo I can’t with these reps they really don’t know wtf to say

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    Chrystal Jackson

    Hello, im in the same boat. I jave the same message and i also had it last year as well. Last year inwas put under review, i had to prove my daughter my employment and my head of house hold status. I kept gettinh the run around so i finally got a tax advocate to help me around the end of June. I finally got my taxes Aug 26th of last year.

    So i called today to ses what the problem is this year and i was told that wmr should update tomorrow and if i see no change to call back on Wednesday. Then i can find out what is going on or if im under review.

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    I filed 1/30 accepted same day. One bar went missing 2/18 with processing message. Still no changes . Called irs today and lady said anyone who claimed eitc or actc refunds were being held until tomorrow 2/27 which was a lie. I know a lot of people who claimed those credits already got their money last week and filed way after I did. I’m not under review , no letters were sent out. So I’m just waiting it out. I’ll post if anything updates tomorrow or this week.

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    Filed and accepted on 2/4 had one bar until 2/18 now it’s saying still processing a refund date will be provided when available… then it has my last four of social and my filing status.

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    Oh, and I’d also like to add that they’ve selected random people to hold for review. I’d think it’d make sense to review people who are getting over at least $5k back in taxes.

    I have a flight to catch tomorrow, and I filed my taxes early in hopes of having the funds in time for what I need to do. Very frustrating…

    Anyway, I hope our refunds are delivered to us soon!

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    I filed 2/3.
    Accepted 2/3.

    I’ve been getting the same message as everyone else.
    Refund is still being processed, date will be provided when available, TT152, blaahh.
    I’ve had that message since the 2/3! Nothing’s changed. Not once. Never had any bars.

    So today I contacted the IRS as it’s been over 21 days. I was told that my refund is under review. Of course it is! (eyeroll). So I was given the 45 day run around as well. The representative I spoke with seemed to stumble on his words. He started to tell me I should receive a letter in the mail and to call back in 45 days if I don’t get it. No further info.

    So I called back today to see if I would get a more info from someone else. I had no idea when the 45 days started or ended! So the next agent I spoke with informed me that I should receive my refund by March 31st, and if not to call back. GEEZ!

    This is the first time this has happened to me and it’s really making my fiscal situation worse…

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    I think the IRS is BS. Us
    Called last week cause I was still processing. Rude young girl said they want going to look at my review till 3/5
    Call today a nice guy told me they started reviewing it on Feb 15.
    I was accepted on Jan 29.
    I think there just. Telling us something
    To delay us. I haven’t got any letters. Or. Codes on my war. Wtf. In a waitress and have been seeing alto of people with kids including my sister already get threes. Back

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    Filed and accepted Feb 1st… Had one bar… Then updated to still being processed code 152… Hasn’t changed

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    I called last week said to wait 45 days then I called today so rude now saying I was sent out a letter 4464c what is that I ask my taxpayer she never heard if it someone help please

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    Same thing… I cant believe this…

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    Mine is still being processed as well. I filed end of January. I called and they told me mine was under review and to wait 45 days. Ugh

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    Shawn kim

    Still see that message as well. They said it could take 45 days to be reviewed.

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    mines tooo received a letter 4464C

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    Desperately waiting

    Still processing tc152
    Filed 1/30
    Acceted 1/ 30
    Spoke to irs additional review wait 45 days from 2/14
    Transcript came today with cycle 20180705 3/5/2018
    150 tax return filed
    806 w-2 or 1099 withholding
    766 credit to your acct
    768 earned income credit
    570 additiinal acct action needed
    Anyone help am i gettin return or sonething wrong

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    So I called today. The wait was not terrible long, maybe 10 min. They advised my return was accepted on 2/9. and updates should be coming on March 2. I had one bar early on with TT 152, then it disappeared, now one bar has reappeared with Tax topic. Hopefully a DD by next week.

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    Filed on Jan 30th and IRS accepted my tax return the same day. As of today it’s still processing with no bars. Tax Topic 152 and nothing else. No emails or letter in the mail. What’s really going on? People who claimed EITC and ACTC have been getting their money. IRS be lying.

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    @Nicole I’m in the same situation!

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    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

    I’ve been getting this message for weeks. I FINALLY got a hold of someone at the IRS and apparently my federal return is under review. He said I didn’t do anything wrong, but it’ll take a little more time to process and said I should have the money direct deposited by April 1st, but to call back if I get a letter or the funds aren’t there at that time. I can understand, but pure craziness. Some of us depend on this money every year!

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    Fael Martinez

    Tax Return still processing, Taxes accepted on the 4th, lost bars on the 22nd of Feb. Called IRS today and got told I was under review and that they sent out a letter on the 22nd. Also that my review can take 60 days. Rep wasn’t able to give me an other answer other than to wait for the letter.

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    It seems as if were Never gonna get our refund!

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    @Rere that is ridiculous the rep I spoke with when I called told me I was under review give it 45 days from the 15th that if I didn’t receive a letter or anything April 1st would be the ending of the 45 days

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    So I called again today. Had to speak to 2 reps to get the right info. The first person gave the same lie about EITC credits not being updated until tomorrow, said I wasn’t under review. The second person I talked to, confirmed that I am indeed under review. However she told me they have 45 days from February 15 (April 12th to be exact – her words) to either send me a letter or process my return. No letters have been sent out yet.

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    I file on 2/1/18 and was accepted the same day. I immediately had one bar but on 2/16 the disappeared and still processing message appeared. I’ve been check status daily on WMR but no movement. I claimed the EIC and I know the IRS didn’t start processing returns with certain credit until 2/17. I wonder if you fall in this category of returns exactly when do you start counting your 21 day window. Would it be the date you file or beginning on 2/17

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    I filed 1/30 i had 1 bar until 2/15 i got the your return is being processed a date will be provided when available tax topic 152 call the the irs on 2/23 just for them to tell me I’m under review and that there’s not anything for me to do but wait 45 days no letter been sent out or anything this never happen to me and i hate that the irs can’t tell you anything over phone but i will be calling back again to see if someone can tell me something

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    @deanna I’m hoping! I’m under review though, so who knows. It could take up to 45 days.

    @rere see I filed the 29th too an I feel like if you filed on the 29th (official processing day) you’re being penalized. It just feels like they’re purposely holding onto our money until they feel like releasing it. Everyone around me with EIC filed AFTER me and received theirs well before the 27th.

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    I filed on 01/29. WMR has no bars, says still being processed. After calling the IRS 3 times, I finally got told I’m under “additional review” & as of Thursday the 22nd, my return was being held for the EITC Credit until the 27th. Plus I was told I was on an additional 2 week hold (from 2 weeks after the 27th). The 2 week hold is supposedly cuz I selected by random for additional review. I was told no letters have gone out, but they have 2 weeks from the 27th to either send me a letter or process my refund. Basically if you have that still being processed message after your 21 day mark, you’re under review! I know 2 weeks is probably a lie to get me off the phone. I probably won’t get my taxes until the summer. :’(

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    Will we get approved soon does that mean?

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    @deanna If i’m not mistaken, that means were cycle 7 and we’re weeklys we don’t update until friday-saturday. Also, we didn’t officially begin to process until 2/19.

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    I have this msg got transcript in mail 20180705 cycle? Don’t see codes on paper one’s

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    Second time

    I file on 1/23 got accepted on 1/24 change to path message couple days later on 2/16 change to processed message stay that way until today update to dd of 3/1 I did called the irs on Monday and only thing the lady said to me was it don’t have my money by March 5th call back this tax season sucks I am almost done with good luck everyone I know how you all feel

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    i ordered my transcripts by mail both of them does that mean i am done processing…please help

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    I’m in the same boat! This tax season is a pain!

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    Samantha Benton

    I still have the same message I have had for the past 3 weeks:
    ” your tax return is still being processed, a refund date will be provided when available”
    And I have a tax topic 152… I have had no update I got accepted on the 19th of jan. I am going insane.

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    I’m in the same boat. I filed 1/29. I have the message still being processed. I called when my 21 days were up, they said I was under review could take up to 45 days which is bs to me. I know people who filed the same time an we’re all under review. My sister filed Friday 2/16 an she already has a DDD of 2/28. It seems like if you filed early they’re purposely making you wait!

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    @Cathy thanks for responding and seems that’s all we can do.

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    I had to fax 8692 and 1095a in on Feb 12th I have approved and a dd this morning for 3/1 so be patient its coming

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    When is the next big update ? I have yet to see a change in my status. I filed 1/25 accepted same day lost bars, & amount. Few days to a week later my amount appeared. 21 days passed I called the irs was told I was under review but what’s weird is I never received a message or code or any letter. I was told to give it 45 days if they needed any information I will be sent a letter. Same dependents, same HOH, more income was added. Anyone have any information that could help me out. This has been really crazy

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    I never post, but I wanted to offer some hope. I filed February 3 and wasn’t accepted until the 6th. I have all the credits and whatnot. I got the PATH message but then that disappeared a few days later. I then saw only that my return was being processed. There were no codes whatsoever. Until this morning, February 25th! I have two bars and am approved for a DD of March 1st! I hope that eases some people. Your money is coming. Just be patient.

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    Brenda Scurlock

    Filed 1/25 got letter2/16 stating needed 1095 which JH forgot to include in my return. E-filed forms back 2/20 still says processing with no refund date n no bars yet.

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    I filed on 2/9, accepted 2/9. Had one bar for a little bit, 2/19, status updated to still being processed and my refund amount disappeared. I claimed credits. 2/24 my status said approved with a ddd 2/28 so I really don’t believe the still being processed message means much it defiently doesnt mean youre under review.

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    krystalyn fonseca

    Hey guys so I know a lot of people are freaking out over the “still processing” message. So let me tell you, I filed on the 12th it was accepted minutes after I filed. Then on like the 17th i lost all bars. Got a message that it was still processing with tt152 message and my re fund amount was gone from the left side. It stayed that way until this morning. I now have a ddd of 2/28. I just want y’all to know that not everyone is gonna have to id verify or under 45 day review. So don’t panic!

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    I’m in the same boat! This tax season is a pain in the rear! I’ve never gon through any of this before!

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    Seriously….filed end of Jan. Looked last week, said est. Dep. date was 2/22…waited a few extra days…just in case…just checked…says “still being processed” no codes….

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    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Got a letter on 2/12 dated 2/7
    Saying the irs is conducting a review and there was nothing for me to do but wait 60 days.
    Contacted the irs on 2/22 and was told my with holdings didn’t match my W2 asked if I could fax or come in to the local irs and hand them my w2 to get this issue resolved was told no there’s nothing for me to do except wait that the irs will contact a third party and once the review is finished they will send me my refund.. called a tax advocate and was told if I use them it stops everything and will delay the process more was told my best bet is to just wait for a second letter in the mail and my refund to be released so frustrated because I’ve never had this issue but was told TT has messed up a few people refunds adding and subtracting with holding amounts and that is why you should always double check your with holding amounts ! Has anyone else had this issue and them give you anymore answers ??

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    filed/accepted 1/29, could order account transcripts on 2/16. On Saturday 2/17 my one bar went to no bars and “Still being processed” on WMR. Haven’t tried to check the transcripts again. I called on Monday 2/19 in which I was told that they have finished processing but they were checking for offsets and to give it another 2 weeks to complete. I am afraid to call again, that I might here news I dont want to, so I sit here, read and wait.

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