Post here if wmr says Your tax return is still being processed

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    Mine is still saying this..but it updated today with the refund amount on the side> This happen to anyone else?

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    Also – I should add that WMR hasn’t updated for me at all during all this- I’ll check tomorrow – but maybe whoever posted that they aren’t updating it anymore had some foresight.

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    I am so sorry you’re going through all that! What kind of stuff do they want you to send in to verify your income? I wonder if you’ll get a LTR12C too? I had to send in my W2, my spouse’s W2 and our 401k information. Hopefully it’s something easy like that?

    My transcript updated today with an 846 code-my refund should be issued on 7/25 with $106.08 in interest.

    Don’t know if all the stress and what if’s were only worth $100 some odd… but at least they’re doing right by tacking it on.

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    Marty B

    Just got off the phone with them. Stupid me. Although my letter said 45 day hold their computer said 60 day hold and the lady on the phone straight told me they’re gonna make me prove my self employment income. And even at that it’ll be ANOTHER 60 day hold. So I might get my refund to Christmas shop with, MAYBE.

    NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I BEEN SO ASS RAMMED!! I’m beyond pissed off!!!!!!!!!!! Ooooooh and she said they’d sent me a letter on June 11th placing my return on the 60 day hold and not just the 45 day hold btw. Such absolute horseshit!

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    Marty B

    No check, no letter from irs or nothing today! If nothing by Monday I’m calling them!

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    @Chris: Hate that you have to wait more, but you also proved that the rumor that the IRS will never make adjustments on their end is false. At least you have a solid timeframe now.

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    My last letter said I would have a check within 2-3 weeks. It was dated July 2 so hopefully tomorrow I get good news :\

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    I received a CP24 today in the mail (why is it that this week is the first week in a month that my USPS informed delivery hasn’t been delivered until after my mail has been collected from our mail box? 😂😂)

    Anyway, as I suspected – they said that my return was adjusted due to my estimated tax payment, I should receive payment in the next 4-6 weeks. Lol, more waiting, but it appears my saga is nearly over.

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    Is there any legal action we can take? This is just absurd! No refund, no explanation, nothing even mentioned on the media about this mess!!! What a shame!!

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    @Marty B, yes please update us on what the next step for you is, as I’m sure I will follow you. Had high hopes your ordeal was over, finally!

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    Marty B

    WMR still not updated. Supposed to have my check today per CP05 notice.

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    Marty B

    I guess I’ll probably call them when nothing comes in the mail. I’ll let you know their next stall tactic should I get one.

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    Marty B

    My situation is supposed to be over today. It’s the 19th. My WMR never has updated or changed. I’ll let you all know when my mail runs, but at this point I’m in doubts myself. I hope you all get your refunds and this nightmare will be over for us all!

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    @Chris: don’t even waste your time calling the “Idiot call center”. There certainly instructed only, to ask you questions, put you on hold, only to get back to you to say that: A. You have the Phantom letter coming, B. Your under another 45-60 day wait or C. You have to ID Verify. Biggest bunch of Ashats’ ever hired, and instructed to give you zero info. The Ferderal reserve lit up the IRS over last years bogus returns. This year we’re all paying the price! And no one at that Ashat’ agency gives a Damn Crap!!!

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    I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that something happens on Saturday. My status has stayed firmly on the we have received your return and it is being processed for the past 2-3 weeks after being stuck on the still processing and a date will be provided when available status for months.

    If nothing happens this weekend – I am thinking of calling them on Monday just to poke around and see what’s going on.

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    Lol @Marty B

    I think at this point lube is useless, weve all been taking the pounding for so long now that when i fart it sounds like blowing into an empty beer bottle.

    Anyhow like everyone else on here i still dont have any update and i got the same “flagged for review” BS letter in the mail mo ths ago.. cant even remember when cuz its been so long. Oh well. Im sick of checking the app everydsy for an update but somehow I keep doing it. Clinging to an ikling of hope. Shits getting old real fast.

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    Marty B

    Spooky, I just think of my refund check was being mailed out my WMR would’ve updated by now with only 2 days left! I keep reading where the CP05 letter is just another stall tactic. After that many folks were on hold another 60 days or longer!! Just absolutely ridiculous!

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    @Marty B, someone on here updated last week on WMR, but I’ll be damned if mines been the same for over 5 months now. Your times up in two more days, rooting like hell for you and the others here! It’s horrible that there’s nothing anyone can do but hurry up and wait. I don’t even have it in me to call anymore, and of course they only use stall tactics, reverse what we were told last time, talk of phantom letters mailed etc. etc. Anything NOT TO DO THEIR DAMN JOB!

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    Marty B

    Ya know I keep suggesting getting lube and being prepared for the pounding next year, but with all of us already in a financial hardship now lube just may not be an option……

    Bring out the Crisco!!

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    @lakey I got a TA back in May but still have not received my refund. He called me on June 13 and told me that all I was waiting on was for the IRS to update my amended return which would only take a matter of minutes but I haven’t back from him and I am still yet to receive a refund. I even sent documents over for a hardship. So I really can’t say that they will help. I have seen some people saying that they does.

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    Somebody anybody, please tell me what will this TA help me with? I’ve sent in every thing to show proof of the credits claimed on my returns for 2014 and 2015, I had been receiving my refund every year up until now, IRS states that they sent letters to me but I moved quite a bit and didnt receive the letters for being audit those years, long story short I’ve been going back and forward with the IRS for 6 months now, I got a TA, sent in all info, was told she would call me, but I only get information if I call her, she has not called me, WHATS NEXT??? Will a TA really help me? How long is the wait after all documents have been sent in?

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    Marty B

    Folks I’m beginning to think myself WMR doesn’t update anymore. Mines been screwed up since April. My situation is supposed to be fixed by the 19th according to my CP05 letter or they have to request more information I guess. Sucks. Everyone get lube ready for next year and spread those cheeks apart, next year won’t be any better!

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    @Shay….. no updates or anything.seems a few got DD dates but most of us are still sitting here waiting.

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    @Chris, yeah… if your a weekly, we only update Saturday mornings. And we continue to hurry up and wait!

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    Also I still don’t know if the notice sent action on my transcripts refers to the LTR12C I received back in April or if it’s a new notice. There’s only one code transaction for a notice being sent on my transcripts. I’ve never dealt with that before so I have no idea.

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    All of my stuff remains unchanged. It says today is the processing due date – so I imagine that would include all of today.

    Hopefully tomorrow – if not I believe I’m on a weekly cycle and those updates are pushed on Saturdays correct? So might not see any changes until then?

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    I just wanted to check in to see if anyone has received any updates. I still have not. WMAR is still saying received. I’m just curious to know if WMAR even updates.

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    My WMR says received; approved; refund sent
    telling me that it was deposited in my bank on MAY16

    well it never was.

    i then got 4464C letter dated April 25th saying 60 days

    then received CP05 letter saying review would be done by JULY 5th (45 days from May 21st letter date)

    nothing. hoping for some news tomorrow 7/16 as other posters have said something about deposits on Monday.

    good luck all

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    Insane part that we’re now overlooking…. is, if they asked for whatever the hell it is they need….. months ago, they would have had it instead of playing these stupid stall tactics. 60 Days…. then another, then an ID verify, then another 9 weeks. Blah blah blah. And by now, the real crooks have already figured out ways around their stupid audit filters, that are only hurting real working folks! Yet another example of government Not working for the people.

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    Marty B

    I’d say they’re gonna want something else since I’ve not heard anything and nothing has been updated yet. Sadly.

    This sucks so bad!

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    Marty B

    They still have 4 days to either issue my refund or request more information according to my CP05 letter. I guess we shall wait and see!

    My WMR hasn’t updated since I lost my bars in March.

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    Has anyone just gotten no updates at all? We got the 60 day letter initially and after that time called the number provided. We were told that all the information about the return had been pulled from the system as they were making the decision about weather or not to audit. No uptates have been given since then. (That was June 18)
    No letters, no request to I’d verify, no change in the where’s my refund page. Just says still processing.
    Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Zero update…… like watching paint melt on the side of a barn!

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    I didn’t get any updates either. I wasn’t really expecting one when my transcripts have a processing date of 7/16. Hopefully next week I see some movement, a letter, anything.

    I honestly believe that the reason mine is held up is because my CPA didn’t include the estimated prepayment I made early last year and so the IRS is showing that they owe me more than I claimed. So I probably will have to file an amended return.

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    Marty B

    Well just checked and no updates for me this morning! Hope some of you others have more luck!

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    Marty B

    I’m truly sorry for your loss hon!

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    Sorry for the late reply my daughter in law passed away .. yes it was by mail . It said they needed to verify my information and it had a lot of forms kinda like the original return except like my son that I claim is older so I needed something showing he lived with me etc . Kinda more detailed . I’m not sure why they waited this long but the did so I guess I’m officially AUDITED lol

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    Finally I got DDD of 7/18. Man oh man. Its been a long journey thanks to my adovocate. I did receive interest.

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    Marty B

    I’m supposed to hear from them or have my check on or before the 19th. Fingers crossed!

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    Marty B

    Well , let’s all just keep praying and hope for the best! The next wave of returns go out next week. Maybe we are all part of them!

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    So, I was informed that they received my paperwork and that they will be finished reviewing that by 10/26/2018. Talk about some BS!!! letter was dated July 2. I fail to see how it should take almost 4 months to check my paperwork and issue me my return. The IRS needs to be dismantled along with the federal reserve system.

    I am however, going back to using my tax guy. and he is cheaper than HR.

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    I finally heard from my TA yesterday. He stated that all I’m waiting on was the irs to go in and make adjustments to my refund. When I asked how long does it take he stated a matter of minutes. They have been holding my amended refund since June 4 and I even filed for a hardship. I wish there was a way for us not to pay taxes. It’s insane how they are still able to collect taxes from us but we can’t get what is doing due to us from them. This is my last year using TurboTax if this is what is going to happen. Next year I’m using HR Block.

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    It’s positively crazy to still be here talking about a refund when it’s the middle of July. I now feel for those that had these issues last year, but I don’t think it was as many. At this point I’ll check WMR Saturday’s as I’m a weekly, but I can’t even get excited that I may see one this year. The timeframe of the letters and lack of information is horrible. I hope those that created this mess some day have to suffer what we all have had to deal with themselves to truely understand what they have done!

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    Marty B

    Yea go to H&R Block! There’s is almost flawless. You get what ya pay for I guess as they cost out the ass! I’m still waiting for an update myself here. I didn’t use turbo tax I mailed mine in. But it’s very rare they hold or audit a Block return. I’ve researched this. Turbo tax and independent filers were the main target.

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    @Jeannine Damn….. very sorry! And yes it’s crazy that they waited this long for more information! This whole year has been beyond insanity and I’m sure another TurboTax users next year will be targeted. Hang in there, I’m rooting and praying hard for ALL of us!

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    Marty B

    Wow…..I truly wish you the best with the audit. I’m so sorry we’re all having such issues. Not sure what or why the irs is being so mean to us all this year but sure hoping they get it straight for next!

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    It was a letter in the mail saying I was being audited to send in documentation and had a ton of papers … it makes no sense why did they not tell me a long time ago ?? Unreal ….

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    @Jeannine Did they tell you to hold tight and wait or that they needed documents? Yes, crazy indeed at this time!

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    What sort of information is required from an audit? I’m unfamiliar?

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    Well I just checked my mail and got a AUDIT letter from the IRS …. unreal …

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    @Crystal… Thanks for sharing! That lines up with what Marty B was saying is the next wave of direct deposits. Hopefully more of us will soon see the same. Enjoy getting yours!

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