Post here if wmr says Your tax return is still being processed

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    Mine is still saying this..but it updated today with the refund amount on the side> This happen to anyone else?

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    i have the same message ” Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.” called and received 60 day letter. still no update filed on 1/31 looks like im looking at mid may for my damn money even though i know WMR updates once a day i check 3 times at midnight 3am and 8am just incase i missed the update time since i don’t know when they update the system so……………….

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    @artic.turtle ME

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    @givememydamnmoney I hope so thank you!

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    DOEs wmr update twice today? I haven’t updated yet, I filed on 2/28. I read somewhere it updates 2x on Saturdays.

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    @newtocali The 3 day deadline is for communication, I believe, so the IRS is supposed to respond to the TA within 3 days. It sounds like your TA was just unsure if the IRS would release your return yesterday or this upcoming Friday, then. I’m pretty sure that my TA said that the released returns only go back into the system for processing/acceptance on Fridays and refunds are sent out only on Wednesdays. That means IF the IRS released your refund yesterday then you should get a DDD of 3/28, the next Wednesday at the latest I would think.

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    @givememydammmoney yes that was the first time I talked to her she said I shouldn’t have to send in anything since the only reason they are holding my refund is because my w2 I used to file from one of my employers is different then what they reported

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    @newtocali Is that the first time you talked to your TA? The 3 day deadline could be depending on what the response is for or could be based on how many cases they have ahead of yours. For me, the 3 days was to respond to her to tell her what they need from me in order to release my refund. Again, I don’t know if that deadline adjusts based on how busy they are or not.

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    Just letting you know I am still here.
    Originally filed and accepted on 01/31 with H and R Block. About 2 days after got processing message online and never received path message, even though I filed for EIC and child care credit. On 2/17 I received the 60 day review letter to do nothing dated for 2/7 and during this time lost bars and went to “still processing” with all info on side and tax topic 152, as it still stands today. However during all this my filed date dis change to 03/1 with H and r Block which is still confusing to me as to how I received a review letter so early if I infact had never been placed into the system. I can’t review tranacripts online but ordered them around the same time I received review letter and of course they were blank. I ordered them again a little less than two weeks ago and finally they were filled in but did have the 570 hold code with the date 3/12 but no code for the letter I had already received the previous month. No more letters reveived no id verify either , and of course still no dd or change on wmr. I would call, but everyone I see call gets so many mixed messages, that I would rather wait it out then get false hope. Plus Im not in a hardship situation, its simply more annoying then anything. Who are some of the original early filers still here with me?

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    @givememydamnmoney I talked to my TA yesterday and she said she’ll put in the request yesterday but said the irs has 7-10 days to respond you stayed they told you 3 is it different because the waiting period is different for every state?

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    I was finally able to speak to a TA and my hold up was a w2 that I completely forgot about. All w2’s matched, but because I was missing one of about $300 the irs held up my refund. The TA is submitting a request to release because the amount is minimal so I pray that the irs accepts it. I have been waiting since I filed 1/31 so what’s another two or three weeks.

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    H Co.

    At what point is everyone going to learn that filing early is bad news? I’m not being ugly I was stuck in the cycle a few years ago, but I filed on the 5th of march this year w Turbo Tax and already approved w ddd. Not all the issues and the tax advocate stuff could be avoided by not filing early but a big part of it! I haven’t had any trouble since I stopped. Just a tip from someone who has gone through it. I know a few who didn’t file early may be having issues but its such a small amount.

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    @youngsfamily I first spoke to my TA on 3/6. Once your TA requests that the IRS release the hold they have 3 days to respond. Did she tell you that they released the refund yet?

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    Filed and accepted on 2/1
    Bars disappeared on 2/17
    Letter dated 2/22 says I’m under review I forgot to report 2 other w2s I had but no taxes were taken out my income was underepoted by like $700… but wouldn’t make a difference in my refund…but amr still saying processing…and my TT152 is still there it never went away I’m lost help please!!!

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    Jenny Youngs

    @givememydamnmoney how long did it take after you contacted your TA I faxed my stuff in on the 9th and she called me on Monday the 12. Just trying to get an idea. This year is ridiculous.

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    OK guys…here’s some hope for those who have a tax advocate who has told you that the IRS has released your hold on your return! WMR updated for me overnight and it now has TWO BARS!!!! and says this: Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by March 21, 2018. If your refund is not credited to your account by March 26, 2018, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Thank GOD my wait is almost over! I’ll let everyone know when the deposit hits!

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    Filed 2/2 accepted the same day…. Never got a letter until 3/16 a 4464c stating I was under a 60 day review. Now keep in mind I had already called Irs which told me I was under a 45 day review as of 3/12 and I had to just wait. Ordered transcripts and they were confusing so I just gave up and waited. This morning I decided to check wmr and it finally updated with a date of 3/21! Thank God! Right on time! So hang in there… The wait is brutal trust me I know…. But it’s coming! Good luck everyone!

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    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 1/31
    Review letter received 3/5 dated 3/1
    Got transcripts last week
    Processing Date. 3/26
    570 Date 3/26

    So confused

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    Files 1/27
    accepted 1/29
    PATH message 2/1
    Got review letter 3/8
    Called TA 3/11 sd I was under review but review ended and processed 3/5. Woke up this morning to see of 3/21.

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    Yaaaay! Woke up to ddd of 3/21! Good luck guys! See y’all next year!

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    Day 48. No change.
    F/a 1/29
    proc 03/05
    570 03/05
    Wmr no change tt152
    Recvd 4464c 3/12
    Cycle 20180705

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    Day 36 waiting w/ no update. WMR still showing still being processed. 570 code w 3/19/2018 processing date.

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    Ravin k Taylor

    I’m going threw the exact same thing you are smh.

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    And now I got a cp05 letter all it says to wait but doesn’t say how many days just says April 26th I’ll either get a new letter or my refund wtf

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    I had the same thing I underreported as well. I’m getting an additional $450 back. So I do hope we get out DDD soon. I had to amend per my advocate as well. GOOD LUCK TO YOU

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    I totally agree. It’s ridiculous at this point. I have no more talk time. I filed complaints with the Senators office and out congressional district. I have been told so many different things it’s almost an insult to keep speaking to them. All my TA said I will call you next week or by the 26th they are backed up. I said oh ok, thank you!! And at that moment I decided it was time to fight for what I’m owed. I have enough stress with my Kid and his condition and my own injury to keep this up. My son was almost taken away from me at th3 hands of thieves. I’m hurt to my core. I will fight for all of us who are Pawns in this mix up of new tax reforms. It makes no sense. They keep rearranging dates because technically they owe us interest on our money. I will not be disappointed any longer. It’s time for answers.

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    I too have received my state refund about a month ago. I figure the state would have been more strict than the feds. I filed on Jan 29 and have seen 0 progress. As taxpayers we have the right to be informed and you would think that would be within a respectable time frame. This year it seems like a free for all.

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    Hello everyone. I’m Kita. I’ve been following this forum for weeks and never commented so today I decided to chime in. Here is my story. Filed Jan 26 accepted same day. Told I was pulled for review Feb 15th and to wait 45 days. 570 with 4464 c letter recieved after the 5th. Dated for the 5th. I’ve spoke to a slew of people and I have recieved the dumbest of responses. I got a tax advocate in February. I automatically recieve one because I have had one in the past. My TA called today and said they have not made a desicion on my case and she will call me next week or by the 26th. They are backed up. I said ok cool. I called her supervisor and asked questions. It’s unprofessional to say the irs is backed up because clearly we know that. Exactly what is the issue?? Your wages dont match what we have. Oh really?? I’ve been to the ssa office and department of labor and I have wage inquiries which I faxed over with my w2s and 1099. Key note. The IRS does not recieve end of year wages per quarter until mid summer after tax season Is over. This is I verified through SSA. You can also do a wage discrepancy with them. This is not on us but is on the IRS AND THE EMPLOYER. THEY HAVE TO REPORT OF THEY HAVE AN EIN NUMBER. But again think about it?? 🤔🤔 If you filed State and recieved your refund how come your numbers match with them to recieve an approval?? If the numbers are off you would have never recieved your state refund!! Facts!!!!!! Even the Irs rep today said you know More than I do. I’m out of work since December due to an injury on the job and my son was shot in a botched robbery attempt in January which left him disabled. Hardship??? I think so and mounting Doc bills. I’ve proven this over and over. So I decided to not shed a tear and I contacted my Senators and Congressman!!! This is an outrage!! When I owed back tax they could care less if the numbers didn’t match I had to PAY UP!!!!!! TO REMOVE MY TAX LIENS!!!!! All I’m saying I pay attention. If you got that state refund like I did weeks ago those numbers are the same for federal and if they did not match you would never have gotten your state and would be under review!!! This is a bunch is fuckery!!!! I’m over it!!! Talk to the Senate I have no more room in my mental for useless answers.. I’m fighting for us…

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    It seems that the reps at the IRS call center are not authorized and/or qualified to comment on specifics about your return. They are just present as worm bodies so we don’t go into a never ending phone tree loop.

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    @chris yes it is. This year seems to be particularly nightmarish for people. All you can really do is wait unless you want to try and get ahold of a tax advocate and you have something to send in saying you are having a hardship (i.e. disconnect notice, eviction notice, etc…) They seem to just be taking their own sweet time. I filed January 22 and I’m still in “review”

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    @Rachel, I did ask she said it was because of my children credit pretty much verifying they are mine but other than that- that was the only reason I was given, I called 1 week ago and was told the same thing. I don’t get it.

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    Jenny Youngs

    @chris I’m with Rachel I had a math error and received no letter. I filed back in Jan. All they would tell me is I was j see review. I have a TA on my side now.

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    @chris not necessarily. Depends on who you talk to. Most of the IRS people I have spoken with just tell me “Youre under review and wait until your review is up before you call back”. You may have to call back several times. Frustrating I know. DId you ask them what the issue was? Some people are under review and for no reason.

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    But if it was a math error, she would of told me Yesterday, right?

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    @chris – they never sent me a letter or anything but I already knew it was a math error on my end.

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    I called IRS yesterday- got a very rude lady and all she said is to wait 60 days, If there was an issue with the math, would they have let me know already?

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    Ok so I just got off the phone with my local TA and my return is being held because my one of my employers reported different wages then what was on the W2 that I received from them in the mail so now she is working on getting my return released because it isn’t enough of a difference to affect what Im to recieve so here is my timeline so far
    Filed return 2/1 accepted same day
    Bars disappeared on2/17
    Called IRS on 2/27 told Under review
    Recieved review letter 3/5 dated 3/1
    Called TA recieved referral 3/12
    TA called 3/16
    I will post again when changes happen

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    @Chris – unfortunately no one is going to be able to tell you when you might get it. Its taken me 2 months and speaking to half a dozen different people and then finally contacting a tax advocate to try and get some answers. Unfortunately they don’t give you information so you end up having to be a freaking detective to find out what is going on. Good luck

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    I’m going crazy, i filed on January, lost bars, have a processing date of 3/05 have a date beside it of 3/12/18, no refund, no date, nothing!im weekly, does anybody has those dates as well? any ideas of what i should do? when should i get my refund?

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    @waiting I state that my income was 2,444 over what it actually was.

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    My tax lady put 23 and it was 21 so I pray they just remove it

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    Rachel what was your amount you said over 2000 but how much?

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    @sweetpea she didn’t tell me exactly but mine is over 2000. I will be getting (hopefully) an additional $800 back.

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    What there tolerance my tax lady 2000more on my account

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    @sweetpea you are right! AND I just got a call from an actual advocate (missed her first call this morning). She was SO nice and helpful and she told me that since my discrepancy doesn’t fall within the IRS “tolerance”, that I would need to amend and so I sent her my amended return and she said it may take up to 3-4 weeks. BUT she said she would handle it from here and would keep me updated. She was so nice. I can handle waiting another month as long as I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel after the last two months of being so stressed out and not knowing. FYI – anyone wondering whether they will need to amend or not – Per the tax advocate, if your math error falls within their tolerance they will release your funds and you can amend later. If it does not (like in my case) you will HAVE to amend to get your refund.

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    I filed with my last pay stub, but it was only $1 off. I filed at the end of January and got 4464c this past Monday. According to the IRS site, you cannot e-file amended returns (paper file only). It also says that it could take 3 weeks to show up in the system and up to 16 weeks to get your refund.

    It says that you should refill your original return with corrections rather than amending (if there is math or clerical errors). It also states that minor errors may be corrected by the IRS.

    It would be nice if every TA knew the correct rules. That is why I am going to wait it out. If there is a problem, I should receive additional correspondence and direction as of what to do next.

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    Don’t lose hope that the devil I started to lose it this morning and I was once told and I know this for a fact god he supplies all our need he makes a way. Out of no way when you don’t see it, god, already took care of it so I’m done stressing over this any I put it n his hands

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    Finally got through with a TA intake person with my pin number. She says they will not take any info via fax to prove my 1040 was correct per my W2, I do not qualify for hardship, and they will not process my refund at all unless I send off a 1040X to amend. I have never heard of such a thing. If I am being audited, wouldn’t they eventually send a letter rather than have me lingering in nowhere’s man land..??? I cannot trust what they are telling me right now and I’m not sure what move to make next.
    This sucks. I am not lying to these folks (which she seemed to imply). My w2 clearly states 5K less than what the employer reported.
    I am going to read around a bit and try and make a decision soon.

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    @sweetpea I don’t think I am going to amend until I hear otherwise. I faxed my info to my local TA office on monday and got a call this morning and of course I missed it! Ugh, I am losing hope.

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    Girl I called the irs today n this lady said what your irs people told you about an amendment I’m so uggggggh waiting on my advocate

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