Post here if wmr says Your tax return is still being processed

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    Mine is still saying this..but it updated today with the refund amount on the side> This happen to anyone else?

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    @RENA. Go ahead and amend. I was waiting to get some sort of letter before I did, but an agent at the IRS said they’ll NEVER send your refund if they can’t verify amounts. If you KNOW that there is a discrepancy, get a TA and amend. They’ll tell you it’s 16 weeks, but the TA can speed up the process if you have a hardship. Otherwise you’ll be waiting and waiting. I still never received a second letter after Feb 26. Nor did anything change on WMR. EVER!

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    I was finally able to get a hold of someone that was helpful at the IRS. I filed in March, had to file a paper return because my PIN was mailed to my old address. On April 9th I called and was told I was an “unpostable” due to filing without my pin. They then put me back in processing. I was told that I should update by June 11. If there are any issues with your account this year it is NINE weeks from the time that put you back in processing. She told me that it SHOULDNT take the full nine weeks but here we are just 3 weeks away from June 11th. I’m hoping to get some kind of an update soon

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    NVM. i need to post this on the home page.

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    If you have been waiting over 60 days for your refund and the IRS has never given a reason for the delay, please like this post.

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    So my 60 days were up May 14th. Called May 16th and got a really nice lady to answe however I did not like her answer; another possoble 60 days!!! Apparently, my withholding was off by exactly $1,000 dollars. So I asked can I just send in an amendment and she said no to wait till someone contacts me. Is that right? Or should I just send in the amendment?

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    So happy I got a TA that shit is real when ppl say if you don’t get one it can take forever!! My dd 2morr

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    @Shay you need a late notice(eviction) for your house or apt or you need a cut off notice light bill

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    Does anyone knows the correct form to file for a hardship. Looks like I have to help myself out. I contacted a tax advocate over a week ago and haven’t heard nothing back from them yet. If you know the correct form please help.

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    Long Dong

    I called and raised hell this morning. No luck same lame ass excuses, I’m over it! Apparently the irs needs our money worse then we the TAX PAYERS do!

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    @Shay: same boat as you, I’m now looking at July 12th. At this rate I’m thinking I may be Christmas shopping by the time I get it. And worse thing is that there’s nothing we can do. Government insanity at its best!!!

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    At this point I’m just over the irs and my taxes. I filed 2/2 and was accepted 2/3. I waited my 21 days no refund. I finally received a letter on 3/14 telling me to wait sixty days. My sixty days was up on 5/14 still no refund. I called today and they tell me that they need another sixty days which is until 7/14. At this point I’m just sick and tired of waiting and I give up. It ashamed that all they can tell me is to just wait.

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    ellie olson

    My taxes were accepted March 6th 2018 I now have topic 152 and when I contacted them they told me they had 60 days which would put the review out till May 20th. Today is May 21st and it still says topic 152

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    @dariana singleton…does yours still have TT!52? if so have you received any letters or have to id verify?..I have this same message with my amount still showing and TT152 still showing. but I was told to do nothing and just wait. what about you

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    Dariana Singleton

    Mine been saying this since Feb 3rd and still says it and it’s almost june

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    Long Dong

    Does anyone know when the irs updates the WMR app? Like time of night? It says it’s updated over night but when?

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    Ms Natalie

    Victim of identity theft so I mailed in my return in Feb went from received. To processing to still processing now I check wmr and now it say no information can be given I’m so lost?

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    So, two weeks into my second 45 day hold…. Doesn’t look like my return has even been looked at since APRIL per the transcripts…. On 4/15 I see that someone ok’d the refund but since then nada. Nothing. I have a car that I need to have fixed so I can work. This is really depressing.

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    Worse part is there’s nothing to do but “wait”, no reasons given, nothing we can do. You can’t speak to anyone, cant ask what the hold up is, can’t ask what do they need……. just “wait”! The stupid Path Act is hurting working folks! And that’s those that need it the most! And why the hell the press isn’t reporting this is just as crazy. Hmmmm…. maybe that’s the route most of us should go?

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    Marty B

    Yup folks. Getting bent over courtesy of the IRS, the prickheads don’t even offer lube or a reach around!

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    @spookrides @shay This is completely ridiculous @spooky I haven’t been waiting nearly as long as you guys so I cant imagine how irritated you guys are. I don’t expect mine any time soon either.. One a positive note at least ill have x-mas shopping money lol.

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    @Shay, @pleasehelp: same situation so I called once my 60 Days was up. Was told they were sending a letter to the “other dept.” to release the hold (Why it isn’t automated is beyond me!), and they have another 60 Days to either send me another letter or to get the refund. So now I’m looking at maybe July 12. Insanity at its best! We were accepted January 28th. bye the way. I honestly don’t expect to see any refund until this fall as they seem to have zero hurry and adlib and bullshit us as it goes.

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    Ok I’m in the same situation as you are. I filed 2/2 and was accepted 2/3. Mine is still processing and all I see is tax topic 152. Got a notice saying wait 60 days on 3/14. My 60 days was up on 5/14 and still no refund. I contacted a tax advocate on 5/15 and haven’t heard anything still. At this point I give up. I figure it will be close to another tax season before I get mine.

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    anybody waiting still have TT152 and the still processing message,,,, If so what did you have to do. Im scared to call in I filed on 3/27/18 and bars went missing a week later I haven’t received any letters or additional tax codes. I still have my refund amount Ssn and topic 152 with “still processing”. Anybody in this same situation please shed some light. Also ale to order transcripts as of last week. Anyone?

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    And the wmar hasn’t updated but the wmr has.

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    Ok so here we go. I have been following for months now every one’s story here is my own.filled 2/2 didn’t check the wmr website until after the 29 of February. My numbers didn’t add up because I left off a. Few seasonal jobs I had along with I filled with my last check stub. Never doing that again. Called and got an advocate around the first week of March she told me to amend. My amended return showed up as being received on March 20. Weekly updates from my advocate saying it’s still being processed.wmr said still being processed. I talked to my advocate yesterday. I have a ddd of May 23. Thank God there is a light at the end of the tunnel..

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    I have a cycle date of 20181905 . Not sure what that means since we are past week 19 already and WMR says ‘still being processed’.

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    Billy the Pooter

    All this just gives me gas. I fart more now then I ever have. It’s the irs fault.

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    Yesss I got a 846 on transcript today!!! Long ass time!!

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    IRS Hacked? They are literally filing tax individually at the IRS. When you call they need your information they don’t have , then they do your taxes based on your W2 if they got it , if they don’t they will trick you to send them W2s again for “verification “

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    Goodness!!! I have heard that IRS have been hacked at the beginning of the year. They are quietly trying to control the damage and more that half of filers might not even get refunds . They want also most to amend so they can at least track their identities. This truly need clarification from Congress.

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    I filed 2/2/18 I waited until April 20 to get a TA. TA told me that my income was not reported to the damn IRS! So I sent him verification and W2 from employer! I had a call back last Monday saying that my codes and freeze has been removed! So he said I should have my money before my next call back on the 29th. So we should see it’s been a long wait for me! I need my money!

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    Mr. Miller

    Filed and accepted 1-19-18, says still processing as of 5-17-18. I’ve called so many times and got so many different answers it’s unreal! I was part of the review process for 60 days, called after that and was told another 60 days. Last time I called on 5-14-18 they said a letter was sent out I’ll get it in 6 weeks to verify income? Really? What a joke! This is so ridiculous. I give up . . .

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    @Marty B ha! I will try not to! And I hope you all get yours very soon! If anything its been a lesson in patience!

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    Marty B

    Very awesome Rachel!! Don’t spend it all in one place lol please keep us in your thoughts!

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    @Latrice YES I got it this AM! FOUR LONG MONTHS!

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    Latrice Jackson

    My friend hasn’t heard from her tax advocate in awhile how do you contact their supervisors?

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    Latrice Jackson

    @Rachel did you get your deposit?

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    Marty B

    It’s ok I’ll probably literally drop a load in my shorts when/if I get my refund. To the point of giving up honestly.

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    And of course not a peep out of my TA since I sent her the 23 pages from my employer to prove to the IRS that I did indeed work there. Sent it off on 5/9/18. She did not call me like she said she would to let me know she got it nor has she returned my phones calls. I have called 2x a day everyday since last week, asking for an update or for her to at least let me know she got everything. Not sure what my next step should be or if there even is one. Beyond frustrated. Now I just have a countdown to when the IRS has to start paying interest. Because at this point I’m not sending another damn thing. I have done everything on my end, even though that’s what TA’s are for we still have to do all the work.

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    Marty B

    And another day goes by where WMR says the same thing and nothing has changed since end of March. I’ve been verified over a week now. No changes. And they still aren’t offering any lube.

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    Sounds like they are swimming in paperwork. Gives some insight into exactly who the IRS is targeting as they are only assisting hardships.

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    Thanks Rachel. It seems ill be waiting 8 weeks as well. My TA said i didnt fax anything until i told her i did on 4/19.. she just found out yest she had it this whole time. Smh. She told me give her til june 12. Tried to contact her supv. But cnt get through.

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    @Marty B LOL
    @Mimiikei I fiile an amended return with a TA and it took 8 weeks to finally get my refund. If you filed it without a TA it can take 12-16 weeks.

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    Marty B

    The irs sucks. They don’t even use lube when they ram it in!

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    Ok so after waiting my sixty days which was up 5/14/18 I still have no refund or ddd. I have finally decided to contact a TA because I am tired of waiting on money that is due to me. It’s bad how the irs can just take our money if we owe them but if they owe us they can make us wait.

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    No good news for me! My TA just called stated the irs have not touched my amended return and it’s been 4 weeks since I sent it off. Called irs she stated they hvnt updated in the system &but does not mean they have not received it. Trying to figure out what does this means at this point or is my tA is any help or not I have sent all the documentation they needed and still no update on anything. But my 60 days is up on May 22. Just wondering I really think their not going to touch my return until after that day. Does anyone know what I need to do at this point or have been in a similar situation Im in. Pls help

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    @SJM Thanks:) I think they are finally getting around to issuing refunds and more people will start seeing them, even ones without TA’s. Partly because I don’t think they want to have to pay people interest. I hope everyone that has been patiently waiting gets theirs soon!

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    After getting a tax advocate on 4/18 my TA called me back today and said whomever was working my case said give them till Wednesday and that I should have my refund within 10 days and that I should see that date Saturday. Filed 1/27 accepted 1/29. Received 44664c letter date 3/5. So hopefully this nightmare is over soon. @rachel congrats on finally getting a date .ive been watching this post and others hopefully I’m next.

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    @waiting, yes it finally did.

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    Yeah Rachel!!! Awesome did it update with amended amount on WMR

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