Pennsylvania state refund???

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    Miss Anderson

    Has any one in Pennsylvania received there state refunds yet?

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    Mine was accepted on 1-25, processed and approved on feb . 8, been waiting for my approved refund since then. I called everything is good to go, but they state they will not know when the deposit takes place as they are not notified until after……..So who pays us then? lol

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    My PA state refund says it’s been processed now. I was accepted on 1/29, so who the hell knows when they will get around to depositing it on my Netspend card. I’m still in limbo w/ my Federal taxes b/c of filing Injured Spouse and getting a Tax Advocate. Getting my state refund would really help at this point.

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    I got mine this morning. Was accepted 1/31

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    So I called them today and they adjusTed something on my return which made me ineligible for my refund so after arguing with them for 30 minutes I had to fax in my w2 to prove the amount was correct so it looks like another 4 to 6 week wait for me.

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    Not surprised this shitty state is taking their sweet time with getting us our money. Don’t be surprised if they took it without warning.

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    My PA state return was accepted January 23, so it has officially been 4 weeks…the amount of time they give for electronically filed returns to be processed. Very stressed out. Still no updates on WMR or Republic Bank (DDD of 2-22) We usually get ours a couple of days early…hope nothing is wrong!

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    Jarrod Anderson

    This is crazy…still 0.00

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    Mine has been stuck on this……

    The Department received your tax return on 1/31/2018. Refund information is not available at this time.

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    I checked mine and it just says “your return has been processed but has not been mailed/deposited……..”

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Ive been at 4 to 6 weeks for a deposit for 8 days now, hopefully next week

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    I checked mine online this morning and it just shows the requested refund amount and all zeros in the rest of the columns. I was accepted on 1/29. I called the PA tax line and the woman said it was still processing and something about an “adjustment to line 1”. She said to call back next week. So I basically got nowhere.

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    Miss Anderson

    Probably because it hasn’t been processed yet. Mines was saying the exact same thing before it was processed. Now it shows the amount

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    So just checked mine and it has the following, why does refund amount say zero?

    Requested Refund Amount $ 279.00
    Offset Amount $0.00
    Refund Amount $ 0.00
    Refund Mailed/Deposited Date N/A

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Some people recieved them last thurs and fri and that were approved tues and weds

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    Miss Anderson

    How long does it take to receive PA state refund once it’s approved? It says 4-6 weeks but I know it has to come sooner than that… Hopefully (fingers crossed)

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    Nothing here, doesn’t even show the amount at the bottom for me. Just say’s N/A

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    Miss Anderson

    Nope not yet… Mines says it processing so hopefully I should get it soon.

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Anyone recieve today?

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    I am thinking by friday

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    Miss Anderson

    I filed and was accepted on 1/23, I check the site daily and nothing… It just says I should wait 4-6 weeks… Hopefully it will come any day now

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    Several individuals have received their refunds, I was approved on 25th, went through department of revenue pa where’s my refund site everyday, last weds it updated to processed please wait 8 to 10 weeks for a direct deposit date, on Thursday it moved to the finish line and stated my direct deposit would occur within 4 to 6 weeks. However, several people started receiving them last Thursday, Friday, yesterday and today. I called to see where mine was and she said it was approved and they are rapidly and randomly sending them out and that I should check my account daily.

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    Miss Anderson

    Any updates in Pennsylvania yet???

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Hoping this week

    Your refund in the amount of $xxxxwas processed but not yet mailed/deposited. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your refund to be received.
    Social Security Number ***-**-****Return Filed Date 01/25/18Requested Refund Amount $ xxxxffset Amount $0.00Refund Amount $xxxxRefund Mailed/Deposited Date 

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Same here just lacking the $$$$ maybe this week

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    I filed 1/25 and was accepted the same day. Although my refund deposited yesterday morning the website still says my refund was processed but not yet mailed/deposited please wait 4-6 weeks to receive your refund

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    Jarrod Anderson

    @cookie @nikki, when did you file? What did the website say? Im sitting at please wait 4 to six weeks for deposit….you two have given me hope that ill get it this week

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    Received my state refund this morning @ 7am

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    Yes filed 1/22 accepted 1/24

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Nikki you recieved your pa state refund today?

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    I was approved today but, have an offset and wont be getting it.

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    Yes got mine this morning

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    You can check the Pennsylvania State Refund Group:

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    No mine says processed but not yet mailed/deposited please wait 4-6 weeks to receive your refund

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