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    Wheres My Refund Oregon – Share your experience with filing your Oregon Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Oregon Wheres My Refund? go to Oregon Department Of Revenue

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    Well at least I’m not alone. I just looked to see if anyone else was experiencing this delay and low and behold. I filed January 23rd. I contacted the department to see what the hold up is all about and was told it’s just random. Also, nothing else I needed to do. So here I am, April 24th and still waiting…

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    Am I hallucinating or is origins website down now? Is it being overwhelmed with people demanding their money? Whats going on? It’s been 14 weeks for me so far

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    Well as promised I am here to let you know….my refund was deposited into my bank today. So, I wish everyone the best of luck.

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    Well, my return status changed on 4-19 from manual review to “Your return is currently being processed. Your refund or other information should be issued within three to four weeks unless your return is selected for further review.” And the negative balance that showed on my Revenue Online account went to zero.

    What does that mean? Well, here is what I was told by the Revenue Department. “We have finished your manual review and when your balance changed to zero, it means that we will be sending your return or other information to you within 3-4 weeks.”

    On a side note, the lady I spoke with said she did not see any reason my return should be delayed any further.

    I don’t see why it was delayed in the first place. I never did receive a letter from them or anything.

    Will post again when I get my return.

    Tax return filed and accepted on 1-31-16

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    I finally got mine filed jan 30 good luck to wveryone

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    Sound like the fastest way would be to make an account with Oregon revenue that way you can view the letter and submit needed information online instead of through the mail. If you do it online the information is usually reviewed within 10 days. Best of luck.

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    Tana Rowland

    i called for the second time last week and instead of her saying they were sending my money this time she said “there’s a letter going out on Monday they are requesting more information on your disabled child” she said AFTER I GIVE THEM THE INFO THEN ILL GET MY MONEY 12 WEEKS AFTER THEY GET THE INFO. This is insane! What should I do?

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    Mine just changed from 12 week Manuel review to being processed 3-4 weeks what does that mean

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    What kind of information are they making you send in about your son?

    Update: 9 weeks and still nothing. They have not requested any information or identity quiz. At this point I feel like they might have misplaced my fiancés return. Yesterday I emailed Oregon Revenue and the senator to express how wrong this whole situation is. There should be no reason for his Oregon refund to take so long. He filed part year residence for Oregon and South Carolina. He received his South Carolina refund back in a week same with his federal. You would think that if there was something that needed to be reviewed the federal IRS and South Carolina would have stated so.

    It’s funny because tax season is over and they expect everyone to have paid their taxes or at least set up a payment plan but it’s okay that they haven’t refunded our money yet.

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    My fiance filled my taxes online her self and I got my federal back in 2 weeks (filed on Feb 4th) state took a couple weeks to show they received it. It said I was under manual reveiw (10weeks) a few days later said 12 weeks. I thought it was because it was my first time filing in this state. Had a rough year and I’m homeless at the moment and it’s only $136 return but that is like a grand when your homeless and really counting on that. Should of stayed in Indiana …

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    Tana Rowland

    I filed my taxes on February 1st and received my federal a week later. Oregon put me under manual review and eight weeks later sent me a letter about an identity quiz, I did it the same day. It is now April 15th and I was told last week I’ll have my refund. Now they’re making me send info about my son and it’ll take another 12 weeks! I won’t get my refund until summer! I worked so hard all year just to be treated like this for my own money! Please help me!!!

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    Posting an update for all… Filed Jan 29, accepted Jan 31-still no refund 70+ days later. Went into manual review pretty early on. First said wait 4 weeks, then said up to 10 weeks, now it says 12 or more…

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    Mailed mine on February 8th. Took them about 3 weeks to even acknowledge they had my return. A couple of weeks later it’s flagged for manual review. 65 days now and counting!

    Last year, I mailed it in the same time and had a similar refund. Had direct deposit in 10 days.

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    I sent a letter and link to this site to Oregon senators and reps. A week later, my refund was deposited to my account.

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    I agree Ken. Im tired of coughing up the cash for them to play with and sit on. Im about 12 weeks now and still waiting. All my personal friends are in review and are at 12 weeks and waiting. Their friends and family are in review and are at 12 weeks and waiting . . . online message boards like this one are showing everyone still at 12 weeks and waiting. I think they plan on holding onto all of it as long as possible (at least 12 weeks) before they let go of it. Its all automated for fucks sake anyway. Nobody is sitting there manually going over each and every tax return. That would take 50 years

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    Im in the same position as most of you. Did my taxes thru H&R like I do every year and got put into this manual review BS. Heres what ive done and I would advise all of you to do the same. Change your filing status at your work so that you get less money taken out of your check for taxes. Then at the end of the year you will owe them a little bit. Take all the way up to April 15th, and then if you owe them a small amount file an extension to even make it longer until you have to send them their money. I will bet you that if every one did this the BS would stop immediately.

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    Still nothing… Haven’t even received an identity verification quiz… Wmr still says manual review… Getting ridiculous…

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    I got my Money today! After 12 weeks of waiting! About time

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    Mine still says the same dang thing
    Happy for you, hopefully I get there soon.

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    So I checked the status today and my Oregon no longer says maul review . After almost 12 weeks it now says state is processing. It also says 3 to to 4 weeks for refund or for something to be sent in mail with more information. My question is. Is this a normal thing for the website to say. Or is there something going on? Will I get my money or not? Again it’s my money and I want it NOW!!!!!

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    I just filed my state taxes around March 28th and got the same “Manual Review” message you all have been getting. My question is has anyone who filed in January, February or early March received any refund yet?

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    Been 8 weeks still no response and still shows In manual review. Wrote my local congressman and got no response there either. So tired of this BS. Im going to give it a few more days and then im going to change my filing status at work so that I have the least taxes taken out of my check. I will get my refund that way. May take a few months but I will get it .

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    has anybody that filed through turbo tax got their refund?
    not that I expect anybody that has received their refund to be checking this, but…

    filed and accepted 1/26.

    this is getting dumb.

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    If you have not called them yet do it. They sent a letter for identity verification that I never got I had to have them send the duplicate, did my verification and I am out of review back to 3-4 weeks.

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    Why isn’t this all over the news?? I have been in manual review since January 20th and have been told several times by email and phone that is can take up to 12 weeks or longer. How is this legal? Why is it that the State can take so long to process a refund? There are hundreds of people in manual review and nothing is happening. It’s infuriating!!

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    Welp I’ve been waiting since 1/20, I completed the online identity quiz over 2 weeks ago which was ridiculous. Still nothing. So I called today, waited an hour to speak to a nasty shrill woman who told me that I did not do the quiz. We went rounds on that. She said she can request that another letter be sent, as I need some arbitrary letter number. Then I can redo the pointless identity quiz. Near the end I just started laughing and I asked her to just tell me what the state’s problem really is, delay tactics? Broken machines? Not enough employees? She became very angry and told me that this is a careful system of checks and balances. She hung up as I laughed even harder. So who knows if I’ll get the letter or if this identity quiz will do the trick. Just stupid. Stupid stupid stupid

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    I get what manual review means and I get that there is a “New system” in place. 1st of all. . . I would like to know why it is so time consuming. . . after all WE did all the work and most of us used a guaranteed flawless system like turbo tax or perhaps another tax prep service that specializes in getting taxes done accurately. There really is NOTHING to review. . . NOTHING. Even if they just wanted to look at it, they could literally skim through one tax return in less than 10 min. 2nd. . . the new system? What about it? Is it causing problems? They don’t know how to use it? WHAT? They had ALL YEAR to figure it out but they are going to act like they don’t know whats going on. Heres an idea. . . don’t utilize the new system until you have your SH** together first. . . . then launch the new system. I literally was one of the first people to process my taxes back around Jan 10th or so. Everything was fine. . it went through. . . . MANUAL REVIEW just like every FU***** year. First it was 10 weeks NOW its AT LEAST 12 WEEKS OR MORE???? For what? There are only about 4 million people in Oregon. Thats like one major city population for the entire state. Taxes are an entirely automated process once we file them. . . WHAT THE F ARE THEY DOING THAT TAKES SO LONG? I did the stupid ID verification quiz that asked 5 of the dumbest questions which wanted the same stupid info that is on my tax return every damn year. How the hell does me verifying this information have anything to do with anything? And still. .. they haven’t accomplished the task.

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    not America anymore

    Manual review is because Oregon went to a new system and because government now controls your health care. They must now verify that you are a good citizen and obeying all their new regulations. The feds put all the burden on the states to do this so the delays will come. Been to the DMV? Welcome to your new tax, healthcare, are you up to date on all your bills and many more regulations to come. 2017 brings even more Obama care health taxes that most Americans are clues about. Good Luck

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    This is what happens when we have incompetent government leaders and workers. These lazy people are what I call empty suits. They only go to work to collect their paychecks, nothing more. No pride, incentive for perfection, no drive in life. Just waiting to collect ther Pers when they retire at 50 then double dip to take jobs away from the society. We need to find these managers and call them out. They need to be held accountable.

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    I feel your frustration we are in the same boat. We also filed on the 19th of January and are still waiting and under manual review. I read that 30% of people that filed then are under review because of a new system that detects errors and fraud better. It’s so frustrating as we really need the money we were counting on.

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    This is beyond asinine. I filed my return on January 31st 2016, they accepted it the same day and here I am still waiting over 8 weeks later. I have received no letter from them, no message on Oregon Revenue online and everytime I call it’s the same old story.

    I think it’s bull crap that we pay our taxes like we’re supposed to and then they hold on to our money because they can’t pay it back! We’re the ones that are suffering for their ignorance. They don’t give a crap that some of us need the money back now, not tomorrow, not next week, not 10 weeks from now. One of the times I called them, they ask me a whole bunch of questions to verify who I was, so they have all the information they freaking need, yet I still have not heard Jack crap from them!

    Last year my return went into manual review as well, but it did not take this long. I still had it back within 4 weeks. I feel that they need to get their thumbs out of their ass, clean their belly button window and get this crap on the road so we can have our money back that we rightfully deserve!

    Thanks for letting me vent here! At least I know I’m not the only one going through this, there’s a lot of us in the same boat rowing the same way….up the creek without paddles!

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    This long audit of everyone seams to Show the real Oregon Revenue department. That is unorganized, over funded, and behind in technology. Does everyone remember the Oracle Health Insurance??? Oregonians paid millions Dollars to get affordable medical insurance. Well they are suing Oregon and Oregon is suing them. Well this new system seems to be exactly the same. We pay out and we have to sue the state for our own money back.

    I have been sending the same return for 35 years. Not 1 change. I was accepted 1/21/2016 and have heard nothing. From now on I am sending my return in the same way I have been in the past on a piece of paper. I seems to be the only thing the state really knows.

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    Email your Oregon Elected Officials… Enough is Enough… This has made me so upset the last 8 weeks


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    It has now been 10 weeks since I filed my taxes. I did the identity quiz almost two weeks ago, and now I’m being told now that I passed now I have to wait even longer because now they have to varify that I actually did pay child care last year. They have had 10 weeks already this is beyond ASSININE! IT’S MY $$$$$ and I want it NOW!!!!

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    I got my refund today after over 2mos of waiting. For those of you who are still waiting I’m hoping you guys get your $ soon.

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    My refund was deposited today, it only took over 2mos! I’m hoping that those of you that are still waiting will get yours soon.

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    sherri jackson

    My mom filed her state electronically back at the beginning of Feb. and she has had me check on her refund status. It has went from 10 weeks to 12 weeks or longer. manual processing. It’s a very simple return. We think there is something definitely fishy here. Like maybe they didnt have the funds to refund everyone and they have just been stalling. Kind of like when the Federal government borrowed from The Social Security fund.

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    So my fiancé still hasn’t received anything. He filed 2/15 and was accepted the same day. It sat in processing for 2 weeks before they kicked it into manual review. He hasn’t received any letters and there is a credit on his Oregon revenue account. Wmr still say 12 weeks. Spoke with a rep and they said it doesn’t look like he is going to receive any letters and that hopefully it will complete manual review before The end of March. I just don’t understand what is taking so long. I almost wish he would get a ID quiz so I knew they are at least looking at it.

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    Still waiting

    I filed my return on 1-31-16, it was accepted the day. On 2-10-16 it went into manual review. To this day, it still sits in manual review with a change from 10 weeks waiting time to 12 weeks or longer from the day I filed.

    I have contacted them on the three different occasions, with pretty much the same response. “A return can go onto manual review for many different reasons. It does not mean that something is wrong with your return, we are just bring careful and we have a new system this year”

    Do you think they care that we need the money that is rightfully ours? NO! Do you think they are really going to pay interest? NO!

    So, here I am going on 8 weeks, no letter, no messages on their revenue online, nothing.

    My daughter filed the day before I did and she has received her refund already.

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    I think I may know what is going on. Maybe. In January on the news I had heard that two people in Georgia were arrested for stealing millions from Oregon tax returns. I’m starting to wonder if mine was one of them and they have to process a return after a file review, or because of the automated returns fraud, it is now their policy to review the returns. My return is only 604$. When I sent it in via TT; it said my refund was accepted. Something shady going on.

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    I did my taxes on 25 Jan 16 on the wheres my refund it said that it should take 4-6 weeks but usually se it within 21 days I was like alright. then the day of the 6th week I got put in manual review so I called and was like it took 6 weeks for the computer to put me in manual review and can take up to 10 weeks “ODD” and they didn’t have an answer so I wait till 24 Mar which is roughly 8 Weeks and call again but this time when I check it said 12 weeks or longer but if you look online it says oregons returns are on time what are we on wizard time. I am irritated because I do not have to actually pay taxes being that im mil but why not its like a forced savings account for me never again will they be able to use my money.

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    Today my refund status went from manual review 12 wks to the regular “processing”. It did take about a week for the status to change from when I verified my ID online though. When I log into my account on the ORS website I see the refund amount too, so I’m praying that it goes through soon because quite frankly… This has been a nightmare to deal with.

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    Laura Jensen

    Oh, I have created an ODR account, but I can’t get into it. The site rejects my sign in, even though I use the same sign in for everything, nor will the site re-send me a new password or username. I have requested that the site re-send my password/username at least 5 times, nothing.

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    Laura Jensen

    Again, still, nothing. I completed the identity ‘quiz’ on Saturday, initially approved 1/20. My WMR continues to say in process, could take 12 weeks or more. No further information provided, no movement. My refund is very simple and very straightforward, no offset no childcare etc. I’ve given up, calling is pointless.

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    Thanks for updating.

    Anybody that got switched to the 12 week update been refunded?

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    Refund received this morning. Three business days after ID verification completed.

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    Actually, my wife and I got married this year so the kicker increased. The adjustment was based on our combined single returns from 2014. Still haven’t seen it though.

    #4149765 Reply


    Can you elaborate? Adjustment to your kicker as in you’re owe more $ or was it reduced?

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    Update: Did ID verification. Received letter about offset/adjustment for kicker. Says balance zero in my account and full proposed refund. Not been deposited yet. Any ideas? Letter sent 3/21.

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    Same here Yvonne. Switched from 10 weeks to 12 weeks sometime last week. Haven’t got anything in the mail. Hoping to get the refund soon.

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