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    Share your experience with filing your Oregon Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    So, I guess what is happening is: As most of us know, Oregon is following suite with the Federal Government and the PATH Act. Which means that NO refunds, that include EIC, Working Families, Child Tax Credit or Child Care Credit, will be issued until after Feb. 15th. Now, because of this and because of the refunds being “Held”, it puts all of the returns (with one of those credits) in a special queue. Now, that queue hasn’t been used in previous years and this is their first time processing returns under the PATH Act, however, they didn’t add an actual “PATH Act Verbiage” for their WMR tool.
    So, what happens is when your return goes into that queue, it doesn’t register on their WMR as “PATH ACT”, it registers the “Under Manual Review” verbiage and so that is what we are all seeing. Nothing is wrong with our returns, besides being held under the PATH Act, they are just in a separate queue than the “Normal” returns that were filed without any of the above mentioned credits.

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    tha big sexy

    i think its just a computer glitch everyone i know is getting the same thing manual review

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    I submitted my Oregon Tax on January 30, I am claiming a ACTC and I just went into manual review as well.

    Called Oregon State Revenue but they are very vague why I went into review. I suspect it’s because they are holding returns untill Feb 15. Thoughts?

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    tha big sexy

    the only credit i had was the eic credit i didn’t have the other credits

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    @ Tha Big Sexy

    Did you happen to have the Working Families Credit, Child Tax, or Child Care credit??.. Mine still says Manual Review and on the 2nd bar, nothing has changed. Just wondering, since yours changed and doesn’t say manual review, if you have claimed any of those?

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    tha big sexy

    i went in to manual review last Monday the 23 of jan on wheres my refund i checked today and now it says my refund is processing and allow 3-4 weeks to get it the manual review is gone now GOOD

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    Thanks for the info! I just found this on the Oregon.gov site


    So… Maybe us “early filers” went “manual review” because they can’t release our refunds until after the 15th? I sure hope it is just that! Fingers crossed!

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    Looks like oregon is delaying till Feb 15th just like federal…


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    Yes, not glad to see it is happening, but glad its not just me… I don’t think this will have much of an effect on anything or hold up anything.

    It looks like that is just that standard message for most people or potentially a glitch. Last year, the exact same thing happened. I logged on to the website the day after it was accepted and it said “under manual review”, so I gave them a call and they said they didn’t see anything wrong with my return. A couple days after that it was approved and I had it in my bank. Last year, I actually got it in my bank account before the WMR tool updated to the 3rd bar.

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    Took 2 days to show up in the system and once it did, manual review. Dont think that matters or will delay anything though. But who knows :)

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    My Oregon refund is under manual review again… I claimed child care. That can be the only reason it is in review. I took it upon myself to submit all my child care canceled checks and my W2s online already. Maybe this year it won’t take the 5 months to process like last year.

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    I filed on 1/23/17, accepted 1/24/17. I just checked the status on the State of Oregon refund site and it shows that I am under manual review. I’ve never seen this message before! What is going on?! lol!

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    tha big sexy

    filed my taxes jan 4 got accepted fed on the 12 and state of Oregon on the of jan 23 2017 checked today the 24 know im under Manuel review wtf

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    So, I filed my Oregon State Taxes on 1/12 and was Accepted 1/23. I filed HOH, Child Tax, EIC, Etc. but immediately after it was accepted, I logged on to the Oregon WMF tool and it already said “Under Manual Review” on bottom.

    Is anybody else’s like this? I don’t see why it would go straight to Manual Review?! Ugh..

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    It’s January 3rd, 2017 and I have yet to receive my $120.00 state return.

    https://revenueonline.dor.oregon.gov/tap/_/#1 says “Your return is currently being processed. Your refund or other information should be issued within three to four weeks unless your return is selected for further review.”

    I’d like my return plus interest. What can I do?

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    Johnnie Gary

    Does Oregon even care that all this blogging and complaining about their legally due refunds are being ignored using a necessary manual filing review as an excuse to not give people back their entitled money? Funny that millions of pissed off people doesn’t even get them motivated.

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    Same goes here – filed in early February, still waiting for my $323.

    This is absurd. SOME of us plebeians rely on these chunks of change that the government wouldn’t notice either way!

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    Filed in April, still waiting in August. Whatever is going on with them is ridiculous.

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    Jary Parker

    I am in the same Manual Review group..been 4 months..I believe we all need to contact our representatives and go to the media..something is very wrong

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    Married filing jointly, mailed it in for Oregon refund in March. Certified mail was delivered March 23. From then until now (May 15) it still says, “we have not received.” Nothing about manual review, no request for information, nothing. I signed up for a web account on the website and when I check my information it says balance due is 0. It better be, we are getting a nice refund. I have been using Turbo Tax for years and this has never happened before. We normally file the state first for the refund we will use to pay the feds but this year it didn’t work out like it should, we had to withdraw from retirement.

    Calling on the phone always results in a recording telling me call volume is too high, try later, and then it hangs up on me. Very frustrating.

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    I mailed mine in on 4/15. WMR says “We haven’t received a return that matches the entered information.” Anyone else experiencing this – ie, you mailed it in but WMR says they have received nothing??

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    Oregon, pull your head out and give us our money back. This is ridiculous!!!

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    I too am “under manual review” and never have had this before in Oregon. I wish The Oregonian or a news channel would get to the bottom of this!

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    Filed in early Feb, have been under review since, and its a little over $200. I am ready to tell OR IRS to just keep my money if they do not mess with me.

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    what now

    just fyi, my deposit hit my account today.
    One day after switching from “your return is being processed, please allow 3-4 weeks….”

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    what now

    question for anyone still checking this page out.
    Oreogn WMR has changed to

    “Your return is currently being processed. Your refund or other information should be issued within three to four weeks unless your return is selected for further review.”

    A while back I created a profile on the oregon WMR site. It was showing my account as -$704 (refund amount).
    Now when I log into my profile, it says $0. Does that mean that they decided to take my money and they won’t be issuing me a refund?
    Or does that mean they no longer owe me because they are processing the payment and will be sending my refund to me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    wtf is going on here?
    Files Jan. 26, so we’re at 14 weeks.
    Any chance I can get my money from these lames?
    I can’t possibly imagine what could be taking this long?

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    K. J

    I filed on Feb 11. Received my federal refund very promptly. The state owes me a $345 refund and I have not heard a single word. It’s just “Under manual review”. As someone else mentioned, the website keeps changing its time estimate from “8-10 weeks” to “10-12 weeks” and finally to “12 weeks or more”. This is insane! I would hope at some point legal action could be taken against the state for just deciding to keep people’s money. I’d better get interest in addition to the refund amount when they finally decide to pay me.

    The one thing this has taught is to adjust my withholdings. I will not over pay the state a single penny next year.

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    I filed my return on January 28th and still nothing. Status in WMR said 12 weeks for manual review. I called a few weeks ago and they sent out a letter requesting more information on my child care expenses, however they sent the letter to an address I haven’t live at in over 3 years. My current/correct address is ON my return so not sure why they sent it there, not only that but they didn’t send the letter until March 16th. I gave them all my information and was told last week (I’ve been calling a couple of times a week now) that I should expect to see it no later than the end of April. I called today and am now being told that once they receive the requested information it’s ANOTHER 12 weeks from that date. Total crap. It seems different people will give you different information.

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    Well i did mine around 01/20/2016 and here we are now . . . not 10. . . not 12. . . BUT 14 WEEKS and STILL manual review. I did get the verification quiz and did it right away and STILL nothing. They don’t answer the phone or respond to e-mail either. We are literally about to complete an entire third of the year and they are STILL trying to figure things out. . . of course for our benefit though I’m sure.

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    Anyone that filed before Feb 15th still waiting? I noticed that the average time for manual review is around 80 days as long as they don’t need any more info… It seems like ppl that had to do an identity verification quiz got there refunds way faster then those of us that didn’t actually need any info sent… I received an email saying my refund is in the final stages of processing what ever that BS means.

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    I mailed my state taxes in mid-March. WMR says they haven’t received anything. Shouldn’t it at least say “processing” if they have received my tax return? How long should I wait before resending the docs (maybe online next time!)

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    Well at least I’m not alone. I just looked to see if anyone else was experiencing this delay and low and behold. I filed January 23rd. I contacted the department to see what the hold up is all about and was told it’s just random. Also, nothing else I needed to do. So here I am, April 24th and still waiting…

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    Am I hallucinating or is origins website down now? Is it being overwhelmed with people demanding their money? Whats going on? It’s been 14 weeks for me so far

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    Well as promised I am here to let you know….my refund was deposited into my bank today. So, I wish everyone the best of luck.

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    Well, my return status changed on 4-19 from manual review to “Your return is currently being processed. Your refund or other information should be issued within three to four weeks unless your return is selected for further review.” And the negative balance that showed on my Revenue Online account went to zero.

    What does that mean? Well, here is what I was told by the Revenue Department. “We have finished your manual review and when your balance changed to zero, it means that we will be sending your return or other information to you within 3-4 weeks.”

    On a side note, the lady I spoke with said she did not see any reason my return should be delayed any further.

    I don’t see why it was delayed in the first place. I never did receive a letter from them or anything.

    Will post again when I get my return.

    Tax return filed and accepted on 1-31-16

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    I finally got mine filed jan 30 good luck to wveryone

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    Sound like the fastest way would be to make an account with Oregon revenue that way you can view the letter and submit needed information online instead of through the mail. If you do it online the information is usually reviewed within 10 days. Best of luck.

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    Tana Rowland

    i called for the second time last week and instead of her saying they were sending my money this time she said “there’s a letter going out on Monday they are requesting more information on your disabled child” she said AFTER I GIVE THEM THE INFO THEN ILL GET MY MONEY 12 WEEKS AFTER THEY GET THE INFO. This is insane! What should I do?

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    Mine just changed from 12 week Manuel review to being processed 3-4 weeks what does that mean

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    What kind of information are they making you send in about your son?

    Update: 9 weeks and still nothing. They have not requested any information or identity quiz. At this point I feel like they might have misplaced my fiancés return. Yesterday I emailed Oregon Revenue and the senator to express how wrong this whole situation is. There should be no reason for his Oregon refund to take so long. He filed part year residence for Oregon and South Carolina. He received his South Carolina refund back in a week same with his federal. You would think that if there was something that needed to be reviewed the federal IRS and South Carolina would have stated so.

    It’s funny because tax season is over and they expect everyone to have paid their taxes or at least set up a payment plan but it’s okay that they haven’t refunded our money yet.

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    My fiance filled my taxes online her self and I got my federal back in 2 weeks (filed on Feb 4th) state took a couple weeks to show they received it. It said I was under manual reveiw (10weeks) a few days later said 12 weeks. I thought it was because it was my first time filing in this state. Had a rough year and I’m homeless at the moment and it’s only $136 return but that is like a grand when your homeless and really counting on that. Should of stayed in Indiana …

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    Tana Rowland

    I filed my taxes on February 1st and received my federal a week later. Oregon put me under manual review and eight weeks later sent me a letter about an identity quiz, I did it the same day. It is now April 15th and I was told last week I’ll have my refund. Now they’re making me send info about my son and it’ll take another 12 weeks! I won’t get my refund until summer! I worked so hard all year just to be treated like this for my own money! Please help me!!!

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    Posting an update for all… Filed Jan 29, accepted Jan 31-still no refund 70+ days later. Went into manual review pretty early on. First said wait 4 weeks, then said up to 10 weeks, now it says 12 or more…

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    Mailed mine on February 8th. Took them about 3 weeks to even acknowledge they had my return. A couple of weeks later it’s flagged for manual review. 65 days now and counting!

    Last year, I mailed it in the same time and had a similar refund. Had direct deposit in 10 days.

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    I sent a letter and link to this site to Oregon senators and reps. A week later, my refund was deposited to my account.

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    I agree Ken. Im tired of coughing up the cash for them to play with and sit on. Im about 12 weeks now and still waiting. All my personal friends are in review and are at 12 weeks and waiting. Their friends and family are in review and are at 12 weeks and waiting . . . online message boards like this one are showing everyone still at 12 weeks and waiting. I think they plan on holding onto all of it as long as possible (at least 12 weeks) before they let go of it. Its all automated for fucks sake anyway. Nobody is sitting there manually going over each and every tax return. That would take 50 years

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    Im in the same position as most of you. Did my taxes thru H&R like I do every year and got put into this manual review BS. Heres what ive done and I would advise all of you to do the same. Change your filing status at your work so that you get less money taken out of your check for taxes. Then at the end of the year you will owe them a little bit. Take all the way up to April 15th, and then if you owe them a small amount file an extension to even make it longer until you have to send them their money. I will bet you that if every one did this the BS would stop immediately.

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    Still nothing… Haven’t even received an identity verification quiz… Wmr still says manual review… Getting ridiculous…

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    I got my Money today! After 12 weeks of waiting! About time

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