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    Share your experience with filing your Oregon Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    I submitted my taxes around the 3rd or 4th week in January. My status shows In Review. I logged into the site to get more info and it says balance with green parenthesis with the status of “On time – Processed”. What does this mean?

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    Just check the status of my Oregon refund and it says it has been deposited into my account but when I checked my account it was not there. Also there wasn’t any pending transactions waiting to be cleared. Anyone else have this issue?

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    The last three years I have filed with TurboTax. This year I did my taxes on 2/21, electronically submitted and received notification within an hour or so that both state and federal returns were accepted . My state refund has always been in my bank within 4-5 days. In reading the posts on here it looks like refunds are coming way later this year?

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    DITTO!!! Went home on my lunch at 11am and nothing was there, as I was leaving at 1145, the mailman pulled up and it was there!!!!!! So, it was mailed out of Salem on Wednesday and I got it in Medford on Friday. Pretty quick!

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    @AM88 Just checked my mail and the check was there so hopefully yours is close too!!

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    When i log in it says on-time/processed, but when I look on the where’s my refund page, it still says manual review/processing. What’s with the discrepancy?

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    Anybody that was forced to have a check sent via mail, instead of DD, did you get your check yet?

    Still haven’t received mine? it just got sent out Wednesday, so I am going to give it until Monday/Tuesday before I start to panic. But I was just wondering?

    USPS states that it should only take 2 business days from Salem. So I am hoping it will be here today!!

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    Jessica Pires

    Yay!!! State came in! Whoop!!!

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    So my return says that it’s on time – processed online with a balance in parenthesis. Does that mean anything?

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    Jessica Pires

    So why haven’t I seen my direct deposit yet?!?!?

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    My direct deposit came through today… Basically mine still showed that I was still processing yesterday and then the money magically appeared. So good news to those that were worried… I think many will start getting theirs today

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    Jessica Pires

    Oregon WMR says refund sent or check cashed… I don’t see anything in my account yet!! Anyone have this issue???

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    I filed and accepted back on the 23rd of January. Been in “Manuel Review” ever since. Haven’t received Federal refund yet, but should tomorrow.
    My account shows in parentheses and in green a positive balance, and shows “on-time processed”. Because I’m moving, and my last name changed this year I called the dept. 29 minutes later, lol a nice young lady answered my call. She didn’t at first want to be very helpful, but was as I inquired as to why this is taking so long and what I need to provide to push this along. I have been reviewed many times over the years.

    Manuel review means just that. A human is touching it, but it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. She confirmed that there are no letters, or notices on my account, and that soon it should update! That sounds pretty hopeful! She also said that the first set of refunds just went out this week for those under “review”. Who knows if that’s fact or made up! Seems that they just put these people on the phone with letter actual knowledge!

    So rest assured, it will update whenever they want!

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    I finally called the OR DOR today also and reached a very nice guy, but honestly he wouldn’t even pull up my return so I was little annoyed. He said that eventhough online it still shows that I am in manual review, that is just a placeholder for those with the credits (which we knew…) and as long as my revenue online account shows Ontime-Processed with no alerts or letters, that everything is fine and it is just in process. He thought that since I was accepted nearly a month ago, that it should be updated within the week but let’s just say that I don’t really have too much faith in his answers since he wouldn’t even look at my account. I asked about the issue of paper checks being mailed out instead of direct deposits and he tried to say that it is not a widespread issue and that it is happening because the system must not have been able to “communicate” with the bank for those affected. I rolled my eyes a bit! haha!

    I guess I will just wait until next week and call again if nothing changes! Thanks everyone for keeping us all updated!

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    BOOM! I just got my refund deposited to my account this morning. Filed 1/23, accepted same day, went trough manual review and back to normal! Good luck, fellas!

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    They only update the website once a day, does anyone know what time that is? I called and spoke with a representative who didn’t know what time they updated. Oregon accepted my return on 01/23, I have been paid for my federal return already, and as of today i’m showing the balance but still in manual review. She said there wasn’t a reason as to why I was in manual review still but it could take around 12 weeks from the date accepted. I told her that I’ve never had issues with my taxes, with the exception of me moving to taxes for work and claiming quite a bit in moving expenses, everything was on point with no variances from what my employer had reported. She said I shouldn’t worry about being audited or anything, just for some reason the computer didn’t pull my return so they had to do it manually. Hoping to see my return soon.

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    I filed 2/4 accepted 2/5

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    Jessica Pires

    An hour wait?! Wow!! When did you file???

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    Jessica – after a hour wait on the phone – I found i have a Direct Deposit on 2/23, might wanna call them

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    Jessica Pires

    Still a $0 balance, not even a pending deposit in my bank account. The wait continues…

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    I am not sure why they are doing it.. To be completely honest, it sounds like some tactic or something to that effect.

    However, the only response that I could get from the rep was that it was a “Systems Limitation”, he said he could see my DD info clearly on my return, but when asked what “Systems Limitation” means, he just kept repeating himself and couldn’t really explain it. Then he went and “talked to his supervisor” who further confirmed it was a “systems limitation” but again couldn’t explain what exactly that was or why it happened when my DD info was right in front of them.

    When I had called earlier in the week, they said they were processing it, and that when it was done being processed that I would have a DDD. Then when my account switched back to 0.00, I called again and BOOM; paper check. So…

    Idk if Oregon is doing something new to where any refund that is over $XXXX amount is sent paper check or what. I know that this is the biggest state refund I have ever had since this year I was able to claim my wife, her son, my son and our new daughter. So, in my mind, I justified it as something to do with that. It would be interesting to see if we all have something in common though, to determine why we specifically got opted out of DD.

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    By chance are they sending paper checks to further prevent fraud by making us take the checks to our banks? I

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    Thanks! It looks like it still says Ontime – In Progress and the WMR still says Manual Review so I am guessing I haven’t even gotten to the part where they post my refund amount yet because when I go into Dec. 2016 it just says Balance $0.00 it doesn’t say Tax or Other. I don’t have any letters or alerts though so I am probably still getting through the system since it looks like I filed a few weeks after you guys did.

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    Anybody that has their account balance switched to 0.00, I would call the OR DOR IMMEDIATELY after. There have been A LOT of people this year that were supposed to get DD and had all of their DD info on their return and OR is STILL sending a Paper Check!!!! So, call and check, before you get your hopes up for a DD only to be shot down having to wait for a paper check..

    I mean, I live down in Medford, and from Salem a priority mail letter only takes about 2 days (so I would have it by Friday/Sat at the latest), but still.. CALL FIRST. And only AFTER your balance switches to zero. When I called when my balance was still negative, they told me DD, but when I called after it switched they told me paper check!

    Today is a holiday, so you may not see anything.. But my guess is that you see some change either Tuesday, Wednesday for a DD or Paper check the following Wednesday.

    Don’t worry, even if you move the letters are readable online. Whatever they send you in the mail, they scan and upload to Revenue Online before they send it. So, no matter what, you will get any correspondence that they send.

    Got into your specific tax year on Revenue online. So log in, click “Manage Returns”, then click “December 2016” and then if you look down and it says:
    Tax: (Amount)
    Other: (Your Refund amount)
    Credit: (Amount)

    Make sure your refund amount matches the “other” section AND if your account balance is at 0.00 then you have already been paid or are processing for payment. So just loot at that first and then give them a call. If nothing is there, then you haven’t been processed yet or your account balance is a negative amount, then you haven’t been processed yet.

    @Jessica Pires & @ltwpdx

    MAKE SURE YOU CALL AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT SENDING A PAPER CHECK. I though FOR SURE I was getting a DD, but nope, Paper check for me.

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    I was accepted on 1/24 and mine still shows in “manual review” also. Ugh! My revenue online account still shows the amount owed to me in parenthesis in green, says “Ontime-Processed” and I have no alerts/messages sent. Still keeping my fingers crossed!

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    My federal return has now shown a DDD. My Oregon “account” shows that my 2016 return has “processed on time” my balance is in parenthesis and is in green. My status shows that I am “in manual review”. I called the dept last week to inquire about my account. The lady didn’t look up my account, but simply said that everyone’s account is stating that they are In manual review. I wouldn’t be concerned except that I am moving this next week and worried that any letter or check would get lost. My account doesn’t show any letters or any action needed on my end.
    I see many people are getting their message removed that they are in manual review, but perhaps I really am in review. LOL, I swear, Oregon places me in review almost every year, you’d think by now they would see that I’m legit! LOL

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    Anyone accepted 2/5 get out of manual review yet?

    Mine still says processing on time in the Revenue Online area with no letters or amounts but the WMR section says I’m still under manual review.

    Just looking for any updates or feedback.


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    mine is now zero!! wooo! hoping for a DD this week

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    Jessica Pires

    Ok, mine switched to 0 balance and processing on Thursday, still nothing in my bank account. Hoping next Tuesday/Wednesday? Am I being overly optimistic?? Did your oregon WMR update to refund processed??

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    Well out of curiosity I called odr and was told mine too will be sent as a paper check next Wednesday :( all my direct deposit information was correct as well. Pretty disappointed, last year was a pain in my butt and I was hoping this year it would be easier, guess not lol

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    I called the ODR and they told me my DD date was the 21st!

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    Hey guys, I just checked my bank account and I got my DD refund from the Oregon Revenue Department! So excited! I filed on Jan 26, got accepted the same day, was put on Manual Review, went back to normal and now I finally got it. I got my Federal refund yesterday, so I got lots of money to spend! Thanks for all the comments here, they were really helpful and good luck to everybody…..

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    Ya, I mean I am happy I am getting my refund but is it bullshit that we have to wait until next week for a PAPER CHECK and then wait some more for that paper check to get here. It is right there on my return, idk WHY they didn’t DD ANYBODYS money? it makes ZERO sense…

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    I talk to a Rep today I told her my bal went from (xxxx) to 0.00 and she said that I was being issued a check on 2/22 and that salem mail gose to Portland first and then back to salem, also I should check the mail next Thursday or Friday. 😡 Idk why they didn’t direct deposit my money that upsets me.

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    annnddddd they are not DD mine either…… It is being mailed as a PAPER CHECK NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so livid. He said that there clearly is a DD on the return, but because of a “System Limitation” it is being mailed as a Paper Check. I asked what kind of system limitation and he couldn’t even tell me?!

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    @ Jessica Pires

    Nope, nothing yet and mine has been at 0 since yesterday AM and out of “Manual Review” since Saturday.. They don’t open until 730AM though, so I am going to try and give them a call and see whats going on. I have a bad feeling they mailed mine in a check on Wednesday, even though I gave my DD info, like they did with other peoples. However, I could be wrong and they could’ve submitted DD’s this morning and itll be in my account tomorrow. We will see when I call.. Lol.

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    Jessica Pires

    Alright!! Balance is 0 and no more manual review! Nothing pending in my account yet though! Anyone get theirs back yet?

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    @ ltwpdx

    I do the SAME exact Walmart Money Card every single year and every single year I have gotten it at 2 or 4AM on whatever day after the day they send it… and I don’t think they just “Scheduled a DD” because why would my account balance be at 0 if it was just scheduled? it had to have already been paid and sent out…. but it isn’t in my bank and normally I have any DD before I wake up, although I think they can go on anytime but idk.. Maybe they deposited it today and only scheduled it yesterday and ill have it tomorrow??.. Idk.

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    Hey everyone…I created my Revenue Online account last week after I read this thread and it has been a great way to track what is going on. I have a few questions…maybe those that have gotten further in the process will know.

    Filed 2/4 and was accepted in the morning of 2/5. My Federal was already processed and back to me and since we moved to Indiana this year I had a return from there as well. I had to verify my identity with them, did that last night as soon as I got the letter, and poof…had an DDD this morning of next Thursday.

    However my Oregon return is still sitting in manual review. My main screen balance shows $0.00 and when I go into where it shows my 2016 return it says $0.00 and that it is Processing – On Time. That is what the message says. I have no letters and no alerts.

    Am I just that far behind earlier filers or does this seem like a legit manual review? I have been reviewed before due to child care, etc. verification, but they always send me a letter.

    Just wanted to see if anyone had any advice. Thanks!

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    I still have a balance myself. hoping to see that change.

    I’ve gotten deposits as late at 8am from my bank, so I hope you will get yours today!!

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    My account balance has been at 0.00 since yesterday morning but I still don’t have it in my account… Starting to worry…. Ugh

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    Happen to my parents as well with their deposit, they were told they put 1 number in account routing wrong and it would be coming in the mail. (it wasnt wrong on my parents records, so who knows)

    No update for me yet!

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    sarah clark

    …Update to previous message. Rep called me back and said they did see my checking account information but decided to mail me a check instead. No need to be concerned they said, This happens. Everybody watch out….Yours could be mailed as well :)

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    sarah clark

    My status also changed to a 0 balance this morning. I messages the state and was informed they are sending me a check? I have been direct deposited every year…same account. I am not sure why I would be retrieving a check. Anybody else hear of this happening recently? I am not happy about it and am waiting to get a call back now from a rep.

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    @ Jessica Pires

    Federal returns will be 2/22 for PATH Act affected returns.

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    Jessica Pires

    I filed 1/30!! I know it can take awhile, especially this year! I’m really hoping it’ll be soon!! But I think we all are, right? Now the real question…. the federal return!!! When?!?!?

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    Actually, to be honest, since you were already taken off of Manual Review.. If your balance isn’t $0.00 today, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see it be updated to $0.00 on Friday night/Saturday morning, for a Monday deposit.

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    Ya, you definitely should. I believe they deposit M-W-F, so funds to be deposited Monday get released on the Saturday update, Wednesday funds get released Tuesday and Friday funds get released Thursday. So, if you log in Saturday, Tuesday or Thursday and your balance is $0.00, then you should have your funds by the next day (depending on your bank).

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    Awesome. I was taken off manual a few days ago as well. Hoping to see something soon!

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    I filed 1/12 and Federal was accepted 1/19 and I think my state was accepted on opening day right at 8AM 1/23. I went straight into received and then 2 days after that on 1/25 I was already “Under Manual Review”.. This last Saturday is when I came off Manual Review, I checked last night at about 11PM and my balance still had my refund amount ($XXXX) and then when I logged in at 630AM this morning my balance was $0.00.

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