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    Share your experience with filing your Oregon Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    I think I may know what is going on. Maybe. In January on the news I had heard that two people in Georgia were arrested for stealing millions from Oregon tax returns. I’m starting to wonder if mine was one of them and they have to process a return after a file review, or because of the automated returns fraud, it is now their policy to review the returns. My return is only 604$. When I sent it in via TT; it said my refund was accepted. Something shady going on.

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    I did my taxes on 25 Jan 16 on the wheres my refund it said that it should take 4-6 weeks but usually se it within 21 days I was like alright. then the day of the 6th week I got put in manual review so I called and was like it took 6 weeks for the computer to put me in manual review and can take up to 10 weeks “ODD” and they didn’t have an answer so I wait till 24 Mar which is roughly 8 Weeks and call again but this time when I check it said 12 weeks or longer but if you look online it says oregons returns are on time what are we on wizard time. I am irritated because I do not have to actually pay taxes being that im mil but why not its like a forced savings account for me never again will they be able to use my money.

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    Today my refund status went from manual review 12 wks to the regular “processing”. It did take about a week for the status to change from when I verified my ID online though. When I log into my account on the ORS website I see the refund amount too, so I’m praying that it goes through soon because quite frankly… This has been a nightmare to deal with.

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    Laura Jensen

    Oh, I have created an ODR account, but I can’t get into it. The site rejects my sign in, even though I use the same sign in for everything, nor will the site re-send me a new password or username. I have requested that the site re-send my password/username at least 5 times, nothing.

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    Laura Jensen

    Again, still, nothing. I completed the identity ‘quiz’ on Saturday, initially approved 1/20. My WMR continues to say in process, could take 12 weeks or more. No further information provided, no movement. My refund is very simple and very straightforward, no offset no childcare etc. I’ve given up, calling is pointless.

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    Thanks for updating.

    Anybody that got switched to the 12 week update been refunded?

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    Refund received this morning. Three business days after ID verification completed.

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    Actually, my wife and I got married this year so the kicker increased. The adjustment was based on our combined single returns from 2014. Still haven’t seen it though.

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    Can you elaborate? Adjustment to your kicker as in you’re owe more $ or was it reduced?

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    Update: Did ID verification. Received letter about offset/adjustment for kicker. Says balance zero in my account and full proposed refund. Not been deposited yet. Any ideas? Letter sent 3/21.

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    Same here Yvonne. Switched from 10 weeks to 12 weeks sometime last week. Haven’t got anything in the mail. Hoping to get the refund soon.

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    Filed February 7th accepted same day federal came back fast I’ve been in manual review for a long time went from 10 weeks now to 12 weeks. I haven’t received a letter nothing my return is simple nothing new and not much coming back but pisses me off I paid a lot into the state, something smells fishy.

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    I have noticed that anyone that has an offset or had there refund amount change got there refund processed quicker. My fiance’s still says manual review and doesn’t have any letters stating they need more info. I filed two weeks after him and mine was processed and offset in 12 days even after it went into manual review.

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    When you filed your tax return you should have been given the amt you were due back from the kicker. Did you verify if the amt deposited matches the kicker? Otherwise you might have had an offset where the rest was paid towards an outstanding debt.

    But as for myself.. I’m still stuck in manual review despite passing the ID verification I did last week. So frustrating that the ORS doesn’t appear to know what the hell they are doing, ugh! I’ve been tempted to call again but the high chances of being stuck on hold just to be told they have no idea why my refund is under review tells me I shouldn’t bother. So I guess I’ll patiently wait for a resolution, if ever.

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    I got a partial refund – looking further into it I guess they only deposited the kicker but not the rest of my refund? Has this happened to anyone else? When I check the where’s my refund site it just says that my refund has been deposited, but nothing indicating it was only the kicker. So frustrating!

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    rachel edwards

    Mine was accepted on 2/7 and went into manual review instantly with the 10 week wait. Today it says 12 weeks? Wtf? Has anyone else had it change like that? I used tt efile and fed came back in a week. It’s all the same as last year’s and I have never had a problem before. This sucks, I totally count on that. It’s only 1072 I’ve gotten bigger refunds quicker previous years :(

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    Both fed and state were filed tt, fed came in about a week later and state said manual review right away. It said wait 10 weeks for processing. Well I checked today and now it says 12 weeks! Wtf Oregon?!? It’s only 1,072.00 nothing weird, same small amount of child care and same provider. This is crappy, I count on that every year to catch up and this year is a big hassel! Just pay us all back our money, not that hard!

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    Laura Jensen

    I filed a straightforward simple return with Turbo Tax. I was accepted by both State and Federal on January 21. I just received a letter of request for identity verification. I completed the ridiculous steps, no further information available at all. Maybe I will receive my refund? Maybe next week? Maybe never?

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    I created an account no oregon dept of rev. site. Where do I look to see if I have an offset?
    I created an account but don’t see anything like that. My refund says ontime processed. WMR changed today to say “some manual reviews take 12 weeks”
    hopefully I get an update or something soon.

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    Update: got my refund today.

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    It’s amazing to me that they are quick to manually review the returns that are being offset but others are still waiting for no good reason. It also amazes me that I have spoken with 3 people with Oregon revenue and no one was “at Liberty” to tell me this. No I’m going to have to wait even longer for an appeal to go through.

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    I just did the same thing. I apparently owed some money for a hospital bill and they took my whole refund… Well at least I know now that I will not be getting a refund

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    In Manual Review as well. Got the letter yesterday as most of you did for ID Verification, but I’m a little worried because after filling the verification it said they could request more information, and I know that’s been a possibility with my return from the beginning as I claimed daycare. However, after finishing the ID Verification my WMR went from “Manual Review” to the regular 3-4 week processing….will update if mine come in soon, but I highly doubt it. Filed and accepted 2/23

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    Derrique Stuckey

    Remember one thing, guys:

    Per LAW, after 45 days, Oregon state must start paying you interest on your refunds. I have almost $3,100 in returns that are owed to me. The longer the department drags their feet, the richer I become. The ball is literally in their court.

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    So I went ahead and made an account with the Oregon revenue online. Found out they offset my refund to an agency that I do not owe any money to. My fiance wmr still says in manual review but when you log in it says it’s been on time processed. I am so confused on why this is happening. It funny how mine was manually reviewed in 11 days since they offset it but it’s been 4 weeks and my fiance’s hasn’t budged. I’m really thinking its time to call some lawyers.

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    I did my taxes electronically on 2-14-2016. I received my federal refund right away. When I dint get my state shortly after I looked it up on the Oregon tax refund website and it said I was in manual review and it would take at least 10 weeks. I went to H&R Block which did my taxes and they said its been happening to a lot of people this year and it could take as long as a year to get my refund. This really ticks me off considering I have a lot of taxes taken out of my check so that I always get a refund. I sent a email to the state off of their website but haven’t received a response yet. I really don’t expect too. All their doing is holding on to MY money as long as they can. Well I have the cure for that. Im going to change my status on my deductions at work so that I get the minimum taken out of my check for taxes and then at the end of the year I will owe them. Then when I do my taxes I will file for a extension and wait till the last possible moment before I send them in. I bet if everyone did this the bullcrap would stop.

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    I am in the same boat, Michelle. Went from manual to 3-4 weeks on March 11th. Still no refund. I had a standard return submitted in early February that went to manual review within a week. I will keep you updated on my end.

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    From what I have heard once you complete the identity quiz it should start processing within 48 hours and then it’s then it’s the regular wait time. It’s a little ridiculous people have to wait 8 weeks for a letter to verify identity.

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    I finally got a letter in the mail today to verify my ID… It took them almost 8 weeks to send me a letter, I’m so pissed to say the least. No major changes for the past several years, so no reasons really to be put under manual review. Was it 45+ days where I’m owe interest? Better!

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    I filed a simple cut and dry return with a refund of $353.00. I e-filed, and just like above went into Manual Review. I finally called the Oregon Department of revenue and demanded a reason, I got the run around, all the usual excuses, “there are many reasons it goes into revue,” “Until the files is finished being reviewed we don’t know the reason,” So I challenged that it is an over-payment, and that the Oregon department of revenue has no right to hang on to funds that do not belong to them. Then I reiterated the question, “why is the refund under review?” “why haven’t I received a letter asking for anything additional” What is the department of revenue doing with MY money?” All this in a calm diplomatic tone. The Operator then said exactly these words. “I have to end this call at this time” and hung up. Real shady.

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    I filed February 7th received my federal 7 days later and Oregons been in manual review nothing different so it must be the kicker and Oregon sucks sorry but they take and take and never give.

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    I efiled Jan.21 oregon excepted the 22nd went into manual review 3 weeks later just got a letter in mail today asking me to do the identity quiz wonder how long it’ll take now another 10 weeks

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    Does anyone have an Update????
    I don’t really have an update. Fiancé s wmr still says its in manual review. He efiled with h&r February 15th. I efiled through the states free website February 28th and it was kicked into manual review immediately. March 12 it changed back to the regular 3-4 week processing message and has not changed since. I still have not received a deposit. I spoke with someone on the phone today again and they said they can’t tell me when it’s going to be done processing and as for other manual reviews she cannot elaborate on why it’s taking so long. I just don’t understand what they are processing… Isn’t the manual review supposed to take care of all that work… Has anyone gotten their refund back yet?

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    My fiancé claimed head of household with 2 dependent and a kicker and his is still sitting in manual review. (Filed through h&r block). I filed through the states free efile as single with one dependent. I also claimed $0 on my kicker even though I was due $157 back. Everyone that I know that didn’t claim a kicker has already gotten their refund so I’m guessing that’s why mine didn’t take that long to manually review.

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    What was your filing status & did you claim any dependents? I’m still waiting for my refund that has been sitting in manual review since late January. But I don’t know when the ORS make their deposits..

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    So checked wmr and my fiancés still says manual review but mine changed back to the 3-4 well message. Still haven’t received a deposit.. Crossing my fingers… Anyone else have an update. And does anyone know what day Oregon does refund deposits?

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    So my Fiances State was accepted 2/15 where is sat there for a week before changing to manual review. Still no update and he hasn’t received any information as to why. He claimed head of household with 2 dep. I submitted my Oregon state 2/28 and it was accepted the same day. The very next day it was kicked into manual review. I called to see why it was automatically sent to review and all they could tell me is that the system is sending almost anyone who claimed a child or head of household into manual review and that as long as there are no errors I should expects to see my refund within a few weeks. They did state however that if they need to change or verify anything that refunds could take more than 10 weeks!

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    My son’s refund is now showing as pending in his bank account.

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    Filed and accepted 1/21/2016 with Hr Block. Oregon refund $1301 went into Manual Review 2/25/2016 saying wait ten weeks. This morning 3/9/2016 went to processing wait 3-4 weeks.

    Impatiently waiting………………..

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    Update ….went from manual review back to processing this morning. My son did the same yesterday. Both filed feb 16 TT.
    Will post if updates.

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    LMFAO. Manual review. Allow at least 10 weeks. I wonder if someone owes if they can give the same courtesy f#*king to the state? I’m guessing not. Bout ready to get a hold of my attorney. When will you Oregonians learn to stop voting these Libtards into office

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    I used Turbo Tax and my state return is in manual review. Federal return took about a week. It’s been over a month and haven’t received anything in the mail or on the phone. My return is $400, filed single, one job, & no dependents.

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    Kiley Vargas

    I filed mine on January 12th and both state and federal were accepted the following afternoon. I got the federal return back by January 29th but I am STILL waiting on my state return. The odd thing is the “Where’s my refund” website for Oregon says they have yet to get a return with my info….

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    I filed both my Federal and my state FEB 4th through H & R Block. I got my Federal back in about 7-10 days. I am in the service and have filed the same way for the past 13 years with Oregon, while waits have generally been a week or two longer then Federal I have never been placed in manual review before. This is absolutely unacceptable….. I plan to write them in the next 48 hours and express my disdain for this garbage. I also plan to follow suite as another commented earlier and write my Oregon Senator requesting an investigation into the Oregon Internal Revenue Service.

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    Yesterday, my return status on the DOR website said, “manual review”. This morning, 3/5/16 the status says, “ontime processed”. I filed jointly with my wife through Turbo Tax and opted to receive my refund on the NetSpend Visa. I received the card yesterday and had to add my spouse to the account in order to allow the deposit of the refund from the state. I haven’t received the funds yet, but I’ll update this post when I do.

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    I’m currently working over in Afghanistan right now for the United States, and am a combat veteran registered with disability in the United States. I spent more than 340 days in Afghanistan this last year (2015), and due to that I was able to claim a much lower rate of taxation. I’m ENTITLED LEGALLY to a pretty large return this year, because instead of doing the extra paperwork, I over-payed taxes all year to the state of Oregon because I knew I’d get it back. I really don’t ask for much, but this is unacceptable. I my return was submitted/accepted on January 26th this year, and has been under “manual review” since two days after that. I’ve consulted with my two tax agents, as well as two very knowledgable tax attorneys, and have been informed I’ve got the right to a interest balance accrued by them sitting on my refund. The more residents that do this, the more hope we have of ODR getting their act together. There is nothing fishy about my return, I’ve gone as far as to CALL ODR, sit on hold for 45 minutes, and volunteer to resend all of my tax information for the year to possibly add some clarity to any possible questions they may have, and was told “that won’t do anything.” This is absolutely unacceptable. I’m working on closing on a house with my newly-engaged fiance, and we’ve done all the work together while I’ve been overseas in Afghanistan. For THIS to be the problem and ultimate deciding factor if we can get this house…is really upsetting.

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    I filed on Feb 9th 2016, got my Federal return on the 25th, but my Oregon return is under manual review. I filed thru an agent and he says it may take up to 10 weeks under manual review.

    now I’m just waiting.

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    Filed 2/29 could see it as Manual Review on 3/1 and 3/2, but today it just says processing and to give it 3/4 weeks. Maybe I’ll get the refund in a week or so like others that are not in review – anything is better than 10 weeks.

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    I filed head of household, no day care expenses. I am also under manual review.

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    Live in WA but work in OR, filed my federal & state returns via Jackson Hewlett on 2/3. Fed return arrived super fast (took about a week) but still waiting on the state return. Checked the status online and discovered that the state return is “under manual review”. This is a first; no notice from Oregon, no changes, no issues with prior returns and the amount is just over 1K. I’m scratching my head on this one… I don’t understand why or how this happened.

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    Sarah M

    My return just went into manual review for the third year in a row. The first year, I emailed them and told them I expected them to pay interest on my return and they paid it within a week after that. Last year, they waited until the very last day before they would have to pay interest to send my refund. This year, I emailed them and told them I would be consulting with a tax attorney as it seems they have repeatedly targeted me for no apparent reason. I’ve increased my allowances on my W4 so that I will owe money next year – I’m tired of the State sitting on money they have no legal right to year after year. Total incompetence in government.

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    Derrique Stuckey

    I’m a legal resident of Oregon, but I’ve been in the military for 17 years now. I’m single, no kids, and I get everything back that I pay into Oregon, each year. It’s very cut and dry, and it never changes. This year, I’ve also been flagged for “manual review”, of which I’m not buying (literally). Something is wrong here, and the state department has some explaining to do. The department is acting like they’re completely broke and have no revenue to issue. I’ve seen other states do this when they mismanage their residents’ money and are then forced to sit on their refunds for as long as possible, in hopes of accruing additional interest. If I’m not mistaken, that’s why I PAY taxes, in the first place. If they can’t get it right the first time, then I will stop doing them this favor in the future; I am not required to pay, in the first place. If they’re not going to give my money back, then they will stop receiving it. I’ve given them two weeks to come clean, and then I’m sending a letter to Sen. Ron Wyden, asking for an internal investigation into the department. Like I said, this is the first time this has happened to me in 17 years. Something definitely smells here, and it reeks of tax fraud.

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    This is the first year I’ve been put under manual review & it sucks! I’m suppose to get a little over 1k back but who knows when they’ll get to reviewing it. I filed & was accepted on 1/21, it went into manual review shortly after… So a little over a month now & no notices in the mail to date.

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    I’m not disagreeing with you, gitsy, but my son earned less than 2k and is a first time filer (no kicker). His refund is 74$ and he was put in review 2 days after he filed.

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    Update 3/1:

    I just got off the phone with ODR. The gal I spoke to said they’re having an issue with the checks and balances this year due to the kicker refund. Said usually it’s less than 10% of population that gets reviewed but due to the kicker (and IMO, their 2.1m mistake a few years back), something like 70% of filers are getting reviewed. It’s just to make sure the kicker amount is correct.

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    gee i won the oregon bs lotto for manual review, and apparently it requires 70 days to double check h&r blocks work. i literally had two w2s for paper work, i file single, no dependents, no write offs… it’s scary that a return that straight forward can confuse the unreachable oregon “tax masters,” my refund of $156 shouldn’t be out of the states ability to cover. especially given that they had “extra money” floating around to use towards kicker checks. if they are going to hold our refunds 2 months longer than they should i want the real reasons why, and i want to know exactly what the review process entails.

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    I used H & R to file my state taxes and now I’ve been placed in manual review . I find it very interesting how so many people have their Texas placed in manual review makes one wonder what’s going on ???

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    I e-filed through my sister as I do every year. Washington resident, working in Oregon. Return was filed almost a month ago now and the status was changed to manual processing followed by a change back to regular then today went back into manual. definitely strange that all of us are having problems.

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    Filed with Jackson hewitt Jan 26. Relieved federal. Oregon says today under manual review. Are they so incompetent that they need to do this, or are they broke and waiting for funds? Sounds like they were greedy and ran out of money. Super angry right now!

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    Ok the state owes me $320 it was a really simple return. I am single only have 1 job. Filed on 2/7, got my federal refund a week later. I check the states refund website and I got “manual review” may take 10 weeks. This is the first time a manual review has happened and there is nothing wrong with the return, used TurboTax to file.

    When you try calling them you can’t get a real person cause their telephone system just disconnects you after saying they have a high volume of calls and to try again later, but this happens every time.

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    Yet another return in manual review. Filed Jan 30 and it was “processing” for a few weeks. Checked it today (Feb 29) and, violà-it’s in manual review. Refund is for under $300 and filed through TurboTax… So frustrating dealing with this.

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    Mine was instantly put into manual review (10 weeks), soon as the state received it. I filed through TurboTax, 2/26. TT customer care says there’s no reason for Oregon to have any delays – and apparently you can’t get anyone on the phone at the state on the weekends.

    This is happening to so many people, does anyone have any good news? Anyone receive the “manual review” and get their Oregon refund already?

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    All my relatives are under manual review ….whats going on..

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    I filed my federal and state on 1/29, both were accepted the same day. I got my federal back on 2/10, reviewing my state it says it under manual review and to allow 10 weeks. Its already been 5. I have a little one the needs medical treatment that i scheduled anticapting my state would be recieved. I hope it doesnt take to much longer.

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    I too am under manual review. .. this article best explains what is going on…several things including enhanced fraud protection..
    After reading this and talking to a co worker about it today, apparently last year there was a big flux of fraudsters using electronic filing with social security number generators creating a huge amount of loss and fraud against the state.
    My status now tells me it could be up to 10 weeks from filling to receive my refund. …because of the manual review.
    I also used TT and requested DD of funds.
    Hope this helps.

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    Ours goes into manual review every year. First time, we were owed $626 back, and the next year $104. Another year, about $4k, and this year, about $3k. Once you’ve tossed into manual, expect it to happen every year. It sucks. We consider getting our state refund to be a pleasant surprise at this point. The state is too broke to pay what’s owed, and won’t look to other ways to get revenue.

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    I got manual review today too 2-25, I hope it is not going to be drama. maybe it goes through that step before payment? anyone know?

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    I received my federal return weeks ago, I am a single mom with one dependent, for some reason I owed state taxes, I have NEVER owed state before. My boyfriend is a single we make within a 300 difference of each other annually and he received back double what I did and his state returns are under manual review. Both our were filed and accepted same day Feb 1. I’m beyond confused and frustrated

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    Cyndi Harris

    I find it interesting that my son apparently owed money to a state agency and we both filed on the same day.. He already received notice his money was confiscated for the debt but my refund is in “manual” mode!! Seems they take their time refunding….

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    Hi, mine too went into Manual review this morning.. and said to allow up to 10 weeks. Please let me know if any of your find out what is going on! Both my fed and state got accepted on 1/30. And i already got my fed..

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    We filed our return with H&R block on February 2nd. Both state and federal were accepted on the 2nd. My federal refund processed in 10 days. We recieved our Federal return on the 12th. I have checked my state refund status every day, and todat it says It is under manual review just like most of your returns. We have never had any problems recieving our refund in the past and we had health insurance all year. I have tried calling and the automated system hangs up on me. Doesn’t even put me on hold. I emailed the Department of Revenue requesting information in the form of a human voice instead of waiting forever for them to send me some letter or not, who knows… loads of bullshit if you ask me.

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    I filed on Jan 26th, and it’s still under manual review. It’s really ticking me off, they are eager to take it but not give whats rightfully mine back. I filed with Turbo Tax too, I wonder how long before I get my refund. And I put for direct deposit, so it’s faster. NOT…

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    Filed 2/16…no changes from the last 10 years and checked this morning and return status changed to manual review this am. Last night it was still processing with 3-4 week message. My son, who filed 2/22 and is a teenager with a simple return and a 74 dollar refund was also put in manual review this morning. I received my fed refund on the 24th. Both filed thru TT.
    I think they must have some major computer problems as it seems a lot of people went into review this am.

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    Has anyone found a way to connect with a supervisor or any one else that might be able to help or at least be honest about what is really going on and when we will really see our refunds?

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    ugggggh. So I called yesterday (see other post) waited and waited only to be told nothing was wrong, no review, no answers as to why it was taking so long. I have received no letters or calls or anything. I have a straight forward simple situation. TODAY. MANUAL REVIEW. Says to wait 10 weeks from acceptance (1/20) It must be some bullshit to buy time. So corrupt.

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    Filed 2/16…no changes from last year and checked this morning and return status changed to manual review this am. Last night it was still processing with 3-4 week message. My son, who filed 2/22 and is a teenager with a simple return and a 74 dollar refund was also put in manual review this morning. I received my fed refund on the 24th. Both filed thru TT.

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    I am also in the same boat. I have called ODR and spoke to a wonderful person. She informed that ODR has a new computer system this year and there is at least 50 reasons for the computer to send a return to manual review. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with who you filed through. I did not use TT or ODR website. Most of the time when returns go into manual review, it’s because the computer system either just updated or was in the middle of an update when our lucky returns got caught in the system. This is the third year my return has met this demise. It’s very frustrating.

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    Resa Hadley

    Filed with HR Block….Accepted 1/21/2016 federal and state…..Received Federal 2/10/2016 and still waiting on Oregon state….I have been at 2 bars for 4 weeks…Called and they said everything was fine on 2/23/2016….2 days later MANUAL REVIEW!! No offsets, no new changes from previous years, only $900…Why am I being punished??????????

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    We too are under “manual review” . It’s not like we are getting a big sum of money. $272, to be exact. Seems like a delay tactic to me. We have a very basic tax return. We did use Turbo Tax though. Guess I will have some extra Christmas money this year! ????

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    Filed through TurboTax online Jan 31st. Received my Federal before the expected date. Oregon has put me in manual review. I’ve got nothing in the mail saying they need more info and I can’t get a hold of anyone just an automated service. Nothing different from last year filing wise. Super frustrated.

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    I just spent an hour on hold with ODR, when I finally got through the nice man told me that he doesn’t know why I haven’t received my refund. I filed/was accepted on 1/20, with a basic, simple tax refund/situation. I received my federal refund weeks ago. I am not under review. He said I am still processing, but also said refunds are issued typically in 15 working days for situations like mine, but you can expect up to 4 months extra if you have a review. He had no other information, no answers. It has been 25 working days. It was a waste of time.

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    My Taxes were transmitted on Feb 2nd 2016 and I got the Federal refund already(it’s Feb 24th as I type). My Oregon refund is “being manually reviewed”. Been filling with TaxCut/H&R Block tax software for more than 10 years and this is the 1st time this has happened.

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    Mine was accepted on Feb 1st, still under manual review, no letter. Called and got no information whatsoever, was told to just wait…

    #4142881 Reply


    I also had my return accepted January 22nd. The refund site shows step two and three to four weeks to receive refund. Well, it is over four weeks. I called Friday and was told the refund could take four to six weeks. I am not in manual review. I thimk they must have a major computer snafu. One would think the state would be up front about any software issues after the screwup with Cover Oregon. I also know that they issued an update to tax software programs in early February. I wonder if folks who filed before then got stuck in some limbo land and the state has to manually process the returns submitted before the final update when to tax software vendors. Something is not right.

    #4142834 Reply


    Filed and accepted my OR state return on 2/8 and no update as of yet, website still says please wait 3-4 weeks.

    #4142830 Reply


    Nothing here as of today 02/20/2016. Accepted on 01/25/2016. It doesn’t say manual review on my wmr oregon. Still waiting…..

    #4142413 Reply


    efiled via TT on 01/29. I’ve received my Federal Refund. But I’m in the same boat as all of you. I filed Head of Household, as I have every year since I had my son. I also filed my son as my dependent and claimed childcare expenses. I haven’t received any correspondence for ODR. I know that I owe the state for an Unemployment overpayment from a while back, but it’s barely a fraction of my return. I feel like there are too many people in this boat for it to be an “at random”. I feel like the guy who called TT directly and discovered some kind of error, is on to something…

    My boyfriend filed on 2/2 (I think) through H&R Block and received both his state and federal on 02/15. He doesn’t have any dependents or anything to claim, really. So, it could be the TurboTax system. It could be anything. It’s definitely frustrating though.

    #4141963 Reply


    I am under manual review and I don’t even have head of household or anything. Just regular, standard deduction, nothing fancy. I used the freefile for the state of Oregon just like I did last year. My guess is that it is their system or just random.

    #4141862 Reply


    We filed using Turbo Tax as well. It was accepted both Federal and Oregon State on Jan.30th, We got our Federal Refunds weeks ago. Still waiting on State. My BFF filed hers with H&R Block on the same day and she got her State refund last week. I also did my son’s on Turbo Tax and he is still waiting for state as well. We itemized he did not. Neither had child care of any kind, but we both had insurance through work, not the one through website. My BFF has healthcare.gov insurance and got some kind of credit for it. Ours still says step 2, being processed may take 3 or 4 weeks unless selected for manual review. HOW DO WE KNOW IF IT WAS selected for manual review? Nothing mailed home about anything either. So tomorrow marks the 3 week mark.

    #4141763 Reply


    I filed through turbo tax, accepted on 1/19, have received federal refund on 2/5. I have not heard anything, no mail, nothing. The WMR says it is in process. I don’t know if it is of any use to call, as it just depends on how grumpy the person is that you talk to. My refund is really simple, less than 600$, straight forward.

    #4141221 Reply


    My boyfriend and I filed our Oregon returns within minutes of each other on 1/21/16. His was almost $2,000. Mine was accepted right away as was his. Mine had a status on Oregon’s site within 24 hours. My refund was a little over $900 and direct deposited on 1/29/16. His did not update for a week, at which point it was under manual review. It is now 2/17/16, and it still shows under manual review and no updates or letters have been sent. Then on 2/3/16, his daughter filed her own return for $106, and that one was put in manual review as well. It makes no sense, as to why manual review was chosen. He’s calling today to see what is going on or if they need information to process his request. It has now been 27 days, once it hits 45 days he is going to start charging the interest. RIDICULOUS!

    #4141161 Reply


    My state return has been processing since it was accepted on January 25th with no update what so ever. No manual review notice no nothing. I have called and they wont give me any information at all. My state return has never ever taken so long. I filed with turbo tax and I have child care credit but I do every year.. this is very frustrating. I created an account of the ODR website so that I could see if there was any more information regarding what could be going on… my return status there says “on time processed” does any one know what that means? Thank you

    #4140672 Reply


    Never had one til i filed for child day care expenses’It looks like everyone that filed with
    daycare cost are being pulled for a manual review.. i filled for daycare cost as well its ben a month still no state refund.. i called the department of revenue and they didn’t see iF I would get a letter.. i filed on 1/16 E FILE STILL NEED TO WAIT 8MORE WEEKS…

    #4138894 Reply


    Filed on the 21st. Accepted on 23rd (probably the 25th). Still says processing on OR-WMR. Got FED 10 days ago. It is strange how others with similar dates got theirs quicker. My return from OR is <$500.

    #4138172 Reply

    Jess BeLovely

    Filed 1/18, Accepted 1/19; WMR OR still says it’s processing as of 2/11.

    #4137774 Reply

    momma o

    Just checking i am sill processing, any of you get a refund yet? At 4 weeks

    #4131524 Reply

    Brook’s 8 heavens

    My brother filed 1/19 and was accepted 1/19 and got his refund 1/25. We filed 1/22 and still two bars… I guess the waiting continues! We did get a federal ddd today though! Yay!

    #4129538 Reply


    I filed my taxes on 1/18 and they were accepted by Oregon on 1/19. They have been sitting in manual review since. I used Turbo Tax to file. I haven’t received anything from the state requesting any information. I am not even getting that much back, I am filing head of household, and did claim childcare. A couple of my co-workers filed last week and already received their refunds. Hopefully this is cleared up soon for everyone.

    #4128072 Reply


    My Oregon refund is under manual review status as well done with hrblock online… My return was pretty simple small business three dependants and no childcare was accepted on 2/2 we will see

    #4127438 Reply


    i am under manual review when i called and talked them today very nice and helpful she said it was for the working family credit (paying child care) and if they needed additonal information they would mail me a letter

    #4127287 Reply


    My fiancé filed about 10 days ago and it went to manual review after status bar sat for a day or so at “accepted”… I filed 2 days ago and mine went almost directly into manual review. I itemize deductions so that may be why mine is held up but my fiancé has a simple return. If it’s actually an issue with the computer system they should put that info on their website. This is so frustrating.

    #4124365 Reply


    I called the Oregon Dept of Revenue last week and they told me that they didn’t know why I was under manual review and to give it 30 days to call back and after somebody got around to looking at it. Well, I looked on TurboTax and it turned out that they had an Error specifically for Oregon state returns when filing Head of Household, I am pretty sure I was part of this error (not 100% though). I called TurboTax, they said they would notify the state to correct it. I called the IRS back and let them know that TurboTax had this Error and the man I spoke to was super nice and said he would notate it on my account.
    Long story short, I checked my Oregon WMR on Friday 1/30 at night and the “Under Review” notice, that was on there, had been removed and replaced with the standard “Your return is being processed”.. So HOPEFULLY I will have my refund very shortly.

    P.S. My fiancée filed her return and her WMR didn’t update until the day after she had already received her funds as well..

    #4124362 Reply


    I called the Oregon Dept of Revenue last week and they told me that they didn’t know why I was under manual review and to give it 30 days to call back and after somebody got around to looking at it. Well, I looked on TurboTax and it turned out that they had an Error specifically for Oregon state returns when filing Head of Household, I am pretty sure I was part of this error (not 100% though). I called TurboTax, they said they would notify the state to correct it. I called the IRS back and let them know that TurboTax had this Error and the man I spoke to was super nice and said he would notate it on my account.
    Long story short, I checked my Oregon WMR on Friday 1/30 at night and the “Under Review” notice, that was on there, had been removed and replaced with the standard “Your return is being processed”.. So HOPEFULLY I will have my refund very shortly.

    P.S. My fiancée filed her return and her WMR didn’t update until the day after she had already received her funds as well..

    #4119108 Reply


    Filed 22nd, just got Oregon refund this morning, 29th. My WMR stayed at 2 bars, I never had review message. So, Oregon WMR did not update for me before sending deposit, last night it said processing, this morning I got the money. Good luck everyone :)
    my State WMR is now at 3 bars, so itll update, after you have the money.

    #4118932 Reply


    My Oregon State taxes were under manual review. I just checked this morning and it said that this:

    Your return is currently being processed. Your refund or other information should be issued within three to four weeks unless your return is selected for further review.

    So that is progress. They have never sent me anything and I have no idea why it was in manual review, but at least they have finished their “manual review” or so it seems.

    Have a great day everyone.

    #4118188 Reply

    Momma O

    I called and checked on my status this morning.. Im still processing (no manual or anything). The guy I spoke with was super nice and told me that the delays and manual status are alto more this year because they put in a new computer system on December 1st. He said it has been causing problems with refund issue dates and put alot more people into manual review.
    The systems decides when it goes out (and updates)

    He said they are trying to work on the system to make it more efficient but at this point its a waiting game for everyone.
    This is the spiel I got. Maybe he was bullcrapping me but I figured I should share .
    Good luck everyone.

    #4117971 Reply


    Manual review here. Filed using HRblock.com

    Nothing really changed from previous years, never had manual review before

    #4117926 Reply


    Filed 1/22 at like 2 minutes past midnight. Still at 2 bars, no manual review. I did use Turbo Tax.

    #4117913 Reply


    To MCRT……I am under manual review from Oregon and used Turbo Tax as well. I wonder if any others under manual review used Turbo Tax…..???

    #4116994 Reply


    So my fiancée filed her taxes the same day as me, right after me actually, on 1/19 at around 4PM. We used TurboTax.. Her WMR tracker has changed as things happen, but she has never gone into “Manual Review” like I have. Last night the WMR still said it was “Processing” her return, but when she went to her bank account (to check to see if our Netflix was paid) she saw a pending deposit for her return from the State of Oregon. This morning WMR is updated and funds are available… I am still sitting in “manual review”…

    Her return was almost identical to mine!! Same daycare provider, same everything, she claimed her son.. The only difference is, this year, my son was a “qualifying child” but not a dependent because it is his mother’s year to claim him. That is literally the only difference in mine and my fiancée’s return. Apparently, I was told by TurboTax that they have had some issues and problems with their software this year when it comes to returns in the State of Oregon. Which is most likely why I was put on “Manual Review”..

    Did all of you who are under “Manual Review” use TurboTax as well? If not what did you use? Did you have Dependents? Child Care? Just wondering..

    #4116844 Reply


    I was accepted 1/12 but dor site says no record found???

    #4116796 Reply


    I also got put under manual review, and it’s my 3rd year filing, with the same employer, and NO changes. I think it’s just totally random :(

    #4116777 Reply


    I am under manual review too, for whatever reason, never have been before. Oregon was accepted on 1-13-16. Seems as though alot of people are under “manual review”.

    #4116775 Reply


    I submitted my federal and state taxes on 1-9-16 and Federal was accepted 1-11-16 and Oregon State accepted on 1-13-16. My Oregon taxes are under review or being manually reviewed, but I guess that others are too. Fingers crossed!!! Please keep updating.

    #4116705 Reply


    Wow… That is at least 6 people I know and 4 online that I have seen been put under “Manual Review”… When I called and talked to somebody he said to call back in 30 days… FML.

    #4116704 Reply


    Ditto! I have tried calling and calling, I finally got through and then waited on hold for an hour but when the guy answered he kind of gave me the run around. Then told me that it didn’t pass the initial scan through the computer for whatever reason, or was pulled randomly for review, and that I have to wait until somebody physically looks at it. Once they do, they could either sign off on it right there, or they may require further information. Depending on what happens will determine how long it will take.. So I said “Ok. There isn’t much different with mine? Should I call back in a couple days?” and his response was “Well, you can call back anytime you’d like, but I would give it at least 30 days before you call back in. To give somebody time to look at it.”…. I was pretty pissed off at that point. To say the least.

    #4116408 Reply


    I was accepted both state and fed on the 11th. Checked this morning and my oregon return is under manual review. Not sure why that would be we have claimed the same kids and jobs for the past 6 years. This sucks.

    #4116324 Reply


    I wanted to let anyone interested know, I filed on 1/18. Both state and federal were accepted 1/19. Oregon has had two bars since 1/20. It still says it today, 1/23. I checked my bank account this morning and the money was in my account! It only took 4 days since accepted.

    I have had the “manual review” show up the last few years and it was because I had to prove, with bank statements and receipts, that I actually paid daycare costs. This year I only claimed 900 in daycare whereas the other years it was over 2000, so I don’t know if that made a difference or not. It took only around 2 weeks after I sent the proof to receive my refund those times. Good luck everyone!

    #4116133 Reply


    I am under manual review. First time, usually my state is super fast. I have not changed anything from last year. I have had the same job and addy for 4 tax seasons. I don’t understand why if anyone I would get chosen. I have tried calling all day but keep getting a phone company message that all circuits are busy.

    #4116057 Reply


    Hello.. Well, I filed my state and federal taxes on 1/19 with TT and today I went to check my state refund for Oregon and it currently is on the 2nd bar, but underneath that it says that I am under “Manual Review”.. UGH! I don’t know why I would be under manual review, as I never have been. This is the first year I am not able to claim my son because of a recent court order and OF COURSE something would go wrong. I don’t know if it is under review because I don’t have a dependent but I still claimed the daycare that I paid for him or what it is but I am frustrated about the whole situation to say the least. Has anybody else been put under review? Is it just me? I am hoping it is just an error on the site or it is happening to a bunch of people and is something small like an “extra look” that I won’t have to go through a long ordeal for..

    #4116055 Reply


    Hello.. Well, I filed my state and federal taxes on 1/19 with TT and today I went to check my state refund for Oregon and it currently is on the 2nd bar, but underneath that it says that I am under “Manual Review”.. UGH! I don’t know why I would be under manual review, as I never have been. This is the first year I am not able to claim my son because of a recent court order and OF COURSE something would go wrong. I don’t know if it is under review because I don’t have a dependent but I still claimed the daycare that I paid for him or what it is but I am frustrated about the whole situation to say the least. Has anybody else been put under review? Is it just me? I am hoping it is just an error on the site or it is happening to a bunch of people and is something small like an “extra look” that I won’t have to go through a long ordeal for..

    #4098006 Reply


    Deposited this morning for Oregon. Yay, just Federal now.

    #4095605 Reply


    I filed Oregon return Sunday Jan 25 was accepted 2 hours later ..yesterday I checked and it say completed and refund in 5-7 business days they were super fast on processing

    #4095140 Reply


    Filed at 9pm on the 24th and approved today on the 27th. So looks like Oregon is taking 2 days to process.
    Your return has completed processing. If you requested a refund check, you should receive your refund or further information from us within two weeks. Direct deposit refunds should be completed in five to seven business days. Please verify with your bank that the funds are available for your use. Check with your bank to verify the funds are deposited into your bank account.

    #4094467 Reply


    Anyone get an Oregon refund yet? Seeing other states getting em.

    #4094352 Reply


    Filed 1/18 accepted 1/20, still says no record of the return

    #4093613 Reply


    I filed Oregon state on the 15th. Accepted on the 21st. The Oregon refund page has no record of my return yet.

    #4092880 Reply


    I filed my Oregon taxes on 1/16 and was accepted the same day, I haven’t heard anything more has anyone else?

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