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    Share your experience with filing your Oregon Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    My state taxes were accepted on 30 Jan 2017. Today is the 28th of April and it is still being processed. I called the number listed on the ORS website since its been 12 weeks. The person I talked with after holding for 30 minutes wasn’t really helpful, said they would send some type of message to another department telling them to issue my refund or send me paperwork that they might still need from me and i should here from them in about 2 weeks. So they have had my taxes for 12 weeks and have not even looked at them, I got my Fed refund in 3 weeks

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    this was week 12 since filing at the beginning of february. with my refund amount still in green parentheses and saying on time processed. it also had the manual review status on WMR.

    I called yesterday, tuesday, to get an update. they agreed it had been 12 weeks. the rep said he would send a note to a tax processor and i should hear back within 7-10 days.

    today, my refund is now zero’ed, still says on time processed and the WMR status now says “We’re processing your return. If we need additional information to finish processing your return, you’ll receive a letter from us. Otherwise, your refund should be issued in the next two weeks.”

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    Is this site active, seems to be dead, commits not be moderated at all

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    Is anyone else still waiting. I got an email from turbo tax stating my state refund was accepted on Feb 9th. Then I checked on the website and was under manual review. I just called today 6/19 and was told they are working on it and to check back in another week or two. I haven’t received any letters and the gal on the phone confirmed I haven’t been sent anything. When I log in the balance says $0.00 so I’m hoping that means they are sending me a refund based on some of the other comments.

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    So, Filed and accepted Feb 1st. Part year resident since my family moved here for my husband’s job. Received my federal and nj state (which is notoriously slower than slow) beginning of last month.

    Still no Oregon refund. No letters. No ID quiz. No W2’s requested. Nada. On my account says processed with the amount in green. Has said that for a month now. Measly $144 but it’s the principle of it. On wmr still states being manually processed. Ugghh. Anyone else in this situation have any insight?

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    That’s good news. I think i should be receiving something by Monday. That will be week 12. I uploaded my drivers license, W2, employee paystub with my ID badge, copy of insurance card with address, and the original letter. I don’t think they could possibly need anything else.

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    I got a letter last Monday asking for proof of W-2 and my 1099 which I copied and emailed over that same day, now today I logged on to my acct and it says refund is being processed and will be sent to bank within 2 weeks. Also it shows a $0 balance now. So finally after almost 10 weeks I’m getting somewhere. Instead of it saying “return being manually processed”

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    For those of you who received an identity test, how long did it take for you to receive your refund after you submitted the test? I received a letter yesterday asking for proof of address, drivers licence, and for a copy of my W2. Glad i finally received something from ODR. I think i’ll receive something back soon.

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    Oregon tax advocates only assist individuals who are having issues retrieving their federal income tax returns unfortunately. It was a good attempt. I flew in and out of state several times for work before moving to texas, also for work, so I had a lot to write off, my Oregon refund will be close to 7k. It paid off for me to go through all of my bank and CC statements and itemize all of my deductions. It will be 11 weeks on monday since i filed, I’m facing medical bills from an accident in January so i’ll be all over them if i don’t get it back by week 12.

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    Thank you for the help! I logged in and seen there was a letter (that hasn’t even been mailed out yet) asking for a copy of our W-2 so I attached it and sent it over, hopefully this will get things rolling… been over 9 weeks now!

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    Hi Melanie~

    Totally understand your frustration! We’ve had to pay the last 2 years but this year was way different and they owe us. Possibly why we also were dinged for manual review but it’s hard to say. If you go to https://revenueonline.dor.oregon.gov you can make an online account. Thats where you can see the “green” as well as previous tax years ect. I hope this helps and good luck!

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    I filed on Jan 31st and ours has been in “manually processed” since,,, haven’t heard anything, no letters. I keep reading others posts that say their amount is “in the green” etc… I’m not sure what that means when I log on to the Oregon website for where’s my refund all it tells me is it’s being manually processed?!?!… in the past we have not had a refund with the state for several years (typically owe a little) but we bought a home in 2016 which resulted in a refund this year so, go figure the year they owe us we haven’t seen it. So annoying. I tried calling today since it’s been 9 weeks but the automated machine says they are extremely busy and to call back another time and hangs up!!!! So frustrating!!!

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    Yes, both State and Federal have to start paying interest after a certain time frame. Usually 45 days after April’s deadline. I’m not sure when they update. I’m thinking once a day at midnight but that’s just a guess. I called the collections department today because despite having a refund that will cover the small amount I owe I noticed they are charging ME interest. Nice play Oregon! The guy told me to give it a couple more weeks as he didn’t think it would take the whole 12 weeks to finish proccessing. He said they are working each manual review as first come, first serve. I’ll believe it when it happens. Let us know how the TA works out for you Blake, and good luck.

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    Also, does anyone know exactly when the website is updated? I know they only update refund status once a day, according to the website, but i don’t know when. I’m going to work with Oregon Tax Payer Advocates out of Portland. My taxes were accepted on 01/23 and federal paid like a week later. This is ridiculous. At this point they better be paying interest, we have to when we’re late.

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    So the state will actually pay interest? That’s a surprise.

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    Nothing here either Blake. At least yours is in green. Once the amount goes to zero it means they are done proccessing it and you should see a refund. Mine doesn’t show a balance at all. Just that I owe. Which I don’t. From research I see they have been doing this to people for years now. Some are not seeing a refund until Sept-Oct. Well after the 12 week mark and they have to pay interest. Short staffed and to many holidays I guess.

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    Still waiting on mine. Anyone still in the same boat? Account balance in green parenthesis, manual review.

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    From what I was just told when I called, sometimes when you file online there will be a discrepancy or something that the computer doesn’t like therefore it gets sent into manual processing. I’ve been waiting for 6 weeks and they say that they can’t really tell me anything except that it’s in manual processing and if I don’t hear anything in another 6 weeks to call back. I don’t have another 6 weeks. It’s rather frustrating. You figure if there is something wrong with your return or if they need more information that they would just verify who you are and tell you what they need so you can get it out of the way.

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    Nick Sando

    I finally contacted them about my refund today. I completed the ID quiz on March 9th, and I’ve been stuck in manual review since. When I called today, they said there was no record of me completing the quiz and I was directed to take it again by one person and another person said they found it and sent my file to the support team. See what happens now… Just in case you are in the same situation, call and make sure they received your quiz.

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    I filed electronically Jan 23rd. Taxes accepted same day no credits or anything, I received federal refund Feb 8th . My oregon state refund has been under manual review since being accepted. Ive called as well as email and always told still processing. Last week March 13th I recieved a id verification quiz, I successfully passed it same day. My refund still shows processing WTH!!!! i dont understand if irs starting accepting Jan 23rd but no release till Mid Feb what were they doing all that time ? They could have started doing these manual reviews instead it seems like they just started them . my bank allows access to pay 4 days sooner than most as soon as it it put in computer deposit scheduled i can get it, they dont even show anything pending THIS IS CRAZY

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    I filed electronically Jan 24th taxes accepted same day , I had no credits or anything . I received my Federal refund Feb 8th 2017. My Ore State refund has been in manual review since being accepted Jan 24th 2017. Ive called twice and have emailed every week on the status and told everytime Some returns get pulled for manual review theres nothing on your account if you receive a letter fill out and send back asap. Last week March 13th I received a id verification letter. I immediately completed the quiz successfully , My return still shows under manual review!!!! WTH . I dont understand if the IRS did not start issuing refunds until mid Feb but accepted them Jan 23rd couldnt they have worked on the return during that time so when the release date came around they could issue refunds without delay? several of my friends filed late Feb with credits they were under manual review as well but have gotten there refunds back already. MIne is to be direct deposited into account. My bank allows access 4 days sooner than normal bank does, it shows nothing pending WTH!!

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    Nick Sando

    Has anyone had to verify their identity? If so, how long did it take after verifying did you get your refund? I was accepted 2/4, got a letter on 3/9 to verify and have been in manual review.

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    I filed 2/17 and we’re still stuck on manual. No letters, ect. I’m wondering…how many of you have a prior debt with Oregon or even the IRS? I owe Oregon a small amount from last year that we haven’t paid off completely. They sent us to the IRS to intercept our refund from them. I’m wondering if they are playing a waiting game to see if the IRS will take it first. Our Oregon refund is more then enough to garnish and send us the rest of the refund. So rediculous. My friend filed 2/26 and had her check mailed and in her hands by 3/7. Not understanding this.

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    still waiting as well. accepted returns 2/15. on revenue online correct refund listed with “on time- processed.” wheres my refund still states in manual review.

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    Also still in manual review. Accepted on 01/23. Really unhappy. I’ve contacted them multiple times. Still the same response. Not being audited, just taking longer to process. I didn’t even live in the state for an entire year.

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    …still in manual review…still waiting

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    I filed my state taxes on February 2, still nothing says its being processed manually a co-worker filed in January 3, she says she had direct deposit but received a paper check in the mail instead the end of February like the 24th Still waiting paper checks scare me with open mail boxes anyone can steal them!!!

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    Stacy Paggett

    I have the same info on time processed and amount in green in ( ), I have been calling everyday. No one can give any details.

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    Still shows $0.00 balance no refund and still in review. No alerts or letters. Filed 2/4 and accepted 2/5. Status says ON TIME – PROCESSING so it doesn’t even look like it’s been processed yet. This weekend will be 4 weeks so what gives? This is taking way too long and I’m guessing we would have already gotten a letter or something by now if there was an issue right?

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    I submitted my taxes around the 3rd or 4th week in January. My status shows In Review. I logged into the site to get more info and it says balance with green parenthesis with the status of “On time – Processed”. What does this mean?

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    Just check the status of my Oregon refund and it says it has been deposited into my account but when I checked my account it was not there. Also there wasn’t any pending transactions waiting to be cleared. Anyone else have this issue?

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    The last three years I have filed with TurboTax. This year I did my taxes on 2/21, electronically submitted and received notification within an hour or so that both state and federal returns were accepted . My state refund has always been in my bank within 4-5 days. In reading the posts on here it looks like refunds are coming way later this year?

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    DITTO!!! Went home on my lunch at 11am and nothing was there, as I was leaving at 1145, the mailman pulled up and it was there!!!!!! So, it was mailed out of Salem on Wednesday and I got it in Medford on Friday. Pretty quick!

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    @AM88 Just checked my mail and the check was there so hopefully yours is close too!!

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    When i log in it says on-time/processed, but when I look on the where’s my refund page, it still says manual review/processing. What’s with the discrepancy?

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    Anybody that was forced to have a check sent via mail, instead of DD, did you get your check yet?

    Still haven’t received mine? it just got sent out Wednesday, so I am going to give it until Monday/Tuesday before I start to panic. But I was just wondering?

    USPS states that it should only take 2 business days from Salem. So I am hoping it will be here today!!

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    Jessica Pires

    Yay!!! State came in! Whoop!!!

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    So my return says that it’s on time – processed online with a balance in parenthesis. Does that mean anything?

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    Jessica Pires

    So why haven’t I seen my direct deposit yet?!?!?

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    My direct deposit came through today… Basically mine still showed that I was still processing yesterday and then the money magically appeared. So good news to those that were worried… I think many will start getting theirs today

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    Jessica Pires

    Oregon WMR says refund sent or check cashed… I don’t see anything in my account yet!! Anyone have this issue???

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    I filed and accepted back on the 23rd of January. Been in “Manuel Review” ever since. Haven’t received Federal refund yet, but should tomorrow.
    My account shows in parentheses and in green a positive balance, and shows “on-time processed”. Because I’m moving, and my last name changed this year I called the dept. 29 minutes later, lol a nice young lady answered my call. She didn’t at first want to be very helpful, but was as I inquired as to why this is taking so long and what I need to provide to push this along. I have been reviewed many times over the years.

    Manuel review means just that. A human is touching it, but it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. She confirmed that there are no letters, or notices on my account, and that soon it should update! That sounds pretty hopeful! She also said that the first set of refunds just went out this week for those under “review”. Who knows if that’s fact or made up! Seems that they just put these people on the phone with letter actual knowledge!

    So rest assured, it will update whenever they want!

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    I finally called the OR DOR today also and reached a very nice guy, but honestly he wouldn’t even pull up my return so I was little annoyed. He said that eventhough online it still shows that I am in manual review, that is just a placeholder for those with the credits (which we knew…) and as long as my revenue online account shows Ontime-Processed with no alerts or letters, that everything is fine and it is just in process. He thought that since I was accepted nearly a month ago, that it should be updated within the week but let’s just say that I don’t really have too much faith in his answers since he wouldn’t even look at my account. I asked about the issue of paper checks being mailed out instead of direct deposits and he tried to say that it is not a widespread issue and that it is happening because the system must not have been able to “communicate” with the bank for those affected. I rolled my eyes a bit! haha!

    I guess I will just wait until next week and call again if nothing changes! Thanks everyone for keeping us all updated!

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    BOOM! I just got my refund deposited to my account this morning. Filed 1/23, accepted same day, went trough manual review and back to normal! Good luck, fellas!

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    They only update the website once a day, does anyone know what time that is? I called and spoke with a representative who didn’t know what time they updated. Oregon accepted my return on 01/23, I have been paid for my federal return already, and as of today i’m showing the balance but still in manual review. She said there wasn’t a reason as to why I was in manual review still but it could take around 12 weeks from the date accepted. I told her that I’ve never had issues with my taxes, with the exception of me moving to taxes for work and claiming quite a bit in moving expenses, everything was on point with no variances from what my employer had reported. She said I shouldn’t worry about being audited or anything, just for some reason the computer didn’t pull my return so they had to do it manually. Hoping to see my return soon.

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    I filed 2/4 accepted 2/5

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    Jessica Pires

    An hour wait?! Wow!! When did you file???

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    Jessica – after a hour wait on the phone – I found i have a Direct Deposit on 2/23, might wanna call them

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    Jessica Pires

    Still a $0 balance, not even a pending deposit in my bank account. The wait continues…

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    I am not sure why they are doing it.. To be completely honest, it sounds like some tactic or something to that effect.

    However, the only response that I could get from the rep was that it was a “Systems Limitation”, he said he could see my DD info clearly on my return, but when asked what “Systems Limitation” means, he just kept repeating himself and couldn’t really explain it. Then he went and “talked to his supervisor” who further confirmed it was a “systems limitation” but again couldn’t explain what exactly that was or why it happened when my DD info was right in front of them.

    When I had called earlier in the week, they said they were processing it, and that when it was done being processed that I would have a DDD. Then when my account switched back to 0.00, I called again and BOOM; paper check. So…

    Idk if Oregon is doing something new to where any refund that is over $XXXX amount is sent paper check or what. I know that this is the biggest state refund I have ever had since this year I was able to claim my wife, her son, my son and our new daughter. So, in my mind, I justified it as something to do with that. It would be interesting to see if we all have something in common though, to determine why we specifically got opted out of DD.

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    By chance are they sending paper checks to further prevent fraud by making us take the checks to our banks? I

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    Thanks! It looks like it still says Ontime – In Progress and the WMR still says Manual Review so I am guessing I haven’t even gotten to the part where they post my refund amount yet because when I go into Dec. 2016 it just says Balance $0.00 it doesn’t say Tax or Other. I don’t have any letters or alerts though so I am probably still getting through the system since it looks like I filed a few weeks after you guys did.

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    Anybody that has their account balance switched to 0.00, I would call the OR DOR IMMEDIATELY after. There have been A LOT of people this year that were supposed to get DD and had all of their DD info on their return and OR is STILL sending a Paper Check!!!! So, call and check, before you get your hopes up for a DD only to be shot down having to wait for a paper check..

    I mean, I live down in Medford, and from Salem a priority mail letter only takes about 2 days (so I would have it by Friday/Sat at the latest), but still.. CALL FIRST. And only AFTER your balance switches to zero. When I called when my balance was still negative, they told me DD, but when I called after it switched they told me paper check!

    Today is a holiday, so you may not see anything.. But my guess is that you see some change either Tuesday, Wednesday for a DD or Paper check the following Wednesday.

    Don’t worry, even if you move the letters are readable online. Whatever they send you in the mail, they scan and upload to Revenue Online before they send it. So, no matter what, you will get any correspondence that they send.

    Got into your specific tax year on Revenue online. So log in, click “Manage Returns”, then click “December 2016” and then if you look down and it says:
    Tax: (Amount)
    Other: (Your Refund amount)
    Credit: (Amount)

    Make sure your refund amount matches the “other” section AND if your account balance is at 0.00 then you have already been paid or are processing for payment. So just loot at that first and then give them a call. If nothing is there, then you haven’t been processed yet or your account balance is a negative amount, then you haven’t been processed yet.

    @jessica Pires & @ltwpdx

    MAKE SURE YOU CALL AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT SENDING A PAPER CHECK. I though FOR SURE I was getting a DD, but nope, Paper check for me.

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    I was accepted on 1/24 and mine still shows in “manual review” also. Ugh! My revenue online account still shows the amount owed to me in parenthesis in green, says “Ontime-Processed” and I have no alerts/messages sent. Still keeping my fingers crossed!

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    My federal return has now shown a DDD. My Oregon “account” shows that my 2016 return has “processed on time” my balance is in parenthesis and is in green. My status shows that I am “in manual review”. I called the dept last week to inquire about my account. The lady didn’t look up my account, but simply said that everyone’s account is stating that they are In manual review. I wouldn’t be concerned except that I am moving this next week and worried that any letter or check would get lost. My account doesn’t show any letters or any action needed on my end.
    I see many people are getting their message removed that they are in manual review, but perhaps I really am in review. LOL, I swear, Oregon places me in review almost every year, you’d think by now they would see that I’m legit! LOL

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    Anyone accepted 2/5 get out of manual review yet?

    Mine still says processing on time in the Revenue Online area with no letters or amounts but the WMR section says I’m still under manual review.

    Just looking for any updates or feedback.


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    mine is now zero!! wooo! hoping for a DD this week

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    Jessica Pires

    Ok, mine switched to 0 balance and processing on Thursday, still nothing in my bank account. Hoping next Tuesday/Wednesday? Am I being overly optimistic?? Did your oregon WMR update to refund processed??

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    Well out of curiosity I called odr and was told mine too will be sent as a paper check next Wednesday :( all my direct deposit information was correct as well. Pretty disappointed, last year was a pain in my butt and I was hoping this year it would be easier, guess not lol

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    I called the ODR and they told me my DD date was the 21st!

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    Hey guys, I just checked my bank account and I got my DD refund from the Oregon Revenue Department! So excited! I filed on Jan 26, got accepted the same day, was put on Manual Review, went back to normal and now I finally got it. I got my Federal refund yesterday, so I got lots of money to spend! Thanks for all the comments here, they were really helpful and good luck to everybody…..

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    Ya, I mean I am happy I am getting my refund but is it bullshit that we have to wait until next week for a PAPER CHECK and then wait some more for that paper check to get here. It is right there on my return, idk WHY they didn’t DD ANYBODYS money? it makes ZERO sense…

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    I talk to a Rep today I told her my bal went from (xxxx) to 0.00 and she said that I was being issued a check on 2/22 and that salem mail gose to Portland first and then back to salem, also I should check the mail next Thursday or Friday. 😡 Idk why they didn’t direct deposit my money that upsets me.

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    annnddddd they are not DD mine either…… It is being mailed as a PAPER CHECK NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so livid. He said that there clearly is a DD on the return, but because of a “System Limitation” it is being mailed as a Paper Check. I asked what kind of system limitation and he couldn’t even tell me?!

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    @ Jessica Pires

    Nope, nothing yet and mine has been at 0 since yesterday AM and out of “Manual Review” since Saturday.. They don’t open until 730AM though, so I am going to try and give them a call and see whats going on. I have a bad feeling they mailed mine in a check on Wednesday, even though I gave my DD info, like they did with other peoples. However, I could be wrong and they could’ve submitted DD’s this morning and itll be in my account tomorrow. We will see when I call.. Lol.

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    Jessica Pires

    Alright!! Balance is 0 and no more manual review! Nothing pending in my account yet though! Anyone get theirs back yet?

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    @ ltwpdx

    I do the SAME exact Walmart Money Card every single year and every single year I have gotten it at 2 or 4AM on whatever day after the day they send it… and I don’t think they just “Scheduled a DD” because why would my account balance be at 0 if it was just scheduled? it had to have already been paid and sent out…. but it isn’t in my bank and normally I have any DD before I wake up, although I think they can go on anytime but idk.. Maybe they deposited it today and only scheduled it yesterday and ill have it tomorrow??.. Idk.

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    Hey everyone…I created my Revenue Online account last week after I read this thread and it has been a great way to track what is going on. I have a few questions…maybe those that have gotten further in the process will know.

    Filed 2/4 and was accepted in the morning of 2/5. My Federal was already processed and back to me and since we moved to Indiana this year I had a return from there as well. I had to verify my identity with them, did that last night as soon as I got the letter, and poof…had an DDD this morning of next Thursday.

    However my Oregon return is still sitting in manual review. My main screen balance shows $0.00 and when I go into where it shows my 2016 return it says $0.00 and that it is Processing – On Time. That is what the message says. I have no letters and no alerts.

    Am I just that far behind earlier filers or does this seem like a legit manual review? I have been reviewed before due to child care, etc. verification, but they always send me a letter.

    Just wanted to see if anyone had any advice. Thanks!

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    I still have a balance myself. hoping to see that change.

    I’ve gotten deposits as late at 8am from my bank, so I hope you will get yours today!!

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    My account balance has been at 0.00 since yesterday morning but I still don’t have it in my account… Starting to worry…. Ugh

    #4174617 Reply


    Happen to my parents as well with their deposit, they were told they put 1 number in account routing wrong and it would be coming in the mail. (it wasnt wrong on my parents records, so who knows)

    No update for me yet!

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    sarah clark

    …Update to previous message. Rep called me back and said they did see my checking account information but decided to mail me a check instead. No need to be concerned they said, This happens. Everybody watch out….Yours could be mailed as well :)

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    sarah clark

    My status also changed to a 0 balance this morning. I messages the state and was informed they are sending me a check? I have been direct deposited every year…same account. I am not sure why I would be retrieving a check. Anybody else hear of this happening recently? I am not happy about it and am waiting to get a call back now from a rep.

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    @ Jessica Pires

    Federal returns will be 2/22 for PATH Act affected returns.

    #4173669 Reply

    Jessica Pires

    I filed 1/30!! I know it can take awhile, especially this year! I’m really hoping it’ll be soon!! But I think we all are, right? Now the real question…. the federal return!!! When?!?!?

    #4173490 Reply



    Actually, to be honest, since you were already taken off of Manual Review.. If your balance isn’t $0.00 today, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see it be updated to $0.00 on Friday night/Saturday morning, for a Monday deposit.

    #4173478 Reply



    Ya, you definitely should. I believe they deposit M-W-F, so funds to be deposited Monday get released on the Saturday update, Wednesday funds get released Tuesday and Friday funds get released Thursday. So, if you log in Saturday, Tuesday or Thursday and your balance is $0.00, then you should have your funds by the next day (depending on your bank).

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    Awesome. I was taken off manual a few days ago as well. Hoping to see something soon!

    #4173432 Reply



    I filed 1/12 and Federal was accepted 1/19 and I think my state was accepted on opening day right at 8AM 1/23. I went straight into received and then 2 days after that on 1/25 I was already “Under Manual Review”.. This last Saturday is when I came off Manual Review, I checked last night at about 11PM and my balance still had my refund amount ($XXXX) and then when I logged in at 630AM this morning my balance was $0.00.

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    when did you guys file? I am a 2/5

    #4173343 Reply


    @AM88 Awesome I need it lol! Thanks so much!

    #4173300 Reply


    @ Rachie

    Ya, it typically takes 24 hours from the time of release. So, it will either be in there later today (if they receive it) and, if not, first thing tomorrow morning at the latest. However, it is on the way! So, it is only a matter of time! I will let you know when mine gets deposited, but it will most likely be tomorrow.


    I know right! Well, my fingers are crossed for you too and I hope you get it soon! Same for you @ Jessica Pires! It shouldn’t be much longer now! If it isn’t released tomorrow, I am guessing Monday or Wednesday at the latest!

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    Jessica Pires

    Ugh…. bummer! Mine still says manual review and still shows the balance ($xxx). One of these days!!!!

    #4173231 Reply


    @AM88 so did your refund post to your bank account this morning? My balance is 0.00 now too so I was just wondering if you knew how long it took to show up at your bank, I’m broke haha!

    #4173197 Reply


    @AM88 – Yay!!! So glad to finally see some movement – Thanks for keeping us updated! Nothing on mine yet, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed its soon!

    #4173165 Reply


    @cher !!!!!

    #4172951 Reply



    Just went on to “Revenue Online” and my current balance is $0.00.. Which means that my previous negative balance has been paid and they sent my refund out!!!!!!!!!! My WMR hasn’t updated but it has never updated until I already had my refund in my account!!!!!!!

    #4172180 Reply


    So did anyone get their money today? I filed really early and had hoped maybe it would have come but sadly, no money today lol

    #4171507 Reply


    OMG. Yes. I called earlier today and they told me the same thing.

    #4171471 Reply


    Finally some good news! haha! Thanks for the update, @AM88!

    #4171466 Reply


    I talked to an OR Rep today at the DOR and she said that they have been holding them up until today and that they are just starting to release them as of this morning. She said that they will be released in the order that they were received and, as long as I don’t have any letters on my account, that if I don’t have it by the end of next week at the latest, to call back. I then asked her if there was anyway I could get it this week still and she said that there is definitely a chance, it just depends on when I filed with them..

    I didn’t ask what days they deposit on and now I feel like I should have! Lol.

    #4171458 Reply


    @jessica Pires:

    I am still under “manual review” as well, eventhough my online account shows Ontime-Processed with no letters (other than the one stating I created an account) and alerts. Hopefully ours will update and/or we receive our deposits soon! Keep us updated!

    #4171239 Reply

    Jessica Pires

    I’m still under manual review and says “ontime/processed”. So now I just don’t know!!

    #4171179 Reply



    Hope you are right. I am ontime-processed and they took me off manual review on Saturday as well!! Need that $$!!

    #4171076 Reply


    @jessica Pires

    I believe so! I think they do only deposit MWF..

    Last year, they took my “Under review” off on Saturday (same this year), then the next Weds (today), I woke up at 5am for work, had nothing in my account, then at 8am they deposited my State Refund and the ORWMR never updated until 2 days later. I am REALLY hoping they do it again this year..

    I hope that they start deposits today, I mean, they have no reason not to? So, I pray I get it. lol. I just don’t see any reason for them to keep holding onto it, my state refunds have always been so quick..

    #4170783 Reply

    Jessica Pires

    Does Oregon only deposit on certain days of the week?? Isn’t it only MWF?

    #4170573 Reply

    Jessica Pires

    Never mind!! Just stating that I made an online account. I was hoping it had something to do with my refund! Booooo

    #4170568 Reply

    Jessica Pires

    As of yesterday, I noticed an unread letter in my oregon online account that shows the refund etc… it says “tax prof. Access notification”. Unfortunately I couldn’t open it on my phone, will have to check on my computer when I get home. Anyone know what this means?!?!?

    #4169859 Reply



    Ok, that means it is pending for release for deposit. It is completely processed and “Ontime” according to their schedule. I typically always get my state before my Federal and especially with the way federal is going this year, I think that will be true again. The state is pretty quick, they don’t have all of the hoops that federal does and the deposit goes straight from them to our accounts.

    Also, last year I was “under manual review”, then I called in on a Friday or Saturday, the next business day (which was a Monday) after that it was out of manual review and then it was deposited that Wednesday. Same thing happened this year and I have been out of “Manual Review” since Monday.

    So, I just have a feeling that it will be deposited tomorrow morning into my account. Just like previous years and I don’t think state will hold it past the 15th. They didn’t have to follow the Fed’s footsteps, they did it but they didn’t have to, and I also don’t think it will be held past the 15th. Especially because when I called, the lady specifically said, they will start “depositing funds on the 15th” and that they’ve “been processing this whole time”..

    #4169846 Reply


    @AM88 it says “On Time-Processed”

    #4169763 Reply


    @jessica Pires

    Yes, it is a good thing. It means that it is processed and just waiting, does your account balance say “($XXXX)”.. If so, the parenthesis means it is owed to you. It should say that if you click on this years return and on the home page under “Balance”. Now, once that balance on the home page goes to $0 and this years return still says “Ontime-Processed” with your refund amount. That means it has been paid out and your balance is back at $0.

    #4169187 Reply

    Jessica Pires

    Mine says “ontime-processed”. I’m assuming that’s a good thing?!

    #4169131 Reply


    The posted this today: https://www.irs.gov/uac/newsroom/avoid-the-rush-use-irsgov-for-quick-answers-to-questions

    “Where’s My Refund?” Begins Updating Feb. 16 for EITC and ACTC Filers
    By law, the IRS must hold Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit refunds until Feb. 15. Taxpayers will begin to see refunds claiming EITC/ACTC the week of Feb. 27. “Where’s My Refund?” will update for EITC/ACTC refunds beginning Feb. 16, with the vast majority updating by Feb. 18.

    The wording is different than it was prior… I am just hoping that they are being cautious with giving DDD’s.

    #4169126 Reply

    #4169124 Reply


    Where did you read that WMR wouldn’t update until 2/16 and the first refunds wouldn’t be until 2/27?..

    Everything on the IRS website still and has always stated the first ones will go out on 2/15, and that is when they will start releasing them, but that you MAY not get it until the 27th because of Presidents day, Weekends, and your banks policies..

    #4169101 Reply


    This year I changed from a daily to a weekly updater so all along I’ve been thinking that I would wake up on 1/18 to a 1/22 DDD. I would LOVE to wake up this Wednesday and see a deposit, but I’m thinking that after reading the newest update, it won’t happen. Boooo! I am a bit confused by their most recent article as it says that WMR will start updating on 2/16 with DDD’s for week of 2/27, but their prior articles stated that refunds will start going out on the 15th. I guess we will see!

    I’ve never had a bank that holds my refunds (although I did change to a different credit union this year, so I guess I don’t know what will happen this year…) but I’m hoping by next friday to have both Fed and State!

    Keep us updated if you find out anything more, please! Have a great day!

    #4169005 Reply



    Well, on the IRS.gov site, it says we wont see an update on WMR until a few days AFTER the 15th. However, I fell like that is just the wording they’re using and our bars will return with a DDD for early filers on the 15th, if not then during the big Friday update at the latest.

    They also said on the IRS.gov site that they WILL start releasing refunds ON the 15th, so I feel like us early filers will have our money released this week and people who filed after 2/1 the following week.

    Now, if you have a bank account that holds money, the IRS may release it this week, but you probably wont see it until the end of next week. The IRS will probably release it Weds/Thurs, it will go through the proper channels, then Monday is a holiday, your bank will hold it for 3-4 business days and you will see it at the end of next week/beginning of the week of the 27th.
    However, if you have a pre-paid card, netspend, or your bank doesn’t hold the money, you will start seeing the money as early as Thurs/Fri or Tuesday, depending.

    That’s just my opinion on it, but I feel like that is what will happen.

    As for state, I have ALWAYS gotten my state before my federal and there isn’t very many channels for that to go through. Goes straight from the state to our accounts. They have already said they will also start releasing refunds ON the 15th, so (especially with the “under review” removed) I feel like that will be in my account by Friday at the absolute latest and possibly Weds morning.

    #4168935 Reply


    Hopefully (fingers crossed!) I am just a bit further down in the queue than you! lol! Trying to be “glass half full” about it! lol!

    Whats your theory on federal returns? I’m hoping we see some movement this week on fed and state!

    #4168923 Reply



    Hmmmm.. That is weird. I wonder why mine is no longer under manual review as mine was accepted on the 23rd?..

    #4168893 Reply


    @AM88 – I filed on 1/23 and accepted early morning 1/24 for both federal and state.

    #4168885 Reply



    What day were you accepted?

    #4168861 Reply


    Oregon WMR still shows as “under manual review” for me today, but when I login to my Revenue Online account it shows as “Ontime-Processed” so hopefully that means something soon!

    #4168816 Reply



    On the Revenue online, does it show yours as “in progress” or as “On Time-Processed”?.. Just curious.

    #4168800 Reply


    So on the WMR it shows Under Manual Review. But if I create an account on Revenue Online it shows that it is in progress (not under manual review) and the refund amount. So check there before you assume its actually under review or being held.

    #4168700 Reply


    Just something I noticed from last year…

    Last year I was put on “Manual Review”, I called the IRS, was part of a Turbo Tax error, and got everything worked out. Well, that Saturday, they removed the “Under Review” verbiage and it went back to the standard message. Then I ended up getting my refund on Weds. 2/3, my WMR hadn’t updated to the 3rd bar until AFTER I already had the money in my account.

    So, I am hoping this year is going the exact same. This year, just like last year, they removed the “Under Review” status and switched it back to standard verbiage on Saturday. So, I am hoping that Wednesday I will have my money in my account again, just like last year.

    I just thought it was odd, it may be a coincidence, but it might not!

    #4167686 Reply



    You are very welcome. As long as your full amount is there and no correspondence has been sent out then you should be good to go!

    I was VERY surprised to see the manual review verbiage gone and to see:

    1. Where’s My Refund
    2. Where’s My Refund Results

    Where’s My Refund Results


    Your return is currently being processed. Your refund or other information should be issued within three to four weeks unless your return is selected for further review.

    #4167667 Reply


    @AM88 – thanks so much for the info, it is appreciated! I was able to also create a login and see my refund amount. I don’t see any alerts or letters sent out as of yet, so I’m hoping it will be sent out soon! My Oregon WMR didn’t update yet, it still shows “manual review” but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    #4167618 Reply


    And look at this.. Oregon WMR updated last night and I am no longer in “manual review”, I have the standard ” your return is processing” verbiage.

    The lady said my refund will be released ON the 15th.. So I expect it no later than Friday. Which makes sense as to why I no longer have the manual review, I am no longer in “holding”, and ready to be sent. They could release as early as Monday and received on Wednesday. Either way, can’t wait to have my money this week!

    #4166822 Reply

    tha big sexy

    AM88 is right i just signed up and it told me the same thing my refund was in green and said ontime processed i had no alerts on my account

    #4166764 Reply


    So, I will post in here again. If you read my previous post, you will see in detail what I’m talking about. There has been so much back and forth on here, that I called OR department of revenue again, just to verify.

    I spoke to a different agent, who again confirmed that ANYTHING you see on the WMR tool is NOT VALID. Because of THE PATH ACT and oregon following it, most everybody’s says “under manual review” because there return has been placed on hold. However, she reffered me to the REVENUE ONLINE site, where you’re able to log in and see any amounts due by you AND OWED TO YOU. It will also show any correspondence that was sent to you (i.e. I’d verification, etc.). So I created an account with them, logged on and my account balance is my refund amount in green (meaning it is owed to me) there are also no letter or any correspondence sent to me. Under my returns for every years, this year’s says my refund amount and it also shows it is “Ontime – Processed”.. So my refund has been approved, the money has been added to my account to be sent out and now it is just waiting 5 more days. They said they WILL start sending oregon refunds ON the 15th..

    I am not here to lie to you or spread misinformation, I have 3 kids and am just trying to figure this all out. Just because we are “Under Manual Review” doesn’t mean we other actually are, it is just on hold until the15th.

    If you create a Revenue Online account and log in, you will be able to see what refund amount you are getting, if you’ve been processed and if they’ve sent ANY letters to you about ANYTHING to do with your refund. So if you want to make sure everything is going smooth, log on to revenue online!! Can’t wait til the 15th!!

    #4150289 Reply


    After 11 weeks my fiancés wmr finally changed back to 3-4 week processing with a $0 balance when he logs in. Hoping the deposit will hit soon. It looks like it was manually reviewed because he put $0 for the kicker so they needed a whole 3 months to change it to $18 lmao. Can’t believe it has takin this long just to adjust his refund by less than $20. Hope everyone receives their refund soon.

    #4150241 Reply


    EVERYBODY I had to do the identy quiz and they waited 13 weeks to send me the letter saying j needed to do it. I did it the same day just to wait 3 weeks to be sent a letter saying I need to prove my son is disabled. This is bullshit! I just sent them what they asked for so now I have to wait 12 more weeks for MY MONEY! I pay Oregon on time every two weeks I pay MY TAXES ON TIME EVERY TWO WEEKS! When it’s time to give me my refund they want to wait UNTIL THE END OF SUMMER TO MAYBE GIVE IT TO ME OR ANOTHER FUCKING LETTER. LOVE PAYING MY TAXES TO BE TREATED LIKE SHIT. GOVERMENT GAGSTERS. I just GIVE UP! I don’t expect to ever get my money.

    #4150147 Reply

    Tana Rowland

    I was put on manual review after I filed and then they needed an identity quiz so I did that the same day and now they’re sending me a letter about needing more info on my disabled son even tho that has nothing to fucking do with my Oregon refund! I only got Oregon refund for day care expenses. This is bullshit! I only get my taxes until the fucking summer!! Another 12 weeks after I turn in the paperwork. I can’t believe this! Can someone help me please? Should I get a lawyer?? Who should I tell this too? I’m NOT GETTING MY MONEY UNTIL SUMMER AND I FILED FEB 1st! GOT MY FEDERAL A WEEK LATER! PLEASE HELP

    #4150240 Reply


    I had to do a identity quiz and after I did they they waited three whole weeks to send me a letter about my disabled son and needing proof even though it didn’t affect my Oregon refund at all! So I called again and I won’t be getting my money until the fucking SUMMER! Sorry for my language but I’ve never in my life heard of someone waiting until the END OF SUMMER FOR THEIR REFUND! OREGON TAKES THEIR MONEY OUT OF MY CHECKS EVERY TWO WEEKS ON TIME LIKE CLOCK WORK BUT WHEN ITS TIME TO SEND ME MY MESELY 900 DOLLARS I HVE TO WAIT UNTIL SUMMER! THATS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN AND ITS INSANSE TO ME. GLAD I PAY MY TAXES JUST TO BE SCREWED OVER BY OREGON.

    #4161068 Reply

    Krystal Graham

    So thankful for this website! I was freaking out a bit when I saw that my return was “Under Review” especially since we are getting a refund. I will just wait until February 15th and see what happens. :)

    #4160119 Reply

    Scott Oggero

    Sure is funny when you owe them money they want it right now but when they owe us money they can put a hold on it

    #4159263 Reply


    Manual review too. I filed on the 26th, still under manual review. Like others have said, I also think the “Manual Review” is just a way to hold refunds from processing early (since they are holding them till the 15th). Has anyone not gotten it? or is no longer under Manual Review?

    #4158607 Reply

    Angel White

    If you read farther down in this thread, this is alluded to, but here are the facts: Oregon went a step further than the PATH act and decided to hold ALL refunds until the 15th of February. Here is an article about it: http://nwnewsnetwork.org/post/early-tax-refund-seekers-oregon-will-have-wait-until-february-15…so, Oregonians will not have tax returns from the State until after that date. I do believe they put everyone into the ‘manual review’ until that time because they don’t know how else to ‘stop’ processing until they are released. I find this SO frustrating…there has to be a better way…

    #4157488 Reply

    Derrique Stuckey

    I’m hearing that for the first year ever, Oregon is instituting the federal PATH Act, which is just placing everything under ‘manual review’ until after the 15th, but because the verbiage was screwed up in the system, it’s just showing ‘manual review’, instead of being in ‘PATH Act hold’. The first problem with this explanation is, the IRS is already kicking out federal returns. I got mine late last month, as well as many, many other folks who even fall into special categories when dealing with refund credits. Secondly, Oregon did this last year, as well. If this was truly a verbiage ‘glitch’, then an entire year went by without them fixing it. It took nearly six months for me to get my return last year, and I was almost to the point of lawfully receiving interest. Lastly, I don’t fall into any special credits categories, but I’m also flagged for ‘manual review’. Two year ago, I heard that the Oregon Department of Revenue erroneously issued millions of dollars in refunds to fraudulent filers. After that happened, it seems they kind of freaked out and just started flagging nearly every filer. “PATH Act”, or not, there’s no reason that you should have to wait that long for returns, especially when you were one of the first ones in the state to file. I’ve heard many explanations and excuses from the Oregon DOR, but none of them add up.

    #4157265 Reply



    So, I guess what is happening is: As most of us know, Oregon is following suite with the Federal Government and the PATH Act. Which means that NO refunds, that include EIC, Working Families, Child Tax Credit or Child Care Credit, will be issued until after Feb. 15th. Now, because of this and because of the refunds being “Held”, it puts all of the returns (with one of those credits) in a special queue. Now, that queue hasn’t been used in previous years and this is their first time processing returns under the PATH Act, however, they didn’t add an actual “PATH Act Verbiage” for their WMR tool.
    So, what happens is when your return goes into that queue, it doesn’t register on their WMR as “PATH ACT”, it registers the “Under Manual Review” verbiage and so that is what we are all seeing. Nothing is wrong with our returns, besides being held under the PATH Act, they are just in a separate queue than the “Normal” returns that were filed without any of the above mentioned credits.

    #4156724 Reply

    tha big sexy

    i think its just a computer glitch everyone i know is getting the same thing manual review

    #4156701 Reply


    I submitted my Oregon Tax on January 30, I am claiming a ACTC and I just went into manual review as well.

    Called Oregon State Revenue but they are very vague why I went into review. I suspect it’s because they are holding returns untill Feb 15. Thoughts?

    #4156542 Reply

    tha big sexy

    the only credit i had was the eic credit i didn’t have the other credits

    #4156527 Reply


    @ Tha Big Sexy

    Did you happen to have the Working Families Credit, Child Tax, or Child Care credit??.. Mine still says Manual Review and on the 2nd bar, nothing has changed. Just wondering, since yours changed and doesn’t say manual review, if you have claimed any of those?

    #4155944 Reply

    tha big sexy

    i went in to manual review last Monday the 23 of jan on wheres my refund i checked today and now it says my refund is processing and allow 3-4 weeks to get it the manual review is gone now GOOD

    #4155799 Reply


    Thanks for the info! I just found this on the Oregon.gov site


    So… Maybe us “early filers” went “manual review” because they can’t release our refunds until after the 15th? I sure hope it is just that! Fingers crossed!

    #4155703 Reply


    Looks like oregon is delaying till Feb 15th just like federal…


    #4154977 Reply


    Yes, not glad to see it is happening, but glad its not just me… I don’t think this will have much of an effect on anything or hold up anything.

    It looks like that is just that standard message for most people or potentially a glitch. Last year, the exact same thing happened. I logged on to the website the day after it was accepted and it said “under manual review”, so I gave them a call and they said they didn’t see anything wrong with my return. A couple days after that it was approved and I had it in my bank. Last year, I actually got it in my bank account before the WMR tool updated to the 3rd bar.

    #4153228 Reply


    Took 2 days to show up in the system and once it did, manual review. Dont think that matters or will delay anything though. But who knows :)

    #4152788 Reply


    My Oregon refund is under manual review again… I claimed child care. That can be the only reason it is in review. I took it upon myself to submit all my child care canceled checks and my W2s online already. Maybe this year it won’t take the 5 months to process like last year.

    #4152668 Reply


    I filed on 1/23/17, accepted 1/24/17. I just checked the status on the State of Oregon refund site and it shows that I am under manual review. I’ve never seen this message before! What is going on?! lol!

    #4152390 Reply

    tha big sexy

    filed my taxes jan 4 got accepted fed on the 12 and state of Oregon on the of jan 23 2017 checked today the 24 know im under Manuel review wtf

    #4152318 Reply


    So, I filed my Oregon State Taxes on 1/12 and was Accepted 1/23. I filed HOH, Child Tax, EIC, Etc. but immediately after it was accepted, I logged on to the Oregon WMF tool and it already said “Under Manual Review” on bottom.

    Is anybody else’s like this? I don’t see why it would go straight to Manual Review?! Ugh..

    #4150746 Reply


    It’s January 3rd, 2017 and I have yet to receive my $120.00 state return.

    https://revenueonline.dor.oregon.gov/tap/_/#1 says “Your return is currently being processed. Your refund or other information should be issued within three to four weeks unless your return is selected for further review.”

    I’d like my return plus interest. What can I do?

    #4150546 Reply

    Johnnie Gary

    Does Oregon even care that all this blogging and complaining about their legally due refunds are being ignored using a necessary manual filing review as an excuse to not give people back their entitled money? Funny that millions of pissed off people doesn’t even get them motivated.

    #4150475 Reply


    Same goes here – filed in early February, still waiting for my $323.

    This is absurd. SOME of us plebeians rely on these chunks of change that the government wouldn’t notice either way!

    #4150471 Reply


    Filed in April, still waiting in August. Whatever is going on with them is ridiculous.

    #4150435 Reply

    Jary Parker

    I am in the same Manual Review group..been 4 months..I believe we all need to contact our representatives and go to the media..something is very wrong

    #4150332 Reply


    Married filing jointly, mailed it in for Oregon refund in March. Certified mail was delivered March 23. From then until now (May 15) it still says, “we have not received.” Nothing about manual review, no request for information, nothing. I signed up for a web account on the website and when I check my information it says balance due is 0. It better be, we are getting a nice refund. I have been using Turbo Tax for years and this has never happened before. We normally file the state first for the refund we will use to pay the feds but this year it didn’t work out like it should, we had to withdraw from retirement.

    Calling on the phone always results in a recording telling me call volume is too high, try later, and then it hangs up on me. Very frustrating.

    #4150323 Reply


    I mailed mine in on 4/15. WMR says “We haven’t received a return that matches the entered information.” Anyone else experiencing this – ie, you mailed it in but WMR says they have received nothing??

    #4150319 Reply


    Oregon, pull your head out and give us our money back. This is ridiculous!!!

    #4150317 Reply


    I too am “under manual review” and never have had this before in Oregon. I wish The Oregonian or a news channel would get to the bottom of this!

    #4150315 Reply


    Filed in early Feb, have been under review since, and its a little over $200. I am ready to tell OR IRS to just keep my money if they do not mess with me.

    #4150287 Reply

    what now

    just fyi, my deposit hit my account today.
    One day after switching from “your return is being processed, please allow 3-4 weeks….”

    #4150282 Reply

    what now

    question for anyone still checking this page out.
    Oreogn WMR has changed to

    “Your return is currently being processed. Your refund or other information should be issued within three to four weeks unless your return is selected for further review.”

    A while back I created a profile on the oregon WMR site. It was showing my account as -$704 (refund amount).
    Now when I log into my profile, it says $0. Does that mean that they decided to take my money and they won’t be issuing me a refund?
    Or does that mean they no longer owe me because they are processing the payment and will be sending my refund to me?

    Thanks in advance.

    #4150273 Reply


    wtf is going on here?
    Files Jan. 26, so we’re at 14 weeks.
    Any chance I can get my money from these lames?
    I can’t possibly imagine what could be taking this long?

    #4150261 Reply

    K. J

    I filed on Feb 11. Received my federal refund very promptly. The state owes me a $345 refund and I have not heard a single word. It’s just “Under manual review”. As someone else mentioned, the website keeps changing its time estimate from “8-10 weeks” to “10-12 weeks” and finally to “12 weeks or more”. This is insane! I would hope at some point legal action could be taken against the state for just deciding to keep people’s money. I’d better get interest in addition to the refund amount when they finally decide to pay me.

    The one thing this has taught is to adjust my withholdings. I will not over pay the state a single penny next year.

    #4150257 Reply


    I filed my return on January 28th and still nothing. Status in WMR said 12 weeks for manual review. I called a few weeks ago and they sent out a letter requesting more information on my child care expenses, however they sent the letter to an address I haven’t live at in over 3 years. My current/correct address is ON my return so not sure why they sent it there, not only that but they didn’t send the letter until March 16th. I gave them all my information and was told last week (I’ve been calling a couple of times a week now) that I should expect to see it no later than the end of April. I called today and am now being told that once they receive the requested information it’s ANOTHER 12 weeks from that date. Total crap. It seems different people will give you different information.

    #4150251 Reply


    Well i did mine around 01/20/2016 and here we are now . . . not 10. . . not 12. . . BUT 14 WEEKS and STILL manual review. I did get the verification quiz and did it right away and STILL nothing. They don’t answer the phone or respond to e-mail either. We are literally about to complete an entire third of the year and they are STILL trying to figure things out. . . of course for our benefit though I’m sure.

    #4150238 Reply


    Anyone that filed before Feb 15th still waiting? I noticed that the average time for manual review is around 80 days as long as they don’t need any more info… It seems like ppl that had to do an identity verification quiz got there refunds way faster then those of us that didn’t actually need any info sent… I received an email saying my refund is in the final stages of processing what ever that BS means.

    #4150236 Reply


    I mailed my state taxes in mid-March. WMR says they haven’t received anything. Shouldn’t it at least say “processing” if they have received my tax return? How long should I wait before resending the docs (maybe online next time!)

    #4150229 Reply


    Well at least I’m not alone. I just looked to see if anyone else was experiencing this delay and low and behold. I filed January 23rd. I contacted the department to see what the hold up is all about and was told it’s just random. Also, nothing else I needed to do. So here I am, April 24th and still waiting…

    #4150213 Reply


    Am I hallucinating or is origins website down now? Is it being overwhelmed with people demanding their money? Whats going on? It’s been 14 weeks for me so far

    #4150211 Reply


    Well as promised I am here to let you know….my refund was deposited into my bank today. So, I wish everyone the best of luck.

    #4150203 Reply


    Well, my return status changed on 4-19 from manual review to “Your return is currently being processed. Your refund or other information should be issued within three to four weeks unless your return is selected for further review.” And the negative balance that showed on my Revenue Online account went to zero.

    What does that mean? Well, here is what I was told by the Revenue Department. “We have finished your manual review and when your balance changed to zero, it means that we will be sending your return or other information to you within 3-4 weeks.”

    On a side note, the lady I spoke with said she did not see any reason my return should be delayed any further.

    I don’t see why it was delayed in the first place. I never did receive a letter from them or anything.

    Will post again when I get my return.

    Tax return filed and accepted on 1-31-16

    #4150190 Reply


    I finally got mine filed jan 30 good luck to wveryone

    #4150174 Reply


    Sound like the fastest way would be to make an account with Oregon revenue that way you can view the letter and submit needed information online instead of through the mail. If you do it online the information is usually reviewed within 10 days. Best of luck.

    #4150171 Reply

    Tana Rowland

    i called for the second time last week and instead of her saying they were sending my money this time she said “there’s a letter going out on Monday they are requesting more information on your disabled child” she said AFTER I GIVE THEM THE INFO THEN ILL GET MY MONEY 12 WEEKS AFTER THEY GET THE INFO. This is insane! What should I do?

    #4150160 Reply


    Mine just changed from 12 week Manuel review to being processed 3-4 weeks what does that mean

    #4150159 Reply


    What kind of information are they making you send in about your son?

    Update: 9 weeks and still nothing. They have not requested any information or identity quiz. At this point I feel like they might have misplaced my fiancés return. Yesterday I emailed Oregon Revenue and the senator to express how wrong this whole situation is. There should be no reason for his Oregon refund to take so long. He filed part year residence for Oregon and South Carolina. He received his South Carolina refund back in a week same with his federal. You would think that if there was something that needed to be reviewed the federal IRS and South Carolina would have stated so.

    It’s funny because tax season is over and they expect everyone to have paid their taxes or at least set up a payment plan but it’s okay that they haven’t refunded our money yet.

    #4150157 Reply


    My fiance filled my taxes online her self and I got my federal back in 2 weeks (filed on Feb 4th) state took a couple weeks to show they received it. It said I was under manual reveiw (10weeks) a few days later said 12 weeks. I thought it was because it was my first time filing in this state. Had a rough year and I’m homeless at the moment and it’s only $136 return but that is like a grand when your homeless and really counting on that. Should of stayed in Indiana …

    #4150148 Reply

    Tana Rowland

    I filed my taxes on February 1st and received my federal a week later. Oregon put me under manual review and eight weeks later sent me a letter about an identity quiz, I did it the same day. It is now April 15th and I was told last week I’ll have my refund. Now they’re making me send info about my son and it’ll take another 12 weeks! I won’t get my refund until summer! I worked so hard all year just to be treated like this for my own money! Please help me!!!

    #4150130 Reply


    Posting an update for all… Filed Jan 29, accepted Jan 31-still no refund 70+ days later. Went into manual review pretty early on. First said wait 4 weeks, then said up to 10 weeks, now it says 12 or more…

    #4150127 Reply


    Mailed mine on February 8th. Took them about 3 weeks to even acknowledge they had my return. A couple of weeks later it’s flagged for manual review. 65 days now and counting!

    Last year, I mailed it in the same time and had a similar refund. Had direct deposit in 10 days.

    #4150123 Reply


    I sent a letter and link to this site to Oregon senators and reps. A week later, my refund was deposited to my account.

    #4150119 Reply


    I agree Ken. Im tired of coughing up the cash for them to play with and sit on. Im about 12 weeks now and still waiting. All my personal friends are in review and are at 12 weeks and waiting. Their friends and family are in review and are at 12 weeks and waiting . . . online message boards like this one are showing everyone still at 12 weeks and waiting. I think they plan on holding onto all of it as long as possible (at least 12 weeks) before they let go of it. Its all automated for fucks sake anyway. Nobody is sitting there manually going over each and every tax return. That would take 50 years

    #4150115 Reply


    Im in the same position as most of you. Did my taxes thru H&R like I do every year and got put into this manual review BS. Heres what ive done and I would advise all of you to do the same. Change your filing status at your work so that you get less money taken out of your check for taxes. Then at the end of the year you will owe them a little bit. Take all the way up to April 15th, and then if you owe them a small amount file an extension to even make it longer until you have to send them their money. I will bet you that if every one did this the BS would stop immediately.

    #4150083 Reply


    Still nothing… Haven’t even received an identity verification quiz… Wmr still says manual review… Getting ridiculous…

    #4150080 Reply


    I got my Money today! After 12 weeks of waiting! About time

    #4150070 Reply


    Mine still says the same dang thing
    Happy for you, hopefully I get there soon.

    #4150067 Reply


    So I checked the status today and my Oregon no longer says maul review . After almost 12 weeks it now says state is processing. It also says 3 to to 4 weeks for refund or for something to be sent in mail with more information. My question is. Is this a normal thing for the website to say. Or is there something going on? Will I get my money or not? Again it’s my money and I want it NOW!!!!!

    #4150065 Reply


    I just filed my state taxes around March 28th and got the same “Manual Review” message you all have been getting. My question is has anyone who filed in January, February or early March received any refund yet?

    #4150043 Reply


    Been 8 weeks still no response and still shows In manual review. Wrote my local congressman and got no response there either. So tired of this BS. Im going to give it a few more days and then im going to change my filing status at work so that I have the least taxes taken out of my check. I will get my refund that way. May take a few months but I will get it .

    #4150035 Reply


    has anybody that filed through turbo tax got their refund?
    not that I expect anybody that has received their refund to be checking this, but…

    filed and accepted 1/26.

    this is getting dumb.

    #4150034 Reply


    If you have not called them yet do it. They sent a letter for identity verification that I never got I had to have them send the duplicate, did my verification and I am out of review back to 3-4 weeks.

    #4150025 Reply


    Why isn’t this all over the news?? I have been in manual review since January 20th and have been told several times by email and phone that is can take up to 12 weeks or longer. How is this legal? Why is it that the State can take so long to process a refund? There are hundreds of people in manual review and nothing is happening. It’s infuriating!!

    #4150017 Reply


    Welp I’ve been waiting since 1/20, I completed the online identity quiz over 2 weeks ago which was ridiculous. Still nothing. So I called today, waited an hour to speak to a nasty shrill woman who told me that I did not do the quiz. We went rounds on that. She said she can request that another letter be sent, as I need some arbitrary letter number. Then I can redo the pointless identity quiz. Near the end I just started laughing and I asked her to just tell me what the state’s problem really is, delay tactics? Broken machines? Not enough employees? She became very angry and told me that this is a careful system of checks and balances. She hung up as I laughed even harder. So who knows if I’ll get the letter or if this identity quiz will do the trick. Just stupid. Stupid stupid stupid

    #4150010 Reply


    I get what manual review means and I get that there is a “New system” in place. 1st of all. . . I would like to know why it is so time consuming. . . after all WE did all the work and most of us used a guaranteed flawless system like turbo tax or perhaps another tax prep service that specializes in getting taxes done accurately. There really is NOTHING to review. . . NOTHING. Even if they just wanted to look at it, they could literally skim through one tax return in less than 10 min. 2nd. . . the new system? What about it? Is it causing problems? They don’t know how to use it? WHAT? They had ALL YEAR to figure it out but they are going to act like they don’t know whats going on. Heres an idea. . . don’t utilize the new system until you have your SH** together first. . . . then launch the new system. I literally was one of the first people to process my taxes back around Jan 10th or so. Everything was fine. . it went through. . . . MANUAL REVIEW just like every FU***** year. First it was 10 weeks NOW its AT LEAST 12 WEEKS OR MORE???? For what? There are only about 4 million people in Oregon. Thats like one major city population for the entire state. Taxes are an entirely automated process once we file them. . . WHAT THE F ARE THEY DOING THAT TAKES SO LONG? I did the stupid ID verification quiz that asked 5 of the dumbest questions which wanted the same stupid info that is on my tax return every damn year. How the hell does me verifying this information have anything to do with anything? And still. .. they haven’t accomplished the task.

    #4149988 Reply

    not America anymore

    Manual review is because Oregon went to a new system and because government now controls your health care. They must now verify that you are a good citizen and obeying all their new regulations. The feds put all the burden on the states to do this so the delays will come. Been to the DMV? Welcome to your new tax, healthcare, are you up to date on all your bills and many more regulations to come. 2017 brings even more Obama care health taxes that most Americans are clues about. Good Luck

    #4149971 Reply


    This is what happens when we have incompetent government leaders and workers. These lazy people are what I call empty suits. They only go to work to collect their paychecks, nothing more. No pride, incentive for perfection, no drive in life. Just waiting to collect ther Pers when they retire at 50 then double dip to take jobs away from the society. We need to find these managers and call them out. They need to be held accountable.

    #4149933 Reply


    I feel your frustration we are in the same boat. We also filed on the 19th of January and are still waiting and under manual review. I read that 30% of people that filed then are under review because of a new system that detects errors and fraud better. It’s so frustrating as we really need the money we were counting on.

    #4149920 Reply


    This is beyond asinine. I filed my return on January 31st 2016, they accepted it the same day and here I am still waiting over 8 weeks later. I have received no letter from them, no message on Oregon Revenue online and everytime I call it’s the same old story.

    I think it’s bull crap that we pay our taxes like we’re supposed to and then they hold on to our money because they can’t pay it back! We’re the ones that are suffering for their ignorance. They don’t give a crap that some of us need the money back now, not tomorrow, not next week, not 10 weeks from now. One of the times I called them, they ask me a whole bunch of questions to verify who I was, so they have all the information they freaking need, yet I still have not heard Jack crap from them!

    Last year my return went into manual review as well, but it did not take this long. I still had it back within 4 weeks. I feel that they need to get their thumbs out of their ass, clean their belly button window and get this crap on the road so we can have our money back that we rightfully deserve!

    Thanks for letting me vent here! At least I know I’m not the only one going through this, there’s a lot of us in the same boat rowing the same way….up the creek without paddles!

    #4149918 Reply


    This long audit of everyone seams to Show the real Oregon Revenue department. That is unorganized, over funded, and behind in technology. Does everyone remember the Oracle Health Insurance??? Oregonians paid millions Dollars to get affordable medical insurance. Well they are suing Oregon and Oregon is suing them. Well this new system seems to be exactly the same. We pay out and we have to sue the state for our own money back.

    I have been sending the same return for 35 years. Not 1 change. I was accepted 1/21/2016 and have heard nothing. From now on I am sending my return in the same way I have been in the past on a piece of paper. I seems to be the only thing the state really knows.

    #4149907 Reply



    Email your Oregon Elected Officials… Enough is Enough… This has made me so upset the last 8 weeks


    #4149901 Reply


    It has now been 10 weeks since I filed my taxes. I did the identity quiz almost two weeks ago, and now I’m being told now that I passed now I have to wait even longer because now they have to varify that I actually did pay child care last year. They have had 10 weeks already this is beyond ASSININE! IT’S MY $$$$$ and I want it NOW!!!!

    #4149889 Reply


    I got my refund today after over 2mos of waiting. For those of you who are still waiting I’m hoping you guys get your $ soon.

    #4149881 Reply


    My refund was deposited today, it only took over 2mos! I’m hoping that those of you that are still waiting will get yours soon.

    #4149870 Reply

    sherri jackson

    My mom filed her state electronically back at the beginning of Feb. and she has had me check on her refund status. It has went from 10 weeks to 12 weeks or longer. manual processing. It’s a very simple return. We think there is something definitely fishy here. Like maybe they didnt have the funds to refund everyone and they have just been stalling. Kind of like when the Federal government borrowed from The Social Security fund.

    #4149864 Reply


    So my fiancé still hasn’t received anything. He filed 2/15 and was accepted the same day. It sat in processing for 2 weeks before they kicked it into manual review. He hasn’t received any letters and there is a credit on his Oregon revenue account. Wmr still say 12 weeks. Spoke with a rep and they said it doesn’t look like he is going to receive any letters and that hopefully it will complete manual review before The end of March. I just don’t understand what is taking so long. I almost wish he would get a ID quiz so I knew they are at least looking at it.

    #4149859 Reply

    Still waiting

    I filed my return on 1-31-16, it was accepted the day. On 2-10-16 it went into manual review. To this day, it still sits in manual review with a change from 10 weeks waiting time to 12 weeks or longer from the day I filed.

    I have contacted them on the three different occasions, with pretty much the same response. “A return can go onto manual review for many different reasons. It does not mean that something is wrong with your return, we are just bring careful and we have a new system this year”

    Do you think they care that we need the money that is rightfully ours? NO! Do you think they are really going to pay interest? NO!

    So, here I am going on 8 weeks, no letter, no messages on their revenue online, nothing.

    My daughter filed the day before I did and she has received her refund already.

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