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    Share your experience with filing your North Carolina Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    Update* I checked website this morning..message has changed from call about your refund to your return has been received but not complete with processing.

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    State accepted 1/28…checked status this morning and it changed from the “not processed” to the message about calling about refund amount that yu guys are getting.

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    Update: I called the dept this morning regarding the message to call about you refund amout. I was told by the agent that everything was fine and that the system was giving that reponse when a return was being processed. I hope this helps. Still no deposit. :(

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    Filed 2/4 still have “processing” message.

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    @taylor I waited less than 5 minutes. I called around 9:00am, so they were probably just opening up.

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    My NC return was accepted on the 29th of January. Still no news . WMRNC says it hasn’t been processed yet. last year I filed at the same time had my refund before now. IDK what the hold up is this year.

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    @cityqueen: Thanks for the update. How long did you have to wait to speak to an agent?

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    I got that same message to call them regarding my refund. I called yesterday and spoke to an agent. I just gave her my ssn, dob, and address and she pulled it up. Says nothings wrong the system is giving everybody that’s almost finished that message. She said the refunds should be issued very soon, just didn’t know exactly when. Sounded more like an ID verify to me.

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    I called this morning to see if I could get some info to share, however nothing new. The wait time was too long I was on the line for 30 mins waiting on an agent. If anyone else was directed to call to discuss refund amount and got through please post an update.

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    @karen, thanks for the update. I decided not to call because I did not want to get any disappointing news. If it is DD by weekend, I will post again.

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    Thanks Taylor!
    I looked around online after posting that. It appears to be a poorly worded version of “It’s done. You might get it tomorrow, or you might get it in 3-4 weeks”. Hopefully this means we’ll see it sooner, rather than later.

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    @karen. I just checked mine this morning and I recieved the same message. I too did not have an issue with my Federal.

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    Got this today….
    Anyone else? I didn’t have any issues getting my federal. Not sure what this is about.

    Please call 1-877-252-3052 for assistance about your refund amount. Select individual income tax and listen for the refund option to speak with an agent.

    ** Please do not call 1-877-252-4052 as instructed during the main greeting. This number will provide you with the same information received through this online inquiry.**

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    State accepted 1/28….still waiting

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    Thanks; at least we know we’re not alone. Still not processed, as of this morning. With the Winter storm, I’m not expecting movement today. Maybe later this week.

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    I filed 1/29 and it is still being processed. This year has, so far, been the worst for tax refunds. Normally ours moves along with our federal return but our federal return finally moved and state hasn’t.

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    I was accepted on 28-JAN-2016, as of today still says “has not been processed.”

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    NC State was accepted on 1/28 (sent 1/19), but haven’t heard a word since.
    Anyone received anything from NC yet? They seem to really be taking their time this year.

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    Filed 1/31 nathan!! Lol

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    Filed on 19th accepted within minutes no update on state yet.

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    I filed on 1/30. Accepted same day. Today status still says has not been processed

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    Nothing here either. Filed on 2/8. It would be nice to receive my state one day as I owe nothing.

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    I really need this refund from nc as soon as possible. I filed and got accepted on the 14th and was hoping I would have got my money back before the end of the month..Saturday..anybody else got theirs?

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    Nothing here… surprised more aren’t in the NC forum as they seem to be slow as can be.

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    Has anyone from North Carolina been approved for their refund yet?

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