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    Share your experience with filing your Missouri Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    I filed on 4/10/16. I’m receiving the same blah, blah, blah “still processing”. Federal refund came in within 2 weeks and I filed at the same time from my H&R Block program. How can Federal get through these so quickly and Missouri be so far behind?

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    ET II

    Filed electronically 4/8/16 (someone in the CPA’s office dropped the ball and filed later than normal).
    State still shows “received, not processed.” Same issue last year–it took so long to hear back, then the state made an error.

    Seems the state takes way too long for electronic filers, and yet very few news stories as to why so many delays?? You would think some reporters would get on it. Has anyone heard from their state representatives?

    I wonder if those who do not use electronic filing are waiting over two months?

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    We should start a class action lawsuit against Missouri for pulling this.

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    I want interest on MY MONEY. This is why I hate refunds. They get to keep the interest all year long, and then I file electronically, the return has been accepted in both Kansas and Missouri, but they will not even provide an approximate date as to when you might possibly receive your return. If you pay one day late, you have to pay interest, penalties, and other fees. Fine – then I expect to receive interest, penalties, and fees because they are too incompetent to process an electronically filed returned. I have already received my Federal refund, so obviously everything is in order. It makes me so angry. I try very hard every year to OWE money because I would rather pay a minor penalty that let them make one cent of interest on MY MONEY. They are stupid, pathetic, lazy, morons who could care less. What a complete joke!

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    Filed 3/23/16. Still have not received my refund. This is ridiculous. I didn’t have an issue last year. This year is just been horribly drawn out.

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    MO state return accepted via turbotax 4/8, still waiting on return 6 weeks later. Very frustrating. My parents filed about the same time and got their refund within 2 weeks.

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    Does anyone know how long it takes for a DDD once the refund amount has been approved?

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    I am tired of being verbally abused when asking for status of my refund. The next time I call the state I will be speaking with a supervisor to provide me with my update.

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    The department is processing your return, please allow additional time. The department refreshes the data on this application daily. However, during heavy processing periods, the status of your return may not change from day to day.” this is such a STUPID response… why not say they are behind and how far they are behind. this is going on 7 weeks for me …. RIDICULIOS!!! they always want their money NOW but when they owe you they are in no hurry …. Government & State , Congress… its all such BULL S***.

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    Accepted 2/23 as of 5/18/16 still waiting on check from Missouri

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    Does anyone know exactly how long Missouri has to pay you the refund without owing you interest? We filed 4/5, accepted 4/6 and still nothing.

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    W.S. Blevins

    Missouri is notorious for holding on to taxpayer refunds so as to gain as much interest as possible. Generally, the state will refund your money right before the point that they by law have to pay you interest on it, which is several weeks.
    Your best bet is to dramatically decrease or eliminate entirely your state withholding so as to owe the state at the end of the year. In the end it will save you a lot of headaches.

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    Tom Fuller

    I really do not understand why it is taking so long. If we owe the State of Missouri you want your money NOW! The ones of us who receive a refund we wait, wait, and wait. We are entitled to our refund. Not fair at all.

    And thanks for the useless information on your web sites.

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    We’ve all seen this:
    The department is processing your return, please allow additional time. The department refreshes the data on this application daily. However, during heavy processing periods, the status of your return may not change from day to day.”

    Really?…why bother posting that? Why not post something useful like: “Hey…sorry, we’re running behind 8-10 weeks…as usual…maybe we’ll get it right next year…”

    So much for electronic filing…..7 weeks and counting….

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    Filed electronically through my accountant on April 6th and have not received a refund yet as of May 17th. Their site has said the following for the past few weeks. (The department is processing your return, please allow additional time.)
    I can say that the delays do not surprise me. Last year I think it took 8-9 weeks. The year before that they processed my return in about 9 weeks but never sent me my refund. I ended up calling after 15 weeks and they basically said they made a mistake and must have forgot to send it and so they sent it to me that day. Long story short…. They are notoriously horrible at processing returns in a timely manner and regardless of the fact that they stated this year would be different, they are a complete joke.

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    Filed April 15th. Today is May 12th, still says processing. It’s been 4 weeks, wonder how much longer?

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    Filed MO return using turbo tax on April 5. It was accepted same or next day. Still waiting for refund… Really not sure why it’s taking so long. MO Dept of Revenue site says it’s still processing. Wife and I have fairly simple return. Feds direct deposited refund within a week or two after filing. Missouri not really living up to “show me” standards.

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    I electronically filed my tax return on April 8, 2016, and still have not received my refund. I just checked the State of Missouri’s website today and it still says processing. I have a very simple return, 1 W2, short form. Why in the world it would take more than 6 weeks to prepare and mail is beyond me.

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    Kathleen Barnett

    I mailed in a paper form since I’m a Kansas resident halfway through March, WAY before the filing date. I’m still waiting! And when I called 573-751-3505 all I get is the runaround and no humans!!!
    This is absolutely redicous!!

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    I’m in the some position, i filed 1/31 and accepted on the same date, still says received refund and processing. Frustrating when you see people who filed a week later get their return

    Let me know what they say when you call.

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    Jessica H

    I filed 1/29 and accepted 1/29 thru HR Block. Mine still says processing. On hold now to find out why the delay. This is the first time my husband have filed joint and had a refund from MO so I wanting to know if the statement “first time filing and owed a refund they won’t direct deposit” is true in anyone else’s experience.

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    My ddd was supposed to be 2/11 and still nothing in my account. This is my first year filing in Missouri … I know my account information. What can the delay be?

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    I filed mo yesterday and received my text from TT that my return was accepted by the state. I checked online today and the state says they don’t have a return for me yet. Has anyone had this happen? Is the state still processing returns in basically 4 days?

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    I filed and was accepted on 1/25 I got processed and had a refund date of 1/29. Still no money in my account. Anyone else have this issue?

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    Mark Bryson

    I need help from whomever can. I filed my state tax with TT on the 25th of January. The refund status message says “received but not processed”. I am a bit confused, i don’t why that message. Now my cousin is worried because she doesn’t want hers to be like mine. Any advice on how she can file to get deposit date?

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    I filed on 01/29/16, accepted that same day. I just got a DDD of 02/03/15. I used Turbo Tax. It seems like state refunds are always pretty quick. At least for us anyway. Good luck!

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    Momma O

    Just to update: I was processed and set for a DD date of today, and It WAS in my account this morning :) I hope all of you get yours soon! Good LUck!

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    momma o

    Okay… Woke up this morning to done processing refund date of 02/02/15. Ill let you know if it hits my account. @bill: did your refund status show anything about the paper check issue? Or did you have to call to find that out? Just curious because we mobbed and had alot of information changes this year and suspect that could happen to us too! Thanks for the info!

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    So here is the updatei have! Missouri sent me a paper check on 1/28 received it 1/30 today. It was supposed to be direct deposited on 1/28 but due to security measures if you have never filed in Missouri and got a direct deposit from them they issue a paper check

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    My issue date says 1/28 what time do they issue them?

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    Latricia Noel

    Still no refund I called my bank and was told they never got anything and my husband got his so I am going to call in today

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    I filed my wife’s MO return on 1/24. It was accepted on 1/24. She has a DDD of 1/28. I filed mine on 1/25 and it was accepted on 1/25. I’m not holding my breath that mine will be that fast, but you never know.

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    I hope you got your refund this morning @latricia. I got mine and refund issue date was for today.

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    Latricia Noel

    I double checked my return and I have the correct routing number and account number so I guess I will just wait and see if it is in my account in the morning.

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    Mine says, ‘Refund issue date: 1-27-16.’ I assumed that’s the day I would get it. Maybe they send it that day and I get it the next day. Could that be the case @Latricia? Did you verify your account number & routing number?

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    I did receive my MO refund! Even with a state offset. Their site never gave me a date. Call queues for the DOR have been long but I would call if you were suppose to get it by now!

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    Oh, no, @Latricia! Did you call the MODOR?

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    Latricia Noel

    My MO refund says refund sent on 1-26-16 but I did not see it in my bank.

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    @whitneyf- I hope you got your deposit. Mine is scheduled for tomorrow.

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    @sweetd I still have this message:
    The Missouri Department of Revenue has intercepted all or a portion of your state income tax refund. This refund was to satisfy or partially satisfy a debt you owe to the department or another government entity. You will receive a Notice of Debt Offset. Please wait until you receive this notice before contacting the department.

    But I called ot make sure they were giving me the remainder and she told me 1/26

    I’ll post again later once it deposits. Others report though they give DDD

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    Awesome @whitneyf!!! What does it show on their website for you? Does it have your DD date?

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    I called the Missouri Dept. of Rev just now and was told my refund is scheduled to be deposited tomorrow! Yay for progress!

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    I filed & was accepted on 1/22. Hoping for a deposit soon. No DDD yet.

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    The Missouri Department of Revenue has intercepted all or a portion of your state income tax refund. This refund was to satisfy or partially satisfy a debt you owe to the department or another government entity. You will receive a Notice of Debt Offset. Please wait until you receive this notice before contacting the department.

    I received this. I owed 24 bucks from last year. Anyone know how long it will take before I get the remainder?

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    Submitted 1/17 Accepted 1/19 DDD 1/25

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    That’s weird keep us updated

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    Felicia Nicole Bergan

    Checked late on 1/20 to see that MO DoR says that my refund was issued on 1/20! I have DD and I double checked my DD info. Still no funds from MDOR as of bank posting time on 1/22. Grr!!!

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