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    Share your experience with filing your Missouri Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    @Nalani… do you have the address you emailed by chance?

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    UPDATE (Kind of). I emailed the MO DOR last week and I received an email back BUT the problem was, the email was not addressed to me. It had a different person’s name. I am hoping that the individual had completed my return and was just using a template to send out emails and forgot to change the name.

    But here is what it said…

    “Thank you for contacting the Missouri Department of Revenue in regards to your 2016 Missouri tax return.

    The Department is currently experiencing the peak of tax season. We continue to process returns as they are received and process refunds accordingly. I have gone ahead and processed your tax return. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks to receive your refund”

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    @ Momof3blondies – see a few posts below. E-filed 1/28, stays read “received but not processed” until 3:1, at which point it changed to “the depart is proposing changes to your return”. Never did my status state they needed additional time.

    With the lack of information out there this year, I am wondering if it’s possibly a budget issue – perhaps they do not have the funds to pay out all the refunds and are waiting to receive payments from those that owe. Who knows! What I do know, is this is becoming more and more frustrating as the days pass!

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    @Khaz…. did your status say “have received but need additional time for processing?” When did you file if you don’t mind me asking

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    I haven’t heard anything – you seem further than I am in this process.

    My timeline:
    02/15 – Filed
    2/16 – Accepted and status “received, but not processed”
    2/24 – Rcvd ltr to verify identity
    2/25 – Completed/Passed Quiz online and quiz states “your refund will now resume processing”

    **AS OF TODAY** My status online STILL SAYS
    “received, but not processed”

    I have tried to google, read blogs, or get updates however I can. I haven’t had much luck finding any information on why it’s taking so long. Some of my FB friends are going through the same thing but nobody seems to know why.

    As mentioned previously – my cousin and his gf both filed same day (2/5) and he got his check in the mail 2/13 and she STILL hasn’t received anything, not even a letter asking her to verify her identity.

    I watch this blog every few days to see if anyone has new info.

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    @ Momof3blondies – I have called the automated phone line as well a couple of times, 573-526-8299. I’m fairly certain the end of the message stated processing time would be approximately 6-8 weeks. I tried calling again to be certain, however, since my status has changed from processing, it no longer provides me with the timeline information.

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    Has anyone heard, read or been told how long it’s taking the State of MO to process refunds? I filed 2/21 and started checking their website last Thursday. I have been checking every other day and mine stills says that my return is being processed but they need additional time. Technically if I go by H&R they said should be received by the 13th but I already received Federal.

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    So, I e-filed on 1/28/17. Per MO DOR, status showed it was received, but not yet processed until last Wednesday (finally!), 3/1. Now it is reflecting the following status: Results
    The department is proposing changes to your return. You will receive a Notice of Proposed Changes dated, 03/08/2017, explaining the adjustments. Please wait until you receive this notice before contacting the department.

    Has anyone else received this status? I reviewed and re-reviewed my return several times prior to filing and I cannot for the life of me come up with anything I input incorrectly. I wasn’t aware that they went through and recalculated individual returns prior to issuing refunds?? Perhaps this is new and what is taking them so long this year?

    Just curious if anyone else has experienced this, and what the outcome was. I am hoping it is simply the ID verification quiz, but doesn’t quite sound like that is the case.

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    Stefanie Marshall

    My state tax was received on February 12, 2017. Still saying that the income tax report has been received but not yet processed. The backlog must be ridiculous!

    So I am expecting my refund in April….

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    Has anyone talked to the Dept of Revenue and if so, what did they say? In years past Federal and State went hand in hand basically but not this year. Just wondering what kind of excuses people are being told.

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    Yes.. this is ridiculous. I still have nothing except “received, but not processed” even after filling out the quiz last week (or the week before). My cousins gf still has nothing either, she hasn’t even received a letter. They must be WAY behind.

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    I filled and accepted 2/10. Got federal like a week later. Mo still says received but not processed. I did enter dl I did not have eic or the other one….still waiting and missouri is so bad about providing any information as to processing time. So nice..but when you owe them…you better pay on time or early or be penalized ou t the wazoo…

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    Has anyone received there MO refund without their website updating and giving you a direct deposit date?

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    Jerrie Mason

    My missouri return was accepted on 1/26/2017 and my message on Where is My Refund for Missouri has stated for over a week now that it is being processed but they need additional time. Prior to that it read received, but not processed. It remained in that status for 30 days before switching to the other message above. I hope it really is’t going to take 30 days to advance to processed/paid! And we did enter our driver’s license numbers through taxact on our returns. Nor did we file for earned income credit or the child credit because we make too much. So I don’t understand the hold up either.

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    Did everyone who is waiting on refund enter their drivers license number? How about the ones that got a letter in the mail to verify, did you enter your drivers license when you submitted your return?

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    Hi Everyone,

    We filled and was received 1-24-17 It still says it is recieved but not yet processed.

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    I hope yours does too! I got my verification letter on the first, or I finished it on the 6th can’t remember. Just saw the date it was mailed out. But I’m still waiting. Just today I went to check and all of a sudden it says “our system doesn’t indicate a refund has been received.” I’m on the phone now. 30th in line and wait time is 169 minutes. Lucky I’m off today. I’ll update afterward. This is ridiculous. I paid estimated taxes for my LLC so this is even worse for me.

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    Justin Rackers

    Filed 29 January, received federal 14 Febuary, still waiting on state, checked MO DOR website and still says return was accepted, pending processing.

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    @steve (UPDATE) I got home on Friday and checked my mailbox… and sure as the sky is blue… I had a letter in the mail from Missouri Revenue Dept stating I had to confirm my identity. I had to take a random quiz online and it was less than 1 minute and then it said

    “You Passed. Your refund will resume processing… there’s nothing further requred from you”

    So I hope that is true and they finish it TODAY!


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    Filed and accepted my state and federal on 1/23/2017. I received federal within a week, but still waiting for state refund. I contacted Internal Revenue Service and received a response saying it takes 4-6 weeks to process state refunds. On week 5 so we will see. I have always received my state refund before federal and usually within a week of filing, so I’m not sure why it’s so late this year. The IRS website says its been received, which was confirmed, and processing.

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    I know my cousin didn’t have to verify his identity. I don’t believe they have requested it from his gf either (I’m sure she would’ve mentioned that when I asked).

    I haven’t received any letters from the state wanting to verify my or my husbands identity BUT I will say that he did correct the spelling of his name this year, on his BC, and that has been causing slight issues with other stuff but since his W2’s and all of that are in his correct name – I don’t see why that would hold it up.

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    Did any of them.have to verify their identity? I did. Wondering if that pushes the timetable back farther now. Seems like average is 7 weeks waiting.

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    Filed 02/15, accepted 02/16 and still says received but not processed.

    My cousin and his gf both filed 02/05..

    My cousin got a check in the mail 02/13 (even though he requested DD) but his girlfriend is STILL pending like me..

    “Received but not processed”

    What’s the hold up? Are they randomly processing some or is there a wave?

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    Filed 2/4. Missouri still shows received but not processed.

    Federal refund was deposited in about 4 business days.

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    filed 2/14
    direct deposit received 2/22

    Federal still pending

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    I efiled Missouri on February 11. Still haven’t gotten anything saying it’s been received, and when I check it says nothing has been received. I normally get state within 9 days of filing but this doesn’t seem to be the case. What’s the deal why is it saying nothing been received??

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    Mine is still showing it is processing. I did not claim the EIC or the child credit, so I cannot figure out what the hold up is. So frustrating!

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    I f/a on 2/4 and the system still says it’s processing. I do have EIC on my federal though. My daughter, however, filed on 2/5 and received her check in the mail yesterday.

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    Ashley B.

    Filed 2/6/17
    Accepted 2/7/17
    Received State Refund 2/14/17

    Just wandering down the LONG PATH now for Federal…. Hopefully hear something soon.

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    April, by state transfer fee, do you mean direct deposit? There is no fee from MO to direct deposit your refund. I saw in a few posts below someone else also was having issues receiving their refund on their Emerald Card. This could possible be an HR Block issue since it is their product. Are you certain the routing/account number were input correctly?

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    I have filed my Federal and State taxes. Missouri states the Refund Issued Date is 1/27/2017. This refund was to be deposited to my Emerald Card. But it is still not there. I double checked my documents but there is no state transfer fee, so I am wondering if the state is not sending a check. But then again, so makes me wonder where is my check then?

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    Wondering if anyone has actually received their 2016 refund as of yet from MO? Trying to get an idea of processing time. I filed and return was accepted 1/28/17. MODOR website still showing my return has been received but not yet processed. It is difficult to find any information regarding estimated time lines from the MODOR. I saw somewhere it’s possibly 6-10 weeks this year, but unable to confirm. Any direction to factual info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Thanksamundo for the post.Really thank you! Awesome. fggkeadceekfadak

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    Still processing I wonder if they holding it because of path because I seen others who did not claim the credits and they got there already they could have warned us about state to

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    Filed 01/22, accepted 01/23 – Still Processing

    Filed 01/24, accepted 01/24- Still Processing

    We have always gotten our in 3 days … This year Nope

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    Filed on Jan 23/accepted still processing there moving slow my federal is done processing just can’t receive until after Feb 15 anyone else still processing from 23

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    Is everyones refunds posting on the release date like MO website says it will in 2017?

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    I filed/accepted 1/23. Had a deposit date for 1/27 to my emerald card, and I still don’t have my refund. Not sure what’s going on with it…

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    I filed/accepted 1/23. Had a deposit date for 1/27 to my emerald card, and I still don’t have my refund. Not sure what’s going on with it…

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    Cassandra L Burks

    State was accepted on Jan 18, 2017 still says processing has not been completed. Grrr I already had my refund by this time last year.

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    Cassandra L Burks

    State was accepted on Jan 18, 2017 still says processing has not been completed. Grrr I already had my refund by this time last year.

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    Filed Taxact 01/24 and was accepted within hours. This morning my Missouri return says Processed and a DDD of 01/30 so looks as if Missouri is moving along quickly.

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    Credit karma tax is saying that the state of missouri isn’t processing returns yet and won’t let me submit.

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    I filed 1/25/17 and accepted 1/25/17 around mignight for both federal and state. I have been receiving the following message since about 10:00 pm last night:

    “The department is processing your return, please allow additional time. The department refreshes the data on this application daily. However, during heavy processing periods, the status of your return may not change from day to day. ”

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    Darcy Essmyer

    Filed 4/14, still hasnt been processed as of 7/6. Ridiculous. And of course there is no number to actually speak to someone.

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    Filed April 15th..Where’s my refund states that a refund was processed & sent on 6/24 but haven’t received anything as of 7/5.

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    Files my MO return on the deadline date of 4/18/16 and finally got my refund today, 6/24. And it could not have come at a better time!

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    Ok Guys,

    File 4/25/2016 and I have finally received a direct deposit date 4/24. we shall see if it is direct deposited in the A.M.

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    Filed in EARLY MARCH. No status change until end of May, when I received a letter that they never received my W2s, which is nonsense. Regardless, my accountant re-sent the W2s on June 1. It is still showing Proposed Changes and there is no way to get a real person on the phone. I agree with the others this is a stalling tactic so they don’t have to pay me my 6k refund. I guarantee that if I owed them money they would have processed my return months ago.
    Shame on you Missouri Dept of Revenue.

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    Unbelievable! I filed end of March, received by the state first week in April. June 1st I get a note that they have made an amendment to my return and that I will get a letter in the mail. The amendment states that I owe the state $33k+ because I am missing a W2 form. This is a big difference compared to the $13k the state owes me due to overpayment. My return was filed with the appropriate W2 and the state gets a W2copy direct from my employer. Now they say I need to wait another 8-10 weeks for my refund. This is an overall ploy not pay taxpayers what is rightfully theirs in a reasonable amount of time.

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