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    Share your experience with filing your Missouri Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    Nicholas William Tracy

    First off, i called the provided # on the form the IRS form ( which is the only number that you can call and talk to a real person which is !!!OBSESSED!!! with NOT DOING THEIR JOB, BEING EXTREMELY RUDE, THEN FINALLY ARGUING WITH ME BEFORE I WAS HUNG UP ON.?.?.?
    but that was only after i had “verified” my identity, which was the reason given for the hold up in first place.( by the way these SCUM OF SHIT-MOUTH WHORES THE IRS IS FARMING OUT THESE CUSTOMER SERVICE JOBS ARE MAINLY LOCATED IN AND ALL AROUND IRAN, & IRAQ. Who are the leaders in identity theft so it of course makes all logical sense to put them in a position where hard working and poorly paid SLAVES AKA AMERICAN CITIZENS are given no choice but to answer all their verification questions( basically handing them all info required to hack into and steal not only our accounts but our homes and life.
    All do to OUR GOVERNMENT being huge, lazy, and UNLOYAL to us all.

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    My return was accepted on April 1st. When I go to check the status of my return, the MDOR return inquiry system says “Your return has been processed and accepted as filed.” Nothing else. What does that mean? Today is June 29th and I still have no information on my refund. Of course no one will answer the phone in Jeff City, I keep getting redirected to the automated system which says the same thing. I even double checked the routing and account number on my return to make sure I hadn’t somehow messed it up. I surely would have noticed the additional money in my account if it had been paid, but double and triple checked all the same. What gives?

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    John Haley

    My taxes were filed on April 6th and accepted April 7th. I received my refund today June 22nd – 11 weeks later to the day. There was no communication (not surprised).
    MO Dept of Revenue’s own form states:
    Interest on Overpayments
    “You will receive interest from the Department on any
    overpayment of the individual income tax due for a filing
    period if the Department does not refund to you the amount
    overpaid within 45 days of the date you file your return.”

    Per MO statute the DoR owes interest on that amount but did not include it in the refund for 32 days. The MO Dept of Revenue by state law is required to provide interest.

    I see a class action lawsuit coming.

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    My return was accepted April 14, 2017. I am still waiting on my refund. The message never changes that they are “processing” as of today June 21st. . I have sent 2 emails with no response. This is absolutely ridiculous! Almost 10 weeks. Nothing like holding onto our money for their benefit. I don’t even know how they can get away with this!

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    Filed April 18, received an email from turbo tax April 24 that my return was accepted by Missouri. As of today June 20 I still get a message saying my return is being processed and to allow additional time – 9 weeks and counting since I filed ….. I don’t care about the interest I just want my money!

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    Robert Robinson

    I filed April 12th this year. Two months I have been waiting. I wonder how much revenue Missouri is making off our delayed tax returns.
    Manipulative to say the least.
    Just submitted MO W4 married with 5 dependents, so they won’t get another dime from me until April 15th!!!

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    Missouri finally update refund status. Filed April 15 today says your return has been processed. Issue date 6/13 I hope I’ll see some interest too (over 45 days)

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    I filed my 2016 Missouri State Return on 4/6/2017. Website still says processing. Allow additional time. I did see that if it takes over 45 days, then interest is to be added. But man, what is the hold up?! I received my Federal return over a month ago!

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    Filed MO 4/15/17 and still waiting on 6/6/17. Website says “processing” and “allow additional time.” Had Fed refund weeks ago.

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    Update: Called MODOR today and they told me my check would be mailed out tomorrow for my 2014 tax return.

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    I sent in my 2016 return on April 18th and was told it didn’t begin processing until 4/24. I received a status update today that says the department proposed changes to my return because i claimed the wrong number of dependents.. and I should be receiving a letter in the mail dated 5/31…..so my 2016 took approx. 4 weeks

    Now my 2014 and 2015 I sent in on March 28th. They began processing 2014 on April 10th and 2015 on April 6th. I am not sure how that happened when they were sent at the same time. So now my 2015 is completed processing but not my 2014 and that is the one I am looking for as my 2016 Federal was off set to pay the 2014 balance. The rep says she sees where my refund for 2014 is $XXXXX, but says it hasn’t completed processing…..How can that be? How can they see that I have a refund due if it isn’t completed processing?

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    Nicholas William Tracy

    So i filed on Feb.21st and its now almost 11 WEEKS LATER and still on the wheres my refund site it stills says still processing and a refund date will be provided when return is processed. which is like a HUGE,” and a fuk you very much” to any and all who are in this boat with me.

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    Return was accepted on 3/17. Website has finally updated to “Your tax return has been processed. Refund issue date 05/17/2017”. smh….I’ll believe that deposit when I see it!!!

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    Per the Taxpayer bill of rights:
    Interest on Overpayments
    You will receive interest from the Department on any
    overpayment of the individual income tax due for a filing
    period if the Department does not refund to you the amount
    overpaid within 45 days of the date you file your return. You will
    receive interest on any overpayment of corporation income or
    corporation franchise tax due for a filing period if the Department
    does not refund to you the amount overpaid within 120 days
    of the date you file your return, the original due date, or the
    extended due date, whichever is later.


    At this point it has now been 46 days since I filed

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    I filed April 1 2017 now may 10th 2917 still says Missouri tax refund revived but not processed I do owe IRS back taxes but filed a chapter 7 on April 29 2017 so automatic stay went into effect I was able to include back taxes cause they were from 2011 so they were discharged in bankruptcy already the IRS took my federal refund 5 days after I filed and chapter 7 hadn’t been filed yet so automatic stay was not in effect yet just wonder if state will issue my state refund r what because according to layer IRS cannot offset my refund anymore and since state had issued and still processing the refund they have to forward it to me in past year I filed and Missouri offset it to IRS within a week so can’t understand what’s going on

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    My tax return was accepted on 3/21/17. The DOR website still states “your return is being processed, please allow additional time”. I sent an email on 5/2/17 and received a response on 5/6. The email stated that they are still processing my return and during this heavy processing period their processing time is at 10-12 weeks!!!! The part I love the best “thank you for your continued patience” :-( I thought I would let everyone else know that it will be 10-12 weeks for you to get your return if you filed anytime in March.

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    Dan Hinton

    My state return was accepted on 3/17/17 and website has said that it is being processed for the last month. I’m planning on going to my grandsons graduation in a couple weeks and was planning on my refund to help with expenses, never thought it would take this long. I paid in the money through the year without a problem and would really appreciate getting my return pretty soon. Thank you. Old cranky retired veteran.

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    I filed federal and MO together and both were accepted on 02/05/17. My fiancee filed federal and MO and both were accepted on 02/12/17 We both received federal return via direct deposit on 02/21/17.

    I’ve been checking the dor.mo.gov website since February and getting the following response.

    Your return has been processed and accepted as filed.

    I’ve also been checking my fiancee’s status and getting the following response.

    Your return has been received but not processed. The system is updated nightly. Please allow 24 hours before checking the status of your return.

    I wrote the following email to [email protected] on 03/13/17.

    I received my federal return via direct deposit 12 days after I filed and I have been checking the status of my Missouri return since February and all it says is that it has been accepted as filed. Is there a backlog for returns? I have not been able to find any answers to my question on the website, nor from any other sources. Thank you.

    Got this reply via secured message on 03/16/17.


    Thank you for the email. At this time, you should allow six to eight weeks processing time for your refund to be issued.

    Dana Bernskoetter
    Missouri Department of Revenue

    Then when I went online to check the status of my fiancee’s return on 03/30/17 I got this message.

    The department is proposing changes to your return. You will receive a Notice of Proposed Changes dated, 03/27/2017, explaining the adjustments. Please wait until you receive this notice before contacting the department.

    The Notice arrived in the mail on 03/30/17 along with a paper check for the adjusted amount, which was way less than what we had expected.

    Bottom line is, it’s a big waiting game!!!!

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    My state return was accepted feb 27, still no refund. The website says they are processing my return allow extra time…very frustrating.

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    Stefanie Marshall

    Received my refund *finally* on Tuesday, 21 March 2017. My return was accepted on 12 February.

    So about 6 weeks….

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    Mine was showing”received but not processed but changed to “processed and accepted as filed” and has been like that since 3/21/17.
    Does anyone know what that means?

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    Filed/accepted 2/24 finally have update from “being processed allow additional time” to issue refund date 3/24.

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    @Khaz – it took a few days to receive a response. I will also say that after ALL these shenanigans, I still have yet to see the return. NOW it saws that all or part of our refund was intercepted (basically to pay off something) but I am not sure what it is paying off or why. I called the federal offset line and neither me or my hubby have any owed debts. A friend of mine said that old utility bills are being taken by KS & MO from the refund checks, but we live in KS (my hubby just works in MO) so I am not sure what they are taking and why. It says we should’ve received a letter but it changed to that status on Friday and we haven’t received any letter yet.

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    Gus Hermann

    Missouri received my return February 9th. Website has continually shown “Your tax return has been received; but not processed.”.

    This morning I sent an email to: [email protected]

    Within 2 hours I received the following:

    “Thank you for contacting the Missouri Department of Revenue.

    According to our records, the Department received your 2016 Missouri return on February 09, 2017. However, with the rise in identity theft and fraudulent returns, the Department must take additional precautions to protect Missouri taxpayers. We are reviewing more returns to ensure fraudulently claimed refunds are not issued. I apologize for the delay. The average processing time is 8-10 weeks; please allow additional time for processing.”.

    As someone who actually had my identity stolen last year I provided my IRS issued PIN number and MO Drivers license along with my returns this year. It’s disheartening to learn that such measures seem to be disregarded and all returns held up in the name of “security”. Someone earlier suggested it was a sham to allow MO to keep the money longer (and earn interest on it). I’m starting to believe it. Grrrr.

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    Thank you so much for this info and link @missd!

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    I checked Saturday and the MO Dept of Revenue updated to “refund will be processed 3/21″…I opted for direct deposit so we will see….

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    @ Nalani – can you tell me how long it took for you to receive a response when emailing MO DOR? I was told I would receive a confirmation email of the documentation I submitted, however, I still have not. Thanks!

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    Most of my MO friends haven’t received their refund yet. I know that our situation is that my hubby works in MO and we live in KS. But for that matter – we still haven’t rcvd our KS back either. I also know how the military situation goes too. I used to work for the DOD and once had to pay Virginia, Missouri and Kansas for 2 tax years because I went to VA to work for 8 months and the 8 months spanned into the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012. Now that was brutal.

    I still haven’t received my actual refund but my status has changed to “processing”

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    Just got off the phone with MO DOR, and because we’re military we have to wait 8-10 weeks for our refund. Can see a home of record change in the near future…Missouri is trying to delay and avoid paying these refunds. Everyone I know who is not from Missouri has received their state refund. They offer no real explanation, just further verification???

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    I e-filed 1/28/17, return was accepted by MO within just a couple of days, do not recall exact date.
    Status on the online refund form stated my return had “been received, pending processing”, until 3/1/17, at which point it changed to “the department is proposing changes to your return. You will receive a letter dated 3/8/17 explaining the changes; please do not contact the Department until you’ve received this letter”. So, I receive the letter Friday, 3/10/17. Letter indicates the proposed changes are as follows (I work in KS, live in MO): “your resident credit is changes to zero”, and ” your MO tax withheld is changed to zero”. I, like most people likely would, assumed my employer failed to file the proper documentation (especially considering this has been an issue with my employer over the last couple of years, but that’s a whole different story). So, I go in to work this morning, ready to bite heads off in the HR Dept. I am provided proof of my w-2 filing with the state, which occurred mid January. After several attempts (being disconnected from the customer service line MULTIPLE times), and over an hour wait, I finally am connected with a real live person (they DO exist!). I inquired as to why I was being required to prove such information when both the IRS and the state of KS had received the appropriate information from my employer, and issued refunds accordingly with no issue. Did you not receive confirmation? “Oh, we did, but the processing department just wants to confirm the w-2 YOU used to file your information is the same as what your employer filed”. What?!? (Can you not tell by the fact that I claimed the EXACT SAME MONETARY FIGURES!?) So, now, I have to provide ALL documentation to prove where I received my figures in completing my tax return, DESPITE the fact that they admitted to receiving the proper documentation from my employer. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I believe the MO DOR is short on funds to pay out refunds, and are playing games to delay having to pay out. I was told that after submitting documentation proving where I received the info I used to file my return; (which, again, I reiterate they have had for a month and a half!) it would be ANOTHER 6-8 weeks before my refund would be processed. I am so beyond frustrated. I am literally left speechless; I have NO WORDS for the level of frustration I am at with the MO DOR at this point.

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    @momof3blondies AND @Chuck

    @Mom – I emailed the DOR email that was on their website. I sent a second email making sure that the email was intended for me, considering it was addressed to someone else, and she confirmed it was for me and misaddressed. She told me that the website would update “tomorrow” which was Saturday 03/11/2016 but since it was not a federal working day – it didn’t update until this morning to “Processing”

    @Chuck – I was told on 03/10/2017 that my status would update, but due to the weekend it didn’t update until today.

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    Filed and accepted: 2/3
    Status online: since 2/3, received but not processed (as of 03/10)
    03/10: have not received any verification forms
    Last year (2016) DOR sent form needing to authenticate identify (within 15 days, or they were going to keep the refund)
    Retuned documents to provide identity via certified mail, and faxed.
    Received 2015 tax year refund extremely delayed, but received.

    Limited amount of information available for tax yer 2016 and delayed refunds:
    Assuming from this forum due to identity theft.

    Emailed DOR on Wed., (email on their site): politely inquired that if the delay is again due to verifications, that I went through the same process last year. Why is it needed again, especially since I have so many tax related form that are unique to my tax situation. It is impossible for identity theft in my situation, with MO taxes.

    Response received same day stating, “Thank you for contacting the Missouri Department of Revenue.
    I have processed your 2016 return and your refund will be processed as normal.
    I apologize for the delays on your 2016 Missouri return.
    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the Department.

    As of today, 3/11, the status online still states, “received, not processed”

    So….it’s a blow off, as the system ismiodate every 24 hours.
    Historically, MO refunds were very predictable. The last 3 years, the delays, and tactics used are not up to par with past years, as well, greiten, our new governor is doing everything possible to drain MO of all funds. I am disappointed in the way the state is mismanaged my money, basically boils down to the millions in interest they continue to accrue while our money sits in efile limbo.

    Solution: following the guidelines of w4 federal and state deductions, changing the w4 withholding is the only logical decision. If we were to owe mo tax, we would pay interest, as well payment demanded. Taking back control of my money. If you owe no federal,or state taxes: you can claim exempt (check the publications on modor and IRS sites. If you can not claim exempt, charge your deduction should on your w4s, aiming for minimal pay witholdings to state and federal It will mean you have more take home pay. You can set aside money you will owe (if any) for 2017 tax year. Avoid exile fees and the headache from this unnecessary stress.

    You never know when the refunds (of your cash) will dry up by the powers that be. New administration in all areas of government are Republican.

    In 2018, snail mail your returns, and if any tax is due—make it in small incremental payments.

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    Filed/accepted 2.10.17. Sat on accepted but not processed and today I finally changed to “being processed”. I hope this doesn’t take a month to be processed….

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    Stefanie Marshall

    Just called the DOR at 8:30 am Hawaii time and they told me that processing is now taking 6-8 weeks and even longer for military. But my return is being processed. The representative stated that once income tax returns are received, they automatically start processing.

    So since my return was accepted on 12 February, I am expecting the refund before 12 April.

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    @Nalani… do you have the address you emailed by chance?

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    UPDATE (Kind of). I emailed the MO DOR last week and I received an email back BUT the problem was, the email was not addressed to me. It had a different person’s name. I am hoping that the individual had completed my return and was just using a template to send out emails and forgot to change the name.

    But here is what it said…

    “Thank you for contacting the Missouri Department of Revenue in regards to your 2016 Missouri tax return.

    The Department is currently experiencing the peak of tax season. We continue to process returns as they are received and process refunds accordingly. I have gone ahead and processed your tax return. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks to receive your refund”

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    @ Momof3blondies – see a few posts below. E-filed 1/28, stays read “received but not processed” until 3:1, at which point it changed to “the depart is proposing changes to your return”. Never did my status state they needed additional time.

    With the lack of information out there this year, I am wondering if it’s possibly a budget issue – perhaps they do not have the funds to pay out all the refunds and are waiting to receive payments from those that owe. Who knows! What I do know, is this is becoming more and more frustrating as the days pass!

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    @Khaz…. did your status say “have received but need additional time for processing?” When did you file if you don’t mind me asking

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    I haven’t heard anything – you seem further than I am in this process.

    My timeline:
    02/15 – Filed
    2/16 – Accepted and status “received, but not processed”
    2/24 – Rcvd ltr to verify identity
    2/25 – Completed/Passed Quiz online and quiz states “your refund will now resume processing”

    **AS OF TODAY** My status online STILL SAYS
    “received, but not processed”

    I have tried to google, read blogs, or get updates however I can. I haven’t had much luck finding any information on why it’s taking so long. Some of my FB friends are going through the same thing but nobody seems to know why.

    As mentioned previously – my cousin and his gf both filed same day (2/5) and he got his check in the mail 2/13 and she STILL hasn’t received anything, not even a letter asking her to verify her identity.

    I watch this blog every few days to see if anyone has new info.

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    @ Momof3blondies – I have called the automated phone line as well a couple of times, 573-526-8299. I’m fairly certain the end of the message stated processing time would be approximately 6-8 weeks. I tried calling again to be certain, however, since my status has changed from processing, it no longer provides me with the timeline information.

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    Has anyone heard, read or been told how long it’s taking the State of MO to process refunds? I filed 2/21 and started checking their website last Thursday. I have been checking every other day and mine stills says that my return is being processed but they need additional time. Technically if I go by H&R they said should be received by the 13th but I already received Federal.

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    So, I e-filed on 1/28/17. Per MO DOR, status showed it was received, but not yet processed until last Wednesday (finally!), 3/1. Now it is reflecting the following status: Results
    The department is proposing changes to your return. You will receive a Notice of Proposed Changes dated, 03/08/2017, explaining the adjustments. Please wait until you receive this notice before contacting the department.

    Has anyone else received this status? I reviewed and re-reviewed my return several times prior to filing and I cannot for the life of me come up with anything I input incorrectly. I wasn’t aware that they went through and recalculated individual returns prior to issuing refunds?? Perhaps this is new and what is taking them so long this year?

    Just curious if anyone else has experienced this, and what the outcome was. I am hoping it is simply the ID verification quiz, but doesn’t quite sound like that is the case.

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    Stefanie Marshall

    My state tax was received on February 12, 2017. Still saying that the income tax report has been received but not yet processed. The backlog must be ridiculous!

    So I am expecting my refund in April….

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    Has anyone talked to the Dept of Revenue and if so, what did they say? In years past Federal and State went hand in hand basically but not this year. Just wondering what kind of excuses people are being told.

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    Yes.. this is ridiculous. I still have nothing except “received, but not processed” even after filling out the quiz last week (or the week before). My cousins gf still has nothing either, she hasn’t even received a letter. They must be WAY behind.

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    I filled and accepted 2/10. Got federal like a week later. Mo still says received but not processed. I did enter dl I did not have eic or the other one….still waiting and missouri is so bad about providing any information as to processing time. So nice..but when you owe them…you better pay on time or early or be penalized ou t the wazoo…

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    Has anyone received there MO refund without their website updating and giving you a direct deposit date?

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    Jerrie Mason

    My missouri return was accepted on 1/26/2017 and my message on Where is My Refund for Missouri has stated for over a week now that it is being processed but they need additional time. Prior to that it read received, but not processed. It remained in that status for 30 days before switching to the other message above. I hope it really is’t going to take 30 days to advance to processed/paid! And we did enter our driver’s license numbers through taxact on our returns. Nor did we file for earned income credit or the child credit because we make too much. So I don’t understand the hold up either.

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    Did everyone who is waiting on refund enter their drivers license number? How about the ones that got a letter in the mail to verify, did you enter your drivers license when you submitted your return?

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    Hi Everyone,

    We filled and was received 1-24-17 It still says it is recieved but not yet processed.

    #4187816 Reply


    I hope yours does too! I got my verification letter on the first, or I finished it on the 6th can’t remember. Just saw the date it was mailed out. But I’m still waiting. Just today I went to check and all of a sudden it says “our system doesn’t indicate a refund has been received.” I’m on the phone now. 30th in line and wait time is 169 minutes. Lucky I’m off today. I’ll update afterward. This is ridiculous. I paid estimated taxes for my LLC so this is even worse for me.

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    Justin Rackers

    Filed 29 January, received federal 14 Febuary, still waiting on state, checked MO DOR website and still says return was accepted, pending processing.

    #4187289 Reply


    @steve (UPDATE) I got home on Friday and checked my mailbox… and sure as the sky is blue… I had a letter in the mail from Missouri Revenue Dept stating I had to confirm my identity. I had to take a random quiz online and it was less than 1 minute and then it said

    “You Passed. Your refund will resume processing… there’s nothing further requred from you”

    So I hope that is true and they finish it TODAY!


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    Filed and accepted my state and federal on 1/23/2017. I received federal within a week, but still waiting for state refund. I contacted Internal Revenue Service and received a response saying it takes 4-6 weeks to process state refunds. On week 5 so we will see. I have always received my state refund before federal and usually within a week of filing, so I’m not sure why it’s so late this year. The IRS website says its been received, which was confirmed, and processing.

    #4186002 Reply



    I know my cousin didn’t have to verify his identity. I don’t believe they have requested it from his gf either (I’m sure she would’ve mentioned that when I asked).

    I haven’t received any letters from the state wanting to verify my or my husbands identity BUT I will say that he did correct the spelling of his name this year, on his BC, and that has been causing slight issues with other stuff but since his W2’s and all of that are in his correct name – I don’t see why that would hold it up.

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    Did any of them.have to verify their identity? I did. Wondering if that pushes the timetable back farther now. Seems like average is 7 weeks waiting.

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    Filed 02/15, accepted 02/16 and still says received but not processed.

    My cousin and his gf both filed 02/05..

    My cousin got a check in the mail 02/13 (even though he requested DD) but his girlfriend is STILL pending like me..

    “Received but not processed”

    What’s the hold up? Are they randomly processing some or is there a wave?

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    Filed 2/4. Missouri still shows received but not processed.

    Federal refund was deposited in about 4 business days.

    #4184002 Reply


    filed 2/14
    direct deposit received 2/22

    Federal still pending

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    I efiled Missouri on February 11. Still haven’t gotten anything saying it’s been received, and when I check it says nothing has been received. I normally get state within 9 days of filing but this doesn’t seem to be the case. What’s the deal why is it saying nothing been received??

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    Mine is still showing it is processing. I did not claim the EIC or the child credit, so I cannot figure out what the hold up is. So frustrating!

    #4170289 Reply


    I f/a on 2/4 and the system still says it’s processing. I do have EIC on my federal though. My daughter, however, filed on 2/5 and received her check in the mail yesterday.

    #4170231 Reply

    Ashley B.

    Filed 2/6/17
    Accepted 2/7/17
    Received State Refund 2/14/17

    Just wandering down the LONG PATH now for Federal…. Hopefully hear something soon.

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    April, by state transfer fee, do you mean direct deposit? There is no fee from MO to direct deposit your refund. I saw in a few posts below someone else also was having issues receiving their refund on their Emerald Card. This could possible be an HR Block issue since it is their product. Are you certain the routing/account number were input correctly?

    #4166489 Reply


    I have filed my Federal and State taxes. Missouri states the Refund Issued Date is 1/27/2017. This refund was to be deposited to my Emerald Card. But it is still not there. I double checked my documents but there is no state transfer fee, so I am wondering if the state is not sending a check. But then again, so makes me wonder where is my check then?

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    Wondering if anyone has actually received their 2016 refund as of yet from MO? Trying to get an idea of processing time. I filed and return was accepted 1/28/17. MODOR website still showing my return has been received but not yet processed. It is difficult to find any information regarding estimated time lines from the MODOR. I saw somewhere it’s possibly 6-10 weeks this year, but unable to confirm. Any direction to factual info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Thanksamundo for the post.Really thank you! Awesome. fggkeadceekfadak

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    Still processing I wonder if they holding it because of path because I seen others who did not claim the credits and they got there already they could have warned us about state to

    #4156514 Reply


    Filed 01/22, accepted 01/23 – Still Processing

    Filed 01/24, accepted 01/24- Still Processing

    We have always gotten our in 3 days … This year Nope

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    Filed on Jan 23/accepted still processing there moving slow my federal is done processing just can’t receive until after Feb 15 anyone else still processing from 23

    #4155388 Reply


    Is everyones refunds posting on the release date like MO website says it will in 2017?

    #4154264 Reply


    I filed/accepted 1/23. Had a deposit date for 1/27 to my emerald card, and I still don’t have my refund. Not sure what’s going on with it…

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    I filed/accepted 1/23. Had a deposit date for 1/27 to my emerald card, and I still don’t have my refund. Not sure what’s going on with it…

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    Cassandra L Burks

    State was accepted on Jan 18, 2017 still says processing has not been completed. Grrr I already had my refund by this time last year.

    #4153610 Reply

    Cassandra L Burks

    State was accepted on Jan 18, 2017 still says processing has not been completed. Grrr I already had my refund by this time last year.

    #4153490 Reply


    Filed Taxact 01/24 and was accepted within hours. This morning my Missouri return says Processed and a DDD of 01/30 so looks as if Missouri is moving along quickly.

    #4153301 Reply


    Credit karma tax is saying that the state of missouri isn’t processing returns yet and won’t let me submit.

    #4153238 Reply


    I filed 1/25/17 and accepted 1/25/17 around mignight for both federal and state. I have been receiving the following message since about 10:00 pm last night:

    “The department is processing your return, please allow additional time. The department refreshes the data on this application daily. However, during heavy processing periods, the status of your return may not change from day to day. ”

    #4150443 Reply

    Darcy Essmyer

    Filed 4/14, still hasnt been processed as of 7/6. Ridiculous. And of course there is no number to actually speak to someone.

    #4150438 Reply


    Filed April 15th..Where’s my refund states that a refund was processed & sent on 6/24 but haven’t received anything as of 7/5.

    #4150425 Reply


    Files my MO return on the deadline date of 4/18/16 and finally got my refund today, 6/24. And it could not have come at a better time!

    #4150422 Reply


    Ok Guys,

    File 4/25/2016 and I have finally received a direct deposit date 4/24. we shall see if it is direct deposited in the A.M.

    #4150420 Reply


    Filed in EARLY MARCH. No status change until end of May, when I received a letter that they never received my W2s, which is nonsense. Regardless, my accountant re-sent the W2s on June 1. It is still showing Proposed Changes and there is no way to get a real person on the phone. I agree with the others this is a stalling tactic so they don’t have to pay me my 6k refund. I guarantee that if I owed them money they would have processed my return months ago.
    Shame on you Missouri Dept of Revenue.

    #4150416 Reply


    Unbelievable! I filed end of March, received by the state first week in April. June 1st I get a note that they have made an amendment to my return and that I will get a letter in the mail. The amendment states that I owe the state $33k+ because I am missing a W2 form. This is a big difference compared to the $13k the state owes me due to overpayment. My return was filed with the appropriate W2 and the state gets a W2copy direct from my employer. Now they say I need to wait another 8-10 weeks for my refund. This is an overall ploy not pay taxpayers what is rightfully theirs in a reasonable amount of time.

    #4150396 Reply

    W.S. Blevins

    For those of you who are frustrated because of your overpayment of taxes being kept by the state, pay close attention. IT’S GOING TO GET WORSE. Start now by significantly decreasing or eliminating your state income tax withholding. It’s better to owe at the end of the year than to let them use your money all year long. Remember exactly how long it takes to receive your refund this year. When you do file your taxes, attach a note advising the state that processing their payment due will take precisely the same amount of time that it takes to receive your refund this year. If everyone does this, it will send a very strong message.

    #4150375 Reply



    This is the most recent info about the delays that I’ve found. 8-10 weeks because of frauds

    #4150374 Reply


    The refund amount has been approved, but no due date is being given. So basically. they are just holding on to my money ….. just because.. SMH

    #4150372 Reply


    Efile accepted by MO on 4/20. Still no refund. Six weeks in. I agree with filing a class action lawsuit. When you owe the state, they file a case in the Courts…then you get stuck with the tax fees and the court costs. But when they delay what they owe you, there’s no penalty. As citizens, we should take it to Court and force them to eat the Court costs while paying what we earned, plus interest.

    #4150370 Reply


    I filed on 4/10/16. I’m receiving the same blah, blah, blah “still processing”. Federal refund came in within 2 weeks and I filed at the same time from my H&R Block program. How can Federal get through these so quickly and Missouri be so far behind?

    #4150369 Reply

    ET II

    Filed electronically 4/8/16 (someone in the CPA’s office dropped the ball and filed later than normal).
    State still shows “received, not processed.” Same issue last year–it took so long to hear back, then the state made an error.

    Seems the state takes way too long for electronic filers, and yet very few news stories as to why so many delays?? You would think some reporters would get on it. Has anyone heard from their state representatives?

    I wonder if those who do not use electronic filing are waiting over two months?

    #4150368 Reply


    We should start a class action lawsuit against Missouri for pulling this.

    #4150363 Reply


    I want interest on MY MONEY. This is why I hate refunds. They get to keep the interest all year long, and then I file electronically, the return has been accepted in both Kansas and Missouri, but they will not even provide an approximate date as to when you might possibly receive your return. If you pay one day late, you have to pay interest, penalties, and other fees. Fine – then I expect to receive interest, penalties, and fees because they are too incompetent to process an electronically filed returned. I have already received my Federal refund, so obviously everything is in order. It makes me so angry. I try very hard every year to OWE money because I would rather pay a minor penalty that let them make one cent of interest on MY MONEY. They are stupid, pathetic, lazy, morons who could care less. What a complete joke!

    #4150356 Reply


    Filed 3/23/16. Still have not received my refund. This is ridiculous. I didn’t have an issue last year. This year is just been horribly drawn out.

    #4150355 Reply


    MO state return accepted via turbotax 4/8, still waiting on return 6 weeks later. Very frustrating. My parents filed about the same time and got their refund within 2 weeks.

    #4150352 Reply


    Does anyone know how long it takes for a DDD once the refund amount has been approved?

    #4150351 Reply


    I am tired of being verbally abused when asking for status of my refund. The next time I call the state I will be speaking with a supervisor to provide me with my update.

    #4150348 Reply


    The department is processing your return, please allow additional time. The department refreshes the data on this application daily. However, during heavy processing periods, the status of your return may not change from day to day.” this is such a STUPID response… why not say they are behind and how far they are behind. this is going on 7 weeks for me …. RIDICULIOS!!! they always want their money NOW but when they owe you they are in no hurry …. Government & State , Congress… its all such BULL S***.

    #4150347 Reply


    Accepted 2/23 as of 5/18/16 still waiting on check from Missouri

    #4150343 Reply


    Does anyone know exactly how long Missouri has to pay you the refund without owing you interest? We filed 4/5, accepted 4/6 and still nothing.

    #4150340 Reply

    W.S. Blevins

    Missouri is notorious for holding on to taxpayer refunds so as to gain as much interest as possible. Generally, the state will refund your money right before the point that they by law have to pay you interest on it, which is several weeks.
    Your best bet is to dramatically decrease or eliminate entirely your state withholding so as to owe the state at the end of the year. In the end it will save you a lot of headaches.

    #4150338 Reply

    Tom Fuller

    I really do not understand why it is taking so long. If we owe the State of Missouri you want your money NOW! The ones of us who receive a refund we wait, wait, and wait. We are entitled to our refund. Not fair at all.

    And thanks for the useless information on your web sites.

    #4150337 Reply


    We’ve all seen this:
    The department is processing your return, please allow additional time. The department refreshes the data on this application daily. However, during heavy processing periods, the status of your return may not change from day to day.”

    Really?…why bother posting that? Why not post something useful like: “Hey…sorry, we’re running behind 8-10 weeks…as usual…maybe we’ll get it right next year…”

    So much for electronic filing…..7 weeks and counting….

    #4150336 Reply


    Filed electronically through my accountant on April 6th and have not received a refund yet as of May 17th. Their site has said the following for the past few weeks. (The department is processing your return, please allow additional time.)
    I can say that the delays do not surprise me. Last year I think it took 8-9 weeks. The year before that they processed my return in about 9 weeks but never sent me my refund. I ended up calling after 15 weeks and they basically said they made a mistake and must have forgot to send it and so they sent it to me that day. Long story short…. They are notoriously horrible at processing returns in a timely manner and regardless of the fact that they stated this year would be different, they are a complete joke.

    #4150322 Reply


    Filed April 15th. Today is May 12th, still says processing. It’s been 4 weeks, wonder how much longer?

    #4150321 Reply


    Filed MO return using turbo tax on April 5. It was accepted same or next day. Still waiting for refund… Really not sure why it’s taking so long. MO Dept of Revenue site says it’s still processing. Wife and I have fairly simple return. Feds direct deposited refund within a week or two after filing. Missouri not really living up to “show me” standards.

    #4150311 Reply


    I electronically filed my tax return on April 8, 2016, and still have not received my refund. I just checked the State of Missouri’s website today and it still says processing. I have a very simple return, 1 W2, short form. Why in the world it would take more than 6 weeks to prepare and mail is beyond me.

    #4150305 Reply

    Kathleen Barnett

    I mailed in a paper form since I’m a Kansas resident halfway through March, WAY before the filing date. I’m still waiting! And when I called 573-751-3505 all I get is the runaround and no humans!!!
    This is absolutely redicous!!

    #4141791 Reply


    I’m in the some position, i filed 1/31 and accepted on the same date, still says received refund and processing. Frustrating when you see people who filed a week later get their return

    Let me know what they say when you call.

    #4141671 Reply

    Jessica H

    I filed 1/29 and accepted 1/29 thru HR Block. Mine still says processing. On hold now to find out why the delay. This is the first time my husband have filed joint and had a refund from MO so I wanting to know if the statement “first time filing and owed a refund they won’t direct deposit” is true in anyone else’s experience.

    #4139643 Reply


    My ddd was supposed to be 2/11 and still nothing in my account. This is my first year filing in Missouri … I know my account information. What can the delay be?

    #4136033 Reply


    I filed mo yesterday and received my text from TT that my return was accepted by the state. I checked online today and the state says they don’t have a return for me yet. Has anyone had this happen? Is the state still processing returns in basically 4 days?

    #4130504 Reply


    I filed and was accepted on 1/25 I got processed and had a refund date of 1/29. Still no money in my account. Anyone else have this issue?

    #4126288 Reply

    Mark Bryson

    I need help from whomever can. I filed my state tax with TT on the 25th of January. The refund status message says “received but not processed”. I am a bit confused, i don’t why that message. Now my cousin is worried because she doesn’t want hers to be like mine. Any advice on how she can file to get deposit date?

    #4125228 Reply


    I filed on 01/29/16, accepted that same day. I just got a DDD of 02/03/15. I used Turbo Tax. It seems like state refunds are always pretty quick. At least for us anyway. Good luck!

    #4125175 Reply

    Momma O

    Just to update: I was processed and set for a DD date of today, and It WAS in my account this morning :) I hope all of you get yours soon! Good LUck!

    #4122541 Reply

    momma o

    Okay… Woke up this morning to done processing refund date of 02/02/15. Ill let you know if it hits my account. @bill: did your refund status show anything about the paper check issue? Or did you have to call to find that out? Just curious because we mobbed and had alot of information changes this year and suspect that could happen to us too! Thanks for the info!

    #4122162 Reply


    So here is the updatei have! Missouri sent me a paper check on 1/28 received it 1/30 today. It was supposed to be direct deposited on 1/28 but due to security measures if you have never filed in Missouri and got a direct deposit from them they issue a paper check

    #4118098 Reply


    My issue date says 1/28 what time do they issue them?

    #4118081 Reply

    Latricia Noel

    Still no refund I called my bank and was told they never got anything and my husband got his so I am going to call in today

    #4117777 Reply


    I filed my wife’s MO return on 1/24. It was accepted on 1/24. She has a DDD of 1/28. I filed mine on 1/25 and it was accepted on 1/25. I’m not holding my breath that mine will be that fast, but you never know.

    #4117566 Reply


    I hope you got your refund this morning @latricia. I got mine and refund issue date was for today.

    #4117399 Reply

    Latricia Noel

    I double checked my return and I have the correct routing number and account number so I guess I will just wait and see if it is in my account in the morning.

    #4117341 Reply


    Mine says, ‘Refund issue date: 1-27-16.’ I assumed that’s the day I would get it. Maybe they send it that day and I get it the next day. Could that be the case @Latricia? Did you verify your account number & routing number?

    #4117330 Reply


    I did receive my MO refund! Even with a state offset. Their site never gave me a date. Call queues for the DOR have been long but I would call if you were suppose to get it by now!

    #4117317 Reply


    Oh, no, @Latricia! Did you call the MODOR?

    #4117249 Reply

    Latricia Noel

    My MO refund says refund sent on 1-26-16 but I did not see it in my bank.

    #4117027 Reply


    @whitneyf- I hope you got your deposit. Mine is scheduled for tomorrow.

    #4116925 Reply


    @sweetd I still have this message:
    The Missouri Department of Revenue has intercepted all or a portion of your state income tax refund. This refund was to satisfy or partially satisfy a debt you owe to the department or another government entity. You will receive a Notice of Debt Offset. Please wait until you receive this notice before contacting the department.

    But I called ot make sure they were giving me the remainder and she told me 1/26

    I’ll post again later once it deposits. Others report though they give DDD

    #4116742 Reply


    Awesome @whitneyf!!! What does it show on their website for you? Does it have your DD date?

    #4116720 Reply


    I called the Missouri Dept. of Rev just now and was told my refund is scheduled to be deposited tomorrow! Yay for progress!

    #4116649 Reply


    I filed & was accepted on 1/22. Hoping for a deposit soon. No DDD yet.

    #4116235 Reply


    The Missouri Department of Revenue has intercepted all or a portion of your state income tax refund. This refund was to satisfy or partially satisfy a debt you owe to the department or another government entity. You will receive a Notice of Debt Offset. Please wait until you receive this notice before contacting the department.

    I received this. I owed 24 bucks from last year. Anyone know how long it will take before I get the remainder?

    #4116018 Reply


    Submitted 1/17 Accepted 1/19 DDD 1/25

    #4115965 Reply


    That’s weird keep us updated

    #4115924 Reply

    Felicia Nicole Bergan

    Checked late on 1/20 to see that MO DoR says that my refund was issued on 1/20! I have DD and I double checked my DD info. Still no funds from MDOR as of bank posting time on 1/22. Grr!!!

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