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    Share your experience with filing your Minnesota Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    Accepted 1/29
    Checking for accuracy on 2/1

    Checked today and still nothing!!!!

    Emailed them yesterday but might call today and ask what’s going on!!! There is no way it takes 3 days to look at a return. Just not doing there jobs is all it comes down tooo

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    no update here either

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    Another morning with no update.


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    Another morning with no update. Still checking for accuracy.

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    Mine was accepted 1/25 updated to CFA 1/31 and I’m still in same second bar should I wait or call in a.m

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    MN 1977

    I have EIC and I received my refund this morning.

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    Has anyone with the eic and acct credits on your federal return moved to processing or sent? I know they tried to pull that last year with me even though they shouldn’t.. I just have a feeling they are going to do that to me again this year.

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    I filed 1/19. Accepted 1/23. Been checking accuracy for about 1 week. No movement since.


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    What a joke!!!

    Where is my refund !!!

    second bar Jan 1st and no update…..

    MAN is slow

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    I’m not sure I’m seeing the same thing and it has me worried too, what day did you file?

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    On the mn where’s my refund I’ve gotten the “checking for accuracy” for over a week now…. Is this normal?

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    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/23
    Second bar 2/1

    Still on CFA :(

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    Is the site down? I get a Windows Server – Internet Information Services page.

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    MN 1977

    Refund was in my account this morning.

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    Still on 2nd Bar checking….

    Accepted January 29th

    Second bar on Thursday the 1st,

    Update- Still says checking for accuracy today is 2/6/18

    So they had some they processed early so whoever is waiting like me is unlucky like me!!

    Emailed them this is the response

    The 2017 Individual Income Tax filing season began on January 29th, 2018. That date was chosen to have the same date as the IRS. Some returns were accepted electronically early to “Test” the electronic filing system to make sure that there would be no issues when it was opened on the 29th for all filers.
    Please let us know if we may be of further assistance, and thank you for contacting the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

    Income Tax and Withholding Division

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    Right there with you guys! I’m still sitting at cfa… no fun! This happened last year to. Took forever.. what’s the hold up MN!!

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    Krystal – its frustrating to watch lots of people who filed after me get their money!

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    Same @t.

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    Thursday it went to checking for accuracy, Friday went to processing, today went to sent, filed and accepted the 24th

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    Mine was sent the 19 and accepted the 23. Its still at “checking for accuracy.”

    To those who had a refund sent, what bar was it at the last time you checked?

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    Thanks! you to!

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    You should be fine however I can’t say with 100% certainty but it would be a rare occurance. And it deposits depend on your bank. Mine has always deposited the next day so it should be in tomorrow after being sent today. Good luck!

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    Does anyone know, if it says they sent the full refund amount, does that mean no one took any of it for debt? And if it was sent today, will it be in the bank tomorrow?

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    Mine days sent as well it’s a nice change from what happened to me previous years I still feel bad that some people are going to go through what I’ve gone through before I didn’t have much hope getting this early I hope everyone gets there’s soon I filed 1/26

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    Filed and accepted 1/29, went to processing later at night on 1/1 and was sent today 1/5.

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    Filed mn 1/19 … still cfa. How dumb. People getting refunds that were accepted after me.

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    Accepted 1/29, still showing checking for accuracy :/ I got my federal refund on Friday

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    Ours to! Do you guys remember when to see it in an account? If it was sent today will I see it in the baml tomorrow?

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    I filed and accepted 1/24 but they didn’t start processing until 1/29

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    Refund sent! Way faster than last year

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    MNWMR updated just a few minutes ago to refund sent

    I filed on 01/29, accepted 1/30 with EIC

    MN was hella fast this year!!!!!! :D
    Blessings to all

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    What day did you both file?

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    Ours did to! Wonder when I will see it in the bank account

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    MN 1977

    My MN WMR just updated about 5 minutes ago to refund sent.

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    They are not moving quickly for me. I was audited 2 out of the last 3 year on a simple 1040EZ. No deductions. Just a W2. Last year I sit in CFA for 3 months then when I go to a processing it is with a letter has been sent out message. Last year they had my W2 from me and my employer and they actually audited me and asked for my bank statement to show direct deposits of payroll. Really??? Then my return was deemed legit and given to me in MAY. In 2016 again a 1040 EZ with W2. No deductions. But because I donated 100$ to Mary’s Place and listed it they took 3 months to send me to processing and send a letter asking for the receipt of the donation. then They deemed my return legitimate and gave it to me in August. Now here I am again on CFA while everyone else is moving to processing. So I have that sinking feeling again. How many times can they audit you? and on back to back years? And 3 out of 4 years? for a simple 1040EZ with W2? Well I am glad it is moving quickly for some, but I am feeling certain they will audit me again. Still on CFA? Really? But I seem destined for annual audits every year.

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    They are moving along quickly this year

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    Filed the 26th accepted the 29th been on 3rd bar sense Friday also
    hoping for an update Monday hope I get it before the 10th!

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    Accepted the 24th, got 3rd bar Friday morning. Last year it was 8 days after accepted and I got the deposit on a Monday. So Monday the 5th will be 7 days since opening, hoping to see more movement then

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    Still on 2nd Bar checking….

    Accepted January 29th

    Second bar on Thursday the 1st

    Nothing else has updated yet maybe Monday the 5th it will update again

    Emailed them and they said that the did not start anything until the 29th… So if you got accepted early that did not mean that they started processing the return.

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    Happytaxmas aka minnesnowta

    My Minnesota return updated Saturday into Sunday. Letter has been sent I should receive by the 2/9 omg not this feceis again
    Atleast I got movement huh!

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    No just overnight Mon-fri

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    Still on checking for accuracy since Wednesday. wonder whats taking so long. Had refund in less than a week last year

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    I’m still on processing as well, I don’t think it updates over the weekend does it?

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    Anyone get a DD yet I’m still on processing

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    Sorry Wade123 that is terrible last year’s checking for accuracy thing for me was terrible I wouldn’t want to go through that every year! I’m happy I passed that this year but I still have my doubts of getting mine anytime soon I hope I do but I know alot of people last year were stuck at processing as well….I’m hoping for the best and I hope your return doesn’t get stuck again this year

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    I file ez1040 every year. yet for some reason I have been audited 2 out of the last 3 years. After the audit my refund has been determined valid and it is then issued. Last year they audited me just so they can request my bank statement to show direct deposits of my payroll. REALLY!!! my w2 from me and the employer was not enough? Minnesota has lost their minds. I finally got my state refund in MAY. If they audit me again this year for something stupid I will lose my mind. BTW I am checking for accuracy since opening day. Here we go again.

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    So does ours! I can’t remember last year how long it took after processing.

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    Soo my dad called me woke me up about 10 min told me check MN wmr he said he switched to processing I checked mine even though I don’t think I was but it says I’m processing now YAY 3rd step super happy!

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    I hope so too really need any money I can get right now got a divorce a couple months ago and can’t work because there is absolutely no day care openings for the last 3 months and now my car broke down so I really hope there is no screw ups this year I really hope I get it soon

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    I hope Not to! I’m really hoping they are on The ball this year!

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