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    Share your experience with filing your Minnesota Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    I couldn’t be lucky enough. Lol.


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    I’m still stuck on cfa… but my mom’s just updated after 1130… to processing. They update through out the day not just in the morning. I checked it for her at 1130 and it still showed cfa.

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    Still no update here either. It’s beyond annoying. Does it really take 3 weeks to “check for accuracy”? It’s bad enough that my federal refund is delayed because of the new law put in place…but now MN is taking their sweet time. I get that they want to make sure that everything is legit but when you file on TurboTax you have to put down your driver’s license info and what not. Super frustrated.

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    [email protected] still nothing

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    Mn updates between 8-9am ct which is Minnesota timezone. No update here. 😂

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    I saw someone on another board get an update 20 minutes ago to a ddd of today.

    I, of course, did not.

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    At this point I’m thinking of switching to checking weekly instead of daily. no point in getting annoyed daily.

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    Filed my return with ctc eic and childcare tax credit received refund within 5 days. Filed gf and sister return same day, stuck at cfa. Really annoyed. Should charge them interest like the would is if we owed

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    Krystal – I wondered when it updates. Mornings instead of overnight? And 9am MN time?

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    Getting ridiculous at this point. Filed 1/19 still cfa 2/13. Will check after 9amCT after this morning’s update, but doubt anything will change. Over it!

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    Why won’t these bars move? Still CFA.

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    It’s irritating to see people who filed after me are getting bumped up to processed…..ugh my taxes are the same as last year pretty much.

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    Filed 1/30 with TT, updated today past CFA to processing. So there is some movement – hopefully you all update soon too!!

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    Last year I got federal on 2/7 and my state on 2/6. This year I got my federal on 2/2 and state is CFA.

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    I just checked my bank. Last year I got my federal on 2/22 and my state on 2/23.

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    another day, another lack of update. :( :( :(

    This is my third year in MN. Never had a delay before or any complaints really. But I got married this year so I’m worried my new filing status made something lag

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    I filed 2/5 accepted 2/6 and I am on CFA. It has not been long enough for me to panic, but last year they were TERRIBLY SLOW. Last year I filed 1/24/17 and did not receive our state until the middle of April. There were no problems with our return it just took them that long to process it. I am really hoping it does not take that long this year. There really is no excuse for taking that long. Especially when we include identity information like driver’s License number and such, so they CAN verify our identities. Also, we had filed filed an amendment in May which we did not get until October. I understand how everyone feels…hopefully this year they are on top of it :)

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    I am also still at CFA.
    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/23
    I forget when I updated to CFA, but this is getting ridiculous.

    I called last week and they told me WMR updates after they open in the morning so I try not to check until around 9, but it never changes anyways. So frustrating.

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    This is also my first year and lets say this state is the slowest I have ever seen!! Checked again today 2/12/18 still at checking for accuracy. I am driving myself crazy checking so at this point I am done checking I will let everyone know the date that it gets paid.

    Sent on January 23 from Turbotax
    January 29th accepted
    Feb 1 changed to checking to accuracy
    2-12 still no change in status…..

    So going on almost two weeks of no change at all… How much is Minnesota paying me for my loan? Should call them and ask them if there going to pay interest on my money…

    This is my luck with everything. Good luck everyone and keep me posted I will probably still check status and keep everyone posted so people know what to expect when filling 2017 year taxes in Minnesota..

    Love Minnesota by the way!!! Just not the State Rev dept….


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    Accepted Jan. 22nd still on checking for accuracy first time in mn are they always this slow on getting people approved

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    I’m also still CFA. I expected to have my refund before my federal, but at this point it’s not seeming likely.

    Super annoyed. Like, super.

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    I don’t think it has anything to do with federal, I filed and accepted the 24th, I claimed EIC and ACTC for federal but got my state back early this last week, if course still waiting on federal

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    Filed on 1/29. Moved to CFA 1/30. Been there ever since. It’s beyond frustrating. If they’re behind or if there’s a glitch in the system the least they could do is tell us.

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    Another day without any update 2/10

    I have EIC and my federal will not be processed until the 15th my conclusion is that there waiting on my federal return before they update my state refund. I am not sure what that return has to do with state but think that is why its taking so long.

    Jan 29th accepted
    Feb 1 checking on accuracy
    feb 10 still waiting no update still sitting on checking on accuracy

    This is really starting to get me mad and think that there is no reason we should have to wait this long for a refund. I am calling again on Monday morning and asking if they are holding returns with Federal returns not completed.

    Always the hard working families that have to suffer…..

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    Turbo tax said State was accepted 1/24
    I have already received my federal about a week ago….
    My state return is still “checking for accuracy”
    I don’t understand why it is taking so long.

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    They said its not unusual for it to take 8 days. So basically they are taking there sweet time. It’s funny if you look ate there PDF it says

    Checking on accuracy

    Filed Jan 23rd
    Expect Jan 29th
    Checking accuracy Feb 1st
    Still nothing….

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    Im still stuck on checking as well.. someone mentioned they were told 8 days to process… anyone kniw regular days or business days… cuz this happened last year… better not take forever this year to… get off the pot MN!!!

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    Unfortunately for us, it’s assuring to not be the only one.

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    Jackie Olson

    Been waiting. Checking for accuracy for more than 1 week. My friend got her state refund already. We did our same day.

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    Checking accuracy still!!

    accepted 29th
    Feb 1st checking accuracy

    So the fun continues!! I think that they are just sitting back and waiting on federal returns to verify people. There is no other reason that it should take that long to process a simple state return.

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    I also submitted the 24th, had first and second stage the first week of february and sitting at checking accuracy since then! I know people say it can stay at that when being audited, but i doubt all of us waiting is due to audit…grrrr MN!

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    Chad, I feel you. Mine were accepted 1/23 and still a checkin.

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    Accepted 14 days ago, still checking for accuracy.

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    Filed 2-4
    Refund sent 2-9
    Hasn’t hit my bank yet but a lot faster then last year.

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    Good Lord.

    Another day on “checking for accuracy.”

    At this point it seems like federal will come back first and I’m on path,

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    Filed over the weekend. Accepted within 24 hours. Went to Processing yesterday (2/7) Hoping like some of you guys that it’ll be a quick move to the Sent bar :)

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    I called yesterday and they told me they received my return on 1/19 and even knew the amount of the return, but that it just wasn’t done yet. I believe I changed to checking for accuracy on 1/31 and I am still waiting.

    But if the 8 days signifies anything, maybe tomorrow?

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    So called them today 2/8/18 at 8:15 am

    When I gave them my social they did not see my return, then gave my name and did not see it then either. She put me on hold and then told me that they have not entered the information in there system yet. I said well how can I check it online and it tells me that its accepted and then that its being checked for accuracy. She said that they have it and she can see it but its not usually that it takes more then 8 days to go to the next step. So basically they have done nothing with the return since Feb 1st. So guess that we will be waiting a month before they do anything.

    Jan 29th accepted
    Feb 1st checking for accuracy
    called Feb 8th and telling me that its not usually to wait 8 days for it to be processed.

    So basically no one is working….

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    Another day without an update

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    Same here another day no update,

    Feb 1 checking for accuracy…….

    Still waiting.

    accepted on January 29th
    checking for accuracy Feb 1

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    Another day of checking for accuracy…

    Does anyone know when the MN WMR updates? Like, what time?

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    Yea Idk what’s going on my was accepted 1/24, CFA 1/ 31 And has been the same since

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    I checked at 6am still 2nd bar and again at about 8am said refund sent

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    At what time on 2/7

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    Mine went from 2nd bar to refund sent on 2/7 never had processing .i checked it everyday filed 1/23

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    Got a deposit date of Feb.5 still nothing on my emerald card online it said 5-7 days after that call them back but my sister got hers on her card already it’s frustrating

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    Same here, Meg.

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    I called and they told me nothing just to keep waiting, and that most people have not gotten their refund back. Said my taxes look fine and shouldn’t take to long to process.

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    Someone should call and update us on what’s going on.

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    FILED 1/19 and still cfa as of this am. Garbage.

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